New on PlayStation Video Store and Music Unlimited

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New on PlayStation Video Store and Music Unlimited

New Releases welcomes the Fox Searchlight critically acclaimed film Win Win this week starring Academy Award winner Paul Giamatti (Sideways). A struggling attorney moonlights as a wrestling coach to help turnaround a school’s failing program and his failing family. Amy Ryan (The Wire), Bobby Cannavale (Cold Case) and Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) complete the cast.

The Movies section welcomes two lovable brothers and a secret agent platypus. That’s right. Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension follows those delightful summer vacationers and Perry as they are trapped by the 2nd Dimension Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Isabella, Buford, Baljeet, Candace and even the original Doofenshmirtz all pitch in to break the shackles of a 2D world. Plus, check out episodes from Seasons 1, 2 and 3!

99¢ Movie Rents continues this week in Rent Now. This week, find great titles like The Great Debaters starring two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington (American Gangster) and School for Scoundrels starring the hilarious Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) for only 99₵ in SD and $1.99 in HD.

This weekend sees the U.S. return of your favorite Time Lord in TV Shows with the beginning of the second part of Doctor Who: Season 6. The first episode back is entitled “Let’s Kill Hitler” and is sure to have the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill) on the run as the TARDIS crashes in 1930s Berlin.

Haven’t you heard? The 90s are hip again thanks to Nickelodeon’s revival of their great TV shows from the last decade of the 20th century. Check out the 90s Are All That Sale this week in Collections & Sales, featuring great shows like Clarissa Explains it All, Hey Dude, Doug, Rugrats and Salute Your Shorts at special low prices.

Also this week, you can select from five hot new release movies to own in SD for just $9.99. Choose from Arthur, Unknown, Sucker Punch, Due Date and Hereafter at this amazing price.

Our Deal of the Week is all about your favorite Cult Classics films of the past! Find movies like Saw, Idiocracy, Big Trouble in Little China, Grindhouse: Death Proof and Zombie Strippers this week at super reduced prices.

You know what would make your PS3 even better? A little Cartman. Some Stan. A dash of Timmy! Check out the South Park Dynamic Theme in the Games Store today.

All that and more…

Just In TV
US Store: Doctor Who: Season 6, Part 2, Top Gear (UK): Season 17, MAD: Season 2, V: Season 1, Twin Peaks: Season 1, Gunslinger Girl OVA, Claymore, and more!
Canada Store: 24: Season 6, South Park: Season 14, Misfits: Season 2, Sports Show with Norm MacDonald: Season 1, D. Gray-man: Season 2, Community: Season 1, The Benson Interruption: Season 1, Claymore, and more!

New Release Movies
US Store: Win Win, Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Super Hybrid, The Elephant in the Living Room, Blitz, Choose, Dream Home, Henry’s Crime, Little Big Soldier, Bikini Girls on Ice, and more!
Canada Store: Win Win, Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Bambi 2, Henry’s Crime, Smile, Little Big Soldier, Tactical Force, Super Hybrid, Choose, Dream House, Blitz, Bikini Girls on Ice, and more!

US Top Movie Downloads

  1. Priest (2011)
  2. Paul (Unrated)
  3. Your Highness (Unrated)
  4. Something Borrowed
  5. Rio
  6. Limitless
  7. The Conspirator
  8. Rango
  9. Paul
  10. Take Me Home Tonight

US Top TV Downloads

  1. Breaking Bad | Season 4 – Cornered
  2. Futurama | Season 8 – The Tip of the Zoidberg
  3. Jersey Shore | Season 4 – Twinning
  4. ThunderCats (2011) | Season 1 – Old Friends (Fka. Parthro’s Past)
  5. ThunderCats (2011) | Season 1 – Omens Part 1
  6. WWE: Money in the Bank 2011 | Season 1 – WWE Championship Match: John Cena Vs. CM Punk
  7. ThunderCats (2011) | Season 1 – Omens Part 2
  8. ThunderCats (2011) | Season 1 – Song of the Petalars
  9. ThunderCats (2011) | Season 1 – Ramlak Rising
  10. Dexter | Season 5 – My Bad

Canada Top Movie Downloads

  1. Priest (2011)
  2. Paul (Unrated)
  3. Your Highness (Unrated)
  4. Something Borrowed
  5. Rio
  6. Limitless
  7. Source Code
  8. Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
  9. Mars Needs Moms
  10. The Lincoln Lawyer

Canada Top TV Downloads

  1. Breaking Bad | Season 4 – Shotgun
  2. Ancient Aliens | Season 1 – The Evidence
  3. Breaking Bad | Season 4 – Box Cutter
  4. Online Gamer | Season 1 – Black Ops
  5. Breaking Bad | Season 4 – Bullet Points
  6. Ancient Aliens | Season 1 – The Visitors
  7. Ancient Aliens | Season 2 – Alien and the Third Reich
  8. Ancient Aliens | Season 2 – Mysterious Places
  9. Breaking Bad | Season 4 – Thirty-Eight Snub
  10. Teen Wolf | Season 1 – Code Breaker


Hurray, hurray! Step right up! We have something special in store for you!

Featured New Releases on Music Unlimited
Game – “The R.E.D. Album”: The LA rapper unites with fellow West Coast heroes Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tyler, The Creator on a 21 track album that also includes guest appearances from Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. Aiming for his fourth consecutive #1 Rap album, we’re betting he usurps the throne from Kanye and Jay-Z who look to hold down the top slot for a third consecutive week. Should be a good battle.

If you like: Lil Wayne 50 Cent, Dr. Dre
Recommended Track: “Pot of Gold (ft. Chris Brown)”

30 Seconds to Mars – “Thirty Seconds to Mars Unplugged”: This acoustic set features highlights of their performance on the iconic MTV Unplugged series this past July. Joined by an orchestral string section, these stripped down arrangements are further augmented by the bombastic background vocals of a room full of their biggest fans.

If you like: Rise Against, My Chemical Romance, Incubus
Recommended Track: “Where the Streets Have No Name (U2 Cover)”

Wyatt Cenac – “Comedy Person”: A former writer on King of the Hill and current correspondent for The Daily Show, Wyatt Cenac has also gained serious buzz for his stand up performances. Check out his take on a backwards Spider-man, among other topics, including 25 minutes of material not aired on his recent Comedy Central special.
If you like: Demetri Martin, Marc Maron, Jon Stewart
Recommended Track: “Medieval Times”

Coming Soon:

Lil Wayne – “Tha Carter IV”: The wait is almost over! Music Unlimited’s most played artist follows his massive hit single, “How to Love,” and recently released, “She Is (ft. Drake”), with the fourth installment of Tha Carter series. Weezy even gets a special street date, droppin the album on Monday the 29th instead of a typical Tuesday release. Catch his performance on this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards and be among the first to hear the new record the following day on Music Unlimited.

What other albums are you looking forward to this Fall? What’s out that you already love?

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  • When is video store coming to scandinavia?

  • NFL Sunday Ticket Tutorial Please….

  • When is video store coming to scandinavia?

  • Yeah, when IS it coming to scandinavia?

  • When is Music Unlimited coming to Portugal or all europe?

  • quit being anti-scandinavia!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glad u will have Doctor Who, but I will just watch it when it is on.

  • Ugh, Lil Wayne is a disgrace to music and human beings in general.

  • hey grace……………… can the playstation store get some bigger games to download, like mw2, dead space, or any of the fear series…………. would this be possible in the upcoming months, at least before 2012

  • Okay, i don’t live in Scandinavia, but you should defs put the video store there anyway.

  • Prediction: Your music service will tank or it is as we speak… if you do not change something

    Idea:Give plus members the full service for 5 dollar a month.

  • @psn

    when can we get a playable demo of the DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi?

  • it’d be nice if we could use music unlimited while playing a game, ya know…for the games that have in game music. still, i love the service

  • red album so good

  • Wheres the Green Day? :D

  • where’s The Beatles album i cant find any albums of The Beatles i just find the beatles tribute albums

  • PSN store should be equally available where PS3 is being sold, scandanavia & elsewhere.

  • You guys need to have more movies for rent instead of purchase-only, for example I had planned to rent Resident Evil Afterlife only to discover it was purchase-only. It seems rare but I still run into it now and then so I end up going and renting it at the video store, and you guys lose $6. There was another one recently, I think it was Battle Los Angeles, I just rented it at the store.

  • i think you dropping the price of the playstation to 249.00 was a great idea !! i’m 45 and have been playing video games befor atari was around ! my mother wanted a good blueray so i got her a playstation 3 now i can’t get her off of it !! lol !! now let me tell you she is 71 years old !!she is now a rookie gamer !!!BUT !! there is a down side to this !! she calls me all the time to tell her how to get through a level in little big planet ! which i have not played !!hats off to all at sony !! i will all ways be playstation gamer !!!!!

  • i’m still sad that Canada doesn’t have Music Unlimited Powered by Qriocity =(

  • Diavolantinoboy23 is right about Qriocity also, not just here in canada as well but everywhere else it just isn’t offered. Sony as a whole has done a very shoddy job of making its network services available everywhere but making them work consistantly, and where it is available the prices are excessives and most of the choices strictly 2nd rate. SONY must do better.

  • Sony should put more effort into things like qriocity availability like diavolatinoboy23 pointed out instead of so rabidly censoring mere mention of it. Its unprofessional and lazy. If even a few inside sony put half the effort into getting things done instead of avoiding work they’d see a huge drop in complaints about substandard services.

  • ugh

    cant we get some CLASSIC HD remaster games

    i mean come on sony all i want is the old ratchet and clank ps2 games avalible to put on 1 disc

    ratchet and clank
    ratchet and clank going commando
    ratchet and clank up your arsenal
    ratchet and clank dreadlock

    id pay anything just to play going commando

    give us classic’s you guys did a great job with sly trilogy……..

    now im waiting for my childhood gaming to come back to me

  • can you guys put music unlimited in Canada?

  • wow sony lots of new stuff. thanks for makin the ps store fresh with new music and movies. p.s this is my first comment

  • The new song from Lil’ Wayne (feat. Drake) is called “She will”, not She is. Typo guys.

  • ok WHERE”S THE DOCTOR WHO EPISODE!?!?!?!?!?! it isn’t up and you said it’d be up this weekend.

  • oh and the reason they can’t put music unlimited in Canada is because they don’t have the rights from the record companies to put them in any other company except the USA. Sorry Canada, unless Qriocity decides to pay the money to do that, you will have to find another way to listen to music.

  • when is the ps store coming to greece guys? plz answer

  • sorry i wanted to say when is the video store is going to come out in greece not the ps store

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