Closure Hits PSN Next Spring, Play It At PAX

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Closure Hits PSN Next Spring, Play It At PAX

Hey there! We are very proud to announce that our game Closure will be coming to the the PlayStation Network next spring! For those who haven’t been following our development these past few years, Closure is a unique and stylistic puzzle platformer that takes the concept of light and shadow and twists it up into something never before seen.

You see, in Closure’s dark and foreboding universe, the only things that exist are what you can see. An object properly lit up is physically there, yet an object shrouded in darkness ceases to be. Your character can take advantage of this by manipulating lights to effectively change the shape of the world you’re in. Wanna jump through a wall? Well you can, as long as it’s in darkness.

Closure for PS3 (PSN)

Some of you might be wondering, “Wait, haven’t I played this game before?” You may have. Closure began life as a small and simple web game posted online at the end of 2009. The game was successful enough that we decided to take the unique concept of the game, remake it from scratch, and build it into a much larger, more interesting, and much more polished full sized game. This new version features around 100 puzzles, includes many new and interesting mechanics, an amazing award-winning soundtrack, multiple characters with different stories, beautiful new hand-drawn art, and much much more.

Closure for PS3 (PSN)

If you like mind-bending puzzles or just want to try something new for a change, you’ll definitely want to check out Closure next spring! In the mean time, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more screenshots and updates! Also, if you’re coming to PAX this weekend, you can come play the game at booth 599!

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