Dead Nation: Road of Devastation – New Weapons, New Enemies, New Rules

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Dead Nation: Road of Devastation – New Weapons, New Enemies, New Rules

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

As Road of Devastation begins, you escape from a laboratory and find yourself at a crossroads leading to three different roads. Each road has its own perks and dangers lying in wait – with different environments, items and enemies for you to discover. Choose your road, and let the devastation begin…

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

New Weapons

Road of Devastation will give players several new tools and ways to dispose of enemies. And not just something you can carry with you, but also elements found in the environment. Electrified fences, for example, will fry anything that touches them when you turn the power on, so keep your distance and timing right.

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

You may even get to operate heavy-duty industrial saws – perfect for disposing masses of zombies. Safety reminder: keep your distance from the cutting end while operating heavy industrial equipment!

A new heavy weapon you can carry comes in the form of a computer-assisted, automated targeting system – more details about this high-tech equipment will be revealed in the very near future…

Enemies Evolve

As the virus evolves, so do the enemies. Road of Devastation will put your skills to the ultimate test as enemy waves start growing and growing in numbers, and getting more and more aggressive.

The virus has now also begun to infect even plant life – be careful when treading plant-infested environments. As you wade through areas with heavily overgrown plant life, you can make your way through by destroying the overgrowth that block your progress.

But beneath the ground, masses of buried corpses, all but decomposed have now fused with infected plant life. When these monstrous atrocities burst from amidst the plants, you’ll notice they have no problem treading the infested terrain as they make their way toward you.

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

Even plant life has been infected by the virus!

In the original game, the Mouth boss zombie emitted loud screams to alert walking corpses in the nearby area to your position, but a well-placed shot was all that was needed to stop the Mouth from screaming. But with Road to Devastation, it’s back with a vengeance…

True to its name, “Big Mouth” will have you running and gunning while it lets out its gargantuan scream, unstoppable, summoning its minions straight from hell from right below your very feet.

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

“Big Mouth calls its minions to the surface – you’re on the menu”

New Rules

In order to become the ultimate zombie killing machine you must master the arts of death completely – this time you will be rewarded for pulling off different levels of multikills, making constant tactical decisions based on new money, score and other collectible mechanics, etc.

Dead Nation: Road to Devastation for PS3 (PSN)

Execute multikills for new bonus rewards!

Road of Devastation features both single-player and two-player co-op modes (online and offline), as well as a new set of Trophies. Prepare to experience Dead Nation in a brand-new way in Road of Devastation, scheduled for release on September 27th for $3.99!

Keep up the fight, your country needs you!

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  • $3.99???


  • I haven’t finished the first one… but this looks mighty awesome :D

  • I love this game! I bought it before the game was FREE to everybody cause of the PSN blackout/hack! When it became FREE for everyone everybody seemed to pick it up, and that is when the on-line was unplayable! The game kept dropping me, and my friends on-line. I even e-mailed Housemarque Games, and tweeted them to see what was going on with the game, and their servers? I never go any word back. It’s a shame really cause I don’t think I will buy this DLC even for the great price. I feel the on-line has been broken ever since everybody has the game now, and the servers can’t handle the traffic.

  • for 3.99 how can you NOT buy this

  • only 4? wow, that’s good

  • Very Very good price im buying day one

  • i didn’t even beat the game yet … my pile of shame is ..piling up

  • nice price, nice game, i’ll get this 4 sure!

  • OMG, this is looking amazing, and sooner than expected. Hope there are new trophies.

  • I own this game and love. Priced at $3.99 ??!! wow , thats a great DLC price. Hope its good. Waithing for some video footage.

  • I came close to Platinum Dead Nation and just when i about to do this my 6OGB died on the last Mission. I cried because i should have Sync the10 trophies i had unlock that day but didn’t never had the chance to go back until now.

  • Yeah $4 bucks…..for realzies? SOLD. Thats cheaper than a footlong turkey on Friday!

  • no way im not getting this, maybe i can get my buddy to play now

  • That is a seriously attractive price for a lot of content!

    More people should follow your lead!

    Offer a lot for less and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed success!

  • me and my girlfriend(wattster47) still play this game to get some co-op action. it would be great if we could get dual sign in’s :)
    It is a great game

  • Looking forward to it but will probably have to wait as I’m renovating and moving that week. But after that, it’s zombie time once again!

  • Wow thanks for saving my wallet because I was totally buying this regardless of price!

    P.S. LOVED Dead Nation but for a game that fun you kinda made the Platinum to easy, Like Uncharted 2.

  • Great price.

  • Haven’t finished the first one, but I’ll be buying this.

  • Bought.


  • I’m getting it cuz the pic the huge walking Vag zombie scares the crap out of me. lol

  • Not sure if I’m going to get it. I haven’t finished Dead Nation alone and that’s a very, very good DLC price. Btw, I love the game! It reminds me of Alien Shooter and Zombie Shooter on the PC!! I’m a sucker for top-down shooters like this game.

  • 3.99 just made my day!!!! is it an add-on, or expansion then?

  • veryyyy niceee price. i havent beaten the first level aswell but with this add-on it will for sure have me playing it. greatt price and will buy it soon as its released.

  • 3.99?!?! Thanks guys! My son (10 years old) had a blast on this game and we wil definately be playing some more Dead Nation!

  • This is awesome for such a low price i will definitely be playing this.

  • i dont like dead nation very much (havent played past teh first stage and Ive had it since Welcome Back.. and definitely wasnt gonna by the DLC for 14.99 (like most DLC seems to cost) but a mere 4 bucks? Ill GLADLY give em 4 bucks… so yeah at that price Ill get it.. even though I probably wont play it this year

  • love this game DLC 3.99 good deal be get it dead nation

  • I loved Dead Nation in Coop mode, Still have to finish Morbid difficulty but I will definitely buy this DLC day 1 (or day 2 lol)

  • @DZORMAGEN, you can’t fault the developer for not being able to play during the outage. Have you tried playing online since then?
    I had a feeling the game was the only recent offering in the Welcome Back package due to upcoming DLC, and I’m glad to see the DLC is an extension of the great game at a great price.
    My PS3 might be overloaded with monsters this fall, with both House of the Dead and now more Dead Nation.

  • Wow I really expected the price to be higher . You are basically giving it away . Thanks so much . As a day 1 buyer it makes me very happy to see how well this game has done . I was excited with all the build up before it came out and it lived up to the hype and beyond .

  • Dear @Housemarque: your game is too hard for me. I can’t get to the end of the graveyard chapter on braindead, for chrissakes. And now you’re making it harder? Don’t you want everyone to play your games? Not everyone has the reflexes of 14 year old boys.

    Dead Nation was really great for me until that chapter. And I can’t go further without getting past an unending hoard of dooshbaggy zombies.

  • All of that sounds great! but the real and most important question is, how long is this DLC? because that’s what depends on wether $4 is worth it. Sure, it’s only $4 but that doesn’t mean it’s fair priced for this DLC, everything mentioned in this article, new weapons, tools, zombies, etc should be free, what justifies you charging $4 is how long the DLC is and quality. Now, I know quality is there because I beat this game, so length is what is needed to know. Please answer so your consumers can know and some of us can decide wether to buy it or not. Thanks.

  • This game reminded me so much of Contra from back in the day (but w/ zombies- and ALOT better). So only $4?…..SOLD.

  • 3.99? win

    @lisatsunami If you can’t finish the game, let alone get passed that chapter on braindead, maybe the game just isn’t for you. Sometimes it just works out that way.

    @SoleAddict23 Why do you figure it should be free when the game came out late last year, and this new content is something that was worked on months and months later? Its 4 dollars. If you can’t justify that, then just don’t buy it. It’s pretty tough to make something that isn’t worth 4 bucks. Why does everyone want everything free?

  • Bought day one with no doubt .. one of the great zombie game I ever played ^_^
    Thanks for the Price .. really cheap for big things :)
    Waiting to know much about the DLC + how much it will cost in Europe Store ?!

  • *Dies happy*

  • I bought Dead Nation the first day it came out and loved it, I will buy this on the 27th….PLEASE MAKE A DEAD NATION 2!!

  • $4? Count me in!

  • I still haven’t beat the original game well enough, so I’ll pick this up later.

  • @38

    I never said this DLC should be free, I said new weapons, tools, zombies, etc should be released free because it’s true, how are you going to charge for weapons or new zombies? BTW, just because greedy developers have doesn’t mean it’s right, fair or they should. That’s why I asked how long this DLC is because length, as long as it’s quality, is something that can be charged for.

    It doesn’t matter when the DLC was worked on, if it should be free, it should be free, if it can’t be free by any means than you charge a fair price for your DLC. DLC for a game could have been developed and release two years after a game comes out but if it should be free, for example, if it’s new weapons and skins, it should still be released free.

    Exactly, if someone thinks something is overpriced and doesn’t want to buy than they don’t, but that doesn’t mean they have to keep their mouths shut about something that isn’t fair, right or overpriced. Everyone doesn’t want everything to be free, they just want everything to be fair, charging for something that should be free, overpricing content isn’t fair.

  • @QuietStorm: Hi, that’s why I asked Housemarque if they want everybody to play their games & put $ in their pocket. I was doing great until that chapter. & the game is linear, so you can’t go kill other zombies, level up & come back when it’s a fairer fight.

    I beat Demon’s Souls, so I’m not a complete chump (before this becomes a flame war, I am not saying you said that) but when one world was too much for me, I could come back later & kill all those mutha f’ers.

    I really enjoyed Dead Nation, I would just like to go further than this section.

  • Two Words, DAY ONE! it’s such enjoyable game, I hope you guys will work on the new one, you should do it guys, it least you broke the records right?

  • Can i use my unlocked weapons? oh and i already marked my calender :)

  • @Soleaddict, dood, $4 is cheap. So cheap I’m going to plunk it down anyway, even tho I’m stuck on the main storyline. Which I got for free during welcome back so I’m going to support Housemarque.

  • Wow, this looks great, and only $4.00!! Guess I’ll have to buy it, since it’ll erase my 100%.

  • I think their riding on the fact that so many people got it for free on the welcome back program. That’s probably why we can get it so cheap.
    Still. Looks great! I’m in.

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