This Week in Home: Resistance 3 Invades, Ugly Americans and Deadliest Warrior come Home

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This Week in Home: Resistance 3 Invades, Ugly Americans and Deadliest Warrior come Home

PS Home: Resistance 3 Diner

This Thursday, September 8th will see a new Resistance 3 space invade Home, bringing its own public space complete with mini-games, rewards and more. What better way to celebrate the launch of Insomniac’s well-reviewed shooter than to suit up, win some rewards, and deck out your personal space with the spoils of war?

PS Home: Resistance 3 Diner ExitPS Home: Resistance 3 Chimeran

Home is also updating several core spaces, including Central Plaza (check it for a heavy surprise), and arcade cabinets for the Theater.

Magnus returns with a very interesting mixed bag of goodies ranging from a Monster Lizard Outfit to some cute Kitsune ears to the new Sweet Treats furniture bundle. Check out these sweet deals!

In Lockwood news, a new batch of Medusa hairstyles will hit the shelves of the Sodium store this week and a slew of new Sodium 2 items will be released, including racer upgrades of a most patriotic nature. Check ‘em out!

Medusa: Female

The PlayStation Home Mall is updated this week with new D.O.G. companions from LOOT, then meet Dusty, the new addition to Mass Media’s line of Brimstone Dancers. Head to the Mall this Thursday and add these items to your collection!

D.O.G. for PlayStation Home

Brimstone Dancers

Starting soon, new episodes of both Ugly Americans and Deadliest Warrior episodes will arrive in the Theater. To be updated Tuesdays and Thursdays, several episodes of each will be there for your enjoyment. Bring your popcorn and some friends!

Ugly Americans in PlayStation Home

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this Thursday. Tune in this week and watch as HomeCast Rewind gives us the lowdown on all that’s up and new. Next up, Gamer Indepth interviews special guests, the Assassin’s Guild, a rather large clan based in the Home community who love everything Assassin’s Creed. While you are there, you’ll notice that Scribble Shooter arcade cabinets have been placed throughout the Theater, so step on up and give this critically-acclaimed PlayStation Home-exclusive a play!

Where to start? There’s so much coming this week. Check the Navigator for the New and Recommended places to go, then hit the Mall and Theater for more great stuff. Also, please join us in the Gamer’s Lounge every night of the week for our Featured Game Nights. Come meet and hang out with the Home Community Volunteers who host them from 4-8pm Pacific Time (7-11pm Eastern Time). For the schedule of events, either check the posters in the Gamer’s Lounge itself or on the calendar at the bottom of the PlayStation Home page.

See you in Home!

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  • Resistance 3 public space very nice I will have to check that out tomm

    • Please do, but everyone take note—tomorrow from approximately 9am Pacific/ noon Eastern, Home will be taken offline for a few hours of extended maintenance after the publish window. When it comes up, be sure to keep a healthy distance from the rabid wandering Chimera as you find clues, pick up items, and earn rewards.

  • Is Dead Island ending today? I hope the community reaches 20M by tonight if so.

    • Me too! We’re close!

      As of *right now,* the count is 19,236,998. Let’s get the community together to keep on killing those zombies! T-minus 10 hours or so and counting…


    • The Central Plaza isn’t changing, but there’s an exciting new mini-game coming tomorrow. It’s truly HEAVY METAL!

  • Nice up date GW!

  • wats with the extra brimestone girl dusty??? new for 2morrow???

  • omg it central plaza gonna be updated to the Hub already? :D

  • Nice thanks Glass for the info! cant wait!!

  • Any news on Granzella, Glass?

  • yo locust, i got a question/idea, the big spender topic, what about a private space for us? special shirts or something identifiying us from others. or something like gettin spaces earlier than others, something like your guides. us that spend hundreds (im close to thousands now) should get something different/special that the average free player doesnt have!!! just a suggestion

  • I love the dances but the only thing is I wanna make a club just for the dances but I can only use 2 at a time.. Your killling me….

    • We are very aware of everyone’s interest in finding solutions on the virtual active limit, and we’re working on it.

  • comment 11 for locust is for you glass, my bad didnt pay attention to name

  • its been awhile since i’ve been on home

  • I hope you’re helping too GW! I’m gonna go slay some zombies.

    • I’m actually running around now collecting items to craft into weapons to give the community. Hopefully they’ll help some of you!

  • when do u guys accept apps for guides???

  • Massive upload this time, everything looks great. Is there an annoucement about the Evolution of Home Date?

  • Hello Glasswalls

  • Can the Kitsune ears be worn with different hairstyles?

  • Can you please tell the creators of costumes to NOT put on PRESENT FACES, for the most part they are more anoying than anything .

    • Full outfits (where the entire body suit is locked together and cannot be mixed and matched) must have a face that is pre-defined. We try to balance the creation of those while allowing other combinations that do not have that restriction. The bonus to the full body outfits is that they may come with custom animations (like the MechJets flying) and custom emotes (like the Mummy custom dance).


  • PRESET * my bad

  • Ziggy3069 Sony said “FALL” and that does not begin until the 20th in the NA Region and Tokyo Game Show is the weekend before that so you can guess. But I also have the feeling that the Home Evolution Update could come on the Anniversary Date of the release of the “Open Beta” in December since that is also in the “Fall” time-frame.

  • Thanks for all the Info Glass. This is another great update! This year will end whit a blast!

  • the update looks great! but where’s my japanese fan GW? can’t I have one too?:(

  • ty for the link I will bookmark it! I have one other question. Some of the members in my club have wondered if there will be any new clubhouses coming out? There is a spot for us to buy new ones for a long time but no new ones.

  • Pre set hairstyles and faces are so annoying, for the most part they look horrible, and ruins your excitement of having something neat but with a horrible Pre Set face and haircut .

    • That’s the trade-off for the custom animations and emotes. If you prefer your own custom face, then there you go. But if you like to have a little fun running around Home jumping, flying or any number of other custom animated options, even if it’s just once in a while, then a full outfit is fun too. It’s up to your preference really, and you can swap back and forth easily if you use the many avatar Save slots.

  • i would love to see a Recycling Bin,i want to get rid of T shirts i got by going to the theater last year and some other items as well. A RETURN Policy too , many of the items description are deceiving , and some times i have wish i could return them or exchange them .

  • nice update…lots of stuff coming, can’t wait to check out the R3 space

  • oh i meant more like the INDIAN GIRL FLYING IN THE CARPET for example , costumes like that, where it would be easy to have it without a face , just put our avatars face instead . Thank you Glass, You Rock !!!!

  • I just wanted to say thank you for answering my question, GlassWalls. Greatly appreciated!

  • I really Hope that the HUB really works out for everyone, i know i complaint a lot and you guys are probably sick and tired of me but i do LOVE Home, I want it to be succesfull and fun for everyone . : )

    • LOL! We know you do. The most prevalent complainers are many of our biggest fans. ;-)

      As you know, suggestions and recommendations (demands and wishes too), do not go unheard, and they help us decide what’s next—how can we make Home even better for you and everyone? We’ve made many strides in bringing everyone more features, smoother experiences, faster download times, more content, all greatly in part to everyone’s input.

  • Thank you Glasswalls, i wish you were Replying every week, have a good rest of the week . : )

  • Awesomesauce! The resistance space looks hawt, the full-suit outfits are super cool, and LOL! at “NomNomNom”.

  • Im going to help get the remaining kills left in central plaza, and are the rewards from Resistance 3 space only for Home or for Resistance 3? Would be cool if we could also get Resistance black ops costumes or chimera costumes!

  • Ugly Americans is a strange yet addictive show

  • Are u guys gonna bring the disgaea 4 home that japan has. That one looks really great.

  • How come my comment above says it’s awaiting moderation

  • I hear it too, its loud clapping handz

  • Woot!! Another great HOME update! Nom, Nom, Nom!! :D

  • will lord pumkinhead return this year for holloween or some kind of public space?

  • Yet more bikini`s…and other “girls” say I don`t look in the stores when I say we get bikini`s every week. I don`t know how much more proof they need. They`re either blind or are really guys that like to use girl avatars to stare at their pixels. It`s as bad as getting loads of Street Fighter avatars on the PSN store every week.

    Aside from the bikini`s though, which is the complaint I have every week, the rest of the update is great. I like that your integrating big videogames into CP now, but does that mean no more killing zombies after today? I loved that game too, it was so addicting, and we haven`t gotten the severed head yet :( Will you be promoting Skyrim like this too, when it comes out in November? It would be awesome to run around Home as a female Argonian and Khajiit! Please make it happen!

    What`s with the XP in the OrbRunners game in Aurora? It`ll say I need 400 points to lvl up after a run, but when I go back the next day and get well over that amount, like 750, it`ll say I still need 200 points -_-

  • YO why am i missing stuff from my wardrobe like my RE5 stuff the ear peace and the pants i bought. i know its not in my storage i’ve checked many times, i’ve wasted so much money on ps home and i have alot of stuff so i dont even know what else is misssing , so whats up with that ???????

  • Please tell me that the REGULAR central plaza is making a return

  • Can’t wait for this update! Nor can I wait for the core client update. Glasswalls and the Home team has done a superb job. Congrats! ^___^

  • @mrjinglejangles,

    Actually I am too experiencing such an issue. All of my Biohazard5 purchases have dissapeared and are not in my possesion anymore or within my wardrobe. It is a concerning issue. Glad to see I am not alone.


    It’s good to see some conciously moral people still around (other then myself.) I hope you are not run out of town or crucified as I have been in the past for speaking up about such behavioral issues concerning the meme(s) and the moral implications of selling sex on and within Home (even if PlayStation Home and Sony itself is suppose to be a much more “mature” theme (and is clearly not considering it’s overall targeted audience and the populace within and on Home itself.)

  • Oh no… I’m gonna be on the big screen tomorrow?!
    So… will me wearing a kilt on the CT mean there’ll be a formal (tartan) and informal (flat color) kilts? maybe? nudge nudge xD lol. If I can deal with people calling it a skirt in real life, I’m pretty sure I could deal with it in the virtual world.
    Great update GW. Can’t wait for the fun.

  • Also, any rumor on a multi-fox/single fox tail to go with the kitsune ears? Can’t say I was overly happy with the fox tail from the bundle…

  • GW, Can we expect a similar White Knight Chronicles event that EU had received? Was looking forward to more Home support of that game after the 1st installment.

    Resistance looks just like the Chicago Map in Resistance 2. Need some Chimera skins and I will literally run out and buy Resistance 3.

  • Whatever happened to ndreams horror party pack?

  • Hello GlassWalls Someday PlayStation Home will be available in Mexico??
    Algún día estará disponible PlayStation Home en México???? XD :)

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