PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Today

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PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance Today

PlayStation Network is scheduled to undergo routine maintenance today, Thursday, September 8th, from about 9am until approximately 11am Pacific Time. The majority of consumers will be able to play online as well as sign in to external sites that require PSN authentication (like this one).

Stay tuned to the PlayStation Twitter feed for up-to-the-minute updates and a notice when maintenance has concluded.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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  • No problemo, just keep the ~95% uptime average you had before the attack and everything is A-OK.

    Thanks for the great PS Plus month.

  • I’ve always wanted to have the ability to say something that people would see when they visit the blog, so here goes…

    Being a PS customer since before the majority of the demographic was born, I can safely say you guys whine too much and act far too entitled. It’s an entertainment console with a service that most of you don’t pay for and a good amount that do, do so on someone else’s disposable income.

    Play when you can play, don’t when you don’t. Do not rag a company because it got attacked, that’s like me setting your house on fire, talking bad about you for being homeless, then calling you out when you take far too long to rebuild it by hand.

    It was down for security purposes for that period of time, as a programmer I know the amount of time and effort I can only assume went into it, and we’re talking thousands upon thousands of man-hours and hundreds of thousands of resource-dollars to get this thing running, and barely a nod when it does.

  • Thanks for the advance notice, hopefully everything goes smoothly.

  • ok thank for update

  • I am really excited about the new additions coming to home. “The hub” and so fourth.This is all great news. I felt that home needed a new face lift. Great job! And thanks for the notice..

  • @ TheParoxysm

    I totally agree with you on that. Things happen. Me personally, I’m proud of Sony for getting it back up when they did and what most people don’t stop to think about is, Sony does all this for us, the gamers.

  • @ 2
    +1, I agre with you as well

  • Everyone is asleep lol. Who is this heads up for? *yawn. *passes out*

  • This is the most notice I’ve ever seen on the blog, & it’s great for insomniacs like me.

    Thanks, Patrick. I hope your feelings have healed from the daily tarring & feathering back during the “Outage”. I pretty much agree with Paroxysm. There’s far too much whining & negativism. Gaming is a hobby, right? Which means fun time.

    I am loving my PS3 more since the “Outage”, & the games & benefits have gotten better & better. To show my confidence in Playstation, I extended my Plus membership into 2014.

    You’re all doing a great job, which explains why we want more & more, & some of us whine no matter what.

  • Neat. So the maintenance starts when I head off for school and ends just before I get home from school. Most perfect timing ever. ^_^

  • I like it when PSN updates, God knows i love games and home. But the only bad thing is that when they do the update, I’m up and about. Kinda sucks for i usually play on at this time, Either way, Thanks sony for such a great network

  • i like updates and maintenance they just feel right

  • Thanks Sony, for keeping the Network up and running in the right way for us. You could have just set it up for the long haul and left it, but you stick with it, with that I applaud you my friends.

  • i’d say people whose trophy level is below 5 should’t be allowed to use ps home … some people in my friends list have been level 1 for a year … at least that way they would want to earn trophies

  • @1 i couldnt agreee more with you. i hate how people act like a little kid pressed a big red button. it was professional hackers that planned it out for 10+ years. and thx for the update, no matter how useless, it shows youre still workin’

  • i’ll be at work around that time, lol

  • Will this help the freeze issue on fw 3.70?

  • Glad to see you care :)
    @ 2 i agree with everything you said. They even had the welcome back package for a FREE service not including ps plus of course but they got bonus months too.

  • +1 @ The paroxysm (post #1)

    Keep up the Great work Sony….I appreciate you guys and I’am glad you guys are “BACK and BETTER than EVER”

    Thanks for bringing us great products like NFL Sunday Ticket and Gaming software line up…

  • Thanks for the notice. I’ll still be in school so this won’t really effect me.

  • @The paroxysm

    It doesn’t matter if a service is free or not, if something (say the PS3) depends on the PSN for services such as playing online games and allowing users to play certain drm equipped games (like that Final fight game), among other things (that people have payed for regardless of the source of income) then people do have a right to complain if things don’t work.

    It’s nice that you( and many other gamers btw)understood that Sony had their hands full rebuilding their system from scratch to improve and better protect their online system but complaints would have been less frequent if Sony had kept us better updated on the situation.Please do not suddenly think that because you think only children play games (they don’t, average age is 37 their complaints are any less valid because they cannot play the entire game that money has paid for.

    Now, on that complaining note..
    Hey Sony! Will the website system that allows us to change our passwords ever come back?It was handy for changing passwords when my poor ps3 got fried by lightening :(

  • I am with #2.


  • thanks for the heads up…

  • #2 = +1

    Well said.

  • plase i need tekken 6 & mortal kombat 9& wwe all stars

    in playstion store full game for ps3

  • Thanks for you Sony to keep Network online, and i hope this Scheduled Maintenance not be long.

  • Put Crackle in the XMB bar under TV/Video Services while you’re working on an update!

    Also will my Netflix streaming go down with the scheduled maintenance? I’m not sure why Netflix should be 100% tied into when and if I’m signed into the PlayStation network. I’m paying for this service and it gets turned off far too often.

  • @ #2 very well said

  • @MaxxAmmo

    u should still be able to use netflix if u lose access to psn. back when psn was hacked n shut down i was still able to use netflix with out being signed in. it asked u to sign in once or twice, but then worked after that.

  • Please help me:

    My internet was perfectly working 2 days ago. Suddenly without doing anything new or changing anything, this happened:

    I can’t start my ps3 through the controller. Additionally i can’t connect through the internet when this happens, the ps3 cannot detect the ethernet cable, nor the wirless access points. Router is fine. And connection to the internet is fine with my laptop. I’ve reset everything, the router, everything. I know there is relation between my controller problem and my network problem, but i don’t know what.

    Please help me, I’m desperate. October and November are pretty close and so many games coming.

  • Thanks for the heads up.


    I completely agree with you bro.

  • @Frejim

    Look or ask a question on the Playstation forums. Someone on there is bound to know the solution to your problem.

  • Hopefully this fixes the Automatic Update issue I have been having. I haven’t gotten any updates since that last firmware update and the trophy sync/game save update does nothing.

  • ok, my network has been down since 5pm last nite….Signed me out of PSN and everything….should i worry???

  • I hope fixing the PS+ update and synch issue after 3.70 is involved in this downtime maintenance…
    I applaud PSN for staying on top of the network and DO NOT mind at all the occasional downtime for maintenance… THANK YOU

  • thx sony and you xboxers get a life if one more person says xbox is better than playstation i will go crazy sony keep doing what do best!!!

  • So it means I need to wait even longer to play ACR Beta with my friends *sigh*

  • talking about betas when do we get the All 4 One beta ? european playstation plus subscribers got it this week

  • PLEASE fix the PSN Account Management website
    its been Down for Maintenance for months.

  • @2, Well said! I’m right there with you on that one, as are quite a few others from what I glanced over. I’m die-hard Sony all the way!

  • I was having problems when they first released the auto-update with 3.70. It wouldn’t do anything, not even turn on my ps3. I researched it and somebody said to update your date and time via internet and since then it’s been working every other day or every day for me.

  • P.S. first time i have seen almost all NICE non COMPLAINING comments..

    …since the UC3 announcement post haha!

  • Can we get some huge, major updates to the PS3/PSN this month? Please! I mean come one, it’s WAYYYYY over do!

  • @#2 Keep in mind that those complaining about the 1-month outage of PSN weren’t just complaining because the service was down and they couldn’t play the online components of their games (a valid complaint, by the way) The -other-, and arguably more important reason for the anger against Sony was that credit card data had been breached and there was a relatively long (1 week) delay before Son’y finally fessed up to it.

    I believe it was the combination of CC exposure and a long initial delay before confirmation of said exposure that really got most people worked up. And for what its worth I too am quite familiar with providing 24×7 computing services and running a data center, and 1 *MONTH* of downtime was an astonishing long period of time given the resources at Sony’s disposal and the amount of online commerce that was being lost each day. Can you imagine Amazon being offline for a month? Or Citibank? Or (name any other company that has an online presence)

    I hate to bring this up so close to the 10th anniversary, and I certainly don’t want to trivialize it to make a point, but even companies that lost literally *everything* in 9/11 were able to get at least some services back online within a couple of weeks.

  • Hi patrick i thanks for the update and keeping the network up hacker free .And i love the new urbin camo ps3 remote coming out in november cant wait

  • thanks for update.and thank you for the ps3. nothing out there beats it.

  • i totally agree with you paroxsym… i love my ps3 and the playstation network..

  • better maintenance than hackers

  • @2

    The PSN attack itself was blown out of proportion. While I can understand people being upset over their personal data, the credit card info itself was encrypted. It’s just poor handling by both the gaming media and such made everything sound a lot worse.

    But in any case, the PSN is more secure than ever and I get to keep playing the games I love.

  • I wasn’t aware that people were still complaining about the outage, all I see now is people complaining about people that were complaining a few months ago. Let’s ALL try to move on with our lives. As far as i’m concerned, it never even happened.

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