Final Zombie Horde Invades PlayStation Home + Winter Vacation Villa, Sodium 2 Nemesis Update

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Final Zombie Horde Invades PlayStation Home + Winter Vacation Villa, Sodium 2 Nemesis Update

The Dead Island Total Game Integration continues in PlayStation Home as the third and final wave of the zombie horde is unleashed this week. Head to the Central Plaza this Thursday, September 1st and get to slaughtering swarms of zombies with the new Sawblade Mace weapon. Survive a series of bloody, hyper-violent challenges that allow you unlock a host of unique rewards – including the exclusive “Exploding Zombie Meat” weapon for use in Dead Island. Can you help the community exterminate 20 million zombies? Get your hands bloody this week in PlayStation Home.

Dead Island: Meat Bait

The Velocity Racing League enters a new phase this Thursday with the Sodium 2 Nemesis Update. With the start of the Nemesis stage of the Velocity Racing League a new challenge awaits you in the form of a new track (complete with reverse mode) – Wasteland Spires!

New technological advances pioneered on Iridos have also paved the way for a new set of Velocity Racer upgrades, also releasing this week. New rocket boosters and hover engine upgrades will give you even more customizability options for your craft, allowing you to make the decisions that could see you sitting pretty at the top of the Sodium 2 leader boards.

Your hard-fought quest for bragging rights also gets a boost with the introduction of the Holo-rank system. When you enter the Launch Grid, your level will be displayed on the back of your avatar for all to see – wear it with pride! Also added are a range of smaller improvements to Sodium 2 based on your feedback such as the ability to quickly select new classes of vehicle in multiplayer, and removing chat bubbles during the race. Check out this huge update to Sodium 2 when it releases this Thursday!

The long-awaited Winter Vacation Villa personal space releases this week. Experience the frills and chills of winter in this ski chalet, nestled neatly in between a white-capped cliff and snow-dressed forest and overlooked by an icy cascading waterfall. Complete with its own outdoor Jacuzzi, indoor fireplace, and veranda bedroom, this is how the winter was meant to be spent! Don’t believe me? Take a tour by selecting the Winter Vacation Villa Personal Space Open House from the PlayStation Home Navigator and get up an up close and personal look at this luxurious abode. If you like what you see, you can easily add it to your collection for the low price of $4.99.

VeeMee is packing the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall this week with its new line of Across All Arenas virtual items. Choose from a wide array of items from hit musical acts like The Wanted, White Lies and Florence + the Machine as well as designs from the popular clothing brand Star in the Hood. While you are in the Mall, be sure to pick up LOOT’s adorable schnauzer companions and the recently-released Deus Ex: Human Revolution costumes. Afterwards, head to the Central Plaza to receive an exclusive X-MEN: FIRST CLASS reward!

Star in the Hood: Billboard

Star in the Hood: MaleStar in the Hood: Female

DeusEx Outfits: Male and Female

Loot Puppies

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives an update this Thursday. This week, LittleBigPodcast covers the new Toy Story DLC for LBP2 while PSXextreme shares some Resistance 3 news and looks at upcoming HD game collections.

See you in Home!

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5 Author Replies

  • Woohoo final Zombie wave!

  • hey locust star are there other rewards at casino besides table and costume…. and nice update

  • B.M.F in this piece!!!!

  • Dumb dumber dumbest. Stick a fork in it already

  • I want to drive the Mercedes G down to Normal Town. And go hunting Bambi in the woods with my Hunting Rifle from the Oregon Trail.

    This looks like a good update will be looking forward to the Tour…

  • you locust i got a couple questions, why cant we have more than 12 people in the new silicon place? that is 1 of the biggest places on home and as you guys said best for parties and what not… seems like the spaces should all be atleast 20 friends except the smaller ones..
    also the pictures for the silicon space that big billboard should’ve been for 1 picture.

    then id like to congradulate myself for purchasing my 44th space on HOME which would be my next question…
    a V.I.P area for us big spenders, something free that no 1 else has, give us something!!!!!

    then a room for adults, u came with the brimestone dancers, can we get a area for them, like a private V.I.P in a real club…. other than that looks like a good update, you’ve earned my $50 this week

  • Hey Locust:

    When will you guys have another free limited time personal space or one you can win free. Any plans of a free one like the old chamber apartment back in 2009?

    Also are any new public spaces upcoming in the near future?


  • seems like a minor update this week but i’m glad we can finally unlock the rewards from the Dead Island Survivor mini-game, can’t wait to play wave 3 & use that saw mace also I haven’t really gotten a straight forward answer from the ppl I asked about the Deus Ex Battle suit (the suit in the pic below the hoodies) but is that a one piece suit (from the neck down) or is it seperate pieces?

  • also with the 20 million zombie kills…do we unlock anything special or wat happens after we hit 20 million if anything?

  • yes final zombie wave now ill get my hands on that piece of meat hahahaha!

  • Its B.M.F. again, also to add to SWAG_SKOOL_101 can we promo a friend in our personal space as well?? Also, can we get a bowling lane, tennis court and indoor basketball gym with the PS.H.M.??? Just a few ideas. Look into that for me.. Thanks Locust!!!!

  • the winter villa can have 50 people in it?
    i would like to confirm because it did state that in the video

  • So it says there is a 50 person limit. Is it going be all the time for this space or a limited time

  • @ 9 there will be a reward at 20 million some kind of zombie head for your avatar or somthn

  • @gamer_316 they said in the blog post last week that if the community can reach 20 million kills that everyone would get a severed zombie head virtual item. not sure if it’s a furniture or wardrobe item. I think they need to add a counter to show the progress and how far the community is from this goal.

  • @ 15 ItoKimmons, if u look @ the leaderboard in CP it tells tells u how far we are in total community zombie kill & i must of missed this info last week…I sure hope its a wardrobe item cuz all the rewards from the challenges are apt items

  • and to add to what DINO_214 said we should be able to let our friends invite people to our spaces, espacially with 50 friends in the winter villa, that would be awesome locust,

  • As a lot of people went back to school, HOME has become a bore in a BIG way, i really hope the new HUB comes soon, we need something exciting, out with the old , in with the new, take out as many public places as possible, and bring something better.
    Frankly i dont see that many people buying any of these and future stuff, specially when 90 percent of Home users went back to school and their parents probably spent a lot of money on school supplies, so maybe you guys should have a SALE day .
    For the most part Sony directs its attention to teens and pre teens, as if they have a job to buy a 349.99 PS3 and all the stuff you can buy in Home Mall, well now they are gone, so i think its time we adults get the attention we deserve.

  • lately Home been laggy,slow and freezing. its been like this for a month also i want my Big Silly White Gloves that i bought and the got

  • Hey Locust_Star Im still having problems with the zombie-survival game
    it seems that wave 2 and 3 are still locked, even the double-axe and Sawblade Mace weapons are also lacked, even the challenges I clear keeps on resetting. Because of this problem I can’t even complete any of the challenges since everything is still locked and they keep on resetting even if I manage to clear a challenge.

  • late update wit 1 reply, wat up locust???

  • it is so Ridiculous to make big places such as the Silicon Lounge personal space and only 10 to 12 people can come over, enough with the 50 items per place, enough with the 2 active items limit, i mean, we can send satelites to other Planets , out of space and beyond but we cant have a decent core client or whatever the hell it is call ?
    I read on anohter post last week about the RECYCLING BIN , to send all the items we dont have use for, any news on that ?
    i agree with SWAG_SKOOL , we big spenders need some type of special reward or AN APPRECIATION DAY, WEEK,MONTH . as ERICKAFOLLIE said, is time we adults get the attention we deserve,

  • Ahh winter villa. .. i rememebr when i asked for this like 2yrs ago.. another great seller of a apartment to add to the list.

    uhm locust star what are the name of 1st shoes on home they are baige in color.. almost cream looking..

  • yea cause after $500 spent on a “Open Beta” i should be able 2 do something the noobs cant, a special dance, shoot a bird at noobs(the middle finger). i mean i’d like a nice social area were us big spenders can sit and look at da window at noobs that cant access me til they spend xo amount of $$$’s cause thats what its all about right??

  • Hey Locust,

    I’m quite excited about the Next Evolution in Playstation Home ;-). I hope that it includes some of these features…

    – The ability to place picture anywhere on a wall (instead of pre-determined spots)
    – The ability to change contrast, brightness, etc… within a picture frame
    – The ability to lay down in beds and lounge chairs
    – The ability to access our wardrobe in other peoples apartments
    – The ability to Change the time of day ( Either manually by time of day i.e. Morning, Noon, Dusk, Night, or set it by our PS3’s Clocks)
    – The ability to change the Weather, it would be nice if we could add weather effects such as Rain,Snow, Thunder, Lighting etc.. it would just really help to customize and set a mood. ;-).

    To be continued…

  • Little additions like this would help make home so much more personal and customizable. If you do add this please don’t exclude previous apartments and purchasers from accessing this cool features on older apartments.

    Also it is great that the Winter Villa is getting an open house, that is a step in the right direction. It would be nice though if every house could be accessed like an open house (but only you be in the apartment during the preview) and from there you could access the furniture store and place furniture through out the apartment but once you left the apartment it would disappear until you purchased the furniture.

    Hope you guys are working on some of the ideas and things I just mentioned. Let me know what you think


  • I almost bought the Winter Vacation Villa. I decided to check it out on YouTube first and it was one of those sunset home spaces again. I really wish the “PSHome Redesign” would allow for home spaces that allow the users to change the time of day at will….or even auto-adjust to match my local time. Throw in some configurable weather too.
    I was gonna buy the Winter space if it was night and maybe some snow flurries were blowing around and through the doorways. Oh well, I’ll keep waiting until I see a space with configurable lighting, time-of-day, and weather.

    Btw, if there aren’t gonna be any configurable stuff I described above….why can’t a developer create a home space that’s in the middle of a thunderstorm? Now that’s a home!

  • That zombie game (Dead Island ) is a blast, can’t wait to see that Home Update and Remodel. I like that the free episode of Qore is in the theate, it shows good too.

    I’m dying to see that Sports Area!

  • @25

    The ability to change the Weather, it would be nice if we could add weather effects such as Rain,Snow, Thunder, Lighting etc.. it would just really help to customize and set a mood

    Love that idea

  • well said erikafollie!

  • keep it 50 , every1 will get it

  • wheres the NDREAMS horror party pack?

  • The whole zombie thing has been done to death. Is the next “new” thing Sparkly Vampires?

  • @ FUNimation3

    Ya it would be cool to get the Weather and time of day changes. I know Home is fully capable of doing this, as we’ve seen in spaces like the Irem Splunkers space. It’s really a shame that they went out of buisness :-(. They were some of the best Home developers out there. I wish they would have updated their spaces more often in US’s Home as they did in Japan. I’m sure that when this new evolution of Home comes out, they will be permanently deleted :-(. I can only hope that there spaces will still be around afterwards.

    Anyways, like I said I know Home is fully capable of all the things I mentioned in my first post, it’s just a matter of priority and it seems like the priority is more in the direction of making Home into a game rather than a customizable Social meeting space. Don’t get me wrong I know their are additions here and there but so many of the basics that could make Home better seem to be missing. Just like Cross Game Chat I just don’t think many of the basics that should be in Home will ever make it into Home :-(.

    P.S. I’d be happy to be proven wrong Locust ;-)

  • clothes clothes oh yeah and more clothes -_-

  • one question locus what is the reward from xmens ????

  • Yeah what I don’t get is why the Deus Ex stuff is listed on this update. I have been wearing it since last Thursday.

  • So far as the freebies from the casino, i got the table, but how do you get the clothing items?

    Please advise

    ++Proud PS+ Member++

  • 50 firends or 50 furniture items in Winter Vacation Villa? That video is confusing.

  • Got my meat bait bomb when can we expect to redeem the voucher?

  • Well the 3rd wave unlock at midnight?

  • @40

    its unlocked now

  • Big Silly White Gloves i never got them

  • Meat Bomb here we come :D

  • Now THATS what I call an update!!!! Very excited about the Final Zombie Horde, and the Winter Vacation Villa, Cant wait to return to Home. Thanks L_S!!!

  • Hey, I was wondering if you are planning on offering Dead Island on the PSN store as a downloadable title, since my bluray drive is broken that would be great for me!


  • Cool update L_S, can’t wait for the S2 updates, and Villa, and the Zombie wave 3. Nice update indeed. :)

  • REAL NICE SPACE…ill have to add this to my collection for sure…nice lookin gear too…lookin forward to it..

  • If you redeem the Meat Bomb voucher code early do you still get the item in Dead Island? Please help.

  • Strange that the questions about the dead island vouchers are not being anserd yet unrelated topics are. I still want to know when i can redeem my meat bait vouche.

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