Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Weapons – More Ways to Up Your Arsenal

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Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One Weapons – More Ways to Up Your Arsenal

Hey everyone, we’re back with the latest in our Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One weapon series, to give you another taste of the arsenal in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. Insomniac Games keeps bringing the noise with the weapons and we hope you’re getting ready to try them out for yourselves this October.

Get a look at the Pyroblaster, Arc Lasher, Blitzer, and Frost Cannon in action. Don’t forget to keep checking back here for the rest of our gameplay series as we highlight a different aspect of All 4 One with each video, including the rest of the game’s unique weapons!

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  • If you’re gonna be makin “up your arsenal” comments you need to be announcin HD remakes of the first 3 games (nobody cares about Deadlocked). If you already announced it mea culpa.

    OK, now that that’s out of my system – really really looking forward to this game. Big fan of all the games this and last generation (with the exception of the aforementioned exclusion) but now that I’m a dad of 2 growing video game loving boys really really looking forward to this (as almost all of our multiplayer fun has been on that other cheaper smaller whiter system). Can’t wait for Oct.

    Speaking of Oct., glad you guys didn’t wait until Nov. b/c then the wife/mom would make us wait for Santa Claus to bring it to us, but now this will carry us thru autumn. thanks

  • i havent pre order it because i dont know if im gonna be able to pick it up at the store yet , i just had an ankle surgery about 3 weeks ago and im gonna be with a cast and using crutches for 6 weeks , dont know how long the therapy is gonna last though but i cant freaking wait to play All 4 One !!!!!

  • I already watched this video in the LBP VITA post some days ago LOL XD (but now it is fixed obviously).

  • Should be implemented in the blog a way to thumbs up or down a user comment :D

  • I am getting this game along with R3

  • im getting this soley because of the 3D! i did play this at the blog meet up in March in Texas….tis an epic game :)

  • I miss Kevin Butler. Where did he go?

  • at 8 i dont know i thought he was gonna do a motorstorm tv spot

  • @rjejr YES!! HD remake of r&c and also jak & daxter 1,2&3 Jak X isn’t needed.

  • Hey i only have one question and i know it’s out of topic but will the psn users will be able to change their id in future, is there going to be something like that in near future.

  • I’m very excited about this game , I’m still on my challenge playthrough on R&C : A Crack in Time.

  • Ratchet and Clank HD Collection: All 4 in One! :D I loved Deadlocked too



  • i agree with rjejr, a collection of the ratchet games would be a day one purchase

  • once again, i’m loving all of this!

    and yeah, if you guys made an HD collection of the first 4, (or as many games you can cram in one disc) ratchet and clank games, I WOULD TOTALLY BUY IT.

  • its a shame that european accounts…cant get that free avatars…registering at ratchet site.

  • I have a method to up your arsenol.

    Weaponizing enemies!!!!!!

    Make big enemies that can be defeated and used as mounts!!!!!!

    Or a weapon that if every player has it allows you to join together like Power Rangers and become a single multi-weapon entity.

    Frost gun??? really guys? Thats just so original.

    What about a Snot gun to stick enemies to walls or the ground?

    A earth-quake gun that opens up a crack in the ground(or a Crack in Time :}) to swallow one or two enemies?

    A desolver gun that melts enemies down to comical skeletons that are more easily killed.

    Another version of the dancing disco ball thing, that cracks me up everytime.

    Instead of the robot buddy weapon(Mr Zircon?) How about a vehicle with increased mobility and a electricity weapon?

    On that note, let me ride Clank kind of like in Mega man where you have that dog who turns into stuff.

    A compassion gun that makes enemies take damage for you as they feel bad if you get hurt, they wouldnt attack other enemies, just basically turn to meat shields for a little bit.

    Let Clank turn into the headless Hoax man, and throw his head at enemies while making snide comments.

    ETC, Your welcome.

  • @ #14 how did you post beyond the post frame??????

    Thats neat.

  • hey it the oz god,, how tyou been. hope every thignis great with you. this game is coming along wonderful, hopefullt this will be 1st racket and clank game. I made a hard choice to pre order it and buy thanks alot..

    vp-psn legioniaree group

  • yeah come on guys give us what we want!
    ratchet and clank remasterd in HD
    i love that sucker punch made a sly trilogy i even got platinum on all 3 games
    For once listen to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we want trilogy
    please please please!!!!
    once your done with all 4 one Classic HD is waiting for you guys!!!
    we already got mgs collection god of war collection tomb raider trilogy sly trilogy splinter cell trilogy
    il buy them again just to play them on the ps3
    for europe and usa everywhere!!!!!!!

    this has been posted on the europe blog as well PLEASE ANSWER

  • BTW

    title says up your arsenal?

    title in europe says lock and loaded?

    old ps2 ratchet and clank names????



  • since my 60gig died a few months ago & I can no longer play them, I would love it if the released all 4, yes all 4 as I liked deadlocked, as HD remakes/. as for all 4 one, I want to get it but there are already too many games coming out this fall that I want

  • i guess they chan promote all 4 one

    the collection if they decide to make it should be named all 4 in 1

  • YA we should at-least get a remake of the Jak series or R&C series

  • This game looks like such a blast. Can not wait to have four people sitting around doing it up Ratchet and Clank style.

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