PAX 2011: PlayStation Passport and Swag Guide

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PAX 2011: PlayStation Passport and Swag Guide

If you’re heading to PAX Prime this week, it will pay to make PlayStation your first destination. Pick up a PlayStation Passport at any PlayStation booth and then check out all five featured PlayStation titles to get your passport stamped and entered into a daily sweepstakes to win collectible prizes, including:

Random winning tickets will be drawn at the PlayStation area at 1:00pm and 5:00pm Pacific Time each day of the show. The PlayStation booths won’t be hard to find, but here’s a simple map if you count yourself among the spatially challenged:

PAX 2011: PlayStation Booth Map

Read on to learn what you’ll get at the PAX PlayStation booth. Keep in mind that the swag options listed here will only be available while supplies last, so you’ll want to move fast!

The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Stop by the booth for a chance at a limited-run ICO t-shirt (featuring the game’s logo on the back) or a limited-run Shadow of the Colossus shirt (with the game’s Japanese logo on the back). I’m told that the t-shirts will be available in very limited quantities.

Shadow of the Colossus t-shirtICO t-shirt

The ICO tee will be given out at 10:30am and 2:00pm on Friday (8/26), and the Shadow of the Colossus t-shirt will be given out at 10:30am and 2:00pm on Sunday Saturday (8/27). Make sure you’re there when the PAX team busts out the boxes, because these shirts will go fast.

Twisted Metal

The Twisted team is bringing 14 multiplayer stations, a new game mode called “Hunted,” and a new level set on the Thrills & Spills Amusement Park. Play the demo and you’ll walk away with a PAX-exclusive latex Sweet Tooth mask (while supplies last, natch). Truly devoted PAXgoers can also get a shot at an ultra-limited-edition Twisted Metal t-shirt by visiting the Twisted Metal booth while wearing a Sweet Tooth clown costume. Only dedicated fans need apply!

PlayStation @ PAX 2011: Twisted Metal

In other news, Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe is serving as the 2011 PAX Prime keynote speaker. On Saturday, he’ll stop by the Twisted Metal booth for autograph signings. Bring those rare copies of the original Twisted Metal!

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Grab your friends and some props before snapping a Ratchet & Clank-themed box art photo. The team will also be handing out free Ratchet, Qwark, Clank or Dr. Nefarious hats (while supplies last) to anyone who comes by to check out the game at the PlayStation booth. Check ‘em out below:

PlayStation @ PAX 2011: Ratchet & Clank All 4 One hats

Here’s the twist: Come back to the booth with three friends while wearing all four hats (All 4 One!) and you’ll score your choice of these sweet t-shirts:

PlayStation @ PAX 2011: Ratchet & Clank All 4 OnePlayStation @ PAX 2011: Blue Jelly

Be sure to share pictures of yourself with our PAX event team at @HeyPlayStation on Twitter. Protip: Tag your photo Tweets with #ratchetpax you might just get something cool in return…

Resistance 3

The Chimeran infection plunges into the heart of PAX with the final public showing of Resistance 3 before September 6th. After trying out the game, you can become a part of the Resistance in the Polite in Public photobooth and get a themed photo taken with a Joseph Capelli outfit and a Marksman rifle prop. You can share your photos online with your friends and the PAX event team at @HeyPlayStation on Twitter. Tag them with #resistancepax so we can keep track of everyone who came by to see us!

Resistance 3

You can also get a shot at a limited-edition Resistance 3 t-shirt by visiting the booth, but make sure you swing by early as supplies are highly limited. Even if you don’t get a shirt, you’ll be able to take on your friends in Resistance 3’s multiplayer, or try out the PlayStation Move sharp shooter support in the campaign mode.


One of the most anticipated shooters of 2012 invades PAX with multiplayer action set in outer space. Stop by the booth to try out 5 vs. 5 Capture the Flag: Everyone who plays will get a chance to walk home with a limited-edition Starhawk t-shirt while supplies last. Supply willing, you can also get your hot little hands on a Starhawk / UNCHARTED 3 swag bag that you can fill up with your various and sundry PAX goodies. Emmett Graves’ massive pistol will also be on-site for photo opportunities.

PlayStation @ PAX 2011: Starhawk

PlayStation @ PAX 2011: UNCHARTED 3PlayStation @ PAX 2011: Starhawk

UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer tells me that PAXgoers will experience a custom-built UNCHARTED theater showcasing an exclusive single-player demonstration designed only for PAX attendees. As you exit the theater, you’ll go hands-on with two new multiplayer maps for UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception – “Desert Village” and “The Highrise.” The Dogs will be handing out a limited number of PAX Prime 2011 exclusive t-shirts each day along with PAX Prime 2011 exclusive PlayStation Store voucher cards redeemable for either a multiplayer character torso item or a mystery weapon skin. You’ll also get a sneak peek at the upcoming UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition for the first time anywhere.

Finally, as part of the PlayStation Passport program at PAX, six lucky raffle winners will receive a limited-edition UNCHARTED poster featuring the cover art from our upcoming comic book. These six posters are truly rare collectibles: they’re each signed by the dev team behind UNCHARTED 3.

UNCHARTED 3 PAX 2011 t-shirt


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  • Wicked!!!!!!!

  • Nice SWAG! The R&C:A4O hats are pretty much IRL versions of the PS Home hats given to those who registered at the R&C site.

  • Nice swag, this sorta makes me feel sad that I’m not going. Any chance of having some those stuff for sale, maybe like a Playstation Swag online store? The Team Ico shirts and U3 poster looks really dope.

  • i want the sotc tee. that is sick

  • nothing playstation vita related?

  • Holy cow thats awesome! So much awesomeness. Sony is on FIRE!!! How I would love to go just to get my dirty little mits on those ico/SotC tshirts. I know people are going to love this years PAX :D

  • lolz they actually said swag… The PR department at works….

  • What do the Resistance shirts look like?

  • I can never get any swag because no one ever visits Florida… :( And well, I don’t have the money to travel to the conventions… :(

  • So, still no “full” details about the “Subway Early MP Access for Uncharted 3” promotion?

  • ^yeah Florida needs some love too :P all those goodies are real nice

  • Sid! Canada’s FanExpo is also this weekend. any idea what kind of swag we can get there? :P

  • No R3 shirts at SDCC but a bunch at PAX :/

  • The Starhawk shirt looks badass!! One of my friends and I will be there on Friday. We’re going straight to find Starhawk to try and get those shirts.

  • Omgggg SWAAAGGGGGGGGGGGG wish I could have gone this year!

  • Oh come on we never get any of this stuff here in the UK :(

  • How can us loyal fans not able to attend Pax get are hands on some of that AMAZING swag!

  • Anything for PS Home?

  • DAMN! DAMN!! I don’t think I will be making it out to PAX this year. Missing out on all the sweet SWAG is definitely not like me… SMH…


  • I’d give my first born son for that sweet tooth mask.

  • OMG!!! I want that uncharted shirt also that sweet tooth mask.

  • I don’t want swag, I just wanna go to PAX! Please? Pretty please?

    Any chance you’re giving away tix? Or a way to win tix? thanks!

  • BTW, any meet-ups this year? Loved last year’s @ Top Pot! Got some awesome schwag then…

    Just wish I can make it but it sold out faster than we expected. :(

  • I’d weep elephant blood just to get one of those awesome Sweet Tooth Masks. I won’t even go into what I’d do for the Shirt

  • too bad cant get any t-shirts here in Nashville TN :(

  • Will there be any other way of obtaining one of those Sweet Tooth masks other than attending PAX?

  • Gawd! I couldn’t get tickets a day after they were released on the site two months ago! That’s ridiculous! The convention center can easily hold plenty of people…

  • any news on when sunday ticket is coming to ps3 ???

  • And I’m gonna be a free samples guy at a Safeway out in the Seattle Suburbs the whole weekend. :(

  • No Vita’s at PAX? BOOO!

    I had better see some at Toronto’s Holiday Preview Event to make up for this.

  • stuff like this never happens in nyc.. its always ca,or seattle

  • Pax needs to do a better way of advertising pax. Tickets sold out way sooner than last years. I’ve missed 2 years in a row now. And, this is the best year to go.

  • That Shadow of the Colossus shirt looks awesome. I hope there is a way for us at home to snag one. Pretty Please. NOTE; i said pretty please.

  • Hey, you might want to know that the 27th isn’t a Sunday? It’s the day after Friday.. lol..

  • First Time in 5 Years I’m not able to go to PAX and it’s the best of the handouts. I had surgery and can’t walk for long periods of time so I gave my tickets to a co-worker.

    Oh well. Dear Sony work out a deal for the SoTC/ICO t-Shirts with Hot Topic or somebody please.

  • I almost had a nerdgasm at that Sweet Tooth Mask/Shirt! Is there any way of getting those for Halloween? XD Halloween is my Birthday ya know…

    No seriously…will there ever be a part of the PStore where you can buy T Shirts and accessories for REAL LIFE? I would love that! Just another way to earn more extra income…for more amazing games! >:D

    Been a Twisted Metal fan since I first started playing PSOne. Ahhh, good memories playing Twisted Metal 2 and Crash Team Racing xD

  • Is there going to be any PS Home Swag? My friends is Seattle just informed me that they are not going this year. I was too late for tickets. There are too many games to pick up right now any

  • STARHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anyway for us to get this Swag?

    Maybe pay for it.

  • Where the heck was playstation @ Pax East? Socom 4 was the only thing you guys had to show? You could share the love/prizes/swag/demos. If the press can access playable builds months before pax east make it playable @ pax prime/east.

  • I’m still mad you didn’t do anything for PAX East! One game, really?! That’s all you could bring???

  • Man this sucks that us normal people you can’t go to conventions can get our hands on this awesome content.
    Shirts especially.

  • Hopefully there is some giveaways through Twitter and the PS Blog for some of this…

    Also, can we please get a Playstation Blog meetup at the Playstation Pavilion at Disney World? It is the perfect spot for a meetup and I am surprised that one has not taken place yet.

  • Oh COME ON! That Shadow tee is so DOPE! Sony, why you no love us East Coasters? :(

  • I still have don’t know if (one of the best PS game) Metal Gear, is going to be available for PSVITA? Can someone please tell me?

  • more events in the east coast, lol.. boston has 2 huge convention centers which have hosted anime events and everything under the sun except for video gamo-po’s .. the hynes convention center is smack in the center of one of the most easily accessed places, copley square.. can transit via foot / train bus etc.. there is a train that takes you right there.. place is huge and most importantly the average income in that part of the city is high ranking regionally . bay side expo is huge and of course the newly named and rebuilt boston convention and expo center which is 4 star in conventions centers. huge.. gamers would go because all three are simple to get to. boston convention right by train/amtrack. and you could walk from on to any three by foot.. rhode island,maine,conneticut,new york etc would go, 40 dollar bus/train straight there from all 4 states, boston is a nice host,period.

  • pax east was a success from what i gather, maybe more events here.. hoping.. begging,lol..more boston !! or east coast please

  • Hate that I can’t get some awesome swag because I can’t go to these things. Let me buy this stuff sheesh. D:

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