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Big week for news! In addition to what you read here on this site, the Tokyo Game Show impressions are rolling in, and it seems that PS Vita was what everyone was lining up to play. You’ll find boatloads of impressions below from what’s shaping up to be the biggest launch lineup in PlayStation’s storied history.

Closer to home, you may have read that Starhawk developers LightBox will be showing off their game at this week’s Fantastic Fest in Austin. Turns out we’ll have a lot more than just Starhawk for PlayStation fans to play. If you’re in Texas, look for more details here tomorrow, but you might wanna keep this Thursday night free…

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 12, 2011)

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  • Are you guys planning to talk to Level 5 International about making some posts on Ni no Kuni? That’s become my most anticipated game.

  • Thanks for all the Vita preview links Jeff. I’m basically reading up on everything Vita from TGS. Can’t wait to hear the North American release date.

  • Yes shared DLC between Vita and PS3. Best Idea EVER! Certainly encourage gamers with a PS3 and X360 to get the PS3 versions of their games instead due to shared content on their vita.

  • thanks for the updates. i see yall are putting up saints row 2 for download. how much will it be??

  • What a week for PlayStation Vita and PS3, amirite?

  • how about bundling vita and ps3 games together. l would hate to buy two version of the same game at full price but if there was a bundle that could shave off a few bucks that would be much appreciated

  • Jeff, thanks for the weekly update. I appreciated being able to watch the TGS press event & trailers in Home. Seemed like 97% of it was Vita- related, but quite understandable. Although there was a slide of a red & a blue PS3, which just made me mad because we’re so color-challenged in America. Anyway, the Vita tease also made me mad that we have to wait till….when?

  • NEED VITA NOW!! cant wait to get one. Jeff can you guys tell the blog site maintenance people to fix the comment typing on the iPhone. I read the blog mostly from my iPhone and it takes forever to type a comment. It’s all laggy and annoying.

  • Question: Will Resident Evil 4 HD be based on the PS2 version, containing the “Separate Ways” Missions and extra outfits?

  • cant wait to get my hands on the vita

  • Do you know when it could possibly be released for u.s.?

  • All the PlayStation Vita news is only reasserting my day one purchase!! My favorite piece of news had to be that Ni no Kuni is coming stateside on such short notice. Anything with Studio Ghibli’s involvement deserves attention.

  • Ni no Kuni getting a Western release might be the biggest video game news of the year for me.

  • please please sony wen u going to release the ps vita n please let it be on the first month of next year

  • insom already working on a patch for team death match. Splendid! That is the one thing i hated of the patch…the death match limit. i’ll get back to playing when patch hits. got annoyed last night and started playing mk again

  • Dear PlayStation

    As much as I was convinced to become a PS+ member! Along comes the PlayStation Vita which convinced me to start saving money now so that I can buy one at launch. I enjoyed my Plus trial but spending money to keep it will have to wait… For now. You brought this on yourself for making such an awesome handheld.

    Sincerely yours,
    Dreams About PS Vita.

  • damn buddy you sux, you never reply to any fan commenting :)

  • Ni no Kuni heading to the US = Best news of the year.

    Now Namco needs to bring Tales of Xillia over.

  • I agree with #6. To put in short, I like the tranfarring thing but my money is more important.

  • You guys need to get Square-Enix back on the blog.

  • complete prologue of DARK SOULS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! amazing news this month!!!! waiting 4 more uncharted!!!! JEFF U ROCK!!!!

  • I can’t wait for the PSVITA!!!

  • No news about Dead or Alive 5 floating around, that isnt the debut trailer? It doesnt matter once DOA comes out next year Blaz Blue and Street Figher will be absolutely worthless to me. Now comes the wait for a Guilty Gear annoucement, a looooooong wait it will be.
    Ni no Kuni dont know too much about it except Its Level 5+Ghibli which should be crazy goood (dont plan to look up anymore info than that about it, want it to be a surprise)
    SUPER EXCITED FOR OCTOBER 4th, DARK SOULS will delay my purchase of Uncharted 3 simply because thats all i’ll be playing for a month or 2 until interest in other games begins to gradually come back to me.

  • @ DeathGazer They need to bring it over for PS3. Not like what they did with Tales of Vesperia.

    I so want a Vita.

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