From Dust Coming to PSN on September 13th

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From Dust Coming to PSN on September 13th

UPDATE: From Dust is coming earlier than you thought! Eric Chahi’s god game hits PSN next week on September 13th.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

The wait to experience Eric Chahi’s award-winning strategy game, From Dust is almost over. We’re happy to announce that From Dust will be coming to the PlayStation Network on September 27th. In a little less than three weeks, players will get a chance to experience the winner of Game Critic’s Awards Best Strategy Game of E3 and what Game Informer called “a breath of fresh air.”

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust puts players in control of The Breath, a mysterious power used by a primitive tribe to battle against the forces of nature. Players will use this power to help the tribe regain the knowledge of their ancestors. However, regaining this knowledge won’t be an easy task for players as the world of From Dust hosts volatile natural elements, including volcano eruptions and tidal waves.

From Dust for PS3 (PSN)From Dust for PS3 (PSN)

From Dust will be available on the PlayStation Network on September 27th for $14.99.

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  • Oh awesome, I thought this was a XBLA and PC exclusive.

    Great to see it heading to PSN as well.

  • lolwut? Guess I might get it on PS3 since the PC version has terrible controls from what I’ve read. Hooray Eric Chahi goodness!

  • I guess there are no other systems left to release it on? We finally get our turn?

  • looks fine lets see how much its cost

  • Does the PSN version also have that INSANELY stupid DRM? :l

  • I’m not buying it. I’m sick of Ubisoft and their timed exclusives for Microsoft, this has to be the third Ubisoft game this year that has saw a late release on PS3. A major publisher should not treat a fanbase as an afterthought

  • move support atleast?

  • @lilwaynesuckz. Agreed with both your user name and point. I buy a ton of content via psn. If developers want my dollars, I’ll have to be treated better than a married man’s mistress.

  • I might have to pick this one up.


    You do know that the Assassin’s Creed Revalation Beta is exclusive to PSN, which is made by Ubisoft.

  • @dlilbig5

    Sony has an advertisement deal with Ubisoft regarding Assassin’s Creed titles. Clearly you noticed the Sony Playstation branded Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood commercials that ran when the game was released.

    Beta =/= full downloadable games/retail games

    Its clear Ubisoft favors the 360, Child of Eden has been on the 360 since June and has yet to be released on the PS3. Beyond Good and Evil came out on the 360 months before (following the PSN hack) the PSN version was even supposed to be released due to another timed exclusive, and now From Dust which has been on the 360 since early summer and soon after on the PC is just now getting a release date for the end of September.

    I predict low sales for this game and I have no sympathy. Ubisoft as a major publisher has no business with these timed exclusives for the 360. Theres no excuses like “our team isn’t large enough” or “doesn’t have enough experience,” we’re talking about a company that releases a game annually that reaches double digit million sales.

  • And I say that having and playing both the 360 and the PS3 regularly. I hate when gamers aren’t able to play games because of under the table deals publishers make with other companies. Say what you will about the beta being exclusive, the beta is not a full downloadable title, I could only imagine the outcry that would occur if a major Ubisoft title like the next Prince of Persia only appeared on the PS3 and PC and not the 360, but this same thing happened with Splinter Cell Conviction, its still not on the PS3.

    I blame Microsoft and their horrible policy regarding games first appearing on XBL or not appearing on their service at all…

  • Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning huh?

  • PS+DiscountPlzThx!

  • I hope there’s a demo, but this looks fun.

  • Please, god, let it have move support! PS+ discount would be nice, too, but move support is more important for this game!

  • If it’s not Castlevania Harmony of Despair, I’m not downloading it.

  • @ Alex Monney

    Can you tell us if there will be a demo please?

  • Not interested.

    Tired of timed exclusive BS, especially on the download front.

  • no thanks… sick of timed exclusive -_- BS. Ubisoft should keep it exclusive to PC/XBLA.

  • I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Chahi, my personal gaming idol, at E3. I told him how much of an inspiration Out of this World was to me, but I don’t think he understood much of my praise. Will buy.

  • i won’t be getting this , when i was interested they didn’t release it on PSN , now excuse my back.

  • It is indeed a good game and looks great, too bad that I already have it on xbox and pc.

    i have the pc version and personally the controls work pretty nice.

  • And yet ANOTHER XBLA hand-me-down…I read a Microsoft post stating that if a title was on PSN or was a PSN exclusive that they will not be adding it to XBLA..I say “So what crybabies”. Microsoft gets all the d a m n DLC and other AAA titles before us..all we had was Kratos in MK and they didn’t..Sure we have more exclusives but d a m n…I believe it is bad business practice to be handing devs money to receive content or a title first…EVERYBODY should have whatever comes out at THE EXACT SAME TIME!!

  • I would love to have this game, but won´t buy it too… If they think Xbox players can pay their bills, that´s Ok to me. Another game that I won´t buy is the MW3 and for the same reason, why do we have to wait for a month to get the same bunch of lame maps? Does Bill Gate$ owns Activision and Ubisoft? Is he paying them for this? If they love 360 that much, they won´t have our money and respect.

  • You guys do know that Microsoft pays the companies to have the games/DLC first right?

  • BTW I almost bought Limbo when it appeared at PSN….but i decided to take a look on youtube for further info and realized that 360 got it months before us. Than I got a “0800” copy for PC….Form Dust will came to me by the same way. They deserve piracy over their titles. If we don’t have the right to have such games at the same time, so they can’t complain about this….I won´t buy an “EX-Box” nor buy this piece of trash to gain “rights”.

  • This would have been perfect for the summer drought. You decide to release it at the end of September?

    I’ll think about it next summer.

  • @dilbig5 I don’t understand why they are so surprised that XBLA gets these games first when Microsoft pays for the timed exclusive… and how does Microsoft have the money to afford the timed exclusives? They charge the player! So to all of you who would like Sony to invest pointless amounts of money into buying timed exclusives, throw some more their way on a monthly basis out of your own pocket :-)

  • + dilbig5 on September 8th, 2011 at 10:58 am said:

    You guys do know that Microsoft pays the companies to have the games/DLC first right?

    I already mentioned it lol :)

  • @Schnazer..We shouldn’t have to pay..ALL CONSOLES should receive it at the same d a m n time..point if’s, and’s or but’s about it…

  • I generally don’t like taking things out on an indie dev, who is getting his or her cajones squeezed by the Evil Empire, but I admit that sloppy seconds aspect does make me hesitate to buy a downloadable game.

    However, for gamers, it’s really all about the games, so if good enough, I would still buy.

  • Make Bastion to the PS3 happen!

  • @Deathspear

    Ever wonder why Microsoft has the least amount of first party exclusives?

    They spend all their money on timed-exclusives for downloadable content and games.

    I saw we let Microsoft have their silly timed exclusives, while we let Sony keep pumping out great first-party games like Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Ratchet and Clank: All for One.

  • @UltraRazpacho..I agree 100% lol…The ONLY timed exclusive i have is Limbo and that’s only cause my girl wanted it lol

  • Listen people this is the way that M$ does its business. You know that the Operating system you are using now on your computer was force fed to you in the same way that X-box Games are being force fed to their gamers.
    If you go back and read about all the lawsuits that were filed and then settled you would see that this is M$ Standard Operating Procedure, come in late to market with an inferior product and then throw money at people to get them to sell your product and then get them to treat your competition poorly. X-box 360 is just Apple hardware with M$ PPC OS. In the gaming industry they are doing the same thing. Denigrating their more superior competitors and buying Loyalty with money and legal contract provisions. Until the games industry succumbs to their will.
    Sony has proven that they are better.

  • $15? As the Sharks say on tv…

    “Im Out”

  • I don’t want it because it came out on 360 first. Who am I? Micro$oft lololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololololool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like this game is perfect for the Vita with the dual touchscreen to control the powers. Bring it over and I might be interested.

  • @SpeedRacer1955..That’s EXACTLY right except the part about “coming late”..360 was out before PS3 but i know what you’re saying bro :)

  • weird, my comments were deleted I guess it was the ubisoft guy. anyway I was pointing to this article:

  • @dacuad…I read that article and dude is a tard..He says that M$ want to be “fair” and that all “should be even and equal” but then he contradicts that by saying M$ want the advantage..whatever…

  • ht tp://ww w.eurog cles/2011-08-24-why-mic rosoft-wont-publish-psn-firsts

    Take out the spaces folks..

  • @ LilWayneSuckz: Shut ur crying up n just be glad its being released at all on PSN…. U need to get out of the house n catch some rays dude

  • Hey Alex Monney, you’re a “PR expert.” So why have you guys been ignoring us on facebook for two months while we ask for this info? You guys have jerked us around enough now to where I don’t want your game anymore. I was wxcited to play it for about a year, but not anymore. You all have fudged this game since July 25th when you delayed it for PC two days before release, yet your company has been silent all along. What on earth has the PR office been doing this whole time? You won’t even answer any of these posts probably. If you are the head of PR you need to fire a lot of people, or yourself. Oh, BTW, I was stupid and unfortunate enough to buy this on PC and it’s flat out broken junk. And to this day there have been no updates to fix the controls and AGAIN no statement from youy guys about it. Your company motto should be “We Make Crap, and then We Hide.”

  • Day one purchase. I, too, was worried this was a 360 exclusive. Ubisoft should definitely do a better job of communicating their intentions. We all understand that specific dates are difficult to commit to, but even saying “a PS3 release will follow soon” is better than the radio silence we got.

    I’m disappointed the game doesn’t appear to be 1080p native, but I hope the audio assets got an upgrade to take advantage of the PS3’s capabilities.

    PS: I’m enjoying Fit in Six on PS3, and am looking forward to it being well-supported with more Move content. It would be great to see more of the game’s exercises support the use of dual Move controllers. It would also be nice to see a Platinum trophy added — very weird for that to be missing from a retail game. Regardless, I much prefer it to UFC Trainer and The Fight’s extremely repetitive, overly-macho workout programs.

  • When I first saw this game in motion, I thought it was destined to have PS.Move support. Really seems like a no-brainer. Is there any word on whether or not PS.Move support will be implemented or at least patched in? If so, it will be a Day1 purchase. If not, I’ll hold off on it for a while. That may be a long while too, so many quality games coming out.

  • yeah, well tell those a**holes at ubisoft, to take this game back at their studio, shine it up real good, and stick it up their asses


  • I was looking forward to this when it was first announced, but it’s been so long and I’m really not that interested anymore. Especially with that $15 price tag, even though it’s been out for so long on XBLA already. I might buy this after I’ve purchased the rest of the PSN titles I want. This will be a last priority.

    The timed exclusive thing doesn’t bother me too much. It’s vaguely irritating, but I still like playing the games and supporting the indie devs. If you guys really wanted to boycott Ubisoft, you should do it on their AAA titles instead of the smaller ones (not that it’d make much difference, anyway). And, even though the ACR beta is a “PS3 exclusive,” couldn’t the 360 players also participate as long as they have a UPlay account? =/

    As for the Child of Eden comment I saw posted above, I believe the release dates were originally the same, but the PS3 one got pushed back because they were implementing the Move and 3D support into it last minute. That’s my understanding, at least. All those 360 fanboys crying about it not being exclusive anymore piss me off since it wasn’t supposed to be an exclusive title in the first place. Anyway…..CHILDOFEDEN~ICANTWAIT!!!! =D

  • Timed exclusive content or games = no purchase in my book, I will also be applying this logic with skyrim as they have all dlc as a 30day exclusive.

  • we need doom on the store

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