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Hope you’re enjoying the long Labor Day weekend. It looks sunny out, but currently, I can’t tear myself away from Deus Ex. LONG LIVE PLAY!

A good week coming up with the release of Resistance 3 on Tuesday. I’m curious to hear what you all think; I’ve played through the campaign and it’s my favorite in the series.

After that, Tokyo Game Show! A story or two related to that in the list below. Going to be a strong PS Vita presence there. I wish I had one for the 12-hour flight out there…

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 29, 2011)


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  • Hey Jeff are you guys gonna stream live TGS sony press conference ? i cant wait to play R3 , best buy already shipped my copy i think, hopefully i get it on tuesday , are we gonna get a NA psvita release date at TGS ? Motorstorm psvita ? more info on the web browser , youtube app ?

    • I’m not sure what the plan is there yet. If there’s going to be an English-language stream, we’ll pick it up.

  • Great week for PlayStation news :) The UNCHARTED 3

  • Ah crap, posted wrong. We need a edit button!

    What I meant to say was that it was a great week for PlayStation news. The reviews for the God of War: Origins Collection has me pumped as well as the new footage of UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Cargo plane demo.

    I can’t wait for Tuesday for Resistance 3. I’ve been prepping by replaying/reading Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance: The Gathering Storm, Resistance 2, and Resistance: A Hole in the Sky.

    Tokyo Game Show sounds like it is going to be amazeballs with all the PSV games getting announced as well as PS3 games.

    On an unrelated note, finally got my hands on the Sony Tablet S, and it is a thing of beauty. Pre-ordered and picking it up in 2 weeks ;)

  • PSN ID CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Jeff what will the HD streaming video quality be for NFL ST 4.5mbps or higher ? Thanks

    • I don’t know – I’m guessing it’s variable depending on the speed going into your house. It looked quality to me when I tried it out on Thursday, and at my house, that’s really high quality.

  • so many good things i don’t know were to start

  • ha… another epic episode from uncharted 3

  • The Resistance 3 multiplayer beta is insane! Beautiful graphics and awesome gameplay! Plus the shotgun is really good, i already made 200+ kills with it just to prove it lol. I will get a copy of the game when ill have a little bit of spare money left hehe. How long does the beta last? Untill R3’s release?

  • @Jeffrey

    You missed a brilliant YouTube video from Freddie Wong featuring PS Move and the Sharpshooter:-

    Future Motion Control Gaming

  • Sorry Jeff, autocorrect on my phone thinks you should be called Jeffrey (in my previous post that’s awaiting moderation)

    BTW, Jeff, have you tried the Sony tablets yet?

    I want to get one, but I wonder if gaming will feel strange without physical shoulder buttons

  • Pretty cool to see Back To The Future, Episode 1 free for awhile. But no news on the Sonic CD re-release onto PSN? Maybe in another week’s “Around The Web” perhaps?

  • When is the PS Plus Update coming to let us know whats coming for Plus Members?

  • Jeff, when are the 7.1 Surround sound Headphones going to get a feature? I have sooo many questions about them! Aren’t they being released on Tuesday?

  • Aren’t you upset that most multiplatform game gets less development time on PS3 than on the Xbox360?

    Also, the XMB have only been updated once since launch, would it cost too much adding new features and fixing what is barely implemented??

  • I would love to hear more about the headset. Maybe like a hands on unboxing or something?

  • Have you heard anything from the makers of Superstars V8 Next Challenge yet? I’ve been asking and asking and ASKING about this but you have not responded. I really need to know if the second game is coming to the US, B/C the first game was fun but flawed.


  • Is Sony ever gonna fire the do nothing HCVs to make room for others to do the job? I’ve only encountered a HCV once during my couple years on home, so kick the bums out!

  • I find it extremely hard to believe and I’m really surprised at Sony that they give more support, improvements, features, content, etc. to Home but none to more important core things like the UI, in-game UI and all the mandatory features YOUR consumers have been dying for for years! yes, like cross party chat, universal game invites, universal music playback, PSN Online ID change to name a few, and don’t give me any, “the PS3 can’t do cross chat” because it can, all Sony has to do is improve the UI and in-game UI for examples (which they already need a huge overhaul) and have them use less RAM and cross party chat can be implemented. If not, worse case scenario release new PS3′s with more RAM, just like you did with the PSP so your consumers dying for these features can finally get them. If games need to be patched than the devs that want to patch them will, simple! Sony could even make it mandatory just like they did with Trophies.

  • Gran Turismo 5 patch 1.11? win! The support for this game is the reason why I’m going to pick it up! Killzone 3 patch 2.12? win! Finally fixes and improves most of the things that were needed. Free DC Universe Online DLC? win! If you guys keep up great support I might pick it up! Free BttF Episode 1? win! it’s great to give people a chance to play it for free so if they like it they will buy others! More Yakuza games? win! Medieval Moves? win! it’s about time there’s more Move only games support. Early or exclusive Revelations beta for Plus members? win! That’s what Plus is, not having features that should be free to all, only for Plus members.

  • Man, I’m not gonna lie. For the entire month of August, the only bit of news that has renewed my interest in games like never before was the Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown announcement. I admit I didn’t keep up with iit as any fan should and my first contact with it was that 2D genesis fighter that wasnt really VF, even so this news to me blew everything out of the water. SEGA personally is going to need a lot of help to get this series to where it should be. Its a great series and with the simplified controls and throws, more people need to give this game a shot. I don’t know if a demo will be possible but its an XBL title as well so here’s hoping they can do something. A tutorial of its systems as a demo would be great.

  • Any news on the NFL Sunday Ticket Application?? Will it be available in this tuesday’s update?

  • Hey Jeff,

    Any idea if there would be a alien resurection ps1 classic yet? If there is, i would probably buy it first day is comes on the store

    If it doesnt, well guess ill just have to play it on my ps3

    Need to pass a little thank you on to the boys at Insomniac, this was fun to watch.

  • If you’ve played all the way through it then can you tell me, please, if the bullseye bomb is still in the game or not? (tagging a wall or surface by holding secondary fire, then firing bullets at it so that they orbit the tag). No one will answer this for me and it has been driving me nuts…

    Also, I second hearing more about the headset. :)


  • Hmm, hope you guys have some Final Fantasy coverage on the blog planned for TGS :) Make it so, Jeff!

  • The lazy eye article is interesting. I have lazy eye so this shud be interesting. I havent tried the patch technique WHILE GAMING. I wud imagine it causing eye strain after a while though. Well ima try it. I have noticed that my lazy eye does in fact not go lazy and seems more focus when watching a 3D film or playing a game in 3D. Wud be a good excuse to get a 3D tv lol but I know my dad wud nvr price is too high even the 500 Display.

  • Well it’s a shame it was taken out of the series…

    I cannot thank you enough for answering that one though Jeff, as it has been on my mind for quite some time. :P

    Thank you very much. :)

  • I read the article on video games helping people with lazy eye,or amblyopia. That’s what i have and i was surprised i was actually helping my vision. thank you very much for finding that Jeff! Now i can explain why i play so much :)

  • I think my comment is stuck in moderation because of the lnk

    Everyone, including to the blog team, should watch Freddie Wong’s latest video on YouTube

    It’s called Future Motion Control Gaming, and features both PS Move and the Sharpshooter

  • Thanks for the reply. I only ask because the last time we really got any Final Fantasy coverage on the blog was back in January *_*

  • new Dark Cloud and Discworld would do great, especially with the PSV AND PS3 INTEGRATION

  • and for various reasons Deadmun’s quest doesn’t look fun, sorry..

  • Just watched cargo plane demo. Naughty Dog it looks Amazing, when it was flashing inside at first i thought Nate died but it was an alarm. Oh and the physics you guys are working on, great job. Combat looks good, well everything does:)

    If you haven’t already people watch it, it doesn’t really spoil too much just how the plane get destroyed. ( that’s not a spoiler its the box art)

  • sorry for double post but… JEFF REPLIED!! lol

  • Will the Vita Support Ebooks? And Why have you guys hesitated to add a music store? is it because of Myplay? (which is not getting any publicity by the way. I Didn’t even know it existed until i typed Sony music into google)

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