ModNation Racers: Forget About Your Troubles and Your 9 to 5

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ModNation Racers: Forget About Your Troubles and Your 9 to 5

We have been making you work pretty hard lately with all the new DLC to play with so we thought we owed you a little pampering. This week is all about you. Sit back, relax, put your feet up, pour yourself a nice cold beverage and settle in for some good MNR times.

Double XP Week
For starters, here is a little helping hand to take the load off of that grueling Level 30 trek you are on – Double XP Week is August 21st – 28th. Enjoy!

FREE DLC “Drop” For The 9-5’ers!
Hey you…! Yes you, we know you work hard during the week and deserve a little extra something for the effort on the weekends. Our next Free DLC Giveaway will be this upcoming Sunday, August 28th. Check our Facebook page throughout the day for some free random DLC… so you’ve got that going for you!

Build A Better Track: Video Tutorial
Thanks to Argorox for this video that will make EVERYONE a better track creator!

ModNation Racers For Vita: “Name The Game”
Thanks go out to all who submitted their ideas for the name of the upcoming ModNation Vita game. We collected close to 3,000 title suggestions and approx. 2,990 of those were really good.

Some that didn’t work out…

  1. The Game Formerly Known As ModNation Racers
  2. ModNation Cornucopia of Awesomeness Racers
  3. ModNation Racers : touchy-feely-makey-racey
  4. ModNation Racers: Get in, Sit down, Shut Up!
  5. Modnation: Better than What’s-his-face Kart
  6. Modnation Racers: Next Generation Extreme Vital Turbo Adrenaline Racing With Radical Editors And Community Support Featuring Driving Related Stuff To The Max Special Edition

Good effort though! We will keep these on file!

Top Tracks: ModNationSD’s Favorites
By popular demand, the next two weeks Top Tracks will feature ModNationSD’s Ten Favorites. This is an almost impossible task to narrow all the great tracks down to 10 but I’ll give it my best. The final week I will post an entire list of my Top 25 favorites! So here we go… (in no order)
ModNation Player Profile: PSN: maverick–07–
Most never get the opportunity to actually “race” maverick–07–. A race constitutes everyone having an equal opportunity to finish 1st. When maverick–07—is in the room, that glimmer of hope goes out the window. He is one of the very best! READ HERE. Maybe we will all learn something new!

ModNation Thursday Fun Races
Join ModNationSD for an evening of fun racing Thursdays from 5:00-6:00 PST. This is a great opportunity to meet some great people in a casual racing environment. Bring your favorite Mods and Karts and strut your stuff out on the track. Check our ModNation Facebook page on the day of the races on how to join.

Creations of the Week:

Track of The Week:
Disaster City by Argorox

Hot Lap Tracks:
Monday: Arcadia Nova v1.0 by Iop330 – For a second I thought I was playing a track created by UFG! A seamless blend of Big City and Gladiator DLC used to near perfection!
Tuesday:Disaster City by ArgorokX – If ugly is the new beautiful then this track is drop dead gorgeous!
Wednesday: South West Balloon Fiesta by athiestsw – if beautiful is the new ugly then this track makes me want to hurl!
Friday: Koushien Ball Park by big-village_920_ – always good to see a big-village_920_ track!
Saturday: Outlands by Lloyd2k4 – Lloyd2k4 seems to have a liking for well-manicured gardens… and making great tracks!
Sunday: Vallis Bellatorum by jefferzone, prob_alex and Laidbackcat – probably the most laidback, “in the zone” collaborations I’ve seen. Get it?

Kart of The Week:
Dragon Hunter Machine by R_Kaim

See you on the track!

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20 Author Replies

  • Waaaaa?? “ModNation Racers : touchy-feely-makey-racey” not good enough!?


    Double XP woot! Any new DLC coming up?

    Fingers (& everything else) crossed that Europe gets the Oil Stain Mod & Kart this week!

  • the only game that can make me a GOOD creator is modnation…i love lbp but…all my levels suck…they should make a how to be good at making levels in lbp

  • Modnation Racers: Next Generation Extreme Vital Turbo Adrenaline Racing With Radical Editors And Community Support Featuring Driving Related Stuff To The Max Special Edition was MY suggestion. Too bad it didn’t work out. :(

  • is modnation racers a good game to buy?

  • So the core fame is 30 buck. I would like to get it, but am worried about all the dlc? You have so much out it would cost more then 100 more bucks to get it all.

    Any chance of a complete edition or some type of download package?

    • No plans at this time. With online play you can still race 1,000’s of tracks with the DLC, just not create. I’m a little bias but I thinks it’s worth a purchase for sure!

  • I just hit Level 30 over the weekend. BEYOND!

  • I saw the Modnation Racers for PS Vita and it looks awsome! It’s amazing how much detail can be put onto a hand-held gaming system. Time to announce the Playstation 4!

    I’ve been looking foward to double xp, so this is pretty sweet!

  • How do I enter one of my creations into the creation of the week thing?

  • @8

    Go to Modnation Racers website, and click on the forums tab. Then click on the “ModNation Racers News Updates & Events”. From there you can choose which area you would like to submit your creation to (ie: Track of the week, Hot lap, and mod and kart of the week.) All you have to do is hit the reply button to submit your creation.

    Hope that helps! :)

  • man that is cool!! it was always a headache making tracks when stuff wouldn’t fit. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • He did a very good job at making the tutorial simple to understand. I’m working on his tips on my next racks right now!

  • Ya, that video really helped! It was extremely frustrating when they wouldn’t let me put something where I wanted it. I felt like screaming at the TV: “I know it’s on top of something else! Just let me put it where I want it! I don’t care if it’s in the middle of a tree or a few rocks!”

  • Thanks a lot for the info JNM-CIM!

  • If I read your that right, then I will pick it up. Not that big into creating yet. But if I can still play the tracks made with that stuff then cool.

    • To clarify… you can race the 1,000’s of user created DLC tracks but not the career tracks that come in the Far Eat, Big City and Arctic themes. Does this help?

  • Sorry for yet another post Mark, but I recently came across a “Modnation Racers – Full DLC unlock key” that is being sold directly by Amazon for $2.99. Is it a scam? Because it certainly sounds phony.

  • There is an unlock key in the PSN store so without seeing the Amazon item, it could possibly be the same. To be sure go to the PSN store and it will give you some more details. It’s worth it.

  • @15

    Unlock key unlocks all the track, mod & kart parts in career mode, and also unlocks all the parts in the Far East, Arctic & Big City DLC packs if you buy them.

    The one on Amazon is the same as the one on the store.

  • @17 If that’s the case then why should I pay $10 for each expansion pack, when I could get everything for $2.99? That’s what has me confused.

  • The Unlock Key only unlocks things from you stuff you own. So, say you have no DLC — then all of career mode’s items and parts are unlocked for you. If you choose to later get Career extensions like the Big City Theme or Far East, my understanding is that all of their parts will instantly be unlocked once you purchase it…But yeah, you still have to buy the extra stuff. No free rides. : )

  • @18

    “….also unlocks all the parts in the Far East, Arctic & Big City DLC packs “IF” you buy them.”

    MagicalHamster explained it better!

  • I LOVE this game, but the biggest frustration many of us have is not getting our creations noticed. We play the game honestly, and it seems doing so gets us nowhere. A fantastic example of where the frustration lies is the recent 99.9% control of TOP MODS and TOP KARTS by MikuFlanKonata with the ‘TRON’ stuff. Very little creation involved… carbon copy of many previously made mods and karts. An obvious cheat of the system, (D4D couldn’t even get him all those spots), as you can tell I’m not the only one that didn’t like it by the many comments on those creations; not to mention the probably thousands that didn’t comment. This kind of stuff really bugs most of the community. People like me who love the game are leaving because it just takes the fun out of it. What’s being done, (if anything), to prevent it? Thanks Mark.

  • Ok, thanks for clearing that up. I like to earn my props so I’ll skip on buying that.

  • Now I feel kind of stupid. I didn’t expect it to unlock all of the add-ons, I just didn’t know if somehow they were cheating the system.

  • Maybe, with input from the top track creators, video tutorials could become a semi-regular part of the MNR Mondays blog posts?

    • I’ve seen some good video tutorials but they use copyright-en music / Mario / etc…

      If you have a good MNR video tutorial with no IP material, let us know., we would love to take a look at it!

  • OMG! TOTW!! Thanks Mark! I think there is a typo as it says TOTW is disaster city by Argorox, So what did you think of my track (How come the week i get TOTW i don’t get a review! lol) was it good, i like the piccies, very pretty!

    Oh and by the way people, I have uploaded an updated version of Arcadia Nova, which just sorts some glitches and re-done the scenery it’s called : Arcadia Nova v1.1


  • oh man I cant stop laughing because of that suggestions that didnt work out.

    • I put a suggestion in (just for fun) … In-A-Gotta-Mod-Vita.

      I’m not sure anyone will get that but I laughed for days!!! :)

  • Where do you get the spiky tires on the kart of the week?

  • Can we please get a “hearse” kart?!?!?!?!?

  • And my suggestions did u like it, Mark?

  • Hey CLock6919 the spiked tires are from the Artic Tour DLC, you’ll love it!

  • Thanks for putting my tutorial in the blog and the hot lap spot! :D

  • @21 Ah, sorry, about that. Tried to do something, and it exploded (lost a few friends too D: )

    Mark, I have a suggestion for the Vita Game
    Modnation Vita: I promise no more Tron.

  • Hey Mark, I see that you followed my suggestion of doing the DLC drop on a weekend, thank you very much, I’ll have a good chance now!

    I’m looking forward to this sunday!

    And also I’m going to play all week at night for the double XP!

    Thanks again, you rock!

  • Thanks #30! I’ll look into it!

  • @ 26 Mark’s Response.. I put a suggestion in (just for fun) … In-A-Gotta-Mod-Vita.

    I’m not sure anyone will get that but I laughed for days!!! :)

    Very clever take on Iron Butterfly… .MONEY!

  • Hi, I’m Lin & I am a MNR addict. ;)

  • Bah! Another E.U store update today and still no sign of the Oil Stain DLC!

  • @ Mark… RE: 35, I haven’t been able to get that song out of my head since. LOL

    Also, thanks for the link for submiting mods, karts, and tracks….. I had no idea that was there and I’ve been playing this since the Demo only days… I’ll be getting some pics posted on there shortly.

  • c’mon man do a hearse kart I mean we need more “long-bodied” karts. More useful than a fire engine truck or an egg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no matter, I’m just one of the consumers who’s asking for a kart, no biggy (sarcasm)

  • so……..we getting a hearse kart for halloween? please? c’mon

  • I just realized tonight when I bought 4 more theme packs that I almost have ALL the PSN DLC for this game.

    I do not even want to add up what I spent. :(

    (But I love it sooooooooooo much!)

  • It’s Sunday! And I’m ready for the DLC drop!

    Can you explain us the mechanic this time around?

    I’m guessing that you are going to publish the codes on Facebook, or is it going to be like the last time by finding MNR_FIND_ME on the ModSpot?

  • My luck is pretty bad, seems that once again, I won’t get anything even though I’m trying my hardest…

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