ModNation Monday: Celebrating The Ladies of ModNation

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ModNation Monday: Celebrating The Ladies of ModNation

Don’t look now but that kart that just pwned you (again) just might be one of the lady racers of ModNation Racers. Racing games tend to be male dominated but that’s not the case in ModNation Racers. So this week, we’re featuring the ladies of ModNation. The women are all about what makes this game so fun – Playing, Creating, and Sharing – and they truly are some of the best in the game!

Track Creation 101: The Lady’s Eye For Detail

Atmosphere and environment are two key aspects I focus on when looking for user-created tracks to promote. And let’s be honest: these are sometimes overlooked by guys. Let’s not assume the ladies tracks are all sunny, bright, colorful, flowery jaunts, though: In this week’s Top Tracks, you will race around a polluted landfill, explore the inside of an epic super computer, and whip through a bleak, gloomy, moldy swamp just to name a few. Give em’ a spin.


ModNation Player Profiles: Shout Out To The Ladies

Here is a look into some of our game’s best…

PSN ID: DeathsMom
Not only one of the game’s best racers but also one of the nicest. At any time during the day (or night) you’ll find DeathsMom racing and/or hosting a series of really fun tracks with some really nice people. Don’t let her PSN ID fool you, she’s a sweetheart! See her profile HERE

PSN ID: Meepcow
Meepcow (her friends call her “meep”) has created some of ModNation’s classic tracks such as “Meep’s Winter Wonderland” and “MRC Recycling Center v2” to name a few. Take a look at her player profile HERE

PSN ID: MagicalHamster
Highly creative tracks and highly race-able tracks do not always go hand-in-hand. MagicalHamster is one of the few ModNation creators that can meld the two into one great racing experience. If you are looking to be inspired by something new and different, load up one of her tracks and give it a few goes. I know you will learn something new. I know I do every single time! Look and see HERE

Ladies’ Night of Fun Races

Join us for a LADIES’ night of fun racing this Thursday, September 15th from 5:00-6:30 PST. This is a great opportunity for a “Girl’s Night Out” in a casual racing environment. Ladies: SIGN UP HERE

ladies race

Creations of the Week



Hot Lap Tracks:

This week’s tracks feature more of the great tracks from da’ ladies!
Monday: Paradise Falls by froodle_noodle
Tuesday: Tranquil Garden by argonautica79
Wednesday: Medieval Time by kittiekatlady
Thursday: Fasten Your Seatbelts by AMBERLOCOx22xX
Friday: having fun by vickie163
Saturday: *** Happy Park*** by MagicalHamster
Sunday: Meep’s Winter Wonderland by Meepcow

Upcoming Events: Team Posse Challenge

Check in next week for details on this fun Mod / Kart creation challenge. Get your “mod-ing” thumbs warmed up, it’s going to be a blast!

I hope you enjoyed this well-deserved tribute to the ladies of ModNation!

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11 Author Replies

  • Yeah, we can feel the girl power over there.

    My girlfriend is going to be very excited about this, she likes this game as much as I do.

    Are there going to be any prizes for competing on the next week challenge?

    See you!

  • Wow~ nice to see some old favorites up on Track of the week~~~

  • Is there a minimum age requirement for the ladies? My daughters (4 & 5) love this game.

  • This is a great idea. Although I’m a guy I fully support a ladies night for Modnation Racers.

  • good to see this! :)

  • Any new Mod and Kart DLC on the horizon? I know you can’t give any dates, but I’d like to know if there’s something to look forward to.

  • I love ModNation Racers and I love the support it continues to receive in the way of facetime on the blog and DLC production.

    This is how you run a game!

  • Thanks for the great feedback.

    The producers of MNR at San Diego Studio are top notch when it comes to support for a game and it’s community. I am very proud to work there!

    We love this game but its YOU, the great community that keep us going. Thank YOU all!

  • Really good creations. Check out mine. Especially Road Hog. Definitely check out Road Hog.

  • You know what will be cool, robot day. Its like all mods for you day be any type of robot or electronic and drive in a robot car. LIke a robot with alien eyes drives in a box that looks like a remote? This is my imagination speaking just for an idea.

  • um I’m not a fan of DeathsMom due to the fact I get kicked out of her lobby for sides swiping! Not exactly NICE but anywho WHERES THE NEW DLC? BEEN NEARLY 4 WEEKS NOW……. ???? just wondering :D
    Not being a jerk or anything but I just think it’s foul for people to kick me out just because I side swipe. It’s part of the game, am I right?

  • CONGRATS TO ALL THE LADIES! It has been a pleasure to meet some of you & get a history of MNR and race the wonderful tracks you have in your libraries from old to new.

    I enjoy racing with you all (Tonight in fact) & enjoyed reading your profiles!

    Congrats again! Woo Hoo!

  • There are some amazing lady racers on ModNation. I love the PS3 game, and I’m almost certainly going to buy the PS Vita version too, simply because it’s creation tools seem to be so easy to use.

    Question though: Will we be seeing any similar “track drawing” abilities on the PS3. On Vita, you can draw tracks and use the touch screen to add items, and it would be great if we could use PS Move to do the same thing. If not, will we be able to use Vita to make PS3 tracks?

  • You are right shredder, I love side swiping and it’s a very fun part of the game.

  • aaannnddd you just opened up the flood gates for a bunch of guys to add them as friends based solely on their usernames…. *rolls eyes. That’ll be fun to deal with…

  • Does that mean I can still get my track selected next week Mark??

  • Man, seeing all these events and updates is what convinced me to buy Modnation a couple weeks ago. I’m late to the party but, it still going strong… that sounded lame :p

  • Still no Oil Stain DLC for Europe! :(

  • Since I had no chance of my track being selected this week can it still get chosen next week?

  • Is there any way that we can get rid of that “kick” button? People over use it.

  • @shredder-
    During the last encounter, it wasn’t me who kicked you. The male host bounced you for cursing, hate speech and sideswiping. This an “E” rated game and it was an open casual race room. Then you proceeded to send nasty messages through PSN to him and others; still cursing and rude. Calling me a “B” didn’t help you either.
    As far as sideswiping goes- my friends and I frown on it. We are a global group from NA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Lag is an issue especially on tracks that have many props. On an UFG track in XP, its easier to give or receive swipe because of fewer props. In addition, if you(or others) play FPS games in clans, sometimes you can’t play best class if you’re on an EC server and game is hosted in Europe or vice-versa.

  • Cursing were ya shredder, never mind then.

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