Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Hadokens PSN Today

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Hadokens PSN Today

Today is the day that fighting game fans from around the world have been waiting for — Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition is about to go live on the PlayStation Store! We are super excited to be bringing what gaming websites have been calling a piece of fighting game history to all of you to enjoy. For those of you who haven’t seen this game in action, check out the launch trailer below.

One of the deepest and most sophisticated fighting games of all time, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition maintains an arcade-perfect experience while including additional features such as updated graphics, a deep online experience, and a new challenge system that encourages players to push themselves and reap rewards for accomplishments that go far beyond mere wins and losses.

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition will be available to download later today on PlayStation Network for $14.99. Check out a sampling of reviews Third Strike has been getting:

“The best Street Fighter game to be released on the downloadable market yet. It’s the same game many of you have been playing for the last 12 years, only improved in every area”
IGN – 9/10

“It’s my opinion that this is the single most compelling and well-balanced roster in a Street Fighter title to date”
Destructoid – 9/10

“A fantastic fighting game given new life in an example of a re-release crafted to perfection… it will kick your arse and make your knuckles bleed”
ReadyUp – 9/10

“It’s your duty as a fighting game fan to pay homage to the game that gave us one of the greatest moments in fighting history and showed the masses what makes the genre so special”
1UP – A

“3rd Strike [is] one of the most technical and tactical fighting games ever… you owe it to yourself to play this classic”
NowGamer – 9.2/10

“Few would argue that it’s anything but the pinnacle of 2D competitive Street Fighter design”
EuroGamer – 9/10

Get hyped guys, because it’s time you realize that it’s the Third Strike that counts!

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2 Author Replies

  • PLEASE UPDATE THE STORE! I want to play! :(

  • Will there be a demo available for Street Fighter III?

  • Hurry and update the store please! I’ve been waiting for months for this game. I even got up extra early today.

  • can you hurry up and update the store!!!. i got this preordered

  • Its time to realize that capcom isn’t doing their job right in every way, in no way I’ll be supporting them by buying their Street Fighter games anymore.

  • so much for psn to get this one day before xbla. you would think that the games would be available immediately, just like when a hard copy gets released to the public in stores. it’s 2:15 cst and still no game.

  • Yes, pre ordered, can’t just dealing with sony to get my 3.00 dollar discount back…

  • WISHED that this game was AUTOMATICALLY DOWNLOADED to my console this morning at six! I know “Auto-Download’s” purpose is to download new patches for different games, including media sections such as Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. That goes for uploading save data(s) as well. Just wished Sony AND YOU(!!! CAPCOM!!!) would allow us to automatically download this game, full game to our consoles, so we can play without having the need to go to PSN Store to manually select the game then download the game!!! :-( But good to know it is here TODAY!!!

  • @6, Except… this IS the store. There is no hard copies. If you want the game, you get it when the store ships it. Which is later today.


  • I don’t usually write on the forum, but this is a day 1 purchase for me. W/ Parasite Eve 2 and SF3:TS, it’s a pretty big week for ps3/psp.

    Not to mention the anticipation of sales.

  • i want it now!!!

  • Update the store and I’ll give a ____. Already got it pre-ordered and paid for, just waiting on you guys.

  • I just have this feeling that the store is going to update late again this week please just be before 7 pm eastern time

  • How is Capcom not doing their job? They put out the best fighting and action games in the history of gaming. Even if you’re a Capcom hater for whatever reason…if you’re a fan of fighting games and playing online you should buy this game anyway in support of GGPO netcode.

  • Store. Update. Now. Please.

  • Considering I’m at work, I’m not too put off by the wait, but isn’t the purpose of a pre-order to get the game quickly. I don’t think we should have to wait until the store updates, especially with the PS+ privileges some of us have.

  • Been playing 3rd Strike since 5am (est) There is a Demo live on HK PSN in english goodness

    The Demo has Dudly, Ibuki, and Ryu playable… along with thier Trails and standard Parry Trail. Also has Local Verse play.

    Thank god Play Asia and HK PSN E Cards… I dont have to wait Like everyone else…^_^ back work with Necro

  • What’s the deal with the low quality Youtube-replay? This is going to be fixed right? I saw some footage and god-damn is was like going back to the 8-bit era.

  • Is it up yet? :/

  • Playstation, this bad-ass theme is teasing me. Please, for the love of all [DELETED] god, update your store.

  • update the store….


  • 18- did you even live in the 8bit area or are you just needing to cry?

  • is sf3 on the psn yet? I’ve been waiting since 12 midnight like a fool o_O lol

  • This game have DRM online ???

  • lol you’d have to be a fool to start waiting at midnight . We’ll be lucky to get it by midnight tonight .

  • Come on psn.
    Update the store!!!!’

  • I’m glad Capcom decided to do this. There are people that still buy what’s good, and not just what’s there.

  • What is DRM

  • Oh, sorry for the swear

  • Wow. You kids are complaining an awful lot. Its just a video game, go play something else, or god forbid, read a book.

  • DRM is Digital rights management. It’s what Ubisoft got some slack for on their recent game From Dust. Because they were unclear about what type of DRM it would have.

  • Ok thank you

  • Gotta go to work, but will download when I get home! Question, I pre-ordered the game through the PS PLAY thing. Since I did that will the game show up for free when the Store updates or should I get an email or what? Can’t wait!

  • @29

    Because I love preordering games and them not being available for me to pick up when I go to the store. Same thing

  • @33 So you want developers to release a game at your convenience?

  • I WANT NAO. When will it it update?

  • yes started to download it

  • @34
    Nope. I paid for the game over a week ago, and today is the day I expect to play it.

  • Its out?

  • HURRY UP!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TODAY IS AUG 24 NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah under search….and scroll down till u see it

  • It’s out on the store if you preordered. Just go on the Playstation Play thing on the store and click on the free download! Mine is downloading now!

  • @37 and it is still the 23rd. Today is not yet over.

  • Nice trailer, now where is the game?? It’s already past 4pm EST. What was the point of preordering if we can’t even get our hands on the game early in the day?

  • It’s out guys it is out

  • PC version since you’re forcing GGPO to drop their support on PC?

    Capcom’s PC-strategy for fighting is so weirdly battered wife feeling.

    “Oh, you get SF4, but pirates pirated that so you don’t get SSF4! Oh, come back baby, you get SSF4: AE, but you don’t get Marvel 3 or SF3SOE… but you may get Street vs Juggleken!”

  • Its out guys! DL it now

  • Downloading now, thanks to searching “Street Fighter Online” had to scroll through a couple of avatars, but i’ll be playing in 4 minutes!

  • Add me man^^^^ I need training on sf3 I’m good at ssf4AE

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