God of War: Origins Collection Hits PS3 Today With Launch Trailer

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God of War: Origins Collection Hits PS3 Today With Launch Trailer

Fellow Spartans –

The wait is over! Kratos storms store shelves everywhere in the form God of War: Origins Collection—the compilation of God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta on a single Blu-ray Disc, available today! Now fans and newcomers to the franchise can complete the God of War experience on their PS3 for the first time. And so far, members of the media have given God of War: Origins Collection a strong thumbs up. GameTrailers.com called the game “a gift worthy of Olympus,” while MTV.com said “God of War: Origins Collection is an absolute steal.” Other early reviews include IGN.com (9/10), GamesRadar.com (9/10), GamePro (4/5), Game Informer (9.5/10), 1UP.com (A-), Machinima.com (9/10), Complex.com (8/10), DigitalTrends.com (9/10), DualShockers.com (9/10), PlayStationLifestyle.com (9/10), CraveOnline.com, and the Arizona Republic—just to name a few.

In case you forgot, here’s a quick refresher on what this package includes:

-Two award-winning PSP classics (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) on PS3 for the first time
-Both games running in high-definition 1080p resolution with full stereoscopic 3D support
-Only $39.99, and just in time for the holidays making it a great gift option
PSN Trophy support that will challenge even the best players
-Dolby 5.1 / DTS surround sound
-Full DualShock 3 Wireless Controller compatibility with rumble support

Bonus content includes the God of War Game Directors Live round table video, Legionnaire Kratos skin, and the Forest of the Forgotten combat arena—all on the same Blu-ray Disc

Last, but certainly not least, in honor of today’s God of War: Origins Collection release, we’re releasing a new launch trailer; Watch it above and let us know what you think!

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  • I love this series.

  • Two very amazing games, I would definitely suggest this game(s) to anyone. Haha just wish I could somehow get the disc from already purchasing both on the PSP already.

  • Is this really 1080p 3D?

    I thought 3D output was limited to 720p.

  • Getting it day 1! Deimos deserves his own game though.

  • @Redaien
    It’s impossible yes, HDMI 1.4 only allows for 1080p 3D with 24 fps and you definately don’t want to play games with that kind of frameraties, especially not God of War. But, I think the sentence means, it supports 1080p rendering(2D) and Full 3D, but not at the same time :P

  • My friend pre-ordered his but I was wanting to get it from the PSN. I’m just gonna guess that it’s the same price as the disc copy?

  • Would buy but I’ve had them in PSP and I have my hands full going through Resistance, Resistance 2 and Deus Ex, also plan on purchasing Resistance 3 if I can finish the other in the week. Gonna buy Ico Collection though.

  • In “The Drop” it was posted that the games will be available from the PS Store.

    Will both games be bundled as $40?
    Will both games be seperate & $20 each?
    & Will PS+ get any kind of discount?
    hows that gonna work?

  • It would be nice if you could release the Deimos Skin for GoW 3 on the PS Store. It has been a long time since Ghost of Sparta’s release on the PSP and Origins Collection can boost some interest on people to play as Deimos again. How about 2 or 3 bucks for it?

  • Is there any chance of a bundle for us PSP owners? The two original games together are $10 more expensive than the HD remakes now.

  • The 3D support in the demo version is absolutely mind-blowing; can’t wait to pick up the full version of this one!!!

  • There’s 3D support in the demo? I went to options and it was grayed out for me…

    Anyway, my game is out for delivery today, so I’ll try the 3D then. God of War always has great launch trailers, the other launch trailer was great as well as this new one.

  • Gahh, I need to change my pants :P Will see about heading out today and picking it up :D

  • I played the demo and the graphics are damn great! Sadly though I don’t have a 3D tv. Boohoo.. :( This is gonna be a sure buy for me. :)

  • Will buy for a lower price and more God of War 3 support levels!!!

  • On the drop it said that this was hitting the PSN Store digitally as well. Is this true?

    If so, Day 1 buy.

  • Been waiting for this day. Cant wait to play this awesome lookn game!

  • Loved the Demo, so i will buy :P I prefer the UK box cover tho to the US one.

  • Really glad these came to PS3. Chains of Olympus had by far the best villain of the entire lot. They seemed more human and had the best reasons for doing what they were doing. Ghost of Sparta was just one hell of a ride and should be commended for trying to do something different from the rest of the series in its final battle.

  • @RBMaurice

    Oh so thats why the demo looked horrible in 3D xD

  • I am getting this to complete my GoW collection having never actually finished any of the games! I intend to play them all in chronological order (not released order). Is that a good idea?

  • excellent trailer!!!

  • “PSN Trophy support that will challenge even the best players”

    Lol, trophies are easier than in the other gow games, and they were also easy. I have all of the 3 Platinums =)

  • Been playing for about an hour, AWESOME!!!

  • AMAZING!!!

  • Is there any reason to buy this if you have played both on PSP and don’t have a 3D TV?

  • Fantastic games. Chain of Olympus might fall in comparison to Ghost of Sparta, but who’s complaining.

  • The PS store version will include the bonus content?

  • Yay! Now I just have to decide…this or WKC?!!! I’ve played these before and at $40 it’s such a good deal!!

  • trophy support to challenge the “best” players?
    i guess that’s not me – sigh. i feel discriminated!
    i’m not buying this! pffft!

  • i have these on psp, but i plan to get these soon. then i’m going to play through the story in order on ps3.

  • idk if ill buy, i love god of war but… idk, there are more important games to buy.

  • Anyone who hasn’t had a chance to play these yet need to pick them up immediately. Two great games for an amazing price as well. Just got back from the store myself and hoping to get a few hours in before I head off to work.

  • SaWeeet . . . needz 2 get ’em

  • Because of my budget this month i can only buy between this game and ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection……I chose to buy ICO. I will buy this GOWOC hopefully on black friday.

  • I never ended up getting Ghost of Sparta for my PSP as the analog stick would stick so this is perfect.

    Great idea to bundle them for the PS3.

  • Being in a wheelchair I alway prfer to have my games on my hdd, will this be on PSN as wel?

    the only disk stay in my PS3 isGT5… I have about 96 games on my hdd with still over 300gbs left

    PS3/Sony is the best!

  • @37 polo155

    Yes it is supposed to be available in today’s PSN store update.

  • Picked up my copy this morning for $5 utilizing Kmart Rewards Zone coupons!

  • is the digital version at the same price? please be $15 each

  • There will never be another franchise who could top this one I don’t care if it’s Uncharted, Infamous, you name it although i still love those games but GOW is the best and always will be the best Thanks Sony, SSM, and RAD I can’t wait to pick it up later you guys ROCK!

  • I want to buy this but too much has came out lately for my budget. I just copped Dead Island & Resistance 3 last week. Ooh well heres too hoping to play it soon!

  • i just have one question will u release the character demois in Collection code or something ? 2 play it in gow3 i need this so badly please need answer ?

  • Just got mine, never played Ghost of Sparda, going to do a GoW marathon this weekend to wrap up all my trophies.

  • Not sure why the release date is today? This has been at my local walmart for almost two weeks now! Still plan to pick it up, just not yet.

  • My copy just arrived.

    Going to be a crazy couple of weeks:

    God of War: Origins
    White Knight Chronicles 2
    Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
    Resistance 3

  • Rip off. Instead of these HD conversions we should just have ps2 support. Let’s take the PSP GTA stories, they didn’t get remade, just ported to the ps2.

    I used to be fixed on trophy hunting, but gave it. With that said, I will just play them again on my psp, they look better on the smaller screen still.

  • 39.99 ? Hmmm

  • Love the quality of this remaster, if you guys can bring Daxter over the same way I’d definately get that one. And lets not forget a quality remaster of Socom 2 online is very much in demand.

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