ModNation Racers: Now That’s What We’re Talking About

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ModNation Racers: Now That’s What We’re Talking About

A few weeks ago we challenged you to build us a waterpark track using the recent Water World DLC. Just in time for Labor Day (U.S.) you delivered some really fun, wet ‘n wild waterparks that we might actually pay admission to visit in the “real” world! It seems as there is no challenge that the genius of the MNR community cannot handle. Our Top Tracks this week feature five of our favorites. Dive in and treat yourself to some really fun racing!


Hey Ladies In The Place…

We’re calling out to ya! That’s right, we are looking for the “better half” of the ModNation population for a long overdue, upcoming all-ladies tribute. We want to feature the best Mods, Karts and Tracks from the girls but we need your help. If you know of any of MNR’s “fairer sex” creations we need to your help to point them out to us. Please submit any creations HERE and we will feature many in next week’s blog.

ModNationSD’s Top 25 All-Time Favorites
The past two weeks I have featured my All-Time Top Ten favorite tracks in the Top Tracks section of the Modpsot. This was an almost impossible task to narrow down all the great tracks I have played to only ten, so here is the complete list of 25. After racing and re-racing, nights and weekends I think I have a produced a decent list. These are the tracks I go back to time and again. Take a look HERE! As always, I’m interested to hear about your favorite tracks, so let me know.

ModNation Player Profile: PSN: its2l84that
These weekly ModNation player profiles give all of us a look at the “best of the best” MNR has to offer. its2l84that has created some of our favorite tracks like Pirate’s Cove Village, Journey To Mt. Zion and Downtown UFO Crash Site. These alone warrant a look into what makes him tick. Take a look HERE.

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 PST. This is a great opportunity to meet some great people in a casual racing environment. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Track of The Week:

Overgrowth Shrine v1.2 by lop330


Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday: Overgrowth Shrine v1.2 by lop330 – Where do I start? Lush, scenic, picturesque track with so many paths and variations that I’m not sure I found them all. Looks like we have a new top creator on our hands!
Tuesday: Donkey Disco ! by Laidbackcat – I’m not sure if this is a race or a game within a game but I know one thing for sure… it is absolute GENIUS! I’m speechless. Thesaurus useless.
Wednesday: Lumia Citadel Vector Ark by IndustrialSavior – Great rooftop tracks are not easy to create. This is one of the better I have seen.
Thursday: The LOST CITY …. by prob_alex – This track demonstrates prob_alex’s versatility. He creates both amazing tracks/creations and subtly beautiful great Hot Lap tracks like this one.
Friday: Sewer Sanctum by grey_jeep – One of my favorite creators does it again. His track “portfolio” is among the best and most varied. Love the sewer theme!
Saturday: One Mod in the grave by villain29 – Creeped me out… in a good way!
Sunday: Willow Haven Kirkbride by IndustrialSavior – I may need to visit this “restful” location soon. (read his description).

Creations of The Week:


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  • BongSoldier’s (as well as the other’s) creations look great!

    Join PSU4Ever.Com for gaming forums, and news updates; as well as general off topic discussion.

    I am glad to see all the support the devs are providing for this game, and I am excited for when we can expect a sequel at E3. LOL

  • Yay! The electricity finally came back on! – Can’t wait to get back into the game, double XP rocked!

    Those creations are fantastic! I love the one with the binoculars, got to download, very clever!

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to join the Team Track Challenge. I was looking forward to learning the “tricks of the trade”. Is there a possibility of third challenge coming up?

  • ugh not getting modnation racers its fun but i dont play racing games might try it with my little cousin he’s 8 although he likes “zombie” games such as call of duty black ops he’s looking to get dead island

    anyway any news on team ico collection i need that its just EPIC

    you guys should try it, it’s a masterpiece to be honest.

    come on japan studio you aready delayed trico now team ico but i think delaying it to make it EPIC is a good idea too much games coming out this year i would love to see trico in 2012 just fix the game add tweaks to the graphics.

    its all about the graphics in games like this trico should still have the graphical art that we love

    also i recommend buying Sly 4 thieves in time made by sanzaru game’s it’s amazing the graphical look is like the old sly but added HD its amazing check out the trailer the demo in E3 was actually bad because it wasn’t finished


    and if your looking to make a new console and release it


    just release it at 2020 please!


  • Hey Mark how Laidbackcat created his track donkey disco with the ModSpot props? is a exclusive DLC?

  • @5

    Looks like its a remix of a hacked track (he didn’t hack, just remixed a track hacked by someone else)


  • Hey. I didn’t know I made a water park track.

    Oh right. I didn’t >.> Might wanna fix that! I don’t even have the terrible Water Park Props XD

  • tks! imo!

  • Oh Modnation, traded you in after getting the Platinum…and man do I regret it. Now I do want you again ever so badly, but I must wait until cash is available. Seriously, this game is a hidden gem at retailers everywhere.

  • I hope Modnation Vita is marketed better. This game is so much fun but so few people know about it!!

  • Hey Mark, I’ll submit my 2 daughter’s (they’re 3 1/2 & 5) creations. I’m sure they are your youngest female players. They say “Hello”!

  • An update I’d like to see would be one where you could choose to race against your own created characters only and have only created characters show up in the offline lobby with you.

  • @13

    Dev’s have already stated thats never going to happen. Will have to wait for MNR2.

  • you know, ive never played modnation, (i know i know i should, theres just too many games on my have-to-buy-list) im amazed by how they keep up adding stuff and spotlighting different tracks/users every week. it really is pretty great. ill definetely get it for the vita!

    • Hi,

      Not to sound like a pushy salesman but remember, you can race all of your ModNation PS3 created tracks on the Vita! That alone may be worth considering?



    I am loving the Prop mods as much if not more than stickers mods. Amazing work! The tracks are amazing as well!

  • “BongSoldier”. I lol’d

  • I hope its okay to refer retailers….

    Best Buy has the game on sale right now for $14.99. It really is a no-brainer, people.

    I ordered and can’t wait for it to arrive so I can get back into the fun (long, unimportant story)

  • Sill waiting for the Oil Stain DLC in Europe! :(

  • sorry moriarty1975 modnation DLC never comes to europe D:
    I tryid to buy the vampire and som other stuff… but it don’t work.

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