4 Elements HD Hits PSN Tuesday with PlayStation Move Support

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4 Elements HD Hits PSN Tuesday with PlayStation Move Support

Hi guys! I’m happy to share that Boolat Games has partnered with Playrix Entertainment to bring 4 Elements HD – packed with of PS3-exclusive content – to the PlayStation Store on August 30th. Exciting news! The story takes place in a vast and ancient kingdom where evil forces have corrupted the balance between the four elements causing the altar of life to run dry. You have to unlock four ancient books of magic, collect 16 mysterious cards and restore this kingdom to life.

Here are few things you’ll appreciate about 4 Elements HD. Imagine the addictive Matching gameplay where you freely draw the chains of same-colored pieces instead of just moving one piece next to another. It feels and plays like an arcade game and it works great on PS3! We’ve added explosive bonuses, spectacular visual effects in full HD resolution, and intuitive controls using DualShock 3 or PlayStation Move.

Probably some of you saw or even tried the original game, but 4 Elements HD is all about exclusivity. It includes a vast array of new features and improvements including re-playable levels, Trophies, as well as per-level and global leaderboards. Moreover, each player gains a castle to manage and upgrade it using points earned by completing levels. Enhanced controls designed exclusively for PS3 with full PlayStation Move support as an option will be comfortable for both experienced players and newcomers. I’m sure this game will entertain your whole family for only $9.99!

But, seeing is believing so simply watch the trailer above so you know what I’m talking about. Stay tuned for updates as lots of news is coming soon for 4 Elements HD! Cheers!

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  • I’m a bit worried this is the same kind of “Move Support” the PS3 XMB got.

  • WOW, this game looks hard and weird.

  • It looks great!!!!

  • I loved topatoi guys! This one looks ok. I think there is a free version online, so kinda hard pressed to pay $10 for this one.

  • So, from the video I can surmise that this is just a – “Bejewled” – type game, but like – “Galactic Quest” – which takes it’s own twist and combines RPG (Role Playing Game) elements this game is just yet another twist to a simple game style and attempting to complicate it (which somehow makes it feel “deeper” or longer then it necessarily needs to be?)

  • Correction. The game in reference was and is actually called – “Puzzle Quest”.

  • I have played the online version many times. Can’t wait to pick this game up. It is great family fun game.

  • Oh sweet. Looks similar to the mining game in Free Realms but more complicated. Looks like fun. :)

  • OMG it’s bejeweled 4: Mystic adventure… right? Well it looks good with move support

  • Looks awesome!

  • Looks good, love to play this type of game every now and then and it releases this tuesday?

    @Alexander Chigorin: Ok, will get Oly to contact you guys at Boolat Games for a review copy since this seems like a very fun game to play. I’m currently playing Cubixx HD and Hamilton’s Great Adventure so another take on the puzzle genre would keep the streak going.

  • Yes finaly!!!!!!

  • this is the type of game that requires a lot of time free to wasting…dont know if I’ll get later.

  • This is clearly a game where Move is intergrated as an afterthought, the motions are so stiff, why even use the move?

  • @WelmoscaBR: I’ve got the time right now since my PS3’s Bluray drive has died and I can’t play retail games. That’s how I’ve gotten so many PSN, PSP and minis reviews done in the last two months.

    @that-acmilan-guy: Well, Move might not be integral to gameplay but it’s always nice to have the option after the $99.99 + tax cost.

  • Is there any chance for a Vita version? I could see a Vita version of this game working out really nicely with the touch screen.

  • @BlackIceJoe: Have to agree. Since PSN games are playable on the Vita it would have to be either a sequel or a huge revamp to the PSN release…

  • @that acmilan guy, the Move controls are more subtle than you can tell. Instead of pointing at the screen with a mouse cursor they made the correct choice of using gesture-based movement.

    Also, did anyone even watch the trailer? It is NOT match-3 Bejewelled concept. Look at Crade of Persia.

  • Cradle of Persia*

  • @4/5, it’s not match-3 and there are NO RPG elements.

  • I showed this to my mother and she’s like “Yay! Now I have a use for that pink PS3 controller!”

    I’m pretty sure this is an HD remaster of 4 Elements II (for PC), which she has played already. Apparently there was no castle upgrades in the PC version. To say the least, she sounds thrilled. ;D

  • Ummm… count me out.

  • I’m going to guess this is a PSN Exclusive?

  • Looks pretty cool and I love the idea of having a puzzle game with Move controls.

  • Most unnecessary use of move controls ever? Looks like an alright game though, I’m not usually into match 3 games though.

  • 10$? It’s free on the iPad (I downloaded it yesterday). The game is nice but I’d pay a max of 3$ for it, 10$ is too much.

  • so that’s where these new avatars came from, interesting,

  • No offence guys, but Matching type games have been done to death. Your last game seemed pretty cool, I played the demo but didn’t buy it because I had some trouble with the controls (couldn’t jump high enough for some reason) but it had a nice aesthetic and seemed interesting. Why not work on something a little bit more unique and creative?

  • I’M SOLD!

  • Also… lots of news? PS+ discount? DLC support post-launch? Sounds awesome.

  • @26 Senjutsu_Dav, the game is free with a $10 in-app purchase to unlock the full game (it’s $5 right now through a promotion). So basically it’s the same price as the PSN version but with a lower resolution.

  • Oh, maybe I was mistaken. It may be free on iPad today only ;D

  • It looks really fun, but I don’t know if it will be worth $10 to me.
    I’ve bought so many of these kind of games already and they lost appeal after one or two times.
    The quests in it might make it worth while though.

    I’m sorry, not trying to sound negative here!
    It’s just that there are so many games competing for our money.If PS+ members get a discount I’ll buy it day 1.

  • Oh yeah, and like blackicejoe said, a Vita version would be nice.
    If this is available on both platforms then it will make me super happy!

  • This looks fun… I will be getting.

  • I loved this game on PC, will buy day one!

  • Another puzzle game I thought was an rpg…o wells.

  • Picked this up today and it’s pretty good. I was expecting the find-the-differences and hidden object stuff from the PC games, but so far I have yet to see them. So far I can’t recommend it at this price.

  • Once the game is priced like it should be (more likely a sale), it shall be purchased.

  • Played it for 3 hours last night and it was a very fun 3 hour run. Will play it over the weekend to get the rest of the trophies and complete the game.

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