Over 8 Million Zombies Killed in PlayStation Home + Sodium Silicon Lounge & More

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Over 8 Million Zombies Killed in PlayStation Home + Sodium Silicon Lounge & More

The Dead Island Total Game Integration continues in PlayStation Home as the second wave of the zombie horde is unleashed this week. Head to the Central Plaza this Thursday, August 25th and craft a new weapon – the Double Axe (which, by the way, allows for one of the coolest finishing moves in this game). Then get to hacking, slashing, bludgeoning, shooting, decapitating, and dismembering swarms of zombies in a series of bloody, hyper-violent challenges that allow you unlock a host of unique rewards – including the exclusive “Exploding Zombie Meat” weapon for use in Dead Island. Help the community reach 20 million kills and we’ll give everyone a special severed zombie head virtual item. What are you waiting for? Log in to PlayStation Home to play the Dead Island-themed “Zombie Survivor Game” and then preorder Dead Island directly from Central Plaza to receive an added bonus, the “Exploding Zombie Suit” – not available anywhere else!

Lockwood Publishing proudly presents the new Sodium Silicon Lounge personal space, available this Thursday. Set in a secret desert location, the Silicon Lounge is a visually-dazzling personal space that serves as a counterpart to the Sodium Hub. The Silicon Lounge personal space features:

  • Ultra-cool after dark desert setting
  • Colorful and stylish neon environment
  • Animated interactive dance floor
  • Integrated Lockwood Gift Machine
  • Luxury underground hideaway snug
  • Teleporters to Sodium2, SodiumOne and the Sodium Hub
  • Animated raised stage area

The Silicon Lounge also comes in 3 excellent value bundles, so be sure to head to the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to add this excellent personal space to your collection.

The PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week with the highly-anticipated Combat Armor Suits (as seen on last week’s post), Deus Ex costumes courtesy of our friends over at Square Enix, Lockwood’s Paintball items, and Konami’s new “gothic” collection. Add these awesome items to your collection when they hit the shelves this Thursday morning!

CRS Billboard

Gothic post

Double Time Paintball (Female)

The PlayStation Home Community Theater receives yet another enormous update this Thursday. Watch as Hip Hop Gamer checks out the new Sony Bravia HX929 TV with its new blazing refresh rate. Next, PSTALENT.COM returns with the latest installment of The Spotlight. Afterwards, Replay with Doc takes a look at Payday: The Heist. Finally, HomeCast Rewind provides a special news report of the devastating zombie invasion in Central Plaza.

In case you haven’t heard, the next phase PlayStation Home’s evolution is coming this Fall. This renovation of PlayStation Home’s core experience integrates games, quests, community events and user-generated content, while providing players with additional navigation, shopping, socialization and entertainment options. You can read more about this exciting news HERE.

See you in Home!

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  • any word on new features we might get when the Hub hits? Like our wardrobe storage being fixed… or name titles put on our item’s cloths so we know what is what…

    or item increase past the 50 item limit? or an active item increase past the 2 limit?

    That would be good news?

    Let us know!

    By: DCS

    • The features you are requesting are dependent on additional development on the core client. It should be noted that the update announced yesterday is not a core client update. That said, new features and functions on the core client level are continually being developed, and updates will continue to optimize Home’s performance and provide you with a better experience. More news regarding the next core client update will be shared with you all soon.

  • very nice cosumes from Lockwood, Konmai & the CAS armor but thi has been up 4 discussion for like a week or so & the question is this…how much will the Silicon Lounge be? & it says that it comes in 3 value bundles but wat is the price of the space itself?

  • cool but i find the game hard. loved the last home update!!!!!!! finally home is geting A LOT of new stuff. as soon as something is starting to get boring u guys add a bunch of new and awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yo wat up locust? are you guys aware of the gift machine problems?? also can we get pictures in the clubhouse?? eventually??

  • I Love the Silicon Lounge Personal Space, i think its sooo awesome with all the colors, the floors and everything else but again ………..its like getting a hospital with no equiptment, no nurses, no doctors, in this case , no MUSIC , We have Qriocity available, why not come up with some radio (active item) loaded with hundreds if not thousands of songs to buy and im talking about (top of the charts music) not pre loaded melodies that gets boring after the second run, i hope Lockwood or any other creative company comes up with this. I hope that in the “NEW AND IMPROVE HOME” we will be able to change clothes anywhere even at our friend`s personal space.

  • when will the C.A.S come out and how much will it cost? THANKS!! i love all the new stuff coming to home!! XD

  • So when Dead Island comes out, will it move to have it’s own public space? I’m assuming zombies won’t be allowed to take over central plaza forever lol Also will more dead island costumes be coming soon?

    • The Dead Island event is limited-time only – so get in there while it lasts. There are no additional DI costumes being released (be sure to preorder the game from Home to get the exclusive Exploding Zombie suit) but there are new furniture rewards that can be unlocked as you progress through the waves.

  • So the price on these CAS outfits is?

  • i agree wit ericka about the music, even if its was like 25 49 99 cent per song, playground music is wack!!! then HOMES trademark bowlin alley and and pooltables, y are they not available for purchase??? a space wit a private alley, wer waitin!!!!!

  • I have questions if you don’t mind answering…
    1.) So with the new Home coming this Fall is the PlayStation Trophy room coming?!

    2.) Will PS Home support the PS+ online automatic could saving?

    3.) Will PlayStation Home have trophies?!

    Thanks! Looking forward to the new Home. :)

  • 4.) Also will there be an increase item limit in our homes?! I haven’t bought a new apartment in the Estates because of the limit. :(

  • I have been asking for the Recycling Bin , just like the 1 we have for our computers, i want to be able to send all the crap (Free Tshirts and others ) into the recycle bin and never see them again, i dont want them, not even in my storage, it just takes up space therefore making looking for an specific item much more longer and annoying.
    Like i said before HOME MALL is a PAY IN REAL MONEY MALL , so why til this day we dont have a BUY BACK, TRADE IN, RETURN, EXCHANGE policy………… when anybody in the world goes out to the mall and buy a piece of clothing or any other item, if they dont like it or dont want it, simply go back to the MALL and RETURN IT or EXCHANGE IT , HOME MALL just keeps on taking without the chance to return it or exchange.I am 100 percent sure many shoppers such as myself will appreciate this feauture.

  • MEH! no new deco items? these updates are getting skinny lately. I’m sure there’s a lot to do with the upcoming update to Home but I need some virtual goodies that aren’t costumes. :(

  • meh. Its a ok update.

  • NDreams Horror pack?

  • would it be possible to add a feature that will allow you further edit your avatar in the means of clothing coler i.e changing the default shirt to red or green?

  • I think Home is going in the right direction , i dont want to be a pessimist BUT , im sick and tired of getting Harrasss by annoying newbies, when i say NO, they start calling me names, when i fight back with words less offensive than theirs, i am the one that got suspended for 7 days, i got treats of getting reported just because i fought back , i took 4 pictures of the chat log to prove what goes on in Home and Peoples Vocabularies.Even with MUTE , they start getting on their knees and putting their virtual face all over my lower bottom front and back , yet victims get penalize while these trouble makers go FREE without punishment.
    Im also tired of them referring to anything they dont like as being Gay………oh your hair is Gay, the color of your shoe is Gay, the pants you wearing is GAY, im out this place is Gay , i mean when does it stops ? , I dont want to share my Home time in the same place as these people , most of them minors, who their parents believe to have little angels as kids and got them the PS3,but im sure they dont know what they do in Home or how they behave , im an adult and i dont want this, . Have them have their own space, so they can be as annoying to each other as they want to .

  • hey locust_star? is the assins creed space ever going to geet a new update. and when the new home is here will u keep the bench thats in central plaza in the new location. i no that was alot of peoples first glitch on home it wont be the same. thanks

  • Can’t wait for wave 3, great event. LS any plans to release the football outfit from the Mansion video clips?

  • When is the Winter Villa going to come out?

  • Cool!!!!

  • Pretty nice update. The paint gear looks nice, I love the pants.



  • any idea if we EVER gonna get a personal space in which noone has to leave to change clothes ?
    would be great if we could get YouTube in our Televisions
    Movies and Music…………….would be great
    How about an INVISIBLE FEATURE …. that lets you get in Home and walk around but still show on your friends list as OFFLINE , sometimes i dont feel like talking to anybody but still, i want to be able to get into Home without appearing as ONLINE to any of my friends.

  • I totally agree with Erickafollie too, a recycling bin would be awesome, given the fact that i have many Midway Tshirts , 4 FORD dancing guys i cant stand, and other things i would like to get rid of , and can you please pass the word, if any company is making new COSTUMES , can you tell them to NOT put PRESET FACES on it , we want our avatar`s face in it, not some random weird looking face .also i agree with the (return,exchange,buyback,trade in ,donate) Program, it would be much appreciate it .

  • Is there anything besides costumes being released for Deus Ex. Would you happen to know if the companions for the Deus Ex QR Mission will be released soon it was posted on the blog a while back and nothing has been mentioned of it since?

  • I keep seein this total game integration for Dead island. Is that supposed to be like the old game integration, not like that universal dumb one. Where we can ACTUALLY set up a game party up and go into a game to where we’re supposed to be, instead of just loading the game for everyone, and having to set it all up and group again? Or is it just this mini game in home?

  • so if the community now has a goal of 20 million kills in the Dead Island minigame for the severed zombie head, are we going to get some sort of counter or tracker so we know how close or far away we are from it? like the one in the Sodium Hub for the scorpions.

  • Eh, guess i’ll wait until we get “The Hub”.

  • we need Resistance 3 stuff in home afterall EU got shirts

  • was the challenge reset problem fixed?

  • im with #11. im not using home until it gets trophys, so it would be nice, to get a “yes or no” for the trophy suport for home, and home games.

  • To bad jack you guys cant give me better heads up on these things so i can incorparte them into the lbp home levels :)

  • I need HELP with this problem I’ve had for quite some time, now.

    Every time I use the voice function on Playstation Home, I can’t hear anyone’s complete sentence.
    I will, only, hear half of a sentence and the rest of it cuts in and out.
    Sometimes, I can’t hear anything at all. So I’ll have a person repeat what they said over and over.
    It’s, extremely, irritating.

    It’s funny, though.
    This only happens on Home.
    My headset on regular Voice Chat works perfectly.

    Is there any way to fix this?

  • wait what i was using the double axe and playing wave 2 when it came out. i was hopping for wave 3 but it says its for september

  • @erickafollie, i cannot agree more. it’s so bad that i either stay in my personal spaces or disable my text so that i don’t see anyone’s speech bubble or random sexually harassing PMs. sucks that these kids still send harassing messages to my account. it’s annoying to have to do all this because i’d like to make some cool female friends, but because i don’t feel like dealing with these jerks on HOME, i just disable all texts so i’m not bothered. but they will do silly things like you said, put their avatars face in your crotch or buttocks. my god so irritating!! and nothing is being done about these idiots!

  • =( Im sad my friends are trying to send me some paid for gifts from lockwood and some of the free items but its not working and by the time it does they will likely not be free anymore =( is this going to be fixed before theymake you pay for them again?

  • I think they should make t so you can trade gear, items with other members.

  • @ Locust_Star

    Will the Combat Armor Suits come to Asia as well? Pls answer!

    If not then why!?! Do Westerners hate Asia so much?

  • i was disappointed with wave 2. I was hoping we would be playing in a new area or atleast a larger portion of the central plaza.

  • Hey everyone it’s me,how everyone doing,hope you all enjoying home.As you can see by my id i am the biggest celebrity in home (that’s still alive anyways,yes i know there is a Michael Jackson dude runnin round).
    I totally agree with most peoples comments a recycle bin,mors items in personal spaces etc.just remember every one knows the Queen is me MJB,peace and love to everyone and you NOOBS stop misbehaving.

  • looks cool ^^

  • I really dont believe the space is just going to be 4.99 yall need to lower down prices on costumes and spaces because I pay too much for psn home gear and the C.A.S suits I know their going to be like 10 bucks watch Ill but one but man please lower down the prices =[ Oh and can yall make more dance moves im getting tired of all the same dance moves come on” I already pre-ordered Dead Island cant wait till it comes out make a Avatar for Dead Island as well so my friends can see im too bust killing zombies instead of inviting me to a Black Ops match lol

  • Please bring Home to the PS Vita!

  • ps home hub update happinin now

  • whats up

  • I was thinking about some comments people have posted on here regarding the behaviour of some people,maybe there should be a space where only regular Home users could go,lets say determined by how long they have been a member of the Home community or better still if we could have a vote system where say if someone received lets say 6,8 or even 10 votes then they got booted,i think i have seen a system like this in a game i have played before not that i play many games.At least this way we can keep people that act stupid in Home down in numbers.

  • Hey Locust_Star I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem but the Deus Ex combat armor bundle isn’t working. As in if you put it in your basket and go to checkout it says this item is not available will this be fixed soon?

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