All-New Katamari Damacy Game Rolling Onto PS Vita from Namco Bandai Games

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All-New Katamari Damacy Game Rolling Onto PS Vita from Namco Bandai Games

Hello everyone! This is Rich Bantegui, aka @FilithieRich, Community Manager for Namco Bandai Games America. Many of you have been following me over the last year looking for the latest details on all of our games. This week, you may have also been listening into what we have happening on our Facebook and Twitter for news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show for big fan-favorite series like Tekken, Soulcalibur, Ace Combat and even the upcoming action-epic, Dark Souls.

While there’s plenty of news flying about for all of our biggest titles, we wanted the PlayStation community to be among the first to get the scoop on the latest entry in a series that’s dear to all of our hearts, and one that features the tiniest of heroes.

Katamari Damacy for PS Vita

Fresh from Tokyo Game Show, Namco Bandai has just announced that Katamari Damacy (working title) will be arriving soon for the PS Vita! Check out the fresh trailer above that we wanted to roll out to the fans here in North America.

You’re going to have to listen your old pop the King of All Cosmos once again as he commands you to roll up anything and everything in sight! One of the coolest new features is the ability to use the rear touch pad of the PS Vita to S-T-R-E-T-C-H and SQUEEZE that katamari both horizontally and vertically to pick the world around you in ways never before done in a Katamari game. You’ll be rolling up everything from the tiniest of ants to the enormous masses of Earth like Mount Fuji and BEYOND!

Katamari Damacy for PS VitaKatamari Damacy for PS Vita

Now, if you’re a Katamari fan, we know what you’re thinking. New Katamari. WANT! PlayStation Vita. WANT! Trust me. I want it too, but they won’t let me have it, YET!

Namco Bandai Games will be launching more titles for the PS Vita as well, so for now, stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter account, as well as the PlayStation.Blog in the coming weeks and months for more details. Until then, I’m going to roll my way through the aisles over here at the Tokyo Game Show. I am in gamer heaven! *faints*

Katamari Damacy for PS Vita

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  • Wait a minute? Katamari? On Vita?

    seriously, I cannot wait for Vita now! The whole stretch mechanic looks really interesting, and heck: I’m just happy to have another Katamari game!
    Looking forward to the release!

    PS: Brand new soundtrack’s coming too, right? Riight? :D

  • Wow, it looks like I should have them transfer my paychecks directly to Sony.
    Also, NamcoBandai… hmhmhmh.. I’m a bit skeptical about them as of late. They haven’t been bringing over alot of their games and importing them for the PS3 is a pain in the wallet.

    Is this really being released for the Vita world wide or are they just teasing us and then keeping it in Japan only?

  • Sweet!!! I loved Katamari on my PS2. Vita gets better and better everyday.

  • Guys you have to stop. I already pre-ordered the Vita in full and I have a ton of games I’m going to buy at launch… Fine I’ll buy Katamari too. I always wanted to get into the series but never did, this will be an excellent version to get with all the touch screen controls.

  • PS Vita applies MSAA with very little performance overhead. Please developers, use anti-aliasing in your games!

    This would look super-clean and polished with it.

  • @5
    yea i looked at the pics and noticed the same thing my self.
    yea they should at least 2x anti-aliasing. looks like the ps vita has the power to push 6x

  • Katamari is BY FAR my favorite gaming franchise. It’s only appropriate that I comment here:

    THANK YOU for explaining the wonky katamari’s in those pictures. I really was wondering what was up with that.

    Anyone complaining about graphics, have a look at Me & My Katamari to see how much better Katamari can get on a handheld. Expect a better frame rate and no load times, as opposed to a crappy frame rate. (This is probably why there’s no anti-aliasing.)
    I would rather have an optimized Katamari than a pretty one. *cough* Katamari Forever *cough*

  • so with all these new game releases and whatnot, can yall confirm a U.S. release date for the ps vita yet?

  • Why couldn’t they make an original game for the Vita instead of YET ANOTHER port??

  • Sweet. I had a feeling Katamari would be coming to the Vita.

  • Jeff, Sid, somebody, every blog post is missing a title. Any suggestions on how to fix?

  • @Permafry_42, this is not a port. It is a new game (or sequel) for the Katamari brand, if you will.

  • At least Namco is supporting the Vita with Katamari and Tales of. Capcom on the other hand gave the Vita ports and announced a Monster Hunter sequel on another handheld.

  • @9

    did you even bother to read the article? even the title says it.. it’s an all-new katamari damacy with new features (specifically, STRETCH and SQUEEZE)..

    fyi, katamari damacy is the full name of the franchise..

  • OMG!! THIS IS AWESOME!! I WANTED THIS ON VITA EVER SINCE I HEARD ABOUT THE DUAL ANALOGS. I seriously want to hug everyone involved with playstation right now. Because they just keep coming out with games that I want.
    I wanted super stardust, and I found a trailer and said WHAAT??
    I wanted Modnation, BAM HERE IT IS.
    “Oh my god, could you imagine assissins creed?” BAM
    “Man if only katamari was on here” BAAAAMM!!!
    The only things left are infamous, motorstorm, ratchet and clank, and gta. But I’m sure those will all come eventually.
    Im just so darn happy about the vita. The lineup is just ridiculous.

  • Dood, Rich…you just made my day! My wife and I are huge Katamari fans, and even though we have every Katamari made (multiple times over…various region releases, etc.), we’ve felt a great emptiness between us without a new Katamari.



  • This was inevitable, thank goodness it’s coming. What perfect game for the Vita! Will it be a launch title?!!

  • YAAH!!!!!!!!!! I loooove Katamari!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • YAAAY!!!! I can’t wait. I was hoping this would happen! This and the FFX remaster are so exciting!!! Viva La Vita!

  • More, and more and more and MORE!
    Why do you keep telling us about all these awesome Vita games!?
    Do you want us to loose all our money?

  • I feel like Vita is a semi-replacement for PS3, or Sony’s chance to gain more developer support for PS4. Either way I’m frothing and foaming for one.

  • Would it kill you guys to make a multi console katamari? Every time there’s been a new game since the first sequel, it’s been on a different console. Gah.

  • Thanks for the info, Rich.

    Now when are we getting more info on the NA release of Tales of Graces f? :(

  • Super Monkey Ball and this make excellent titles to show off the VITA’s abilities

  • Hey Rich, when will Tales of Vesparia for PS3 be released in English speaking regions? The localisation is already done. Just release it as a downloadable title on PSN (like the GoD release) and rake in the money. You know it makes sense.

  • Wow, this is awesome. A new KD game, and on the Vita to boot. My pre-order list grows, and I already have the Vita completely paid for. I just need a release date to agonize over. :D

  • thank god..
    we can see katamari again!!

  • The Tokyo Game Show was a massive disappointment for PS3 news i think :-/

  • Dear Sony , you have officially hosed us or at least me . the price of you memory cards is awful !!! from 4gb-24$8gb-42$ 16gb-72$ 32gb-124$ WOW!!!!!!!!!

    39.99 a game we hope
    no internal memory, but of course sony has a new memory card.
    psp memory stick pro duo
    psp/go m2 memory stick pro micro
    psvita sdhc memory card

    all first party for 1 year and bloated in price.

    don’t be fooled you WILL need a memory card music , movies, any games you have or will download from psn any mini’s or ps1 games you have on your ps3.

    me personally if i were to put all my downloaded stuff on a memory card for the vita i would need a 32 gb!!!

    so thats 249.99 124.00 39.99 39.99
    453$ dollars to get a vita a memory card and 2 games plus tax 31$ 484$ in the U.S. to get it at launch and they sure did learn from the ps3 launch SELL iT SEPERATE is what they learned.

  • Rich, also in regards to Tales of Graces , can we please get the original Japanese language track included for those of us who like to play games with the original language track? For example, I prefer playing The Witcher with the Polish audio track. Thanks.

  • are you guys planning to take my money all at once

  • Katamari on Vita, nice! another great addition! But how about a new Katamari on PS3?


    Yeah, as of late, PS3 news have been non existent, and big news even less existent.


    HECK YEAH! Vita HAS to have internal memory, if it doesn’t, Vita HAS to drop in price, memory cards HAVE to lower in price and Sony has to bundle a good sized memory card with every Vita. All this plus the fact all games will not save on itself which means you NEED a memory card, made it that I won’t get Vita at launch and I will wait for all the the things above to be fixed or a new iteration Vita.

  • @29, ever buy memory cards for the PSPgo? Yeah, they’re expensive. This ensures speedy read/write speeds from the memory card, and lack of defects. Other than of course the huge profit-making overhead.

  • Do want. I was wondering why it was stretched and weird looking. xD That’s a neat new addition! Like I needed more reason to buy a Playstation Vita. I’m dying here! I need it!

  • Looking forward to it, hope there will be a new version for ps3 aswell :)

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