The Tester: Season 3 Casting Now Open for Voting

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The Tester: Season 3 Casting Now Open for Voting

Our search for the cast of The Tester: Season 3 continues! Today, community voting begins so anybody can now help select the one lucky gamer who will get a chance to compete for the production job at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

By now, I hope you’ve visited our site, created a profile and uploaded a video to convince the world why you should be selected to compete on the third season of The Tester. If not, don’t worry. It’s not too late because we’re still accepting online auditions until September 16. Remember, the casting directors look at every profile and video. So, even though voting has begun, don’t miss you opportunity to get on the show. Sign up now and create your own profile!

Last year, a majority of the final cast for The Tester: Season 2 came from user submissions on the official site. For some “suggestions” on what makes a good audition video, check out Season 2 contestant Mo Chocolate’s advice in the video below.

We also thought it would be fun to take a look back at the first audition video submitted by Mickey Paradis who you probably know as ‘8-bit Mickey’, winner of last year’s online voting contest :

We’re really excited for this season of The Tester, and you guys in the community are really responding. So invite your friends and family to login and cast their votes for you, their favorite contender! The first round of votes ends on September 16 when we cut the field to only the Top 100, so don’t wait to spread the word.

Be sure to check back to the blog soon for more information on The Tester: Season 3.

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  • Nice!!! & Good Luck to all of you!!!!!!!!

  • I can’t wait to see who will be the next playstation tester!

  • playaplus season 3 hopeful here, hope y’all sign up and help make a gamer’s dream come true

  • Good luck to everyone vying for the tester 3 you better make some good tv or we will hunt you down and burn your high scores

  • Can’t wait to find out if this time they’ll get someone who ISN’T arrogant as MESS.

  • let the voting begin!!!

  • right you are mobius2525, right you are

  • For all the useless hype and absurdity this “seriies” generates it just shows its resources better used elsewhere. Does it produce better games? NO. does it improve PSN for us gamers? NO. It’s only appeal is to those who still watch Jerry Springer and firmly believe its somehow relevent to anything. Cmon sony, lets get something in the home theatre genuinely worth watching, you’ve got a motion picture division and a TV distribution division so you can do much better than this. Stop catering to the lowest common denominator.

  • this is what i want to do when i finish high school :)

  • how much does a tester make?

  • @10 Alot!

  • sometimes i just ask myself, the challenges, that they do in the tester, lets just take an example form the tester 2, there was this challenge where you have to get out of a cage or something, and there was this other one, where you eat food and race in a kart, i mean, what does this all non-sense, have to do with game testing???

    and that is why some people disliked the show.

    now for tester 3, i hope they don’t have pointless Challenges that has NOTHING TO DO WITH GAME TESTING…

  • This bastardization is a joke and a blight to the whole industry. It’s pathetic and even worse are the mindless morons whom freely and willingly sign into the show (just to be made fun of and laughed at as they make a total mockery to both themselves and the industry.) We call these filthy nulls – ‘//hores.


  • I tried to make an account to vote but I can’t. The Tester twitter said u can be 18 and over to vote, and I went to make an account and the minimum age is 21. Please fix this so 1992 is on there.


  • Wow, based on these videos, how ever did either Mo or Mickey get on the show? Losers! Which, of course, they both were. The casting directors are the first lot that need to be recast, because half the finalists were pathetic. I wouldn’t hire them to flip burgers, much less work in Quality Assurance for my favorite game company.

    Take a page from American Idol, which selects finalists who are young, cute & have some talent. For The Tester, pick people who are young, cute & for Kratos’ sake, are good gamers. Never pick somebody who blurts out “I don’t even own a Playstation”. What the…?!!!

    No more low-rent squabbling. At least, don’t feature it. I don’t enjoy watching shows that make me cringe more than 50% of the episode. Bring back Adrienne Curry. Hal Sparks is too smarmy. Put more powder or something on Meredith so she doesn’t sweat so much. And all those tube tops shout “trailer trash”.

    Despite how it sounds, I love The Tester. I just want it to have a little more class & a lot more relevance to the job offer.

  • Im still trying to figure out who in SCEA came up with this idea and why SCEA doesnt see that this is a waste of money that could be used to better the PS3 experience for useful firmware updates that the community still wants.

    The money could be used to create an APP on Android that allows us to access PSN features from our smartphone.

    The money could be used to fund research a new “Rewards program” or something to that effect. Cuz those of us that were in that program know that it didnt work out at all.

    Im sure there is many other useful ways to use the money that is being spent on this waste of a “series”!

  • Sad thing is the winner of this season will become a producer not a tester… Mo or 8-bit Mickey wouldn’t last a day being a producer. And running around obstacle courses and naming games based off box art isn’t going to help them. Then you got people like #9 saying they want to do this right out of high school… Great idea, lets put people with absolutely no industry experience into a leadership role! I was fine with putting the winner into a tester role and letting them work their way up, but putting them into a higher level role is laughable.

    What’s the prize for season 4, SCEA CEO or Studio Lead? What a joke…

  • @10 & 11 Not much… Entry level is like 20-30k. Check out the salary survey on gamecarrierguide

  • mo is awesome.Good luck to all people trying.

  • This was ok at first but why keep doing it annually. I’ll watch again but really last season when people that were on the show that don’t really play games it really turned me off. Whats the point if in the end its going to come down to how good you can play a game. Don’t bring on people that don’t play video games…..


  • ok this has absaloutly NOTHING 2 do with this game but id like to report sombody and i dont know how to send in a grief report so yeah my friend wiskeyBRAVO74 was just recently deranked on mw2 and he was 7th prestige lvl 45 and i just wanted to report that Thank You

  • Awesome!! i can’t wait!! um..does anybody know where to vote? ^.^

  • Man I wanna be a tester rellay bad


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