The PlayStation Recap – Megaton Edition

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Crazy week, eh? Gamescom pummeled us with a volley of major PlayStation announcements: A new $249 price point for PS3, social apps for PS Vita, a first look at Resistance: Burning Skies for PS Vita, and the debut of Escape Plan — what is this, E3?

In other news: PlayStation Home debuts an uber-popular Dead Island game experience (2 million zombie kills in less than 24 hours!); our UK mate James Gallagher gets details on Robin in his Batman: Arkham City interview; Jeff outlines Virtua Tennis 4’s PS Vita functions (including “VT Apps”), the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack, and PAYDAY: The Heist; Sony Online Entertainment reveals PSN dates for PAYDAY: The Heist, Rochard, and Sideway: New York; Dylan Jobe talks space combat and jetpacks in Starhawk; James Gallagher tastes the future with WipEout 2048 for PS Vita; David Thatch releases the 40-song track list for Everybody Dance on PS Move; Insomniac Games shows off a story-focused Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One trailer; Rey details the advanced weaponry of Resistance 3 in a new dev diary; Sega shares Renegade Ops upgrades; and Capcom outlines the PSN PLAY release of Street Fighter III Third Strike: Online Edition.

What was your favorite gamescom announcement this week?

The PlayStation Recap – PlayStation.Blog

Most-Watched Video of the Week: UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for PS Vita – Story trailer

The 10 Most-Viewed Posts of the Week

  • DIRECTV and PlayStation Bring NFL Sunday Ticket to PS3 — Note that “existing DIRECTV customers who already have NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go through DIRECTV can access the service on their PS3 for no additional charge.”
  • Watch the gamescom Press Conference Live — The PlayStation gamescom press conference has ended and the stream is no more, but you can catch up on the big news here and here.
  • Live from gamescom: PlayStation 3 Now $249 — Nuff said!
  • PlayStation Store Update — New releases include Medal of Honor: Frontline, Driver: San Francisco – Multiplayer Demo, Breath of Fire for PSone, LittleBigPlanet 2 Toy Story 2 Costume Pack, and a ‘PlayStation Store Essentials’ category
  • inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood Drowns PSN in October — Cole’s been bitten! A new downloadable adventure is coming to inFAMOUS 2 and it’s bound to be a bloody good time. Protip: Disc not required!
  • ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection: Bonus Content, Trophies Revealed — The eagerly anticipated PS3 collection includes never-before-seen glimpses of the earliest ICO and Shadow of the Colossues prototypes, and a production video for an abandoned game called NICO.
  • UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss for PS Vita – Meet Marisa Chase — As you’ll see from this impressive new trailer, Nathan Drake is looking mighty fine on the PS Vita. Bend Studios’ creative director gives PlayStation.Blog readers a full tour!
  • Resistance 3 Trophy List: Bwing! — SPOILER ALERT: These 59 Trophy descriptions will sketch a rough map of your battle through Chimeran-occupied America. And yes, there’s a Platinum.
  • Coming to PS Vita – Resistance: Burning Skies, Escape Plan, Assassin’s Creed, FIFA, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Skype — Catch up on the PS Vita infodump from gamescom, including social apps and a wealth of new games from SCEI, EA Sports and Ubisoft.
  • Coming to PlayStation Plus: Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Multiplayer Beta — This Tuesday sees the PlayStation Plus release of the Resistance 3 beta (protip: try the Marksman!). Ezio and the boys swoop in on September 3rd with the Assassin’s Creed Revelations beta. Which are you most excited for?
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    • Vita should have a PSN app so you can send messages to your PS3 buds. if its already going to have this thats great :) OH and FIRST(i hope)

    • Eurogamer has an article about Shuhei Yoshida saying that cross-game voice chat is simply impossible on the PS3, but their quotes feel like they’re a bit out of context, and the reasoning seems… unlikely, especially as close as Sony has come to releasing cross-game voice chat before.

      Can someone from Sony confirm or deny that story?

      • Can’t speak to rumors or speculation, sorry, and I’m not aware of any time that SCE has said/hinted that it was coming.

    • ^Ditto! I am still keeping my PlayStation 3 regardless! I personally dont care for bait and switch if I have to buy the PlayStation Vita in order to cross game voice chat with my PS3 friends, then so be it. I will strongly stand by the PlayStation brand til the end of time! …need a job though so I can start buying PlayStation products again..

    • Wheres the Sunday Ticket tutorial Blog? What is the max bitrate per Hd Stream for each game?

    • Good stuff this week.

      Any word if the Ratchet and Clank Bundle is coming to the states? We got Resistance already.

    • Quite an outstanding Gamescom from both PlayStation and EA. My favorite PS3 announcement is a toss up between hearing PSV’s new features and PS3 getting a price cut. All the cards look for an great holiday season for Sony.

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      I’m Watching: Kick Ass, The Office, and various Gamescom trailers. US Open starts soon!

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    • I really liked your gamescom presentation. My favorite announcement was the new social app functionality of the Playstation Vita. I was able to get my hands on the Vita at Playstation booth and played WipEout 2048. I think Sony is doing a great job with the Vita and I can’t wait for the release.
      I was just a little bit disappointed about the goodies this year.

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      I’m Watching: Bundesliga matches (German soccer)

      I’m enjoying: the first summer day in Germany

      • Great to hear it! Did you try the several different ways to play PS Vita, i.e. analog sticks, touchscreen, six axis?

    • The NFL Sunday Ticket news was megaton for me. Huge, huge thank you to Sony and DirecTV for making that happen.

      Playing: Dragon Warrior 7
      Watching: Top Gear US
      Reading: PlayStation Blog :P

      • Glad you’re excited! I’m not a sports guy, but the idea of watching sports a la carte is clearly compelling.

    • As long as Vita and PS3 chat and messaging is compatible, I don’t really care about cross game chat

      I’m very happy to see social apps on Vita. Will they continue to run in the background while you’re in game?

    • -.- I’d Say the Battlefield 3 Caspian Border trailer is better then that video!

    • Hi. Sorry to bother you – I don’t mean to “nag” you… Playstation website on PC where we can access to our account management is still UNDER THE MAINTENANCE…??? What is going on? TRULY. Other than that problem, the access to Trophy List and other sections work seem just fine except for Account Management…

      By the way, I am curious to see when you will find a time to have team from Final Fantasy Versus XIII to come over and to talk about their project. I am tired of their secrecy. We don’t need to know EVERYTHING, but giving an update on surface aspects of the game would be sufficient. Please find time to bring them over here, okay? Thanx. :-D

      Also, Gamecon event was truly amazing. Thank you so much (to you and your team) for covering SO MUCH OF THEM. So, can we expect more news, hands-on depth(s) and interviews during the aftermath of Gamecon event? I hope so. Thanx again.

    • That Festival of Blood trailer ended in the best way possible: Cole biting someone. So excited for it.

      I could really care less about cross-game chat at this point. I’m like the only guy who doesn’t care about it.

      There’s been a ton of Playstation news over the past few Gamescom days, like the LBP2 Move pack releasing Sept. 14, Festival of Blood announcement, and (finally) DmC news and gameplay, but I feel the very best is to come. I predict a God of War 4 announcement…

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      • As a big fan of the first Devil May Cry, I’m really curious to see more of dMc! I think i like the new design for Dante, I’m more curious to see how Ninja Theory handles the combat.

    • hey Sid can you talk more about the web browser on vita? are we gonna be able to chat with our ps3 friends using vita ? is there gonna be a youtube app for vita ? are there gonna be more apps for vita? i cant wait to have 1 in my hands , ohhh i have seen the Uncharted Golden Abyss official page on and it says that the game will support cross format compatibility between vita and ps3 , what does that mean ? thanks , i cant wait to have my vita

      • No news on a web browser yet, but it’s certainly something we’ll share if more details emerge. As of Uncharted, that’s a good question and I’ve passed it along to see if I can learn anything.

    • Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, Shuhei Yoshida’s admission that cross game chat will never come to the PS3 due to RAM limitations. Why is this still listed as the number one request on the Share blog when Sony knows it is impossible? Why not add a simple note saying sorry, it won’t happen?

    • I am playing Oblivion……

      I am watching Torchwood, Fast Five

      Reading that cross game chat is not gonna happen and I am happy for that conversation to be over

    • awsome

    • Sid who do i have to talk to so sub account users can have facebook?! Also

      I’m playing:uncharted 2 Disgaea 3

      I’m watching: Durarara One piece

      I’m reading: More stuff about the Disgaea series Dood!

    • This week made the wait for Vita much harder.

    • dominican in the house i am playing zombies cod black ops aya me kite peace

    • MAN!!!! the psvita graphics are AWSOME!!!!!!!!!. better than i thought it would be

      • Glad you like them! UNCHARTED: Golden Abyss is hitting pretty damned close to PS3-level visuals based on what I’ve seen in person.

    • What about the TimeSplitters 4 EU PSM magazine announcement? It said it would be announced soon…


    • Thanks for the reply about cross-game chat Sid. I’m mildly surprised an article from Eurogamer that’s quoting Yoshida is considered rumors and speculation, but considering the odd nature of the quotes, maybe I shouldn’t be. :)

      Anyway, I don’t think SCE has ever publicly officially acknowledged cross-game chat… except for that one goof by someone from a certain major SCE studio, and the time all the non-English SCEE websites listed as a Playstation Plus feature… and that’s not counting various leaks.

      It’s pretty clear SCE has had CGC ready to go as a firmware feature and pulled it at the last minute at least twice now. I probably wouldn’t use the feature myself, but the whole thing is making me very curious.

      I’d believe “too buggy” or “voice quality was too low” for why it got yanked, but not “insufficient RAM”.

      • Yeah, that’s the thing — the topic is speculative and I have zero confirmed information on it. I’ll be asking tomorrow, though.

    • Just can’t wait to get my hands on this lovely machine. A day 1 must buy.

    • “Can’t speak to rumors or speculation, sorry, and I’m not aware of any time that SCE has said/hinted that it was coming.”

      When they were announcing PS+ they mentioned it. They even ironed out how PS+ subs and non subs could use it together.

    • All this talk about cross game chat. I don’t really see what the big deal is. Why not talk on the phone? Or on Skype or a similar voice chat program on the PC? That’s what my friends and I do. I would personally rather see PS2 compatibility on the newer PS3’s.

    • Any new Gamescon news? :)

    • yo sid when is sony releasing ps vita so dat i can pre order it n i heard in E3 that sony is getting a Zune app on ps3 any info on it yet,

      • Zune? Really? Skype is coming to PS Vita, is that what you mean? No info yet on a final release date, but you’ll hear it here first when it does emerge.

    • please answer my question above

    • Uncharted Golde Abyss looks awesome… glad that the Vita come out next year I was having hard tme deciding wich buy… If U3:DD or this golden abyss with the Vita because buy both and have a Uncharted game geting dust is a crime…XD

      I’m Playing: Bayonetta (I don’t like so much… but I’m gonna finish it this weekend… next are Assasin’s creed, Enslaved, R&C: Crack in Time, MGS4, )

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      Yesterday I read: Sumire-16 (Really nice manga)

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    • Might have to get a vita now. Golden Abyss looks awesome, and after watching this trailer it leaves me craving more. I mean Gold…. and The Gates of Hell (if i heard that correctly) SWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sid, can you check on why people who bought Angry Birds published by Chillingo can’t update to the latest version of the game without paying again? Rovio said they were working with Sony to fix the problem but then nothing happened! Thanks.

    • Continue from post 8:

      Sid, there was enough time play with the three different ways. They offered standard, that was silimar to Playstation 3 controls; racer, that was a little bit different and finally motion. The motion control of the Playstion Vita was completely new to me and it was a funny experience to play the combination of touchscreen to fire weapons and the Sixaxis controls.

      Thanks for this great gaming experience at gamescom.

      • I’ve hard some say that controlling your craft using the six axis steering actually works really, really well once you get the hang of it — to the point where it’s a gameplay advantage. I’m also hearing that they’ll support voice commands for firing and the like, so I’m curious to try that at some point!

    • im thinking that i may just have to get a Vita at some point to play Uncharted.. it simply looks great… of course, its not legendary Uncharted without Chloe, but i can get over the new girl and just enjoy the game… i wont be buying it at launch, however… that was never my intention….

    • My top Gamescom news were the InFamous add on annoucement, every tantalizing tease about Vita, & the PS3 price drop. All add up to a great time to be a Playstation gamer.

      I hope you will provide the same level of coverage for the Tokyo Game Show, although by now I’m hip to your non- denial denial replies.

      I’m playing Deathly Hallows pt 2 ( yeah, it’s awful); InFamous 2 evil kharma plus a lot of the UGC; Majin & the Forsaken Kingdom which is fun.

      Watching Louie C. K. & not getting the alleged humor.

      Reading The Calling, a novel based on Dragon Age. It’s really good.

      Congratulations on a successful Gamescom.

    • whens the playstation 4 coming out, if it does.?

    • so the eurogamer artice is rumors and speculation.. lol

    • cross chat was deemed, not possible.. not a rumor.. from the horses mouth. because of the state of v-ram.
      the vita will have more than the ps3..

      as far as im concerned i am happy about that info for one reason, the constant not knowing, pro-xchat vs. non-xchat battles are over.. so arent the pages full of such material concerning it..

      my only gripe is with the ram being the issue , why wait so long to put it to rest? its not as if they just found out..
      its a topic which coudlve been nipped a long time ago..

      if it were a firmware related issue and it was something they were working on trying to deliver then fine, but it has to do with the small v-ram, which the vita doubles w/a respectable 256 mb of video ram opposed to ps3’s 128 mb v-ram . so vita running a 256/256 while ps3 runs a 512/128..

      at this point i just want to play the new games coming out and put the cross chat to rest( for good or bad its a dead issue)

    • shame on the guys without plus!!!
      I’m loving the way uncharted Golden Abyss for PS Vita is looking
      I been such a fan of the series I can’t wait to put my hand on it all I can said.

      • I played Golden Abyss a few weeks ago and it’s got some unique elements that I haven’t seen before, such as tracing Drake’s climbing pattern on the screen with your finger, or aiming the sniper rifle by moving the PS Vita around like a viewfinder. It’s all optional, but it worked quite well.

    • Can we watch the replay of gamescom. I whoud like see it. You sould put it on the playstation store.

    • When is Sony Officially announce to their fans on the PS blog that XGC its not possible on PS3??
      I personally waited like crazy for XGC for ps3 but if it cant be done …well thats other thing… i would like to know now if i need to keep my hopes for one day Sony would release it or if i need to bury this in the

      “PS3 only does everything except XGC”

      PLS let us know. thanks

      NOTE: to all the [DELETED] that say XGC its not important… Talking to friends to make parties or to talk to friends who are playing single player games and they need to talk or need help with something. to play games that dont have voice chat and u want to talk to ur friends… example: (Demon Souls)

      And one more thing… Everytime ppl say “just use a cellphone” just make me think of how [DELETED] they are… bc i surely want to give m y phone to EVERYONE on the PSN and i want to have my neck blended while i play games…

    • @40 Vita has 512mb RAM and 128mb V RAM, while PS3 has 512mb RAM formed by a 256MB DDR3 (same as 360 type) RAM block and 256mb RDRAM block. 360’s 512mb DDR3 RAM block is unified, so it can allocate any part of it to whatever programmers need it for, but with PS3’s being 2 different types it may cause issues with cross game chat functions. (i’m guessing here)
      The reason for the 2 types is that the graphics card from Nvidia in PS3 is based on a PC Geforce card that uses DDR3 RAM which was the best PC’s used at time. The Cell in the PS3 is extremely fast and required much faster RAM to get the most from it. RDRAM is uncommon (i think PS2 used older version) but is very fast.
      The Cell and graphics card can access each others RAM bank, and with RDRAM being fast i’m not sure if it’s technically impossible for PS3 to have cross game chat or that it’s just been too difficult to optimise so far.

    • vita for the win

    • wait forget about it my comment suddenly appeared out of nowhere lol! sorry thanks sid.

    • I guess my comment wasn’t brown-nosing enough to post?

      @37, Its not an inFAMOUS add-on, its a standalone PSN game.

    • Whats with the book link to amazon up there? Is it something we should read to know how sony feels about making excuses, bad decisions, and the mistakes yah made? Just come out with it. If your world wide studios president said it, and its on multiple websites, then its true. You guys will never admit defeat will you? Talkin big with how powerful your console is to justify its price, when the cell processor is horribly weak, TINY AMOUNT OF RAM, and small amount of abilities. Can’t even charge the controller when off. So far the different apps and updates yah have put in the console have been used by a small percentage, and they weren’t the things we wanted from the blog share. Not to mention my yellow light of death and poor customer service for handling it. Next console, I’m on different hardware, or I’ll just stick to pc.

    • wow so no facebook app for the PS3 version, is that a exclusive to xbox360 that we cant get facebook app instead we have to use the browser version of facebook on our PS3

      • PS3’s Facebook works differently. It’s a deep Facebook integration that allows you to upload videos and connect with individual games such as UNCHARTED 3, which enables you to invite FB buddies to multiplayer games and push out/receive videos and notifications.

    • The price drop was good news. The vita is always good news around it, I might actually get one. Don’t care for cross game chat, but I wish they would officially put the issue to rest. Tired of hearing about it. I do wish there was some sort of gaming related functionality update. Dont need anymore movie apps. In game xmb optimization, in game xmb customization, some more info on our ps3 game profiles, ability to know what trophies people recently received because we can see the trophies but cant figure out which game the belong too. Simple stuff that doesn’t take up ram. Oh and for non-gaming related how about some new backgrounds for music. I have tried to ask these some questions in ps blog share, but some are taken. The ideas that I have that don’t match anyone else still doesn’t get posted. Does blog share even work anymore?

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