Mediatonic to Unleash 1000 Tiny Claws on PSN

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Mediatonic to Unleash 1000 Tiny Claws on PSN

1000 Tiny Claws for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

Hello all! You may remember Mediatonic’s work from such audacious adventures as Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess and Who’s That Flying?! Today, we’re massively excited to reveal details of our third, rum-soaked PlayStation minis title 1000 Tiny Claws for PlayStation.Blog readers! The response to our previous games has been overwhelming and hugely appreciated – and as with those minis titles, we’ve tried to load as much of what you loved into 1000 Tiny Claws as humanly possible.

First, a short-and-sweet summary for those who are too busy to read a rambling blog post from some guy at some games company:

Your legendary sky-pirate crew may have been responsible for unleashing an apocalyptic curse of giant insects upon the world – and now there’s only 24 hours to save their necks from the hangman’s noose! First Mate Rana sets out to smash her way through the relentless scuttling horde in a sword-swinging arcade battler set against an epic backdrop of sky-islands and piracy!

Can you survive against overwhelming odds? Deploy combo attacks and running swipes, blocks and dodges, then use devastating special moves to turn the tables on the swarm and send the bugs spiralling into the clouds. Just make sure you keep solid ground beneath your own feet at the same time…

· Story mode featuring 25 levels over five exotic stages
· 12 Unique enemies
· 3 Epic Boss battles
· 5 Survival Mode Stages
· 25 Challenge Mode Stages
· 16 Revealing Ship’s Log entries to discover
· 15 Awesome Awards to place in your Treasure Room
· 6 Animated Piratical cut-scenes

1000 Tiny Claws for PS3 and PSP (PSN)1000 Tiny Claws for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

The integral game mechanic is Rana’s ability to send enemies scattering over the edge of the island, first by weakening them with sword swipes, and then using a huge swipe to eliminate them. We spent a lot of time making this as satisfying a possible – so you can also bounce the bugs off of scenery, or knock over big bugs and swipe them along the ground to clear a pathway when things start to heat up!

Your goal is simple: stay on the island and survive. But that’s not an easy task with different varieties of Swarm insects fighting back with a variety of unique attacks. And as the waves quickly ramp up in difficulty, you’ll need to use every trick at your disposal to prevail.

The Story Mode will feature animated cut-scenes, following the crew’s 24-hour race against time to “reverse a curse” (a witch-doctor-approved term) over 25 action-packed stages and five beautiful island regions – plus some huge boss encounters!

1000 Tiny Claws for PS3 and PSP (PSN)

The Challenge Mode, on the other hand, will require different strategies and techniques if you want to earn those gold medals over 25 stages. We played with the core mechanics here to create a real range of play styles for each type of challenge.

We’re very proud of 1000 Tiny Claws. It’s been a blast to make and we can’t wait for you guys to play it and to let us know what you think. We’re currently in QA, and if all goes well…

*crossing fingers/sacrificing our first-born to the gods of PlayStation QA*

…1000 Tiny Claws should be hitting the PlayStation Store in October.

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