ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

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ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

Go ahead slap on those shades because the upcoming months the Blu-Ray supernova known as ModNation Racers becomes brighter and brighter.

I watch day after day, week after week as the ModNation community create amazing Mods, Karts and Tracks that makes the development team wonder, “how did they do that?” This is one case where the students have truly become the teachers. One of my roles as community specialist is to not only share with you the evolution of ModNation Racers but the evolution of the Play Create Share vision. Each day I experience something (or somewhere) new that I never could have imagined and, if that’s not enough, in just a few months we will be able to hold all of those gems in the palm of our hands with the introduction of the PS Vita.

Aren’t we fortunate to have a game that gives us dozens of new and fabulous “toys” every time we play?

Top Tracks: ModNationSD’s Favorites – Part IIThis week features part II of ModNationSD’s favorite tracks. This is an almost impossible task to narrow down all the great tracks but I am giving it my best! Next week I’ll reveal the complete list of 25 All-Time Favorites!


ModNation Player Profile: PSN: Lloyd24K
He will always offer you a fair race and point-blank critique of your track. I asked one time and after I was done crying I re-tooled my track. I found he was right. Read about Lloyd24K HERE.

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 Pacific Time. This is a great opportunity to meet some great people in a casual racing environment. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Track of The Week:
Atlantis Rising by PH1LThy31 and atheistsw


Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Atlantis Rising by PH1LThy31 and atheistsw – I don’t use the word “epic” very often. This is epic!

Tuesday: ***Happy Park*** by MagicalHamster – This will bring a smile to your face. Fun race. Great ideas. You have to check out all of MagicalHamster’s tracks. VERY unique!

Wednesday: Redstone Ridge by athiestsw – my favorite Western themed track so far. LOVED the ghost town shortcut. Take note how athiestsw uses lighting as a tool in his designs. Brilliant.

Thursday: Land of Misthalianus V2.0 by dane9261 – Stoked watching dane9261’s tracks getting better month after month!

Friday: Eerie Estate by Laidbackcat – Get your cornering skills tuned up. You’ll need them!

Saturday: Tell No Tales by PatrickJames777 – One of the best examples of the Pirate DLC I’ve seen. So many varied routes that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Sunday: Mary Jane’s Mega Mall by athiestsw – This week should’ve been titled athiestsw-palooza. Three great tracks that cannot be denied from Hot Lap. Great work!

Creations of The Week:


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10 Author Replies

  • Wow…no comments?

  • Bring ModNation Racers 2 XD

  • I still hope you guys add remappable buttons.

  • More DLC plz?

  • in just a few a few months we will be able to hold all those gems in the palm of our hands with the introduction of the ps vita – please tell us how many months !!!!! 4 , 5 , 6 ? the wait is killing me !!!!

  • lol “Seeing Stars” amazing, lol i wish this could get the 3D treatment :) it would be incredible

  • OMG! I can’t believe I got on the creations of the week! We’re out of power thanka to Hurricane Irene, so I was just checking the blog through my smartphone for fun. I wasn’t expecting this!

  • Hey Mark, I played the demo of this game for the first time yesterday and had a blast! I normally play FPS shooters but this game is so unique that I had to buy it for my PS3 and the PS3’s in my kids’ rooms. My girls love it as much as me. Thanks for a great product.

    • Yeah! Thanks for the kind words. We love it too!
      You will enjoy it even more when you play the tracks that these great users have created. Check this blog every Monday for the best of the week!

      Welcome to ModNation

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


  • Hey Mark, just one question.

    Are you guys going to make another DLC drop?

    I was unfortunate, so I didn’t get anything again this Sunday, I’m hoping I get better luck next time.

    Oh yeah I have another question…

    Are you guys going to upload the Sackboy Mod and Kart to the PSN store??? I’m pretty sure that lots of the people who didn’t get it will pay money for it!!!

    Thanks for a wonderful ModNation week!

  • No announcements about the team track challenge?

  • Are you planning on releasing more playstation character based mods and kart to the store?

    Also, thanks for making a great game :)

  • Thanks for your answers Mark.

    Too bad about Sackboy, when I got my game I was really looking forward to get it’s Mod and Kart…

    Why can the other be bought on the PSN store and Sackboy not? (by the other characters I mean the other PlayStation creations like Kratos and Nathan Drake).

  • @14@14 Sackboy was an exclusive for certain stores, like Gamestop, where if you bought it new you would get the voucher code with the game.

  • HI MARK!

    A few quick questions,

    1. Is there any upcoming DLC, maybe a new theme for vita?

    2. Is there anyway I can get Stowaway apart form being lucky or winning the team trk challenge. Water park challenge?

    3. When are the results for the Water Park Challenge gonna be announced, or were not enough tracks created?

    4. Can you change the speed settings on the top tracks lobby to elite as rookie is very slow and some natural jumps may come short.

    5. Have you played my track Overgrowth Shrine? What did you think?

    Finnally i would like to say congrats to Athiestsw and PH1LThy31 on TOTW, that track inspired me for my next creation! All the tracks on Hot lap are great and i can’t wait to play them!

    Thanks! =D

    • 1. Slow down cowboy! We just unloaded a semi-truck full of DLC. If something comes up we’ll let you know. Trust me! :)

      2. Hmmmmmmm.not really (though my car needs a good wash JK LOL!). . Also the challenges are just for fun. Not a contest so there are not prizes

      3. Next Monday!

      4. That’s been a requested item over the past year. It looks like it will stay as is :(

      5. Not yet. Looking forward to it though

      TOTW – yes EPIC. VERY EPIC!

      Let’s see you inspiration!


  • @15, I know that, but that’s why I’m asking, because other exclusive mods and kards like Kratos and Nathan Drake could be obtained that way too (depending on the place where you purchased ModNation Racers)… but after awhile they were uploaded to the PSN store so people could purchase them directly.

    Sackboy was the only exclusive mod that was not uploaded to PSN so people could purchase it from the store, my question is simply “why?”

    Thanks for your patience. Hehe…

  • Thank you for picking Princess Special this week! I know you fell in love with her the first time you looked into her lazy eye. She captivates many! ;)

    Seriously though…..Thank you!

    I made a bunch more mods, a few karts and a new track that I may post on the forums?

    This game RULZ!

  • Waiting for ModNation 2!

  • Thanks for the kudos Mark, glad you keep enjoying the tracks I make! :)

  • Is the PSVita version going to include a new Campaign? Because I don’t want 3 of the same story modes. :/

  • can we PLEASE get a hearse for a kart? I have SO MANY ideas for that kart. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • shredder110,

      Never say never but in this case it may actually be true. :(

      Sorry to crush the dream. What were the ideas?

  • AWESOME like always

  • One month since the U.S got the Oil Stain DLC, and its still not released in Europe!

  • A question: Is there any plan to include a web-queuing system for the game in a future patch, much like LittleBigPlanet 2’s

  • Wow, very cool to see my creations displayed here! Thanks very much!

    I have many more ideas for creations, but so few spots left for publishing :(
    I’d rather not have to create another account, just for more publishing slots…..

    Any chance of increasing the number of publishing slots available anytime soon?

    • Yep, publishing slots is a popular request.

      Sorry to say at this point most in-game feature changes like this are not too likely.

      Great creations!

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