Renegade Ops Out Now on PSN

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Renegade Ops Out Now on PSN

Renegade Ops Out Now on PSN

It’s been many, many months in the making, but as you’ll have noticed yesterday, we’ve unleashed Renegade Ops onto PSN as part of the PSN PLAY promotion. We’re incredibly pleased to be part of this new promotion, and hope that you are ready to help General Bryant and the Renegades defeat the tyrannical Inferno and thwart his dastardly plans.

Hopefully you already have a good idea of what the game is about, you may remember I did ramble at length in previous blog posts such as Meet the Team, and Let’s talk about upgrades, but if not allow me to give you a quick reminder; Inferno is threatening to detonate bombs in capital cities around the world, unless his demands are met, and it is in the hands of the Renegade Ops team that the safety of the world now rests. General Bryant and his crack team are taking their range of vehicles, weapons and various specialities to the battlefields to destroy the Inferno threat once and for all.

If you haven’t had the chance to try the game yet, then please help yourself to the trial that is now available via PlayStation Store; we’re confident that once you’ve had this game in your hands for a couple of minutes that you’ll be converted. Not only does the game have a lengthy single-player campaign, but you can also play co-operatively via local split-screen, and you and up to three friends can tackle the Inferno menace online. This is where the game truly excels, as there’s nothing quite like teaming up with your friends and laying waste to countless enemies, destructible buildings and racing each other to upgrade drops and objectives. The game is about teamwork, but you don’t always have be the nice guy or gal.

Renegade Ops Out Now on PSNRenegade Ops Out Now on PSN

Renegade Ops Out Now on PSNRenegade Ops Out Now on PSN

There isn’t much more to say that I haven’t already, other than I hope you give this game a chance, we’ve enjoyed working on it, and the incredibly talented team at Avalanche have created a truly epic, explosively fun digital title!

It’s out now for $14.99 (20% discount for PS Plus users) and below I’ve listed the trophies you can expect to be earning – if you’re good enough that is.

Trophy List:

[Bronze] Goody Two Shoes – Bring 20 Prisoners to the Church
[Bronze] Airbourn – Pilot a Helicopter
[Bronze] Sergeant Slaughter – Kill Inferno’s Sergeants
[Bronze] Jonesing for Relics – Return all the relics to the Museum
[Bronze] From Cold Dead Hands – Steal all Inferno’s Weapons Crates
[Bronze] Supply Problems – Destroy all Mining Carts in the Kaabe Mountains
[Bronze] Inferno’s Briefs – Steal all the Document Briefs
[Bronze] To Hell and Back – Complete Mission 9 on any Difficulty
[Bronze] The Daily Grind – Get a Character to max level
[Silver] Tough Stuff – Complete all Levels on Hardcore Difficulty
[Silver] Lord Master of Great Skill – Get “Skill Rank – Omnipotent” in a match
[Gold] Mega Kill Combo – Get a 100x Damage Streak in a match

Renegades out!

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2 Author Replies

  • It looks cool but I just have to many games to play lol.

  • I think I’ll pick this one up. Looks like a fun game for my wife and I.

  • Great and fun Game! Awesome Graphics and gameplay!

  • Yeah i tried the demo last night, gonna pick this up later today. The couch coop + 4player online coop is deadly reminds me of Command & Conquer!

  • So many games!

    I Downloaded the demo but have yet to try it out. If I like it, will try to slip this game in before the fall onslaught.

    It does look very nice and seems to capture that old school arcade co-op feel.

    As a side note to Avalanche, Just Cause 2 was GREAT! Keep it up!

  • I just dug into it this morn (had it pre-ordered) and it’s hellish fun! :D The physics are rather impressive.

  • Does this game allow you to play split screen and online with two others at the same time?

  • I have yet to finish downloading it. Was pleasantly surprised at its massive size. No skimping on this game.

  • Totally awesome game! Love the dynamic split screen as well! Super wicked and seamless! =D
    I am hoping for more level/stage dlc down the road!

    Also, Just Cause 3 anytime soon?! :D hehe

  • I originally intended to buy this simply because I ended up buying all of the other games that were apart of Play. After playing it for a bit, it just might be my favorite of the 4 games. check out the demo.

  • awaiting the free dlc! got this game last night which completes my PLAY collection. now i can play payday: the heist for free when it comes out!

  • Took forever to download yesterday so I’m giving it a spin tonight. Can’t wait!

  • This one is where Micro Machines meet the A-Team

  • i bought the game and I have to say that it is pretty fantastic. The Demo did win me over.

    However, I did experience a game breaking glitch.

    In the first mission, when you are suppose to enter the helicopter, I actually had entered the helicopter prior to it being the main objective. This resulted in the game not realizing that I had gotten into the helicopter, and I basically sat there and watched the timer tick down and failed the mission. I would love for this to be fixed.


  • This wasn’t on my radar until I played the demo. It was just too much fun not to buy.

  • Hmm… I might give this one a try later. I haven’t even touched half the games I’ve downloaded since getting PS+ haha. Maybe I’ll download the demo tonight; gotta save my money for BF3 :P


  • Ever since Valkyria Chronicles & Yakuza 3/4 I’ve been a huge Sega fan! :) This game seemed pretty cool, thanks for the post I kinda forgot it was out! I’ve been busy with Driver: San Francisco. (Freaking awesome game btw)

  • this game reminds me of for the NES this game is awesome!!!

  • sorry Jackal*

  • This game is so freaking awesome!!!!!!! :D

  • Can you earn trophies playing online coop?

  • Greetings from Sega!

    We’re incredibly happy that you all are having such a blast with Renegade Ops. Avalanche really put their best foot forward to deliver an amazing title and we’re honored to be part of the PS Play promotion.

    Feel free to send along your questions, comments, and any cool stories about the game (watch out for spoilers, though!). I’ll be here with you all day.

  • hey mia.. I have to yet play the demo or tail. but i know it good game. becuase sega always does good work. Im old sega fan from back inthe day before playstation came out only reason on playstation is becuase sega dont have console anymore.

    But i do think this partenership is very good the playstaion and sega partner ship. we would love to see more hard to get sega games on the console. I cant think of any off the top of my head but I think one was called nights or knights. That game would be perfect for ps move if you guys every brought it over and intergrated it.

    vp-psn legionairee group

  • When will developers/marketers realize that at $15 you are no longer an impulse buy.

    my breaking point is $6 so maybe start thinking about that.

    Im not paying this much for these mini-games for me to play them about 15 minutes then get bored.

  • After completing mission #3 in co-op, I noticed that all of my purchased upgrades had been reset on the character I was using. I have upgrade points, but I’ve lost everything I previously upgraded. My character level is still there, though. Not sure if I was refunded my spending points or not, can’t tell.

    I’ve noticed a few freezing issues. Once after I loaded the game and it got stuck on the title screen. Then it froze again when I left the pause screen on too long. It also froze when I started the game for the very first time and when I went to check the leader-boards.

    Besides that, I really like the game! I just wish the mission would still count in co-op even if you run out of lives and your partner(s) finish.

  • I Still have to try the demo…but looks fun and great…I guess I’ll pick this soon.

  • Wow SEGA way to release a broken game. Just did a mission online and when I check my upgrades they are all gone. My level is still the same and the only points I have are ones that I did not use prior to playing online. I hope you read this because this is a serious problem. This needs a patch ASAP.

  • Sorry to hear that you’ve run into a technical issue! Please be sure to send a message describing your problem to so we can address them as soon as possible.

  • Great Game!

  • Froze again towards the end of a mission. Very disappointing and frustrating.

    I sent an e-mail to that contact you specified. I hope things get sorted out soon.

    I hate buying a game only to be ignored by the developers when the game has issues. Please don’t be like that.

  • Just curious sega, why birds eye view, i was hoping 1st person view now that would of been sweet

  • It’s a top-down shooter. First-person would make absolutely no sense. It would have to be a completely different game.

  • Dang this game is great fun!!

  • i want cross game chat sony , lol i know im totally out of subject but how many of u guys think so?

  • @36 its been confirmed that PS3 cant handle it, only PS vita

  • I’m late to commenting on this because I’ve been enjoying this game SO much! The graphics are superb and the fun is off the wall! Thank you for this. I’ve had no regrets about pre-ordering the four PLAY games (with the Plus discount) and I still have Payday to look forward to. Sweet!

    Any cheapskates fussing over the price: the quality is more than worthy of the cost. It costs the same as taking your girlfriend out to Burger King, and since you don’t have a girlfriend, you can stay home and get the game (j/k lol).

  • I thought Burger King had some sort of dollar menu. Either way, I agree about the annoyance of people complaining about the price. The games on the PlayStation Store have always been priced like that. Nothing has changed, so I don’t see why everyone feels the need to continuously complain. If you don’t like it, good for you. You don’t need to post about it every time a game is shown. You think the developers are going to lower the price just because you keep complaining? Absolutely not.

    Back on topic, I loved the game! I wish there would of been more helicopter game-play, though. Maybe some future DLC?

    Please look at the technical issues, though. There’s quite a bit of freezing and a lot of people are experiencing the bug where your upgrades get reset after playing online co-op.

  • I’m very disappointed; I just bought this game, and I can barely play without it freezing up my PS3 so I have to manually restart it. This really peeves me off. I made it to Level 4 and can’t finish it because it freezes up each and every time I play. I feel ripped off. Anyone else having this much trouble?


    So I discovered that the in-game freezing is only temporary. I guess I was impatient, but after waiting 30 seconds I’ve never seen a game “un-freeze”. This game does. It will resume as normal (with some temporary audio anomalies) after perhaps one minutes. Also, after a level completes it may take around a full minute for the cut scene to start playing. Very bizarre behavior which I believe is a result of a rushed released. This is becoming more and more common, i.e. Dead Island.

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