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Our thoughts are with those on the East Coast that are withstanding Irene today (including our families – Rey, Sid, and myself all have our family back east). Having lived in Florida for some time, I’ve boarded up my fair share of windows, from Andrew to Wilma. When I was little, I remember Gloria coming up to coast and hitting us in Philly, but things were all right then. Here’s hoping you get off as lucky as we did in those days.

So, um, videogames! PAX wraps up on the other end of the country today, and some great new impressions and stories are coming out of Seattle. Find some top links below.

The PS.Blog weekly reading list (Week of August 15, 2011)

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  • Does PlayStation 3′s Price Cut Matter?

    ultimate statement by ign for sarcasm.

  • Jeff,

    Why is Flight Control out for WiiWare in North America but it still hasn’t released on PSN? It’s on the EU stores so why hasn’t it come to the NA stores? Look into it, please. Thanks.

  • Good reading list this week. Always good to hear more about the PSV and the direction Sony hopes to go with it. Sony ‘s 3D gaming and PlayStation Home’s future is very interesting for the PS4.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Can you talk to the guys at Square Eidos and see about getting them to release the Augmented Editions second disc content such as the sound track for download on PSN? PS3 version of the Augmented Edition was handled poorly (among other things, but I’ll take those up with them). For starters I have to insert Disc 2 into my bluray drive of my computer, problem with this is I DO NOT OWN A BLURAY DRIVE FOR ANY OF MY PC’S YET! That is a world of frustration I did not need, especially when the PS3 has a bluray drive and a standard for having multiple layers of content on a single disc – Movie/Game/Music/Demos/etc – this was pretty brain damaged. Second I would like to see the Making of Content in HD on PSN, the content currently is in Standard Definition on a Bluray…. why? Lastly a small complaint about the Augmented Edition as a whole…. neither disc uses a full 25 gigs and could have easily fit all content on a single disc. Eidos complained about the X360’s space restrictions yet failed to capitalize on Bluray when they had the chance. I’m disappointed with sony for this getting past them. Standardize please!

  • Jeff,
    Any update on the mobile app?

    • When I met with SCEE in Koln last week (they’re the ones developing it), they indicated we could see it in about a month. When I have a more specific date, we’ll post about it on the blog. I want it as badly as you do!

  • Was thinking about getting a tablet pc around the time psvita comes out and extending my ps3 hdd to 500gb. If the psvita will blow my mind, ill get that instead of a tablet pc. What are your thoughts jeff? Is there going to be enough content and other things to really buy the vita on release date?

    • A lot of people are saying it’s going to have PlayStation’s strongest launch lineup for a new device. Hard to argue with that!

  • When is the Sunday Tutorial coming out….I’m eager to see what this thing looks like.Also will the HD streams be of good quality,better than mlbtv’s 4.5mbps?…..THX

  • I want a XMB revamp. :l

  • hey Jeff could you guys make a playstation vita video surfing the User interface ? ohhh and im sorry but United were too much for you guys to handle today , 8 -2 ? man i would be embarrassed

    • I am embarrassed.

      We’re working on a series of videos for Vita pre-launch, including one that will be entirely about the interface.

  • What about the “Coming to Plus” post and an update on the fix of Auto Download? No announcements about a fix for Auto download yet????

    • The Coming to Plus blog posts are going to a monthly format (again, this is the blog post format, there are no changes to the way Plus itself works). We’re targeting the first monday of each month.

  • What about the fix for Auto Download which was broken in the latest FW updat for the PS3 (3.70)? You ignored that?

  • hey jeff i know this off the topic but where can i get a harddrive with more memmory on it for my ps3

  • Man resistance in a week. loving the beta. I am curious if the vita will have a game with the release included with the console.

  • Any news regarding the Subway deal for Uncharted 3 multiplayer?

  • at 12 , yea me too , i think sony should bundle Little Deviants with Vita at launch

  • thanks Jeff but pre launch ?does that mean Vita release date will get announced soon ?

  • Hey everyone who is a fan on face book please like the new PlayStation News page just created, gives info on latest news and games and also doesnt just talk about black ops all the time like other sites like it on facebook, thanks.

  • @Jeff,

    Cool! Thanks for the update!

  • I want that PlayStation Android App so damn bad!

  • Hey Jeff,

    Have you heard anything about Superstars V8 Next Challenge yet? You told me a while back that you were going to look into it, but I have not heard anything from you about it. Do you know anything that you can tell me?


  • IGN? Kotaku? CVG? Are all CR*P sites sorry + add to my list the most CR*P site of them all i.e
    All are PlayStation hating sites. I wouldn’t bother promoting them one bit + i wouldn’t visit those sites if you payed me! ! ! :D

    God i hope the PS3 sells LOADS & LOADS & LOADS. . .it should do because it’s fantastic! :P

    Anyway;) SONY should do a ‘Star wars blu-ray PS3’ bundle i think? & promote it on TV & that would boost PS3 sales big time(Star wars blu-ray out next month) :P

  • Hey jeff how are you enjoying deus ex? Just got my hands on it today. Looks awesome. Jeff by the way my condolences on the massacre your gunners received today by man u. Tough day to be a arsenal fan.

  • @11 buenabena3: Are you asking about a bigger hard drive? Search YouTube for PS3 hard drive upgrade. Many videos, a couple are good. I bought a 500 gig on Amazon. So easy to swap. I have all the space I need for now to buy movies & digital versions of full games like Borderlands & Assassin’s Creed. The YouTube videos will tell you what type of hard drive to get.

  • hey jeff is it ture that naughty dog is going to make a jak and daxter game for the ps3 called Jak and Daxter: A New Legacy Begins.

  • hey jeff is it true that naughty dog is going to make a jak and daxter game for the ps3 called Jak and Daxter: A New Legacy Begins.

  • hey Jeff. IMPORTANT !!
    So my old PS3 Broke June While Having PSN Plus right, and i was able to Upload My Save Data, But Now I Dont Have PLUS and i got a new PS3, and all my save files i cant IMPORT, Can u guys help me get it cuz all i have are my psn games and SSFIV, and i’ve put so much hours into those files. and i cant afford to get plus right now :(

  • theres something missing in this article jeff…. this is “around the web what we read….” but why isnt here the
    “R.I.P. CROSS GAME CHAT for PS3” by IGN??? all i want to know if this is true or not man…. we wont be mad if the ps3 is not capable of it…. its a shame sure….. but at least we know u all did what u could…. and u can close the MOST DEMANDED feature in the PS share…. thanks :)

  • WTF Sony!? I just found out that Disgaea 4 map editer is being edited cause of Sony !!

    Why are they doing this !?

    I feel like Sony just spit and slapped me in the face D= .

  • well, yeah cut really does matter…anyways, i didnt know that it was because of sony that the disgaea 4 editor map was altered,i really thought that it was because of the difference of regions as ridiculous as that sounds…@doodoojerky do you have a link where i can read that info or claim that you just posted?

  • jeff, whats been with the lack of ps1 classics and psp downloads???? i mean, i been waiting on Birth by Sleep since its retail release. i understand its not up to sony ultimately, but if thats how it is now, i doubt the vita will be any different

  • in regards to the ps3 price drop, the $50 difference really isn’t much in my opinion. what i would’ve done is release a 80gb model for $200, then leave the current price drops to where it dropped to. Sony really needs to release a $200 model, cuz $250+ is a lot to swallow. and personally speaking, the psp should drop to $75 by now. with the vita releasing soon, $75 for a device with some of the best games available would probably sky rocket the psp even further, even with the lack of wifi like what Europe’s getting.

  • a new downhill domination game featuring thoses VITA + PS3 features would do great

  • Jeff. I know you want to see the ability to be able to change your PSN ID when will that be available for PSN ? Remember that the Japanese accounts have it so should America accounts as well and the rest of the features that the Japanese accounts have.

  • How to solve the problem of disappearing from the BCF BC Weapons 2. Simply access the site and log on the user and click on the EA Autoalizar status.
    But this time you must be Playing the Game Online your rank will be back in a few seconds.

  • “The Coming to Plus blog posts are going to a monthly format (again, this is the blog post format, there are no changes to the way Plus itself works). We’re targeting the first monday of each month.”

    Nice! I’ve been wanting this for a long time. I was actually going to suggest it on the next update post.

  • I’d 8 2 be an arsenal fan right now, but dont fret jeff I’m pretty sure arsenal wont get relegated this season… I think!!

  • psn id change

  • hey,how about cutting the price of Socom Confrontation on PSN is $30 and gamestop $5!

  • Socom confrontation was a joke dont even buy

  • psn id change for americanos por favor…..why japan has and we no has….u being racist…lol… english

  • JEFF i need an answer i am now scared of buying stuff on the PSN why !!! because i just bought assassins creed 2 but after 1 hour of play it expired and yes i did buy the full version.the guys at consumer services are already working on my case buy you guys should really need to take a look at this before anyone else is robbed !!!

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