CUBIXX HD Coming to PSN With 7-Player Multiplayer

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CUBIXX HD Coming to PSN With 7-Player Multiplayer

Cubixx HD is the sequel to the PlayStation minis game Cubixx, and it’s coming exclusively to PS3 on September 20th for $9.99 (plus 30% off in the first week for PlayStation Plus subscribers). Cubixx HD is a modern-day take on classic area-capture games such as Qix, but with an awesome twist: instead of a 2D game field, Cubixx HD expands this addictive game concept across all six sides of a three-dimensional cube. That’s six times the danger!

Following on from the success of the original Cubixx we’ve added more – lots more, in fact. Cubixx HD now features 50 levels of arcade action playable in both single player and seven-player co-op. All these levels are also playable in Time Attack, Score Attack and Line Attack modes, with up to seven players competing at once and featuring over 150 online leaderboards and 50 addictive Challenges. Ruthless players can engage in the cold-blooded mayhem of Deathmatch mode, again supporting up to seven players.

Cubixx HD also features a whole new cast of enemies. Aside from the returning Cubixx and Line Chasers there are the villainous Homers who will chase after you and slow you down, Asteroids that will rain death and destruction upon you and the almighty Black Hole that attracts nearby objects.

As you can see, I’m a massive fan of Cubixx HD but obviously I’m going to be a bit biased seeing as I worked on this fantastic game, so how does this little quote from Official PlayStation Magazine UK’s 8 out of 10 review for Cubixx HD sound?

“The controls are smooth, the soundtrack is brilliantly pitched, and not since we had a post-op morphine pump has anything screamed ‘just one more go’ louder. It’s adamantium-boulder tough at times, but there’s never anyone to blame for failure but yourself. And for the stubborn among us, that’s the killer.”

We’ve been receiving great reviews from all over the world. awarded the game 8 out of 10 describing it as “murderously addictive” and calling it the greatest incarnation of the area-capture game style ever created, while The Sixth Axis also gave it 8 out of 10, saying it “hovers on the cusp of absolute, delightful joy”. The Koalition awarded Cubixx HD 9 out of 10, calling it “an essential PSN purchase.”

Cubixx HD hits the PlayStation Store on September 20th in North America for $9.99, exclusively on PS3.

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  • Sweet :D

  • With games like this I must ask: does it have custom soundtrack?

  • Nice! will there be a demo?

  • Enjoyed the mini. What makes this worth being 3x the price?

  • The mini is one of the most addictive games out there, so this is gonna rock!

  • I loved, loved, loved Qix a few decades ago (played a PC clone of it on my glorious 9″ CGA display), so I bought Cubixx and loved it as a mini. I’m extremely happy to see it have an HD version, with co-op no less! Also, it reminds me of Geon Emotions, one of my fav games from the early days of PSN. Day one purchase for me!

    does it render in 1080p natively?

    any new songs in the soundtrack? which artists? are the audio assets losslessly-compressed and/or 24-bit?

    any plans for a level editor as part of a play/create/share experience?

    PS: Don’t listen to the haters who demand online co-op — doing 60fps makes the latency of online play an insurmountable issue. Most of us understand that, and I personally prefer 1080p/60fps local co-op over online play any day of the week ;)

  • Loved the mini. Played a lot of it. Not sure if I need it in HD for $10. Multi-player might be interesting. Will wait for reviews.

  • i already own the mini which is cool so now i might have to add this to my collection :)
    oh? did i say it looks sweet? lol

  • Seven players -_- how can PS2 do eight players but PS3 STILL can’t. Sure it’s better if you do a firmware update so we can get it, but if it’s not possible, releasing a add on like how multitap was released on PS2 to achieve 8 players should be release and every new PS3 should come with the ability of having eight players. I can’t not having eight players, when playing team games it’s 4 against 3, what the heck! even great Bomberman it’s only 7 players. Come on Sony, this isn’t something we have just asked for, not only that, but we still don’t have 4 players Move and navigation combo multiplayer because Sony still has fixed this. Please Sony.

  • looks awesome…I need to give it a try…please release one demo.

  • We need a database with all games that support 7 players!! I need to give it a try just for the 7-player aspect alone! We like to have gaming parties at our home :-).

  • Hi. I work at Laughing Jackal so I just thought I’d drop in and answer your questions. @LDiablo84 Yes it does indeed have a custom soundtrack. @Zezzler No Demo I’m afraid. @MPaullin Instead of just 20 levels as in the Mini Cubixx HD features 50 levels in Arcade Mode all of which are playable in Line, Score and Time Attack Mode, 50 Challenges and 10 Death Match levels. Speaking of Death Match Cubixx HD also features up to 7 player Multiplayer both co-op and competitive. We’ve also included several new enemy types as well as power-ups and Trophies.

    Thats all for now as I need to go now but if I’ve missed you out don’t worry I’ll be back later to answer more of your questions :).

  • @plaztiksyke Glad you enjoyed the Mini and I hope you have an even better time with Cubixx HD. In answer to your questions:

    does it render in 1080p natively?

    We use one of the ps3’s 1080p upscaling modes. So it’s something like 1280 x 1080, hardware upscaled to 1920×1080, which is still higher than most games, allows us to maintain 60fps, and looks great!

    are the audio assets losslessly-compressed and/or 24-bit?

    Audio assets are ATRAC3 stereo 16 bit 48khz. ATRAC3 is a lossy audio compression type (similar to MP3) but we have used the highest quality settings when encoding our Music.

    I’m currently trying to get more details on the soundtrack from our producer Steven and I’ll get back to you when I get the details off him.

  • ageeb rheeb

  • love leoin

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