SingStar Song Packs Coming to PSN Today

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SingStar Song Packs Coming to PSN Today


I’m happy to tell you that starting today you’ll be able to expand your SingStar track library by purchasing a great selection of downloadable SingStar Song Packs that were previously only available on the SingStore via the PlayStation Store as well in the U.S. and Canada.

To start, you’ll be able to choose from 49 packs including party-starting essentials like the Britney Spears, Bon Jovi: Rock, The Jackson 5 and Alternative 80s Song Packs. Each pack has five songs and will be available for download via PSN for $6.99. Additional SingStore Song Packs will be coming to PSN soon; but for now, check out the full list of packs that will be available today!

80’s Essentials: Country Motor City Soul
80s Part 2 Essentials: For Boys Natalia
a-ha Essentials: For Girls No Doubt
Alternative 80s Essentials: Party Starters Oklahoma!
Billy Joel Essentials: Pop Classics Paul McCartney
Blondie Essentials: Pop Stars Pop Ballads
Bon Jovi: Ballads Essentials: Rock Anthems Roxette Ballads
Bon Jovi: Rock Festive Fun Snow Patrol
Britney Spears Festive Fun 2 Snow Patrol 2
Classical Il Divo Soft Rock Ballads
Coldplay Island Records Songs From Andrew Lloyd Webber
Coldplay 2 Kings Of Leon Take That 2
Crowded House Krezip The Jackson 5
Dizzee Rascal Lady Gaga The Saturdays
Duran Duran Lionel Richie and the Commodores US5
Eddy Grant Lostprophets Vagrant Records

Once you’ve purchased your Song Packs on the PlayStation Store, just pop in your favorite SingStar disc and you’ll be given the option to start downloading your songs. Then your SingStar carousel will be instantly updated to include your new tunes and you’ll be ready to start hitting the high notes alongside your favorite artists and music videos.

So head over to the PlayStation Store or the SingStore to stock up on SingStar Song Packs. The choice is yours!

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  • Sounds like a great update…thanx!

    On a related matter…Wireless Mics for North America please!

  • Will there be Singstar Dance Packs Available?

  • But Rock Band Network can only get 5 songs a week?

  • Still wating in wireless mic for north america!!!!!

    Please release them here, whats the big deal?

    These music packs look good, but i need the wireless mic to play this game again.

  • Ok, cool… but I want more updates. You guys were doing so good for a while, then nothing.

  • Nice! keep up the great work!

  • I guess this is cool, but… it’s not new content, just being sold on a more universal store, right?

  • Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics. Wireless Mics.

  • @burningwind no music is added, the same stuff that was in the SingStar Store is moving to the PSN Store.

    This is completely useless if you ask me, except we can now point out they aren’t adding any new songs to either store.

  • Ah, weird.

  • Logitech wireless mics (that use a USB interface) work great, as do a number of others. While it’s probably flattering that people want an “official” PlayStation/SingStar branded wireless mic, there’s nothing preventing anyone from using a third-party one.

    Jonesing for some Cobra Starship videos, preferrably with Dance support. Also, more Duran Duran tracks from the 1990s and 2000s, please!

    We’re really looking forward to DanceStar, especially if it bumps the video and audio quality up a few notches and has head/body tracking like The Fight and Kung-Fu live!

    Will most SingStar content also work in Dance Star?

    PS: To repeat the complaints in the Home post, the load times for SingStar are ridiculous given what the program does — been waiting on a patch to fix it for years now. HD install FTW!

  • That’s nice that all of this stuff is coming to psn :)…….. But where the hell is final fantasy 5 and 6? -_- pe2 was good but only one ps1 classic out? C’mon Sony pick your game up with psn. Like early morning updates and better content.

  • @Guardian_Bob, they added songs (and Dance/Guitar content) twice in July. They just weren’t making posts on the blog, for some reason.

  • It’d be great if we’d get some newer songs, like from this year or last. The newest song that I’ve seen is “Perfect” by P!nk. I mean, yes, there are some great songs from over the years, but you’re neglecting the present. It can’t be that terribly hard to get the rights to songs from the past few years.

  • Will this allow us to re-download the songs in case our PS3 breaks?

    My HDD died on me last year and I lost all the songs I had purchased on the NA and EU stores. I called Sony customer support and they wouldn’t let me re-download the songs I paid for because I was the one who installed a new HDD instead of sending it for repairs.

  • DeviantBoi, there is an easy way to do it. Go to post number 5 on here

    Follow their advice. Worked fine for me. Actually it’s one of the stickied posts on the Singstar Forums within the US.Playstation Blog. It might take 3 days to a week, but it’s fairly hassle free.

    As far as the singstar crew… Why do we have no way to play Singstar DLC using the Singstar viewer. Update that to where it’ll allow us to play without popping in a disc. That would be so convenient. I would play the game WAY more if I didnt’ have to look for the discs, and you might actually get people to try it out, and buy DLC and then maybe get addicted and get the discs. What do you have to lose? Give yourself free advertising by letting people try out Singstar with DLC and play their DLC songs without the disc. Win/Win

  • Does this mean I can download them on the three PS3s I’ve purchased? Having them locked to the downstairs system and needing them on the upstairs one is a pain, so that would be super welcome!

  • Also, i’ve bought hundreds of songs from the singstore, will I have to pay again to download them to my second system?

  • Now, if only they’d allow us to import songs from the various discs to the HDD…

  • @sydra, that may be limited by the terms of the publishers they license the songs from. for songs published by Sony/BMG, you’d figure they’re be able to…


  • it is the same content thats in the singstore, you can only have it on one system and you have to go to purchase history in game to download it if purchased from the regular storefront.

    also, there have been song updates every other week, they just havent been posted on the US blog. Check the EU blog for them, with the latest one today.

    Although i would like to see these updates in North America and i would like to know if we are getting anymore “catch up” updates on the store to make our content closer to that of the UK. If its not done at a regular update maybe we could get some fill-ins on off weeks of normal updates?

  • my question is are the Melodies there as well? I know most of the packs come with a medley if I buy from the PSN Store do we still get them?

  • Nice now give me Depeche Mode, Gun’s N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Metallica, More MCR and RHCP.

  • I love the fact that Singstar isn’t left out but you guys should update packs with spanish songs i personaly love the 80’s and It be amazing if you guys could throw some spanish songs in the updates as well. Thank you !! ^______^

    PS: Singstar is awesome.

  • Useless without Wireless Mics.


  • These are all old packs we could already get. Any way we could get all the ps2 songs put into packs for us to download or new packs.

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