God of War: Origins Collection Demo on PSN This Week

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God of War: Origins Collection Demo on PSN This Week

Fellow Spartans! We are now just over two weeks away from the September 13th launch of God of War: Origins Collection—an epic compilation of two of the most critically acclaimed PSP titles of all time, God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Since I know many of you can’t wait to get your hands on this package, we’re going to sweeten the deal a bit and let you play God of War: Ghost of Sparta early. PlayStation Plus members will have access to the our demo starting tomorrow, August 30th, allowing you to play Ghost of Sparta on PlayStation 3 in HD and stereoscopic 3D for the very first time. This demo will then be available to the general public next week on September 6th. It’s a treat playing both games with the DualShock controller, and they look and feel like they were always intended for the big screen. If you missed our PSP vs PS3 comparison video, watch it now for a deeper look at how we’ve enhance the visuals.

God of War: Origins Collection for PS3

I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of our friends in the media for their flattering impression thus far. If you pick up the September issue of Game Informer, there’s a great preview calling God of War: Origins Collection “a visual treat.” Here are links to a few other recent write ups and mentions about the collection: Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! News, Playboy.com, USA Today, CNET, IGN, Joystiq, Kotaku, Games Radar, and Game Informer.

Thanks, as always, for everyone’s support. Don’t forget: the war begins on September 13th!

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  • > Ghost of Sparta early. PlayStation Plus members will have access to the our demo starting tomorrow, August 30th, allowing you to play Ghost of Sparta on PlayStation 3 in HD and stereoscopic 3D for the very first time.

    Cool, I’ll check it out, for sure! :-)

  • I played chains of olympos, never tried ghost of sparta. I want to buy it, idk if i’m going to though. Getting R3 this month and want house of the dead next month, then uncharted in november and tekken hybrid in september. may pick this up, not sure yet https://casting.thetester.com/playaplus

  • Nice…

  • I already played both of these on the PSP, but I am looking forward to buying them again on PS3. :D

  • I can’t help but notice that everytime I see videos of these two games, it’s in a side-by-side comparison with the PSP. Am I wrong to think that this is some sort of ploy to soften our expectations? Make sure we remember that it was originally on a weaker system and a smaller screen? I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

  • buuu September 6th =/

  • i regret to say that i will not be picking this up because i own both on psp but i will say they are both relly relly relly great games!!!!!!! if u playd the series b4 this is a definate pickup and if u havnt you need to go c a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13th is for whole world or just us? And do you know what price it will be?

  • Awesomeness, love PSN releases. Having slapped a 750GB drive in my PS3, it’s awfully handy having all those games available right there, no need to get off my fat butt to play any of the Assassin’s Creed games, original GoW games, Mass Effect 2, etc While I’ve already gotten all the unlockables on the PSP versions of these games, happy to play them all again :)

  • I’m a PS+ subscriber since day 1, but I must say it’s kinda stupid to give us access to the GoW Origins Collection demo a week earlier than non subscribers and act like it’s something special.

  • Wow, can’t wait! So exciting…probably need to play GoW series again on the PS3 and PSPGo.

  • @ Neos3452 $39.99

  • @8 is it really? they are getting the r3 beta tomorrow also it’s no biggie they want to let everyone get a taste

  • God of War FOREVER!!!!!! =D

  • I really wish they did 3D for the first God of War Collection.
    Oh well, really excited for this!


  • Both of those games are SO awesome. Ghost of Sparta especially. The cover art looks really nice and all the extra enhancements made for the transition to PS3 make this an instant purchase for any action/adventure fans. September is going to rock!


  • Great!!

  • Any chance you guys plan on releasing this via PSN like the other collections. I’m hoping on a Plus discount :D

  • @11 Early access to a MP beta is different than one week early access to a SP demo. Plus I was in the R3 beta before + got in, so it didn’t really matter to me especially since the beta was broken for 2+ weeks. All I’m saying is why not release the demo GoW demo to everyone at once and stop acting like it’s some special treat for + subscribers.

  • @ Mr. Levine

    when do we get the DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi demo?

  • WTF!! Sony, You can remaster GOW for PS3 and 3D but u can’t remaster and port Shadow of colossus to the PSP or PSVita.

  • Ok, I’ll try the demo. Tried the GOW 3 demo, & found these button mashing games give me a sore finger so I may never be able to get into this series, sadly.

  • hi thank u 4 your work i just have one question will u release the character demois in Collection code or something 2 play it in gow3 i need this so badly please need answer

  • Will by this for FOR $25 ON Black FRIDAY.!!!

  • I’ll try the demo when it comes out tomorrow.

  • I was planning on buying God of War: Ghost of Sparta on the PSP but thankfully you remastered with HD graphics for the PS3! September will be a busy month for me for gaming with titles like: Resistance 3, Dead Island and now God of War: Origins collection!

  • I preordered this :)

  • Does the bluray version has 24-bit/lossless audio assets? Graphics and cutscenes definitely look better that the GoW Collection’s ugly crop/zoom business, but I’m concerned it will sound flat/tinny likw GoW and Prince of Persia Collections did.

  • reading about how much work they did on this is pretty impressive. i never played these, so i can snag them for sure asap

  • Ghost of Sparta on PSP is amazing! But, I am ashamed to say this. I still need to play the GoW PS2 collection, GoW 3, and then I’ll pick this up! I have them in my back catalog…

  • im geting this when is be for $30 or less.The reason is because i already play and beat both of them on psp.But is would hot to play it on ps3?

  • Will this collection be released on PSN as well or it`s only on Disc for now? Please release on PSN… you did with infamous 2.

  • Cool, cant wait to play

  • I’m kind of shocked so many people think Ghost Of Sparta is better than Chains Of Olympus. Other than better graphics, Chains is a much better game and has a far better story and more satisfying combat. Ghost Of Sparta has a ridiculous storyline and the ending is just poor making the whole game pointless in the grand scheme of things. Not trying to spoil anything for people who haven’t played it but Chains is just better.

    1 > 2 > 3 > Chains > Ghost

  • are the demos going to contain the same levels as the ones from the psp?

  • I’d buy it but as long as my PSP works I’ll stick to that :3. Otherwise I’d love to buy a disc with both PSP games on it!

  • Will definetly pick this up as soon as possible I’m already going to busy starting Oct.18 (batman arkham city) Oct.19 (Dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi) Nov.1 (Uncharted 3) Nov.8 (MGS HD Collection) Nov.15 (assassins creed revelations) yea im going to be a busy gamer but I love it can’t wait.

    Now I need to get this really busy year. Sadly next year looks dull only games look good to me is Final Fantasy XIII-2, Naruto shipudden ultimate generations, Sly: Copper Theives in Time, and Metal Gear Solid Rising (with Raiden Yesssssss but i will miss Snake Nooooooo.) but anyway hope there will be more news on games coming out by then.

  • I can’t wait to buy this the 1st day it comes out and i’m definetley gonna download the demo

  • So the demo is not available for Europe?

  • dang it…………..

    Ratchet and clank collection first 4 games please
    jak and daxter trilogy

    then iwill be grateful sony

    brought the sly trilogy platinumed all





    becuase im buying god of war collection and god of war origins collection and a digital version would be great

    and is mgs collection out?

    i aready got prince of persia trilogy and sly trilogy

    you guys are great



    hehehehe (clank laugh)

    all 4 in 1 get it?

    all 4 one
    then alll 4 in one



    hypersonic brainwave scrambler SCRAMBLED

    you see what i did there hehehehehe

  • Someone I could spend this demo tomorrow? In return the contents of 50 €

  • Can’t for this game!!!

  • i mean i can’t wait for this game

  • The only reason I won’t be playing the demo is because I already have it pre-ordered. I want to experience it full in one go. Now if it was a Game Trial, I would have played it since I could just buy it to continue playing it.

  • Fkk yessss <33333 God of war story,gameplay,graphics, EVERYTHING i cnt wait to trophy this up too

  • They Need to Remaster Diablo 1 from Playstation 1 and release it on the store Hell yeah! i Would buy the crap out of it!

  • Oh and Yes Pre-Ordered this ^.^;

  • God of war Origins will be available too on PSN?

  • Been there. Done that. Nice for gamers who have not tried the PSP versions at all. Have fun : )

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