Resistance 3: What Happened at Abbey Road

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Resistance 3: What Happened at Abbey Road

When we set out to make Resistance 3, we wanted to make it an emotional, personal story of Joseph Capelli’s harrowing journey to New York City in the face of certain death. It’s a brutal game, showing how humanity struggles to survive under the crushing weight of the Chimera. A big element of that was making sure that our score and soundtrack represented this new emotional payload. It was a sincere pleasure on the part of Insomniac Games to work with Composer Boris Salchow on the score for Resistance 3. Boris was here constantly, seeing the game and talking to our team. He wanted to be invested in the story and create a truly great score, and we’re confident that he’s done just that.

It was also a pleasure to have the score for Resistance 3 recorded by an orchestra at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, The same studio that The Beatles recorded in was used to record our score and our colleagues in Europe were there to give you this behind-the-scenes look at the Resistance 3 score and orchestra recording session at Abbey Road.

We’re very excited about the release of Resistance 3 next week. We hope you caught the news about our Resistance 3 Beta Player Appreciation program and the new 2.05 patch for the beta – you still have a few days left to play and qualify, and the beta is now live on the PlayStation Store for everyone to enjoy. For all the latest updates, be sure to follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or join the conversation at

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  • Me likey the beta now guys

  • Is the bullseye bomb in R3′s SP? (tagging a surface as to create an orbit of bullseye bullets that we can then re-direct).

    If so, why was such a critical and iconic feature to such an iconic weapon removed? Especially after the issues people had before with changes to the gun in R2?

  • “The Beatles famously used to record their final album”

    Actually their final Album was recorded in Savile Row, Apple Studios

  • I dont know what you did but now I can actually play the beta and somehow get kills!!!

    Before it was run in, shoot at someone with 100 bullets and maybe 2 would hit, mean while the enemy would turn around and 2 shot kill me.

    Now it almost feels like R1 online, where it taks as many hits to die as kill someone, yeah fair play!!!!

    All the sudden I went from 3 kills and 15 deaths a round to 10-18 kills and 3-6 deaths a round.

    My riffle shoots forwards now instead of east and west like an old womens breats.

    Good job, what ever you did.

    I’m still not much of a kill streaker, but have gotten good at killing those who are and taking their perk weapons!!

    Thats a nice feature, that you can be a level 1 and still get the best weapons the game can offer.

    Now as long as the graphics arent so cartoony in the full game it would be back in my considered purchase folder.

    But I think the only thing to make this a must have game is the return of the infamous online cooperative mode.
    Just announce that it will occur at some point and you’ll have me.

  • Abbey Road? We need a pic of 4 aliens walking across the street at the crosswalk.

  • James, do you care to comment about the prospect of a R3 online cooperative mode via DLC???

    Its possible for sure, but would you say its likely?

  • Resistance has always had a fantastic soundtrack. This one sounds even better. Thanks Insomniac for all the hard work you guys have been putting in. I am sure this will be the greatest Resistance yet.

  • Oh I almost forgot, any word on when we will be able to sign into Global Resistance using PSN ID?

  • hey James:

    will you release the R3 soundtrack on psn

    pretty please

    i ‘ll buy it

  • TOTALLY AWESOME, the behind the scenes, footage, and extras keep steady while release date is right around the corner.. this w/ open beta tells me that you guys have great confidence in this game..
    when other companies give bits and pieces and seem to shy away when date of release gets closer, you guys have kept the show and tell at full throttle from starting trailers/sketches to beta and here we are ,less than a week away, and you guys still have your foot on the gas, im loving it, and wish that all developers and publishing entities could follow in your footsteps. this is great

  • I just downloaded the Beta to play multiplayer online with my wife, but we were not able to do that. I read somewhere that Resistance 3 is going to have online multiplayer with split-screen like Resistance 2. Is this still the case or has it been abandoned?

    We were quite disappointed when we were not able to play together last night.

  • The music sounds much better in Resistance 3 than in R1 & R2

  • Amazing. Love orchestra music. You had my money when you announced R3.

  • Amazing Music! Love the Orchestral track!

  • Most of my PS3 friends don’t even know this game is coming out, yet they know Gears of War 3 is coming out and they don’t even own the crap box… Sony, this game has big sales and is a AAA game, when you going to start advertise properly? Resistance is so underrated because sony doesn’t hype and sell it’s games………..

  • Got the game pre-ordered, looking forward to this more then any other shooter, R3 is at least different then the typical military shooter we get year after year.

  • This is why i don’t want Insomniac to stop making Resistance games.
    The soundtrack is just mindblowingly outstanding.

  • Amazing Sound! ~ Loving this behind-the-scenes look at the Resistance 3 score! Everything about this game is amazing!! I can’t believe I had the privilege to meet you guys!

  • I leveled up to level 8 and then to 1 then to level 10. I be getting back on tonight!!! on level 1 I figure. Also I played one match where I got lucky and went up 3-4 levels in 1 match. but I haven’t played since patch 2.2 I think

  • I liked the songs in Resistance 3 beta a lot…but guys I must say that I hope the multiplayer is a lot but a lot better than what we are playing in the beta….I just played yesterday the whole night and the bugs dont stop with other people…also people flying and disappearing everytime….people shooting me through walls without that weapon that does this….I liked the online a lot in terms of graphics,upgrades,weapons,equipment,tools…is awesome really…but this bugs I really hope is fixed in the full game like you guys said in that warning.I’m a fan of Resistance since fall of man…so please make it better.

  • How about getting a playstation home avatar . Or just make one for me a chimera grenadier.

  • Love the music in this one real makes my back hairs stand up keep up the good work. Loving the beta will pick my copy up on the 6th when comes put.

  • A flurry of violins to signify desperation? Gee, how original.

    I’m sick of music that could be interchangeable with any other major blockbuster. When I listen to this, I hear Star Wars, Lair, Killzone and any other ‘kill-or-be-killed’ apocalyptic shooter. Hell, even the original Star Wars movies had memorable pieces in the beginning.

    Ever heard the music from a Final Fantasy (pre-FF12 which fell into the very same mold)? Those are songs that fit the moment, contribute to the settings and evoke emotions. Not just negative emotions, but positive ones and plenty in between. With these, I only hear “Uh-oh, trouble,” “aah, scary,” and “this is bad.” I hesitate to call those three ’emotions.’

    In the past, having the audio off was like missing half the game. Back then, it was true, but more and more I’m finding that I’ve already heard it somewhere before. So much attention has been given to orchestras as the sign that games have truly matured into ‘real music,’ but maybe it’s time for composers to head back to the synthesizers if orchestral pieces are just going to blend into one another. The attempts at mimicking the FF7 stuff alone proves that it isn’t a

  • Looks (sounds?) amazing! I hope the soundtrack will be sold at some point. I personally love the song that plays at the main menu. Hauntingly beautiful.

  • Start advertising this game on major networks Sony, the game comes out on Tuesday and I haven’t seen any commercials for it except tiny ad boxes on game sites

  • all iv’e played is R1 and online on that was pretty kool i wonder how R3 is gonna be?


    But seriously which stores offer it? Does Target?

  • Horrible lagging and people are already cheating! and kids are mostly in this beta! Ridiculous!

  • Off subject….
    OK..Let me get this straight SONY..You delayed the Vita and decided to come out w/a tablet??!! Hmmm..I don’t see the logic in that thought process ANYWHERE!!..It has a Tegra 2 processor but will only play PSOne games??? It should be able to handle PS 2 games w/extreme ease…just sayin’…derps…

  • man i really hope i get to enjoy this game but there might have been a leak on the ending of the game that might just push me off this , i hope it isn’t true. so for the mean time is on my rent list

  • just wondering if my beta stats will carry over to the actual game?????? anyone know???

  • @28, get your internet fixed, never had a bit of lag then entire beta.

  • totally off-topic, but does anyone know why i cant add funds to my wallet? everytime i do i get the “an error has occured (80023103)” , is anyone else having the same problem? is it just high traffic on psn again?

  • nevermind, i was persistent in retrying, and eventually it worked… i’m guessing i found a gap between the high amounts of traffic…

  • Thanks for another awesome Resistance 3 update. Can’t wait to see more, and can’t wait ’til next tuesday :D

  • Sounds like a star wars soundtrack, good job guys. A must buy game for me. When does the beta go offline?

  • @37 beta ends Sept. 4 if you plan on buying play a couple rounds to get some extra goodies

  • Yeah yall need to make a avatar for every game yall put out from now on”

  • Just had to add something else they should make it to where if you have avatar’s you could share them with your other PS3 users that live with you like my kids I should be able to share them tell sony” Hey im also the 40th comment hints… mandown40 =]

  • Single-player is going to be the best one yet! Thankfully, you guys included the classic hardcore mode into MP. The perks just make it a COD clone.

  • Hope the single player makes up for the lack of online modes.

    R1 single player was amazing, online was really good but had no competition at all.
    Made this a must have game.

    R2 single player was ok, but couldnt compare to the competition at the time like MGS4, KZ2, etc.
    But the online coop mode was amazingly fantastic so who cares about anything else.
    Made this a must have game.

    R3 single player I’m worried about due to the removal of Nathan = no connection to the previous games.
    And the removal of 14-34 online players is a drastic reduction from 40-60 players down to a multi-platform-esc 16 players!!!!!!!!!!!
    Also removing the best online mode ever created(8 player coop).
    Also removing the alien connection Nathan had by being “special”, he is the only one immune to the virus, and actually obtained power from it. All removed.

    What I would love to know is this:

    What have you added to compensate?

    Cheers to another likely unanswered post. Maybe this shows how confident you really are?

  • @Phillyblunz

    8 Player Co-Op was the BEST MP I’ve had on the PS3. It’s gone in R3? OMG :(

  • The only thing I would ask out of the beta is to decrease the power of the shotgun. Its hard to use a machine gun (I do anyway).

  • etymology chimaera(or chimera): from the greek chimaira monster in the form of a personification of snow or winter. Chimaera(earlier meaning she-goat) is the FEMININE form of the masculine chimaros meaning he-goat (that is one winter old), related to cheima and cheimon winter season. This greek is cognate with sanskrit hima winter hima-s snow and indo-european *ghei-m-/ghi-m. The meaning of chimeric as in a wild fantasy is first recorded in 1587. Indeed in french a chimere means a dream and reve chimerique pipe dream. And we get Homer’s record, as seen in God of War 3 of the composite Chimaera lion’s head, goat’s body and serpent’s tail. Note the main torso is still the goat. Now just how does one approximate a goats call sound in written form. That would have made a fitting comment finisher…)

  • @Deathspear666

    what? sony has a bunch of other divisions working on other entertainment products.. sony computer entertainment who handles the games aren’t responsible for the tablets.. it’s only playstation certified like the xperia play but has nothing to do with SCE.. it helps to research a bit you know..

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