Twisted Metal Gameplay Trailer: Dollface Meets the Murder Balls

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Twisted Metal Gameplay Trailer: Dollface Meets the Murder Balls

Now that you know Twisted Metal is confirmed for February 14th 2012, just in time for a bloody Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share the latest gameplay video with PlayStation.Blog readers. This new video features Dollface in all her creepy glory, and you also get a taste of some new vehicles such as the Juggernaut, as well as weapons like Meat Grinder and the Murder Balls. Enjoy!

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  • I can’t wait for this game. I have it pre-ordered already.

  • Not easily grossed out but that’s gross. Congratulations I’m sold.


  • I always liked Dollface. Can’t wait!

  • OMFG That trailer impressed the bejeezus out of me, need to go preorder

  • Game looks fantasmagorical!

    Can’t wait to find out more about the game modes. The action looks face melting.

  • This trailer just got me interested in this game.

  • i like d music and d gameplay!!!! just awesome!!!!!!!!

  • Nice trailer.

  • Is this an ad for the Smile Train?

  • Nice!

  • i’ve played the multiplayer demo back at E3 2010 , it was awesome !!!!

  • I never played or tried Twisted Metal before, but judging from the trailers and gameplay scenes, I’m sure this’ll be my “Co-op game of the Year”.

    Keep up the great work on your exclusive line-up Sony!

  • Wow. Sick trailer. My mind may change about this game.

  • I made some comments on the yesturday post, care to comment?

    Specifically 3D depth, Sixaxis Control and if you could some comments on my ideas for DLC?

    This game looks amazing and I just want to be sure its not another all hype then big dissapointment like most of the games this year.

    Scratch that, I know it’ll be fantastic, but I just want to hear more and more!!!!

    I love me some tech details. Like it would be awesome to have Dual view support, or 4 player split, or adjustable 3D effects(more then the slider, more of a depth modifyer), etc.

    Make me proud guys.

  • AWWW S**T!!!!!

  • murder balls

  • holy damn looks awesome

  • Brutal melee’s for vehicles? Chains to drag enemies, spikes to piece and carry and drop, a Kratos-moblie with spiked chains to drag others and use as wrecking balls, the opportunities are endless.

  • I hate metal, but this game looks interesting.

  • Was that Peter Dinklage (aka Tyrion Lannister) at the end…?!

  • not impressed this game will fail plus its releasing with the big boys and simply will be over looked and left behind.

  • @ The comment above ^^^ LOLOLOL!!

    Anyways, I’ll be playing this and Starhawk next year, and to be honest, those are the only two games I’m looking forward to playing next year.

  • No response, the Blog just rung,

    Grabbed my vest, Grabbed my gun,

    To find out the problem……….. C.W.

    Prob busy making the sickest game to date, but I’m ready to place a pre-order at the craptastic EB games if only a few of my questions had answers.

    Like can i get Axel through EB, or only select locations like Amazon(That would suck, I have no CC)

    Can you use sixaxis to control your vehicles? (This is my must have for this game)

    Can the 3D be more then just a little noticable? I prefer several feet of stick out, compared to several inches.(Thats what she said)

    Will this game use much of the PS3’s power? Disc space? ( just curious, not important)

    Are there starter vehicles my wife could use to get used to the mechanics? Then we have a romantic play session.

    Could you put a chocolate bunny in the collectors edition, so I can gift to wife as V-Day present?
    As another stated the box could be heart shaped and say “Sweet-Tooth for your Sweet”
    Better then “Sweets for your Sweet-Tooth” IMO.

    Give me a good excuse to get this day one(excuse the wife will accept, LOL)

  • Dear God this is more than awesome….I need this game…Cant wait for february.

  • Looks really sweet. Hopefully we’ll see more characters later

  • posts not working????

  • Same here, only Starhawk and Twisted Metal are on my radar, the lackluster betas of recent have shown me most of these sequels arent up to par with their previous installments on PS3.

    Seeings how Twisted Metal has no predecsessor on PS3 I’m sure it will be mad wicked.

    And Starhawk seems like a true sequel with advancements made at every turn.

    Compare this with the feature stripping that happened to R3, and the DLC feel Uncharted 3 multiplayer has, and the dissapointment almost everyone felt about SOCOM 4, and the half [DELETED] way Killzone 3 was delivered(much worse graphics compared to Killzone 2, especially in the cutscenes) the only sequel this year to not dissapoint was Infamous 2 and this is mostly due to the UGC aspect, At least they advanced, unlike the others.

    Show us what an Exclusive PS3 game used to be, what it should be, how it will be.

    Used to be 95% of all exclusives were best in class, now we lucky to get 2-3 genre advancing exclusives a year.

  • Whats going on, my little comments show up, why not larger ones?

    Say’s comment already posted, yet these little posts show up and the larger one does not??????

  • Same here, only Starhawk and Twisted Metal are on my radar, the lackluster betas of recent have shown me most of these sequels arent up to par with their previous installments on PS3.

    Seeings how Twisted Metal has no predecsessor on PS3 I’m sure it will be mad wicked.

    And Starhawk seems like a true sequel with advancements made at every turn.

  • Guess I cant post anymore?????

  • What-ever no one replies in the twisted metal blog or what?

  • @9: So wrong — I’m kind of ashamed to say I lol’ed.

  • Loved the gameplay..

  • i love twisted metal i can remember being high school and getting twisted metal day one and staying up all night with my friends playing it it was amazing i cannot wait for this game

  • awesome trailer. doll face will probably be the first character i play as now lol. so sick! I’ve had this bad boy preordered for awhile now. The rest of this year is going to rock all the way up to february and contintue on until Starhawk! Awesome times!!!!!!!

  • How about I put my Murder Balls on your Doll Face? lol…… sorry. I had to do it :D

  • This makes me more upset that I will not be able to play this in this year” No sweetooth Christmas this year I guess. BattlleField will be taking my money instead cant wait. Like I said by the time this game comes out their should be better games comming out by then so we’ll see.

  • Lol @Airwalkinman17 Good one =D

  • That pic of Dollface is soooo disturbing, you want to look away…..but, dammit, you just can’t lol. I been sold on this game since the announcement. I HAVE to get it. The very first game i had for my Playstation was Twisted Metal, so, its a must….i HAVE to get this game lol.

  • @invision2212 Damn dude, that’s kinda harsh. To say its gonna be overlooked; i just don’t see how. The fan base for this franchise is HUGE! This is the longest running franchise in Playstation history, and to say it will be overlooked by the big boy is like saying John Cena will out shine Hulk Hogan. It’s just not gonna happen lmao. Your entitled to your opinion, that’s granted, just have to disagree with you on this one pimp.

  • lulz at the blog trolls.

    Nothing goes better together than Metal, Blood, and Twisted Metal. I was always hoping it would turn out like Black and the more videos released it looks like my dreams coming true.

  • Helicopters Vs Semis is so extreme!

  • Not a huge fan of the trailer. Think I’m getting more excited about the multiplayer than the single player. While I like the idea of these stories and everything, just having one on one match ups consistently doesn’t really get me pumped up.

    Would like to see if any of the other levels have more than just one on one match ups.

    Still looking forward to this game more than any other game, well, ever, as Twisted got me into gaming in the first place. The Juggernaut looks amazing though. Gah, I can’t wait!

  • Me too, first game for PS1 was Twisted Metal 2.

    I found Black didnt have that intimate dual sensation I got with the other 3 games.

    Like when you attack Sweet-Tooth, he comes after you with a vengence, where as in Black all the computer controlled guys simply do drive by’s the whole time and you just shoot at everything in front of you.
    This mindless gameplay got old real fast and so I only ever put a few hours into Black, where as i have probably over 100hrs each of Twisted Metal 2,3,4.

    There was honor back then, you did your battle then moved on to the next one, for the most part the computer would try just as hard to kill you and that made it feel like they were people.

    In Black there was no personality in regular battles, didnt even play long enough to face the first boss I dont think??? Or was it a semi?

    Either way this new entry looks amazing and I’m sure the AI is far beyond what is was in Black.

  • Wow, I think my pants just got tighter..

  • Who chose the song for this? I’ve got to believe this song was chosen by someone who is a fan of the band. Sepultura isn’t exactly mainstream and their popularity has waned ever since Max left and Derrick took over the vocals. Igor leaving certainly hasn’t helped either.


    Better bring back the classic mode.

  • Black is the best out of any TM titles to date just for its Story, TM is a brutal and violent series and Black is the only one to really show off how intense it can really be.

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