BloodRayne: Betrayal for PSN – All the Bloody Details

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BloodRayne: Betrayal for PSN – All the Bloody Details

We’ve been working ridiculously hard on BloodRayne: Betrayal for quite some time now and I can’t tell you how stoked I am to tell you that it’s launching next week, on September 6th, as part of the annual PSN PLAY promotion.

For those of you who might not know, WayForward has been working on a full-on 2D re-imagining of the iconic BloodRayne franchise. BloodRayne: Betrayal is all about deep and varied combat, tough-as-nails platforming, smooth and fluid animations, and of course, buckets and buckets of blood! We’ve previously been fortunate enough to work with the game’s publisher, Majesco, on A Boy and His Blob. It was a great experience, so when they approached us with the opportunity to reboot BloodRayne, we jumped at it! With the power of the PS3 behind us, we have crafted our first HD side-scrolling game, and it looks frickin’ amazing! We’ve combined a rich fluid dynamic system that allows for superbly splattery blood, unique screen-distorting refraction effects for all of Rayne’s slicing and dicing, tons of layers of background parallax, and literally thousands of frames of character animations to make one of the prettiest digital HD games you’ll ever play.

BloodRayne Betrayal for PS3

Popular elements have returned from the original titles, such as the Brimstone Society and Rayne’s evil father Kagan. The vampire-hunting Brimstone Society has been updated to resemble a sort of inefficient SWAT team, and Kagan is much more theatrical and dangerous. Overall, we wanted to retain the sexy, campy flavor of the original games, but add some more style, sophistication, and excellent gameplay to the mix. When the classical metal soundtrack swells as everything slows down to better show the explosions of blood and viscera, you’ll know you are playing something special.

BloodRayne Betrayal for PS3BloodRayne Betrayal for PS3

With tons of vicious and devastating moves to unleash, it wouldn’t be right if Rayne didn’t have a host of baddies to unleash them upon. You’ll start out honing your hack ‘n slash skills by carving up on legions of Victorian vampire thugs, before moving on to bigger, faster and meaner enemies. Plan on facing both quick-moving Wheelers ( twisted monsters complete with long and sharp arm blades) and the juggernaut hammer-wielding Blood Balloons, which are an absolute blast to blow up! As cool as these guys may be, this game has insane boss fights…you’ll get a taste for just how much we turned things up to 11 with the first boss, the mechanical monstrosity Crab Puncher. Just try to sever his limbs whilst riding on his back as he frantically clambers down a bottomless shaft!

We saved the best for last, however; the final boss battle is beyond epic and totally unforgettable…trust us!

BloodRayne: Betrayal launches on PSN next Tuesday, September 6th and we’re thrilled to be included as part of Sony’s new PSN PLAY initiative. Stay tuned for more details and happy vamping!

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  • I have played both of the bloodrayne games in the past and was disapointed but this one looks sick. I like the anime style it has and that it is pure 2D. I have a feeling that i will be getting this soon.

  • It looks visually stunning. How is the dynamic theme? Any pictures or video of it?

  • How much is this xcellent looking game…it will sit pretty next to shank and my sega collection 2d classics like golden axe and streets of rage……its on like donkey kong!!!

  • The game is $14.99, Plus users get it for $11.99. If you purchase by 9/19 you get a free Home shirt and dynamic theme.

  • Is there couch co-op and/or online co-op?
    What about replay value?

    • BloodRayne:Betrayal is single player only. As for replay value, there are hidden skulls to find, trophies to acquire, and rankings to complete. Getting an S rank on every level is a herculean task that we’ve all had a blast achieving!

  • Will there be a demo?

  • Whoa! New game added to my buy-this-in-September list. Looks awesome!

  • Will There Be A Version For The PSP? (Awwwww…..)

  • It pains me to say that Uwe Boll has co-opted and subsequently ruined any marketability the BloodRayne name has had. The franchise is in dire need of a reboot, and I’m not sure a little 2D side-scroller quite cuts it. Good luck though.

  • Didn’t you guys win an E3 award? Best of show?

    Pre ordered! Can’t wait!

  • please add a patch for online coop story! please. btw i pre-order your game & eager to play it!
    look like castlevania symphony of the night!

    • I would love to have co-op gameplay! It’s more work than a patch, unfortunately. I would want to totally redo the camera and adjust the balancing. Also, there are many hair-raising platform sections that would not work in a co-op situation. Maybe for the next BloodRayne game!

  • hello sean got a question

    does BB have a platinum trophy?

    • I don’t think it has a platinum trophy. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that PSN games have platinum trophies…

  • this game makes shank look soft….I think im buying

    • Trust me when I say this game is hardcore. Among my favorite games are Ninja Gaiden Black, Mega Man 9, and Super Metroid ( personal best time 58 minutes ). This game is a whirlwind of blood and violence, but precision and skill are handsomely rewarded!

  • is it Castlevania-like in non linearity? or just a normal sidescroller?

    • It’s a level-based sidescroller. The world is not contiguous like “Metroidvania” games, but I would love to do that with another BR game!

  • I want to say I am so looking forward to this game. Wayforward puts out great games & I love that Wayforward makes 2D games. When almost everyone else only makes 3D games. So it is nice to see a 2D developer. I want to know you brought Mighty Flip Champs out on as a Mini. Is there any chance that you will do the same for Shantae: Risky’s Revenge too?

  • Agreed with post #9, didnt play the games, saw the movie, got completly disgusted, will probably shy away from the series for the rest of my life.

    I hope Uwe Boll changes career very soon, to a new one that won’t affect my life anymore.

  • Off subject….
    OK..Let me get this straight SONY..You delayed the Vita and decided to come out w/a tablet??!! Hmmm..I don’t see the logic in that thought process ANYWHERE!!..It has a Tegra 2 processor but will only play PSOne games??? It should be able to handle PS 2 games w/extreme ease…just sayin’…derps…

  • @18

    trolls will be trolls

    but back on topic

    sean will BB have a new game + mode

    that would be cool

  • Pre-ordered already. Didn’t realize this was coming out September 6th, I have Disgaea 4 : A Promise Unforgotten pre-ordered and that will be out the 6th as well. God of War Origins September 13th. Too many games. Either way, looking forward to all of them.

    Glad this game is coming out, the image of vampires have been ruined recently by a certain popular film. It’s about time we change that image into something more, tasteful.

  • I’m sold on this, and I’d love to see WayForward take on Castlevania. Hyper-detailed 2D gothic metroidvania would be amazing in WayForward’s hands.

  • It looks pretty good, I’m definitely getting this one.

  • You finally post a great article that convinces me to pre-order, but the game is no longer available?! Another article stated that this game “will be available to pre-order through September 1, 2011”. What a tease! Very unfortunate. Game looks fun I was willing to purchase now before all the game-magazines (and fanboys) started “trolling” this game. I think it will be better business decision for you to extend the pre-order period. Please reconsider.

  • Looks like it’s my kind of game :D , Im sold …………..platinum trophy ?

  • I’ll second boxmyth’s comment as long as you guys at WayForward use a Belmont as the protagonist instead of some spinoff character like in Portrait of Ruin/order of eclesia. okay Sean?
    e-mail away!

  • awesome I’ll get for sure.

  • I think you guys kinda let your fans down by making this a 2D side scroller. A modern Bloodrayne with HD graphics which can compete with Bayonetta and Heavenly Sword, would of been a really big deal.

    Still i hope this does well so that you can go HD with the next game. You cold even include the 2 live-action Films as a bonus on the bluray :)

    • While we appreciate the original BloodRayne games, I wouldn’t discount this one. BloodRayne: Betrayal is an HD game with HD graphics. The combat in the game is every bit as deep as either of the games you mentioned (I loved Bayonetta BTW, pure platinum is a nightmare! ) and on top of that, we have incredible platforming. The artistry in every part of this game is fantastic.

      Also, I tried watching the Uwe Boll movies but couldn’t make it through :) I think it would be hilarious to try to incorporate them into the next game though, especially the idea of injecting Hitler with Vampire blood!

  • Thanks Sean for ignoring a legitimate question, guess we’ll have to wait to see the exclusive content on Tuesday instead of a few days before.

    • The short answer is that I didn’t know! I can answer questions about the game quickly, but marketing is out of my hands. Glad you found your answer though.

  • i’m really looking forward to this game, I loved BloodRayne 2 on the PS2 & its good to get into the series & I can’t wait to get the Home shirt…also Sean as a reply to ur reply on comment #13 there are a few PSN games with platinums like Spare Parts & Spelunker HD

  • @ Sean

    sorry i dont mean to say that Betrayal looks bad, i just think not going for a 3D game like Bayonetta or God of War is a wasted opportunity since the older games came out last gen.

    But i might give Betrayal a shot anyhow. A demo would really help though :)

  • Let me say that we *loved* A Boy and His Blob on Wii (despite 2 or 3 of the challenge levels being too frustrating/difficult to finish), and I have been hoping to see your guys’ amazing art style on the PS3 for some time. Couple of questions:

    1) when will we get A Boy and His Blob on PS3???

    2) how many FPS are the animation assets? do you do interstitial blending to smooth it out to 60fps? (not that I think that’s a good idea, I think blends can often make hard-drawn animation look odd — just curious)

    3) the screenshots are 720p, so are the art assets 720p native? given that Critter Crunch and other games were able to achieve an amazing looking 1080p, what (if anything) held this game back from doing the same?

    4) who’s done the music, and what’s the encoding/quality on it?

    I’m a big fan of your guys’ work and I will always support it on platforms I own. (Currently only a PS3 ;))

    • 1. I wouldn’t hold my breath, but please contact Majesco if you want more Blob! We have a ton of ideas for new stuff for that franchise!

      2. The animation speeds run differently for different animations. However, the vast majority of animations run 24 frames per second, which is the frame rate of animated films. Some interpolation is used to smooth out frames, but not everywhere. The game itself runs at 60fps, as all great games should!

      3. BR runs at 720p. It’s not 1080p because we wanted to put as much stuff on screen as possible. However, with advances in our tech, I hope that we can do 1080p on future projects at an even higher level of insanity than BR.

      4. Jake “Virt” Kaufman, composer extraordinaire, did the music. I’ve gotta say, he’s really outdone himself on this one. If you liked the credits song from Blob, you will *love* the ending song for this game. And there is a pretty big secret regarding the music too, so look forward to that! Jake is a nut job when it comes to preserving the quality, so expect it to sounds great.

      Thanks for the kind words; we hope that you like playing these games as much as we love making them!

  • I watched that high on weed and it blew my mind. –$$$$—–SOLD—-$$$$–

  • I think the game isn’t available for preorder anymore, just so everyone knows.

  • Pre ordered a couple of days ago ^_^
    Now for the release day

  • Shank + Super Meat Boy = Awesome!

  • I love all the games in the PLAY program so far. Thanks! It feels like it was really worth it.
    I’m really excited for this game too. Come next tuesday its going to be one flippin awesome day. I’ll pick up Resistance 3 (maybe Dead Island too) in the morning, and come home to download this baby as well. It feels like Christmas! :D

  • This Game looks Awesome but It would have been nice to have had this information posted when you where running the preorder special.

  • I am SO looking forward to this game.
    I absolutely love good side scrolling action platformers.
    Last great game of this sort was Explodemon, which looked cool but ended up being excellent.

    What I love about BR is that you will have those crazy platforming stuff of old games from the 16bit era.
    Jumping of walls, avoiding spikes and such.
    Love it!

    My only concern is difficulty. While I love a good challenge I do not have the nerves or time anymore for games as difficult and unforgiving as Hard Corps.

    So if you wanne give me any warning? :-)
    I know you did the excellent Contra 4 for big N and that was damn hard as well…

    I do hope BR will be more accessible and enjoyable then Hard Corps.
    Because this game hits all the marks of what I love in classic gaming.

    And don’t let yourselves be persuaded to 3D
    There is enough of that games already, stick to 2D!
    PSN needs more great games like this!

    • Make no mistake, this game is hard. However, I think it’s very possible to get through it. There are more checkpoints, and there are no lives, so you never get sent back to the title screen with all of your efforts lost. For players that want to delve deeper, there are rankings and challenges to overcome.

      Overall, I’m guessing that the game is comparable to Contra 4 on normal mode. But getting all ‘S’ ranks on the levels ( the challenge for masochists like myself ) is really hard. Probably harder than Contra 4 on hard. It’s hard to judge when you have been playing the game for months and months!

      Also, we at WayForward love 2D! Even if we were to make more polygonal side-scrolling games in the future, you can bet that they’d have the same sensibilities that we inject into our 2D efforts.

  • Will this be available for the PSVita??

  • May i ask why you guys don’t give up at least till the Friday before the release date the following week to pre-order these games?

  • the preorder isnt available anymore?? dang I was just about to do it after having watched some videos :( makes me sad. You guys need to put a time up on these if you have to preorder before a certain day. will any of the themes that were available with the preorder be with the game on release day or was it only a preorder thing?

  • If you miss the preorder, then you miss out on the exclusive preorder theme. However you will still get the free exclusive dynamic theme if you buy the game by 9/19.

  • Nice Castlevania Clone. Contra 4 was a nice game. You should ask Konami if you can take a crack at the Gradius series. If you were to do a 2D Castlevania, I would buy it because I am a fan of the series but you would really need to work hand in hand with Koji Igarashi. Kojima may have worked with Mercury Steam on Lords of Shadow but Iga is the king of 2D Castlevania games.

  • Already paid for it and am waiting for this game. Very psyched about it :)

  • This has disappeared from the Store for me. Even searching for it only brings up one video. What gives, I just added $50 to the wallet so I can pre-order this and the next game.

    Even the big promo square on the side when in the PLAY page, doesn’t show it, only the other three games!


  • I can’t find this on the store anymore. It’s completely vanished. I was going to preorder it and everything. WTF Sony? Last week when I went to download my preordered DeathSpank you were “undergoing maintenance.”

    My entire experience with the PLAY promotion is leaving a sour taste in my mouth. Not sure if I’ll pick this one up if I can’t find it.

  • They pull the games on Thursday evening and you won’t be able to buy it until this Tuesday.

  • This games looks interesting but its will have to wait after dead island :P

  • I agree with #20 100%. All society does nowadays is ruin the image of whatever they can get their hands on, whether it be vampires, werewolves, zombies…hell, even good parenting! They don’t care, what ever makes them the dollar.

    Back on subject, I’m a little on the edge about this one. I would definitely like to see a demo for it before I decide whether or not to purchase. I want it to be a great game, but part of me hopes it’s not good so I wouldn’t have yet ANOTHER game to spend money on! Lol

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