Amy: The Faces of Horror

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Amy: The Faces of Horror

Amy for PS3 (PSN)

If you’ve been following the development of Amy, you probably know that we’re trying to make a unique survival-horror game for PSN. As explained in my previous post, we’re working hard to bring a different gameplay based on a deep interaction between Lana, a young woman who is the lead character, and Amy, an eight year-old child, set in a horrific environment. Soon, we’ll give you many more details on some of the key elements of the gameplay.

But for now, we wanted to show you that, even for a downloadable game, we’re trying our best to bring you real flesh-and-blood characters. You can meet two of them in the new videos below.

First, a quick primer on the world of Amy. It’s 2035, and global warming has intensified beyond mankind’s control. Floods, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are claiming lives with increasing regularity. And in Silver City, the site of a recent comet impact, a mysterious viral outbreak has begun transforming a large percentage of the populace into horrific monstrosities. This is the final straw for Father John, a priest in Silver City: He’s convinced that the outbrerak is final proof that Armageddon is near. From his shelter-church, he tries to organize the human survivors to resist what he sees as a demonic invasion. The second character, Professor Raymond, is much more mysterious. Lana, the lead character of Amy, often refers to Raymond when speaking on the phone with another mysterious character, Lavigna – a woman she seems to rely on.

AMY for PS3 (PSN)

As you can see in the videos above, our goal is to create characters that convey emotions and that show their feelings physically, not just through dialogue or scenarios. Moreso than any other genre, horror games are based on what characters want – not just what they are doing.

For secondary characters, it might be ok to take a more traditional approach, to make them what you’d expect. But for the primary characters, facial features, expressions and the way they move are things we spent a lot of time on. Above all else, one of the most important aspects lies in their eyes. As you can see from the video, Father John’s eyes are not only highly detailed, but appear very human – at least, as close as we could get! And this is not just a technical and artistic challenge; the subtlety of human expression has a real impact in the game, especially for Amy and Lana.

AMY for PS3 (PSN)

As you probably already know, Amy is impaired – she doesn’t speak. Hence, in order for Amy to communicate with the player, her body language and facial expressions are of critical importance. If Amy sees a gruesome creature behind you, she won’t have to yell: you will know, just by looking at her face and body language, that she’s terrified.

Stay tuned for more details on Amy. In the meantime, support us on Facebook and check out the official website. See you soon!

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  • Looks awesome glad to see innovation guys keep it up.

  • Reminds me of Silent Hill. Im not sure I would have picked a female lead, but I will reserve judgement for now. The story might be a little cliche too. I personally like horror stories that dont have paranormal elements.

    It would be cool if Amy found some sort of “talisman” that the Professor was studying that unlocks magical powers within Amy and gives her the power to take on the monsters. I think it would be cool to fight with magic rather then brute force, especially for a female lead character. Or maybe the little girl has some powers of her own. Sort of like she is the ultimate weapon or something.

    Then make it an epic story of survival and keeping the girl alive until the end where she saves the world.

    • Dear Ritual. We don’t want to spoil too much at this stage but we can tell you that Amy has some very special skills. In addition, fighting is not always the only (or even best option). You can decide to hide, to run away or to sneak. Stealth is often very useful.

  • “If you’ve been following the development”…I have, and I wonder if it’s true that this one is no longer exclusive

  • Really, really looking forward to this. I love survival horror and this could really be something special. The idea of Amy being impaired is cool, too. I guess it’s going to use something not dissimilar to the LA Noire system of having to read a characters emotions?
    Can’t wait to see more footage from the game proper.

    • Hi Budapesti. Thanks a lot for your comments. As per Amy, our system is quite different from LA Noire (btw what they did in terms of facial expressions is really amazing). Amy doesn’t try to hide her feelings. Often, her body language will give you enough information about her state of mind so that you won’t have to guess.

  • Never heard of this until now; looks awesome. I’ll be sure to check out the official sites but I cannot wait to learn more!

  • Really can’t wait to play this since first announce last year!
    Good work guys!

  • It looks and sounds great, I can’t wait to see more!!! 8)

  • Very good looking game indeed! Enjoyed Red Johnson Chronicles and Learning with the Pooyoos is great fun for the little ones so I look forward to this game. And Plus subs get it for a discount!

  • One day we will be seeing individual pores in our game characters. Hope they have a good moisturizer.

  • global warming? >.> manbearpig

  • Professor Raymond looks like he’ll be a jerk on par with that doctor from Parasite Eve. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was responsible for the outbreak or that we’re at least made to believe he is. Does anybody else want to play this on the new Sony HMZ-T1? I think it would rock for survival horror games.

  • @so-knee Is it Not exclusive. nothing wrong with that, best selling PS3 game is not an exclusive.

    I’m exited for this because it has some potential to be great. however, I’m a bit worried, they haven’t showed much gameplay and it could be short? being a downloadable game and all… But I am more exited for this than the new SH game.

    • Dear Karsghul, thank you for your support. I take this opportunity to address two of your concerns, as they are also shared by other players. First, we’ll release new videos dedicated to the gameplay very soon and we really hope you’ll like them. As per your second question, the game is about 10 hours. For more info, feel free to check out the website or subscribe to the fan page :)

  • BOO you guys for not being ps3 exklusive any more.Either you stay for what you say from the beginging(ps3 exklusive) or say that plattforms is TBH.

  • This game looks amazing. I’m looking forward to a trailer to see these awesome characters in action.

  • I also am dissapointed its no longer an exclusive…

  • That some sick detail for a PSN title… wonder how many gigs the game will come in at?

  • Very excited to see these beyond-Heavy Rain quality character models. Hopefully the facial mo-cap/animation keeps up!

    I personally don’t care about the exclusivity, so long as we don’t get a watered down experience as a result of having to cater to the lowest-common denominator of hardware capabilities. For instance, I would still expect this game to render in 1080p (or 720p + great AA) and include 24-bit and/or lossless assets for the music and foley sounds. I’m a practical fanboy that way ;)

    looking forward to hearing more about the story, and a release date!

  • wow… creepy

  • I will buy this.

  • As other have said, pretty bummed it’s not PSN exclusive anymore, but I’ve been waiting for this for over a year now and can’t wait to finally play it.

  • Not trying to troll here, but did anyone notice both videos said “Introducting?” Just wondered if I was the only one paying attention.

  • Djamil Kemal, I noticed the facial reconstruction is a lot similar to the game Heavy Rain… Are you guys using the same engine that the developers used in the Heavy Rain title?? This is a game i am currently waiting for its release cant wait!

    • Hi Slaughter_007. I take that for a compliment. Thanks :)
      We used our own engine (VectorEngine) to create Amy. VectorEngine uses the architecture of PHYRE (Sony’s engine) and our own libraries. All in all, the result is a based on the cooperation between programmers and artists.

  • So refreshing to see a new IP, especially with all the great PS3 exclusives flopping this year except Infamous 2 is great.

    Cant wait to throw my money at this, any more tech details guys?

    Such as 3D? Deep color support? 7.1 soundtrack? Move integration? Online? Coop?

    Nice to be excited about a game again.

  • Wow, amazing videos. What a very different marketing approach. I’m pretty easily scared so have never played a horror genre, & frankly, father John’s skin was scary enough for me, but still, wow. I hope you have a demo which might convince me to overcome my fears.

  • @9 play killzone 2, you see the pores inside the pores of our characters faces.

    Especially the opening cut scene, Vasari looks crazy detailed, then they pull back and you see Sev’s face from close up, this was the second time I said “Wow” with this game but not the last.(And its within the first couple mins of starting the game)

  • @12 best selling never ever equates to best game.

    Usually some of the worst games become most popular due to being multiplatform and well advertised.

    See COD4, COD4 part2, COD4 part3, COD4 part 4, etc.

    All the same game, no innovation, best selling games today.

    Truely innovative exclusives on PS3 get no advertising, no publicity and never sell 10 million copies.

    IMO one of the best games ever made is MGS4, lots of love, innovation, attention to detail, crazy action, play it any way you want = tons of personal freedom, the single player game is well over 50hrs long, play as FPS or TPS, etc.

    But there are tons of other PS3 exclusives that are way better then COD but will never out sell them.

    Just like school its always the stupid, brain dead, on the verge of failing people who are most popular, but they are not the best people.

  • This game looks amazing Im looking forward to it” Doesnt seem like a knock off of resident evil or silent hill does seem to have a real eery backround to the game hopefully the story as well.

  • Looks like the game is gonna be cool.

  • Hey its my dad mandown40 Hi dad =]

  • Hey son!! What a surprise I knew you would think this game looked good” ….Shouldn’t you be doing your Homework lol ..

  • the screen shots got my attention. it also looks like this may deserve a platinum trophy. here’s to hoping it will…

  • OK, it takes more to create a deep character than “add the word mysterious” or “make them a little girl.” If you want me to care about a character, don’t just make them a child and assume I’ll automatically feel some sort of emotional attachment to them. Instead, write an actual character. If I want to babysit a character that can’t speak English I’ll go play ICO.

  • This look like wonderful. game. Im kinda bummed it not fully psn exclusive anymore but i hope we do get some psn exclusive dlc. It would be wonderful and well appriciated. Im very thank ful you guys used the ps3 to make this game andit look wonderful so far.. Thank you

    vp-psn leginoarre group

  • Interested. Hope you can hide under tables in gameplay!

  • @ 21 (Blade133):

    I noticed it too. The correct way would either be “introducing” or “introduction” (i.e. The introduction of…etc.) . There is no such thing as “introducting”. lol Not trying to be mean either, just saying…

  • Global warming?? Really? What a cop out of a storyline. I mean seriously…

  • Heres to hopin this is a good psychological survival horror game. Silent Hill has been real “poopy” and has let me down on their past couple attempts and Ive been dying for a good truly scary game that actually is well… scary. Although Im a little worried since its only gonna be on PSN and not a disc based game it just seems most d/l games have only been real good when they were doing something rather simple or perfecting something that was done to death 10 years ago and they’re tryin to revitalize the genre, or is something very , very short.But man do I hope you guys are gonna prove me very wrong, so far this looks good so keep up the good work guys!!Ill be keepin my eye on this any idea when this game is comin out??

  • @10(maestro)

    Game looks great

    “I’m serial”

  • lol, the global warming… really? You guys know that’s a massive LIE. Still, it looks like an interesting game though.

  • @Ritual:

    “Im not sure I would have picked a female lead, but I will reserve judgement for now.”

    Come again?! What’s the problem with a female lead without big breasts and sex appeal?

    I’m not really into horror games since they’re basically the type of slash-those-friggin-zombies / monsters-the more-the-merrier kind of games, but this looks really interesting ^v^.

  • Looks beautiful. Can’t wait for it, day one buy. ;)

  • Looks beautiful, I can’t wait.

  • Nice Work Guys. But WHEN Exactly Are You Going To Do A Survival-Horror Video Game Based On DARIO ARGENTO’s MasterPiece… “JENIFER”???

    Awww… Paper Or Plastic?

  • Nice…

  • Totally looks like the Source Engine.

  • I’m very interested in this game. Sounds so unique.

  • Sad day in gaming when people are “bummed” that a title is not exclusive. Pathetic really.

  • man its been sometime since i heard about this game… looks damn good for a psn title

  • Them faces.

    So full of horror.

  • What an ugly little girl.

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