ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

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ModNation Racers: The Future Is Bright

Go ahead slap on those shades because the upcoming months the Blu-Ray supernova known as ModNation Racers becomes brighter and brighter.

I watch day after day, week after week as the ModNation community create amazing Mods, Karts and Tracks that makes the development team wonder, “how did they do that?” This is one case where the students have truly become the teachers. One of my roles as community specialist is to not only share with you the evolution of ModNation Racers but the evolution of the Play Create Share vision. Each day I experience something (or somewhere) new that I never could have imagined and, if that’s not enough, in just a few months we will be able to hold all of those gems in the palm of our hands with the introduction of the PS Vita.

Aren’t we fortunate to have a game that gives us dozens of new and fabulous “toys” every time we play?

Top Tracks: ModNationSD’s Favorites – Part IIThis week features part II of ModNationSD’s favorite tracks. This is an almost impossible task to narrow down all the great tracks but I am giving it my best! Next week I’ll reveal the complete list of 25 All-Time Favorites!


ModNation Player Profile: PSN: Lloyd24K
He will always offer you a fair race and point-blank critique of your track. I asked one time and after I was done crying I re-tooled my track. I found he was right. Read about Lloyd24K HERE.

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 Pacific Time. This is a great opportunity to meet some great people in a casual racing environment. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Track of The Week:
Atlantis Rising by PH1LThy31 and atheistsw


Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Atlantis Rising by PH1LThy31 and atheistsw – I don’t use the word “epic” very often. This is epic!

Tuesday: ***Happy Park*** by MagicalHamster – This will bring a smile to your face. Fun race. Great ideas. You have to check out all of MagicalHamster’s tracks. VERY unique!

Wednesday: Redstone Ridge by athiestsw – my favorite Western themed track so far. LOVED the ghost town shortcut. Take note how athiestsw uses lighting as a tool in his designs. Brilliant.

Thursday: Land of Misthalianus V2.0 by dane9261 – Stoked watching dane9261’s tracks getting better month after month!

Friday: Eerie Estate by Laidbackcat – Get your cornering skills tuned up. You’ll need them!

Saturday: Tell No Tales by PatrickJames777 – One of the best examples of the Pirate DLC I’ve seen. So many varied routes that’ll keep you coming back for more!

Sunday: Mary Jane’s Mega Mall by athiestsw – This week should’ve been titled athiestsw-palooza. Three great tracks that cannot be denied from Hot Lap. Great work!

Creations of The Week:


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