Gravity Rush for PS Vita: Everything You Need to Know

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Gravity Rush for PS Vita: Everything You Need to Know

Greetings! As you’ve seen lately, we’ve released some additional information here and there on Gravity Rush and I wanted to give you all a bit more info on this PS Vita exclusive.

First off, if you haven’t already, meet Kat:

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

You’ll be assuming the role of our cel-shaded heroine, who wakes in a strange city with no memory of how she got there. While exploring the town, she encounters a black cat (clever, huh?), who grants her the ability to control the gravity around her.

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

From there, the story unfolds across multiple chapters as Kat uses her newfound powers to not only help a city that’s (literally) breaking apart, but to figure out the mystery of her past and what (or who) has brought her here. Using the PS Vita, you’ll be able to release Kat from gravity’s hold and shift her center of gravity to completely change her perspective and gain access to previously unseen areas of the stages you play in. Whether “falling” towards the side of a tower or virtually any visible surface, Kat can be brought back to a floating state with a simple trigger pull, or be forced back to following the laws of real-world gravity by deactivating her skill, dropping her down to the ground without a scratch. I think you can see how this will give a whole new meaning to the term “world exploration.”

Aside from her name and her look that definitely shows she’s not from around these parts, there isn’t much she knows. What she does know, however, is how to fight.

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

And fight she will. Little is known about the entities that show up as she explores this new world, but they definitely have something to do with everything that’s going on. Combat is going to occur differently as gravity now plays a pretty important part in how you approach enemies. While she can punch, Kat is far more adept at kicking. She can amplify these attacks by implementing get gravity-based skill to target enemies before allowing gravity to take over and deliver a stronger attack. We have to admit, there’s something about being able to use gravity to plant Kat’s feet into a enemies’ face. As you go through the game you will gain more combat abilities. Some of them are going to add to your basic stock combo, mostly kick-driven. Because, well, Kat’s a kicker.

Gravity Rush for PS Vita

You really can’t understand how beautiful it is until you see if on the PS Vita’s OLED screen for yourself and we can’t wait ’till you do.

Don’t cry, Kat! If you keep an eye out here, you’ll find out more information in the coming weeks.

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  • So the black cat is a gravity cat, right?

    Like Sparta, the Mean Kitty

  • Looks phenomenal. From the creator of silent hill and siren right? Love the creative art direction here. This will be the reason I pick up a vita.

  • I saw on the TGS videos that you twist the Vita to change gravity direction.

    Is the motion control optional? Also, does it require big movements or small movements that you could perform on a train or plane?

  • Looks great. This is a Vita launch title, right?

  • This game looks amazing. Hopefully the gameplay is as excellent as the game’s visuals

  • This looks awesome so far.

  • This looks amazing. Any word of a PS3 release alongside?

  • I think this, along with the potential integration with the PS3, are the source of my temptations for getting the Vita.

    Still though, I would like to see this game come to the PS3.

  • Awesome new IP. I’m pretty much sold on it already.

  • Damn she’s hot can’t wait to play this.

  • I liked the name Gravity Daze better it goes along with the art and the style of the game

  • I want to see this game in action. We need more games like this (new ip’s) for the Vita.

  • This was the first game I wanted for the Vita. Will definitely be my first purchase if it’s a launch title.

  • Vita release date please we need to know that !!!

  • This is my most wanted PS Vita game, over Uncharted GA even. Please, please, please release it on Game Card not just PSN!

    TGS Trailer:
    Official Site:

    From Keiichiro Toyama (Silent Hill, SIREN) check out the extra ACTION/COMBAT clips on the official site!

    pitythefool852: in the E3 demo you could use either the gyro or right stick to aim.

  • This is my most anticipated Vita game. I already got the Vita paid in full so now I’m just counting down the days until I can play Gravity Rush :D

  • Wow this game looks pretty cool. I had no plans to buy the Vita i am just waiting on the PS4, i guess another two years until the announcement.

  • Here’s the TGS demo, upgraded and extended from the E3 tutorial demo that was also used at Gamescom:

    Shows camera control/aiming with the right stick as well.

  • One of my most anticipated games for my most anticipated console/handheld EVER!

    Seriously looking forward to this! Please, the more information, screens and videos, the happier I’ll be! (And the more awesomeness I can share with all my friends!)

  • looks great !!!! is it gonna be a launch title ? is it gonna support online ? can you give us a NA release date? more info on the web browser ? is it true that vita battery life will be about 3 – 5 hours gameplay without wifi or 3g on ? come on give us more vita details please

  • This looks like a frigging awesome game. I’m really glad to see that new IPs like this are being made for Vita! I know I’ll be buying this game and I can’t wait to hear more.

  • this is completely different that what the title implies , i thought it would be a rhythm game like fantavision or a puzzle game . I’m keeping an eye on this

  • This is the best looking game on the PSV so far. Uncharted looks great as well but I have to give more credit for something original and not part of an existing franchise. Gravity Rush is the sole reason I’m keeping an eye out for the PSV.

  • great!!

  • It’s all beautiful (and she IS attractive), but…I just don’t know if I can dissociate that name from my co-worker! D:

  • I really like this, but I hope it doesn’t go childish because of the art style. Generally “anime” games throw in cutesy things. One can have anime and still me mature for the most part, look at Cowboy Bebop (aside from Ed. :))

  • I gotta say, I wasn’t too interested in the Vita at first, but you guys have really sold me on it now after all the stuff announced at TGS. And I’m certainly looking forward to playing this game, the concept of it is really unique and interesting.

  • This game looks amazing. I was sold the moment I saw the TGS trailer.

  • and please let this have the original Japanese audio (voice track) with subtitles as an option!

    unrelated: same with Ni no Kuni!

  • This looks like the best Vita game so far. I’ll need this and two other games I’m really interested in before I buy a Vita though. I like the name Gravity Daze better than Gravity Rush but it’s not a big deal.

  • This looks awesome. I’m definitely going to pick it up.

  • Too complicated for me. I hope there’s a demo so I can figure out if I want to buy it.

  • I definitely know what I’m buying alongside Uncharted.

  • i’m a pretty big fan of SCEJ ( Japan Studio) i wish you guys make more games, but now with Vita like the PSP before it, you will NOT disappoint i’m sure.

  • OMG I’m so stoked for this, it looks like a game that is really lacking in this generations of console and I’m so buying this!!! Keep making more games like these!!!

  • Awesome news one of my anticipated games for the PSV!

  • Game looks amazing! certainly one of the early games that I’ll be getting on the PS Vita. Was about time that a post about it came on the blog :P

  • Is anyone else super sad they didn’t release any NA Vita dates? Its no big deal, but for someone on a tight budget I like to plan ahead. Game looks sick btw.

  • Looks like a really refreshing and promising new IP for the Vita. Looks great so far. Hopefully its a commercial and critical success so more people will make innovative games for the Vita.

  • Looks stunning. I can’t wait to give you my money.

  • Looks really, really cool.

    Just fix the blocky texture on the breast plate before you ship, please :) It really breaks the “spell” of playing a cartoon when everything else has such fine lines.

  • One of my most anticipated games on any platform.

  • This game looks really cool and I love the art style and the gameplay I have seen so far looks pretty interesting. I will definitely be getting this along with dragon’s crown, sound shapes, uncharted, resistance, killzone, oh and of course MONSTER HUNTER! The only game I might not get is that tennis game… Not a very exciting launch title and the trophies might be a pain.

  • A cat giving gravity powers to a girl….well I think its kind normal these days…

    I loved the gravity exploration idea anyway

  • killer app for the ps vita

  • Keep titles like this coming to PSV. I’m excited about this Original Exclusive along with my Classic Established Exclusives like Uncharted, Killzone, and Resistance.

  • I love that the screenshots have the original Vita resolution (960 x 544). BTW, anyone knows if the Vita support anti aliasing?

  • probably the only reason I’m ever gonna even consider getting the Vita.
    I’m pretty happy with the PS3 and PSP.
    to have another console around…..well the graphics are worth it, and the fact it’s portable.

  • So, now I need Gravity Daze/Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Ruin and Katamari Damacy (PSV). But thanks to the above links, I also saw that there’s a new Y’s game coming out for the Vita. That needs to get a US release as well! Come on Sony/XSEED Games! Make it happen!

    And I’ve got the Vita paid for already, so please give us a release date already!

  • With every thing I have seen every where online it says that you guys are only releasing this game online. Is there any reason for this or is it just for the European release of the game as others have thought?

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