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After a very entertaining kickoff game (and this isn’t just spoken as someone who drafted Aaron Rodgers in his fantasy football team), the NFL’s first Sunday kicks off, well, now. As a longtime subscriber, I’m looking forward to trying out NFL Sunday Ticket on my PS3 later on as well. Good luck to your teams today, unless you’re a Rams fan.


The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of September 5, 2011)

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  • Nice little Penny Arcade comic strip and poster. Definitely can’t wait to get my hands on Uncharted 3 and the PS Vita. Oh, and nice Resistance 3 concept art, loving the multiplayer by the way.

  • Do you think sony is ganna let us change our id!!??????????/

  • Getting a PS3 soon, can’t wait.

  • Should I get the 160gb or the 320gb for $50, I plan on getting let’s say 40 retail games over time, some PSN games, and ripping some of my mp3 on there, would that all hold on a 160gb?

  • Thanks Jeff and everyone at the Blog, whenever I have a question you guys are right there to help me out. Great work everyone!

  • I meant $50 more for the 320gb

  • Loving all the Resistance 3 and ICO collection news.

  • Anyone know why the Headings are all missing on the blog?

    I deleted all my cookies… still missing. They appear on my ps3. Really annoying.

    @5 yes get the 250 gig. Mine is already at 200 gig full.

  • Mean the 320* gig

  • @sonicfan11589

    u could always switch out the hard drive for a bigger one if need be.

  • hey jeff when will sony release the official date for ps vita

  • @9 How much would it cost for a bigger hard drive? and how would I import all of my data?

  • @sonic, there is instructions how to import in the owners manual. or you could look up the manual online. Transfering from my 60 gig to 320 gig was easy and only took about 30 or 40 minutes.

  • @sonic

    what he said^^

  • ok, but HOW MUCH will it cost for a bigger hard drive?

  • From Syphon Filter to Uncharted: Sony Bend’s Story – IGN
    From Syphon Filter to Uncharted: Sony Bend’s Story – PS3 Feature at IGN

    A story so good we have to list it twice? lol..

    I am in detail mode today.

  • @sonic
    a 500GB going to cost u $60 at bestbuy

  • How’s that NFL package working out for you Jeff. Sucking big time for everyone. Horrible service.

  • @sonic
    but u need to get a right one for the ps3 not all of them going to work on it

  • Hey, in case you guys missed it, there was also a nice segment on Resistance 3 at GameSpot as part of a new video series they just started called “The Gun Show.” They go through an entire games arsenal showing off all the cool weapons it has along with some funny commentary.

    Check it out:–resistance-3?tag=topslot;thumb;2

  • uncharted rocks!!!!!!!!!! and the uncharted dual pack!!!!! the best dual pack ever!!!!!!!!

  • hey jeff I didn’t know you were an eagles fan

  • currently playing disgaea 4,the game is really awesome!
    man, i’m such a nisa fanboy XD…anyways,i think that the dolphins are gonna be the surprise this season cuz only of the fact that we got reggie bush :0

    lets go dolphins!

  • Man the Sunday Ticket service is terrible, it jumps around between live action then to commerciall or to a prior quarter in the game. A lot of us are expecting full refunds at this place. Simply put the service does not work what so ever right now.

  • For those complaining about Sunday Ticket, DirectTV services just took a dump. Take a look at their Twitter handle.

  • Lol so glad that it turned out that the nfl sunday ticket app wasn’t available in Canada . I tried to buy it lol . Phew

  • I have Drew Brees for my fantasy team and he scored more than Aaron Rodgers :P

  • @Sonicfan: Since it’s only 50 more, get the 320 & not worry about upgrading for years, if ever.

    Having said that, I started with the 120 gig slim & it was filling up after a couple years, I started to panic. Amazon has a fantastic sale on the 160, so I got that but immediately swapped out for a 500 gig. It was really easy. Just search YouTube, with key words like “swap out PS2 slim hard drive” & watch a few.

    Once I had that, I uploaded my game saves to the cloud, downloaded them & all my digital games to the 500 gig & now have ample space on both. You have to be a Plus member for the cloud save. I can now get lots of videos & digital games without worry.

    Hey, Jeff: no fair that the Euros are getting a white PS3. Americans like variety, too. I’d buy a 3rd PS3 if there was another color option.

  • @Tank_Baked

    I thought Canadians watched Grid Iron. ;)

  • I’ll be going with the $300 PS3, 320 GB system, especially since it comes with a 30 day trial of PS plus which I was gonna spend under $20 on for a 3 month one mainly for Resident Evil 4 and code veronica hd in order to save $$, now thanks to the PS PLUS trial, I’ll be saving $20.

  • That’s right baby Eagles!!! All day everyday. lol

  • The Kelowna Fire Department unveiled a monument honouring its tradition of service during the annual observance of the New York 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, which claimed the lives of 343 firefighters.

    Taking a moment of silence today to remember, and reflect on the ecvents of September 11th, and then paying respect to firefighters, volunteers, and other countless emergency workers, and remembering the fine people who risked, and those that gave their lives during the aftermath, I’m attending a meeting downtown in Kelowna BC Canada, where our city has erected a new monument to pay respect to all of our community’s firefighting heroes.

  • the top section of last post was a quote from a local website where I live called

  • @Kedaro Please. There is enough of that every where else. Not here as well.

  • @32 Bubaroo with all due respect, um… no…. I have never posted a single comment about 9/11 since it happened, and I wasn’t about to start anytime soon, I’m sorry if a single event in my own hometown touched my soul in a way that made me feel like reminding my peers. Don’t worry about it, I’ll never post another 9/11 message, as this very first one I’ve ever posted, garnered a response such as yours.

  • Not sure what the advertising was like for ‘Resistance 3’ in the US was like but in the UK it was EXCELLENT. Well done SONY;)

  • uncharted sand stories was amazing.

  • Jeff R. As a fellow Eagle fan can you get us more info on the NFL Sunday Ticket Debacle? I’m pretty sure it was a DirectTV breakdown, as they had many problems with the HD receivers as well as other NFL ST To Go platforms … but we paid a lot of $$$ for NFL Sunday Ticket and I got 0 use out of it on the 1st Sunday of the Season. I know this isn’t the correct forum for griping, but DirectTV isn’t making it easy to contact them [Site went down Sunday] and for a “Non Refundable” PS purchase I think we should have an account so we can sign in to DirectTV for Customer Service. I know my Band Width was up to the task, but It was a laggy freezing, skipping, content mish mash! Ugh.

  • Will the sorcery have multiplayer ?

  • @kedaro
    awesome news for kelowna .
    I live in Vernon so will come to kelowna and check out that memorial one day soon , I had not seen any news of that locally , wierd that I happened upon it on the ps blog

    don’t bother with the haters , some peolpe have no compassion and don’t care about actual news .

    on topic
    Jeff , I read this post every week and love it , it lets me get keot up on playstaion news I miss during the week
    thanks for the info and keep it up

  • ‘ kept up ‘
    wish we could edit these posts

  • hey sony i think u should add a feature were we can change our name for a lil bit of money. that would be cool

  • I’m so excited for the ico and shadow of the colossus collection! i saw the comparison videos for the ps2 and the ps3 and now i can’t wait to play these wonderful games again! xD

  • Sony, a take-full-advantage-of-everything-the-PS3-can-do Syphon Filter title would be great and is highly demanded. Don’t drop the stealth part of the series or “modernize” AKA “noobize” the game, the PSP Syphon Filter’s have been one of the favorite franchises since I first played Dark Mirror. It would be even smarter to do since there are rumors of MGS going multiplatform, you could have an AAA stealth game and dethrone MGS as well, that would be amazing, a MGS type game that is better than MGS =).

    On 3D on PS3, I hope guys mean the PS3 3D games so far are just scratching the surface of what the PS3 can do with 3D, not that the PS3 3D games released so far (not including Uncharted 3) are the best that we will see and we’ll have to wait until PS4 to get the fully powered 3D because a new PlayStation, and a new Xbox for that matter, is no where near needed right now and I’m thinking about getting a 3DTV and one reason why I’m getting a PS3 is because of that, don’t screw your consumers and give yourself a bad name.

    Lastly, you should really release the free to play web games on the PS3 for free, it would give you more marketing, advertising, etc. for games and their franchises and more content on PS3 =).

  • Jeff is is true theres a Heavenly Sword animation film in the works ? if it is where is Heavenly Sword 2 ?

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