Tetris World Championships in L.A.: Seeking PS3 Players!

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Tetris World Championships in L.A.: Seeking PS3 Players!

Hello Tetris fans,

This is Alexey Pajitnov, creator of the world-famous Tetris game. In the past 27 years, Tetris has reached over 50 different platforms, is played in more than 185 countries worldwide and reached over 132 million paid mobile downloads. When I created the game in 1984, I never imagined the game would be so popular, and I’m so pleased to know that people around the world love Tetris.

The Tetris brand is more relevant today than ever before and has truly become a lifestyle to many of our fans. What better way to bring people together to celebrate the game, than a worldwide tournament for the ultimate Tetris champions?

Tetris World Championships 2010Tetris World Championships 2010

Last year, we sponsored the first Tetris World Championship tournament at the Downtown Independent Theater in LA. We had over 400 of our fans attend to either participate or watch the best of the best compete for the title of Tetris World Champion.

I’m proud to announce that this year, Blue Planet Software, Inc. – the managing agent for the Tetris brand – along with EA and Techno Source will be sponsoring the 2nd annual Tetris World Championships on Sunday, October 16th. This year’s tournament will include a battle to determine the best one player and two-player team of PS3 Tetris gamers.

The event details are below – I hope you can attend!

Tetris World Championships 2011

At the Tetris World Championships on October 16th, we’ll be looking for the best PS3 Tetris players to come out and showcase their talent in a live competition at USC’s Bovard Auditorium in Los Angeles. Challengers can choose to participate in either head-to-head or two-on-two competitions of Tetris for PS3.

Admission to the event is $10 and it’s open to the public (participants must be U.S. residents age 18+), includes one qualifying attempt and admission to the theater for live championship rounds. Additional qualifying attempts are $3 each. Four unique Tetris champions will be crowned and will be awarded a cash prize, trophy and title of Tetris World Champion. All participants will also be entered to win various raffle prizes such as the award-winning tabletop game, Tetris Link and Tetris for PS3.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Tetris World Champion, head over to http://tetrischampionship.com/ for more information, and be sure to brush up on your skills with Tetris on the PlayStation Network before hitting the competition on Sunday, October 16th.

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  • I don’t know what moron thought to call a competition only open to US residents a World Championships but I bet he has a marketing degree and can’t see the contradiction.

  • “Tetris WORLD Championships”

    “participants must be U.S. residents’

    not sure if trolling or just bad grammar >_>

  • Tetris US Championships lol right on .

    Also you gotta pay to be the World(US) Champion ?

  • Give us a Lumines World Championship.

  • I’d love to play some Tetris! I’ve put more hours into my psp one than i’d like to admit… but unfortunately, as a Canadian Resident, I cannot join enter the World Championships.

  • the link at the bottom to the Tetris site does not work -___-‘

  • I made it to the first one a year ago! It wasn’t a PS3 event, but I did win a “side tourney” and got a version of Tetris for a certain non-Sony handheld.

    I hope the qualifying rounds for the PS3 version is through the proper Battle Mode and not based on some lame Marathon Mode score like it was last year for a certain non-Sony 8-bit system.

    And anyone reading this, feel free to add me for Tetris! I’ll be waiting for you from the top. (Or near enough from the top, anyway).

    GO USA!!! We’ll be sure to take it this year too!

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  • I support what jgrizzle358 said

    “”Tetris WORLD Championships”

    “participants must be U.S. residents’

    not sure if trolling or just bad grammar >_>”

    Hahahahaha as always put the word “WORLD” or “INTERNATIONAL” and that’s not true :P, sad.

  • In Soviet Russia, Tetris plays YOU!

  • its open to every one, but if you want to join the contest there you must legally aged 18 yrs in the usa or with a parent.You can be from anywhere and join this but just 18 yrs old or with a parent.

    But clear things up it open to everyone who can make it there and want to join.. its not just restricted to usa residents..

    vp legioniare group.

  • Alexey Pajitnov, I want to thank you. Tetris is one of my all time favorite games ever. Its amazing to show off level 15 skills to the uncoordinated.

    As its hard to find other hardcore Tetris fans and friends. I am posting to say triple_lei you should have a friend request this evening :)

    Live and Die on row 20.

  • I was going to participate because I am the best in the world I watch some “pros videos” that came with the psp versions and they are not half as good as I am. Too bad hummm… I don’t live in the… “US”… seriously It might be because they know it’s a japanese that is going to win if it’s a real world championship

  • I’m nowhere near a good enough Tetris player to enter this, but I live in LA so I’m certainly going to go along.

    For anyone who’s interested in the amazing story of how Tetris came to be, the BBC made a mind-melting documentary years ago called Tetris: From Russia With Love. It’s on Youtube, and absolutely worth checking out.

  • I challenge you to a Friendly 1v1 on Tetris Pajitnov

  • Thank you for Tetris, Mr. Pajitnov!

    You made the most brilliant game since Chess and we’re all grateful for it.


  • The gentleman in the photos is Jonas Neubauer. In high school, I remember going to his house and watching him play Tetris. We’d all be amazed watching him play. Can’t wait to see him win the tournament again this year.

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