The PlayStation Recap – PAX 2011 Edition

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The Penny Arcade Expo is in full swing in Seattle — and Deus Ex: Human Revolution is calling to me — so I’ll be keeping this week’s missive short. Though the week was dominated by a sneak peek at PlayStation Home’s upcoming revamp and the UNCHARTED 3 Collector’s Edition unboxing starring Nolan North, the week was marked by a flurry of smaller news and announcements. Community voting opened up for The Tester: Season 3, Sega announced that Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown will debut on PSN next summer, and the Starhawk team revealed its plans for PAX.

If you’re enjoying PAX this weekend, be sure to try out Closure, Retro/Grade, and other upcoming PSN games that you’ll be able to play months before their PlayStation Network release. And check out our full guide to the PAX freebies you’ll find at the PlayStation booth.

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Viewed Video: UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • PlayStation Store Update — Highlights include the Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta for PS Plus members, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online, Hamilton’s Great Adventure, Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine Demo, NHL 12 Demo, Bodycount Demo and more.
  • The Next Evolution for PlayStation Home Coming Fall 2011 — PlayStation Home’s upcoming redesign is massive in scope, creating a faster, more focused experience with new quests and rewards. Read on for first details and images of the Hub, Action District, and Adventure District. What do you think so far?
  • UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition Unboxed — In what may go down as the finest unboxing video of all time, UNCHARTED 3 lead actor Nolan North (Nathan Drake) drops copious one-liners as he struggles to unravel the secrets of this mysterious box.
  • Mortal Kombat Memories: Development Tales from NetherRealm Studios — Creator Ed Boon, composer Dan “Toasty” Forden, Raiden actor/animator Carlos Pesina, and art director Steve Beran celebrate next week’s Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection with a blood-splattered walk down memory lane.
  • Devil May Cry: Dante’s Vertical Slice — Ninja Theory’s Creative Director Tameem Antoniades addresses Dante’s unorthodox combat style and the shape-shifting city he fights through in this reinvention of the classic action series.
  • Twisted Metal Update: Happy Valentine’s Day — Co-creator David Jaffe confirms Twisted Metal’s release for February 14th, 2012.
  • LittleBigPlanet for PS Vita: A Touch of Creation — PS Vita’s front and rear touchscreens, motion control, and dual analog sticks will enable you to create things that were never possible before in just a few minutes. I’m eager to get my hands on this.
  • PAX 2011: PlayStation Passport and Swag Guide — PAXgoers: You can score action figures, posters, Bluetooth headsets and a pile of slick t-shirt designs – including Shadow of the Colossus and Ico! – by stopping by the PlayStation booths.
  • Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Hadokens PSN Today — The controversial-but-celebrated evolution of Street Fighter II is live on PSN now as part of the annual PSN PLAY program. What do you think?
  • Over 8 Million Zombies Killed in PlayStation Home + Sodium Silicon Lounge & More — Dead Island continues to kill in PS Home! In other news, check out this week’s selection of new content: clothing, game content and more.
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    • tried out the zombie killn’ in home. pretty sweet. but man, i m missing pax. next year i m going to make it…

    • I just have to say, that was the best unboxing EVER! Nolan North FTW!

      I’m Playing: Prince of Persia 2008.

      I’m Watching: The Lord of the Rings trilogy Extended Edition Blu-Ray.

      I’m Reading: Resistance: A Gathering Storm and Resistance: A Hole in the Sky by William C. Dietz.

      I’m Listening to: VersaEmerge.

    • hey wats that post thats talks about ps vita having apps for facebook,twitter and some other things

    • i like the uncharted 3 unboxing video it was kinda funny
      im playing uncharted 2 and infamous
      im watching the tv so that it wont go no where
      i dont read at home only at skool so im not reading nothing

    • I’ve got to say that the unboxing video was the best ones I’ve ever seen. All of the other ones involve a lot of “OHHHHMAAIIIIGOOOOOOHHHDD!!!”s. -__- Having Nolan North unboxing it didn’t hurt either ;)

      Figure I might do this as well…

      I’m Playing: Uncharted 2 (Getting Platinum before Uncharted 3 comes out!), Dead Nation, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

      I’m Watching: nothing…

      I’m Reading: nothing… well… nothing in English. Latin poetry. Nerd I am!

    • Sunday Ticket Tutorial please….Thx.

    • I want the “Coming to PlayStation Plus” post NOW! :P I wonna see the free gae of September, and it better be a high quality game, because I’m a new Plus member.

      I’m Playing: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta, God of War Collection (GoW2), LittleBigPlanet 2.

    • Playing: El Shaddai, Mortal Kombat, Xenogears
      Watching: the Giants game on Monday
      Reading: the manual for the Reliant K I just bought haha

    • Yup, great week. Twisted Metal’ll make some Valentine’s Day gift, that’s for sure.

      I’m playing: Call of Duty: Black Ops (or as I like to call it, “Carl of Duty: Black Cops :D”), LittleBigPlanet 2 Toy Story DLC
      I’m watching: Random Ten FTW Machinima videos
      I’m reading: The new PSM, Neverwhere

    • Playing:Resistance dual pack (1) ,Resistance 3 beta
      Watching:Uncharted 3 collectors edition unboxing
      Reading: PS blog

    • Sid,

      Why is Flight Control out for WiiWare in North America but it still hasn’t released on PSN? It’s on the EU stores so why hasn’t it come to the NA stores? Look into it, please. Thanks.

      Link for proof:

    • Playing: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition, Uncharted 2
      Watching; Still more Video Game Videos!
      Reading: METAL GEAR SOLID 2 NOVEL!

    • Playing : infamous 2 , black ops, 007 bloodstone, assassins creed brotherhood
      Watching : batman begins, conan 3D, uncharted 3 drake deception
      Reading : the playstation blog like allways

      I am looking forward to batman arkham city, uncharted 3 and assassins creed revelation

    • Playing: inFamous 2 (Beat evil and hard mode today), Resistance 3 multiplayer demo, LBP 2, KZ2, KZ3, R2, Uncharted 2, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

      Watching: Atlanta Braves Baseball, Atlanta Falcons pre season, X-Men old animated show, Fright Night, Hobo With A Shotgun, New Twisted Metal footage, Sportscenter, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage

      Reading: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone, PS Blog, PS3 IGN, Joystiq, Braves Blog, ESPN MLB

      Can’t wait for: Twisted Metal, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, Resistance 3, Bioshock Infinite, Team Ico Collection, Batman: Arkham City

      Good update this week, Sid! The Jaffe post with a heart around him when he announced TM was coming this Valentine’s Day was hilarious. Keep up the good work.

    • i am
      Playing: Resistance dual pack(2), PORTAL 2
      Watching: new counter strike trailer
      reading: psb

    • wats up people

    • lol at the ending for the unboxing

    • Mr. Sid Sir…. Um i don’t know if you have any word to Sony or anything but um… er….
      I think I speak for most of the PS community when I ask nicely, please release The Legend Of Dragoon on the PS Store Please!!!
      Thanks :)

    • Oh and Thanks for posting this funny unboxing :)

    • Sid, did you look into the Angry Birds problem?

    • Playing: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time

      Watching: The Roast of Bob Sagat

      Waiting For: Resistance 3, and God of War Origins.

    • I never cared much for unboxing videos, but that was pretty funny actually… it definitely looks like a very cool version… too bad i can’t really afford it… definitely getting the game though, and thats what counts…

      reading: nothing
      watching: various bluray movies, Next most recently…

      playing: Dante’s Inferno and Darksiders mostly..

    • playing 2nd play through deus ex, loving

      then will fall back on resistance 3 beta and then play a round of masters 2012

      listening to the hurricane winds howl.

      waiting patiently for rage and battlefield 3… Grrrrrrrrr

      resistance 3 around the corner.

      so many great games coming out, all on pre-order , broke but gaming hard,lol

      • Can’t wait to make my second playthrough in DX! I’m playing through (mostly) nonlethal and stealth + hacking with a good-guy vibe, but my next playthrough will be an offensive-oriented SOB. Can’t wait! I’ll be trying out different plot elements too, such as letting the hostages die at the start of the game.

    • I’m Playing: Sly Cooper Collection, AC:Brotherhood
      I’m Watching: Doctor Who on BBC America
      I’m reading: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan
      I’m Waiting for: Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, AC: Revalations (and Beta)

    • If you have a face book please like the new PlayStation News page just created it talks about latest nes and games and doesnt talk about black ops all the time, please like its more or less PlayStation Blob on Facebook, thanks

    • and by the way, deus ex human revolution, do you have it? no? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ! epic ending.. i was blown away.. w/ the ending that i chose anyway.. this game will in fact make you think long after the game is finished..


    • HA…little Drake..
      I can’t wait for this game to come out!
      And He’s teasing us sinc he stole the collectors edition! >.<
      I almost paid off the collectors edition..and now it's the waiting game.

    • How to solve the problem of disappearing from the BCF BC Weapons 2. Simply access the site and log on the user and click on the EA Autoalizar status.
      But this time you must be Playing the Game Online your rank will be back

    • Im playing: inFamous 2, Socom 4, Homefront, Modern Warfare 2, Resistance 3 beta, Madden 12 demo, NHL 12 demo.

      Im watching: American Ninja Warrior, X Play, Attack of the Show, and Preseaon Football.

      Im reading: Nothing. I dont read unless im in English Class or U.S History lol.

      Im waiting for: Resistance 3, NHL 12, Madden 12, RAGE, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, AC Revelations, Modern Warfare 3, Need for Speed The Run, and Batman Arkham City.

    • Sid, I emailed Rovio weeks ago about Angry Birds and they ignored me. Around the same time one of their employees posted on Neogaf that Rovio is working with Sony to fix this. Nothing seems to have come of it.

    • Sid, this site also did a story on the Angry Birds issue and Rovio told them:

      “We had an agreement with Chillingo to tweak some performance issues with the game and republish the game under our own label,” the PR rep said. Adding that, “We’re currently working together with Sony and trying to resolve how we can offer this as a free update to people who already purchased the game in PSN Store.”

      The story is from July 20th.

    • Im playing:Modern Warfare 2

      Im Watching: Real Madrid vs Zaragoza (DANG! 6-0)

      Im Waiting for: BLACK OPS ZOMBIES MAP PACK!! !!! Sony should make it available for ps+ users earlier!!

    • same here sid, i let zeke let her go the 1st time which led , well you will see.. so im going to just try total stealth/no kill which brings a nice trophy.. so doesnt doing such while playing on the hardest difficult,lol.. which is another nice trophy to obtain.. playing total stealth/no kills (minus the bosses obviously) will be a task on hard to say the least..

      sid im not sure about you but this game was, in my opinion , one of the craftiest , smartest and fulfilling games i have played in a while, to people who shy away because it doesnt have multi player, well this game has enough to want to play it 3-4 times..

      well its almost 6 am eastern time, have to throw in masters for a round before i can think straight,lol..

    • Great idea to have Nolan do this vid. Day 1 baby!

    • Noo?! not Nolan North anything but..
      AHH! the humor make it stop!!! =D

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