UNCHARTED 3 at gamescom: Airstrip Sequence Revealed

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UNCHARTED 3 at gamescom: Airstrip Sequence Revealed

If you were one of the hundreds of thousand of fans that tuned into our E3 2011 PlayStation press conference, you may have caught Naughty Dog’s Community Strategist Arne Meyer give viewers a full demo of UNCHARTED 3’s cruise ship sequence, a tense scenario that married technical prowess and high action as Drake struggled to escape the doomed vessel.

Today, Naughty Dog has returned with another epic reveal. Arne and I discuss the challenges behind keeping UNCHARTED 3 as spoiler-free as possible, and how specific sequences are deliberately designed to reveal new game mechanics, story and characters at specific milestones in the game’s development process.

Watch it above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • This game is going to be AMAZING!

  • Most anticipated game this year; the beta just left me wanting MORE!

  • I will buy it for sure.

  • Can not wait

  • SOLD X 9000!!! 8P 8)

  • What #1 said!

  • So we r going to have a demo or something?

  • can’t wait to use the creepy crawler kickback once i get U3!

  • D gamescom is getting better each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! preorder+gamestop=awesome item. YEAH!!!!!!!!!

  • i have played 1&2 and they are amazing. i can not whate to play this one

  • I am exploding with excitement I want this game so bad. I would pay 100 dollars (at least) to get it now!

  • Why do you even need a demo of Uncharted 3, just buy the game, you can demo it by buying Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I am actually planning on playing through the game in 2D and then doing it all over again in 3D. Is it NOVEMBER yet?

  • I am taking off work and only playing Uncharted 3 when it comes out.
    I will probably forget to eat….
    This game looks beyond amazing!
    75 more days till November 1st!

  • Silenced pistol? O RLY?

  • Ha. “Our box art is a crashed plane.”

  • Can’t wait, really can’t…god I’m 32 years old and I feel like a kid waiting for this game…! Didn’t play something better than Uncharted in the last 15 years at least!
    The sequences are awesome!

  • That 6 minute live footage blew my **** mind, WOW!! I couldn’t tell which cinematic from gameplay LMAO!

  • Thanks, Rey. Uncharted series is for Playstation what the Enterprise is to Star Fleet, the flagship. Not even arguable.

    I’m going to buy a Bravia 3d when U3 drops, that’s how eagerly I’m anticipating this.

  • Sorry arne, but you are definitely not a “Community” Strategist…otherwise you would have said a word about the promised cash event and lab change in Uncharetd 2 but you didn’t! This is just a bad fail. Give us our cash event (it should have taken place 3 months ago) and everyone is happy!

    And Uncharted 3 looks great!

  • Anyone notice the new gun: the KAL-7? It looks like an AK-74U.

  • I have a question! Will there be jetpacks in the game, and if so, do you “Just strap it on and Go”?


  • Nobody asks Naughty Dog this, but here it goes,

    Do you feel (or believe) you have outdone yourself with this game? Would you, sincerely, say Uncharted 3 surpasses Uncharted 2?

    If your answer is yes (which I bet it is, duh) tell us why? from a technical standpoint, game design standpoint, storytelling standpoint.

    and, what would make this game worthy of as many or more awards than Uncharted 2’s got? How are you breaking new ground with this game compared to what Uncharted 2 did? Which things are better or work better this time around?

    What “new” remarkable ingredients have you added to your formula (for those reading this, Uncharted 2 introduced traversal gameplay in a way that wasn’t done in a videogame before, big moving structures like the train, crumbling buildings, etc…and that’s just some of the numerous things in that game) In that respect, what would say it’s the most important key element for Uncharted 3?

  • Great game!
    I seriously can’t wait to get my hands on both the Campain and the Multiplayer (Especially the MP, the Beta rocked!).

    By the way Arne, please be more active on Twitter, forums and throughout the community sites. Look at Insomniac devs, they answer almost every single comment about a question or issue they get. PLEASE Arne, respond to us, the fanbase! You’re a community startegist, your job is to interact with us!

  • freaking cool game i hope i gt enough money to buy it cuz a whole lot of games are coming

  • november 1st cant come soon enough!

  • a great birthday gift for me

  • A great chrismas game for me

  • If Arne or anyone from Naughty Dog are reading this, just wanted to say…get ready for a ton of GOTY awards…again!!!!!!! And my cash, of course :P!


  • Uncharted 3 Epic, Epic, Epic

  • I still wear the uncharted 2 t shirt religiously that they gave me for the private viewing 2 years ago .Took my fiance there and she was blown away .uncharted 2 on the big screen . hope they have something like that again. 11 1 11 uncharted 3 is going to be freakin amazing – 11 11 11 finally getting married .

  • obvious game of the year

  • U3 is a good action game but all shooter fans need to get MW3.

  • @38 Stop trolling


  • I saw the demo live at conference…and By the Gods my reaction was woow just woow…I love Uncharted…and I need this game like I need breath.Day 1 its gonna be mine.

  • this will be an awesome game

  • i hope this game is a 10 of 10

  • Day 1 the collectors edition will be in my hands for sure

  • great graphics + great story = THE BEST GAME EVER!

  • Why yoy always make avaible more and better bundles to japan and europe and give no love to the american market? I think that you’re not exploiting the potential that would have first party bundles featuring different skins/paint jobs like xbox is doing with gears of war 3 and MW3 It really lets me down when I see the company I support to treat our region differently and offering us less content, goodies and products than the european and japanese market.

  • Please give to us a Uncharted 3 Bundle

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