The PlayStation Recap — Tokyo Game Show Edition

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Though Tokyo Game Show is firmly focused on news concerning the Japanese gaming community, this week did see a flurry of gaming announcements that applied to US gamers as well: Katamari Damacy was announced for PS Vita, PixelJunk Lifelike formally changed its name to (the much sleeker) PixelJunk 4am, PS Vita’s mindbending puzzle-RPG Gravity Rush released new details and (gorgeous) new screens, and a new video walkthrough for UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss.

In addition to our top 10 posts below, this week also saw a lengthy video showing off Starhawk’s outer space combat, the long-awaited debut gameplay trailer for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for PS3, a Tetris championship aimed at PS3 players, details on the single-player experience in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, and an October 4th release date for PSN Eufloria.

What was your favorite news this week?

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Most-Watched Video of the Week: Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD for PS3

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — This week sees Renegade Ops, From Dust (20% off for PS Plus members), Ferrari – The Race Experience, Elemental Monster Online Card Game, FIFA Soccer 12 Demo, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Demo 1, White Knight Chronicles II DLC and more.
  • PlayStation is Looking for a Few Good Gamers — Will you answer the call?
  • PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset Available Now, Take the Tour — The official PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset is, as our British friends might say, one nice piece of kit. And it’s only $99! Get the full tour here: everything from the foolproof “install” process to the handy on-screen UI.
  • PlayStation Move’s Fall Lineup Brings inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood, inFAMOUS 2 — Cole gains PlayStation Move motion control (that almost rhymes!) in the upcoming inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood standalone downloadable game, while a free update will bring Move controls to the masses with inFAMOUS 2. Read up on the rest of this fall’s Move lineup here.
  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Limited Beta Launches, Demo in October — This limited Beta was opened to a few (hundred) lucky Insomniacs. But if you didn’t win entry, don’t fret – the official Beta is coming in October. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Sack it to Me: LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack Hits PSN Today — A new Story campaign and powerful new Create tools round out what Joystiq said may be “the most ambitious DLC release for any game ever released.” Even if you don’t buy the pack ($9.99), you’ll still be able to play Move-enhanced user-created levels.
  • God of War: Origins Collection Hits PS3 Today With Launch Trailer — The Origins Collection combines two of the highest-rated PSP games of all time on one Blu-ray disc. With 1080p, 60 frames per second and stereoscopic 3D modes, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta have never looked better!
  • Resident Evil 4 Hits PSN on Tuesday, Plus Subscribers Get 50% Off — I am so playing this.
  • UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss Walkthrough Video — Watch 10 uninterrupted minutes of Nathan Drake’s PS Vita game and ask yourself the following question: Does this look like a handheld game? Let us know your answer in the comments!
  • Tokyo Game Show Comes to PlayStation Home + Mall Updates — Get a taste of Japan in PlayStation home and earn some exclusive rewards for ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and UNCHARTED 3. Who’s checked this out — and what did you think?
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    27 Author Replies

    • Sid, or anyone else who may know on the US blog.

      Do you know when the iPhone/Android app the lovely gamers across the pond get to enjoy is coming to North America?

    • Awesome week for PlayStation! PlayStation Vita ROCKED at TGS! I can’t wait for it to be in my hands. UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss looks absolutely stunning.

      I’m Playing: Resistance: Fall of Man, and Resistance 2.

      I’m Watching: Thundercats (2011), UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss videos.

      I’m Reading: Resistance: The Gathering Storm and Resistance: A Hole in the Sky by William Dietz.

      I’m Listening to: Two Steps From Hell’s album “Invincible.”

    • Yet again no FF13 Versus at the Tokyo Game Show this year? Square Enix have really let down PlayStation gamers/fans this Gen so far :-/ (that is ‘IF’ it is still going to be PS3 only when it ever comes out)

      Apart from that cool week;)

      • Yeah, little news for Square so far this week, though maybe they’re just focusing on the launch of Deus Ex? :) Glad you liked the rest of the week.

    • You Playstation Blog people need to tell whoever is in charge of the PSN Store that they forgot to put the tickets on sale for the Elemental Monster Online Card Game. The online portion of the game doesn’t really work without the tickets and when you attempt to buy them from the in-game store it loads to a blank PSN Store page.

    • Playing Brink
      Watching Thor
      Reading the calendar as it counts down to Sept 27th for Ico/SotC

    • is playstation vita’s release date delayed till march?? idk if u know but i really want tp know! thank you

    • currently watching: guin saga
      currently playing: disgaea 4
      currently reading: dis blog
      i’m pretty happy that nino kuni is coming stateside along with other titles by xseed,aksys and nisa…sadly, havent heard anything from atlus on the ps brand side of things.hope that aram jabbari has some good news for us soon

    • playstation vita NA release date please

    • I’m playing Prince of Persia: Two Thrones
      not watching or reading anything
      currently waiting for Shadow of the Colossus HD.

    • Sid, Star Trek Voyager is available on Netflix via PS3? Going to go sign up.

      I watched the PS press conference in Home last nite. Lots of interesting news & game trailers. I ‘m going to pass on Tokyo Jungle though. Creepy & depressing. Probably just appeals to Japanese gamers. Andrew House’s Japanese was perfect, from what I could tell. Quite impressive. Thanks for making the TGS available for us.

      I’m finally getting round to playing Mass Effect 2 with a female Shep, of course.
      Reading Star Trek;
      About to start watching Bourne trilogy on blu ray.

    • I’ve got Star Trek TNG going on Netflix right now.. season 3 is quite the adventure. Saw Voyager’s first episode, plan to tackle that one next! Good day All in PSN world!

    • ………………

    • Hey playstation!!

      How about NFL Team Dual Shock Controllers and Blu-Ray /Blu-Tooth NFL Team Remote controls…..To go with our Directv NFL Sunday Ticket subscription and Madden 12 game…

      I know they sell third party snap on’s,but they are cheesy…would be nice if they came straight from the factory with your NFL Teams Logo and Decal already on the remotes….

    • hey sony
      when are u going to announce the release date for ps vita

    • You forgot to report that NI NO KUNI, the JRPG made by legendary Studio Ghibli and Level 5, has been announced for an early 2012 release in north america!

    • I am playing: Dead Island

      I am watching: Doctor Who

      I am reading: how to

      Can’t wait for the RE 4 HD!!!!!!! Plus has good and bad moments, but this is a good for me.

      • Me neither – it’s easily my favorite RE game. And yep, Plus has come a long way – this feels like the best month yet.

    • Awesome week! Bunch of cool stuff! Gotta pick up that LBP2 Move Pack…

      I’m playing: Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, God of War Origins Collection (just platted Chains of Olympus earlier, on to Ghost of Sparta!)
      I’m watching: Deadliest Warrior
      I’m reading: Neverwhere

    • got a few questions about TGS (because it was on japanese and there was a conection error when i was seeing on PS home and i dont plan to see from begining because i see like 2 hours) did the MGS HD colection gona sell separeted from the HD edition of peace walkers? (because i see in the video a box of the peace walkers only) did there are gona be a Kingdom Hearts HD collection? (because i hear that there are gona be a HD test on the TGS) in the Street fighter x tekken there are gona apear Cole (From inFamous anounced on the E3) Toro and the other one(sorry dont remember the name)? and if the answer is yes it gona apear just in the vita version or in the ps3 too (because the anoncemente of this is only have played on vita)? and what games are planed to be on the PS vita that ps3 alredy have (like Marvel vs. Capcom 3)? and thats my answers sorry if i write some thing wrong and please respond

    • Playing- Dead Island and Sly Collection
      Watching – Ghost Hunters
      Reading – Nothing much

      Are we going to get any TGS demos or videos?

    • in sony conference in tokyo game show they announced vita is coming for japan in december 17th but Europe and America idk

    • Are we going to have a Skyrim XMB theme? PRETTY PLEASE?! :)

    • playing – NBA 2K11 & MW2

      watching – nothin

      reading – nothing

      waiting for – Resident Evil 4 HD + Resident Evil 1-3 (free fror PS+) ^_^

    • I’m playing: Rachet and clank all 4 one beta, Disgaea 4

      I’m watching: One piece, durarara

    • my favorite Blog news of the week was probably the Uncharted walkthrough on the Vita…

      not really reading anything lately..

      watched, today, Thor and Hanna… enjoyed them both quite well… will have to buy them eventually…

      played: hmmm, this week, some Sims 3… demos to From Dust and Ace Combat… really dug the From Dust game actually.. may have to pick that one up when money allows me to…

      just waiting for Uncharted 3 more than anything.. perhaps Skyrim as well, but that’s likely to be a PC purchase.. cant see what would cause me to buy the PS3 version over PC, honestly…

      • Jeff is really digging From Dust; I liked it when I tried a media demo six months ago. If you liked Skyrim, I bet you’d like Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

    • Here is a recap. Monster Hunter 3G and Monster Hunter 4 are 3DS exclusive. Great job Sony, you now have no chance of letting the Vita succeed in Japan.

    • I’m Playing: Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland
      I’m Watching: Hairspray – Original John Waters version, on VUDU
      I’m Reading: Shogun – James Clavell

      Great week. Since I do a lot of importing, I love TGS time. Sadly, we don’t get a lot of Riichi (Japanese Mahjong) in the States.

      Off Topic: As one of the MANY THOUSANDS of handicapped gamers, what’s the deal with, “The Tester”? Just because I can’t run through a maze or, flop around in mud… doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be a great tester… Just sayin’


      My favorite TGS event was easily Team Ninja of Tecmo-Koei’s press conference where they revealed DEAD OR ALIVE 5. There hasn’t been a dead or alive game on PlayStation since PS2’s launch title, DOA2, and the pre-alppha footage already looks awesome.
      Team Ninja also showed more of Ninja Gaiden 3, which is looking excellent as well, and i have a great feeling that it’ll be the best Ninja Gaiden game yet.

      Both are great games for PS3 and i hope to see lots of coverage here on the blog sid!


      Capcom, yet again treating sony like garbage, by taking Japan’s massively popular Monster Hunter away from Japanese PSP/Vita owners/buyers and announcing 2 new games for the poor performing 3DS.

    • “your comment is awaiting moderation”

      There is nothing needing moderation on my comment. Why does the blog keep doing this? sometimes comments completely disappear as well.

    • @Sid Didn’t Square announce 2 new Vita games? Honestly only a few of the Vita games announced during the Pre-TGS conference was discussed here

      • Sure. Again, much of the official TGS news was focused more on the Japan side, so not everything has been officially confirmed for release here yet – we wanted to play it safe and not throw around a ton of news about Japanese announces because the details may differ here in some way. As US details are confirmed, you’d better believe that we’ll keep you up to date! ^_^

    • ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 is a ps vita launch title in japan right ?? So Can I import both the vita and the game from japan ??

    • i wish hitman 5: absolution would be on the ps vita, but hey i can only wish, aye?

    • playing original dirt and some plants versus zombies

      cant wait for darks souls and rage, craving battlefield 3 badly and hoping the beta comes soon.

      reading old comics

      loving the roster of next weeks installments, resident evil’s yay.

      go patriots

    • I am playing : God of War : Origins (I was impressed with 3D gaming when I first witnessed it with Killzone 3, and I am further impressed with 3D with these titles. Loving the games as well, on Ghost of Sparta currently.) Oh and Disgaea 4!

      I am watching : Spice and Wolf, I believe one of the characters from that anime, Holo, makes a cameo in Disgaea 4, at least in the Japan version, hope it’s in the American version as well.

      Also have Ico/Shadow of the Colossus on pre-order, can’t wait for that, and Batman Arkham City.

    • I don’t no why but im luving oddworld’s gameplay and for some reason it reminds me of jak 1 :-) so im definetly gonna keep an eye on it (^_×°) by the sid is there any chance of the demo coming to the store before launch?


      • I’ll ask Stewart next time I talk to him! I’ve invited him to come back with more details on Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, and because he loves you guys I’m sure he will! ^_^

    • Playing: From Dust, Bloodrayne Betrayal
      Watching: Star Trek Voyager on PS3 Netflix
      Reading: Mile 81

      Loved the Gravity Rush footage you guys put out, my most anticipated Vita game. So much good news on Vita came out of TGS, made me glad I paid it off already. Just waiting for a North American release date now. Hey Sid what Vita game are you most excited to get your hands on?

      • Wow, you already pre-ordered?! Cool. ^_^ As for the PS Vita game I’m most interested in, I’d say I’m split evenly between Ruin, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Sound Shapes — they all look and play great and bring a lot of innovation. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Resistance: Burning Skies also look great. Oh, and Frobisher Says, which I think is only confirmed for EU release for the moment. Also: MGS HD Collection! And Gravity Rush, now that I know more about it.

    • Me

      Playing: God Of War3 & COD: World at War

      Watching: Sunday NFL Countdown

      Reading: nothing

      Waiting for: Resident 4 HD & Asassins Creed Revelations

    • Sure watched a lot of episodes of Star Trek TOS, TNG, VOY, and ENT on Netflix. Can’t wait till DS9 comes out on instant streaming.

      • I’d be down to check out Enterprise as well, given that I missed it when it was on TV and it had some interesting ideas.

    • I’m playing: Borderlands, Dragon Age 2, and Street Fighter 3rd Strike.
      I’m watching: Archer Season 3 Episode 1 from PSN and Reno 911 on Netflix.
      I’m reading: The Philosopher’s Handbook by Stanley Rosen.

      RE4 this Tuesday will great. It was the first RE game I ever played and finished. Getting it at a low price of $10 is a steal. I want to get the new PS3 headset but no money due to all the great games coming this fall! Why is the fall packed with so many?! My wallet is already crying. I can’t wait for the Captain America movie to be released on Blu-Ray. I believe that it comes out the same week as BF3 and KOFXIII.

    • Omg, the uncharted walkthrough blew me away, and the fact that you guys posted that one the day before my birthday felt like it was both an early present, and just a really sick joke.
      I’m now looking forward to that game more then U3!!!! but only for the mobility/innovative control scheme; still wicked stoked for U3.
      But damnit, i which you guys would announce when the vita launches, so i could begin selling organs to pay for all of the stuff that i’m GOING to get. There isn’t any question of when, or if i’m going to get all of it, just a matter of how i’ll pull it off for day one, but i will.
      Seriously, Launch date?!?!?!

      • No word on any dates outside of Japan yet, but stay tuned. And glad you liked the Uncharted: Golden Abyss video! I think it does a great job of showing how closely the PS Vita game matches the PS3 games graphically.

    • Wish they could have said something about The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy versus XIII, those two games were the only thing I was hoping that came out of TGS this year…

    • wow Sid, you’re on the top of your game today answering just about everyone, I like when we get lots of interaction and get our questions answered, sometimes questions that need answering get ignored. Great TGS overall I gotta say, I’m more excited for the Vita after all the news :D

      • Happy to help! It’s tough because I usually try to go do weekend stuff on my weekend, so sometimes I’m away when the post launches. But when I’m around, I love interacting!

    • I’m playing: White Knight Chronicles
      I’m watching: Gilmore Girls, ‘Til Debt Do Us Part
      I’m reading: Cardcaptor Sakura

    • someone help! my ps3 is acting freezes shortly after i turn it on(3-15 sec.)i cant play anything at all.i tried restarting m system and setting y ps3 sideways but it doesnt it just because i have the old version(2008)?or does it happen.this has never happened to me!

    • Hey Sid, I was at the screening of Aliens as well!

    • Can we see any news on kingdom hearts 3 or a kingdom hearts HD collection anytime soon cuz sony has been without kingdom hearts for awhile now..

    • Playing — Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable / The Sims 3 / WipEout HD + Fury / Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Beta

      Watching — TheGUNNShop / Fast Five

      Reading — The Thirteenth Hour (Richard Doetsch) / The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins) / The Secret Crusade (Oliver Bowden)

      Anticipating — Battlefield 3 / LittleBigPlanet 2: Collector’s Edition / Assassin’s Creed: Revelations / Resident Evil: 4 HD, 5, Code Veronica X HD and Operation Raccoon City / Need For Speed: The Run

      New — Sharkoon X-Tatic Digital

    • Is there any news or upcoming announcements in regards to the PlayStation 3D TV Display? It was confirmed that retailers are currently accepting pre-orders so I guess it should be soon right? Any and all information would be great thanks. Im currently in college and my roommates agreed to grab this when it’s released. We have a TV right now but its a cheapie 19inch Emerson with a DVD player attached. Of course, better then nothing but its so cheap that it doesnt accept HDMI cables and playing ps3 on that thing is rough: everything is so tiny! Once again, any information would be great. Thanks!

    • Any chance of us getting any of those smexy new PS3 colors over here in NA? I would love the splash blue one, or that awesome ni no kuni gold one…..heck I would even take white. Why can’t Sony release the colors globally, all the other companies do.

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