PlayStation Home Guide: Dead Island Zombie Survivor Game Challenges

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PlayStation Home Guide: Dead Island Zombie Survivor Game Challenges

Dead Island Axe

Dead Island’s zombie epidemic has infested PlayStation Home for a gruesome limited-time game event. The latest in a series of on-going PlayStation Home “Total Game Integration” content offerings, this special event allows players to unlock an exclusive weapon for use in Dead Island by completing all 10 challenges in a PlayStation Home game based upon Deep Silver’s highly anticipated open-world horror action/adventure title. We’ve put together a list of challenges to help guide you through the undead mayhem as well as quick video that shows the gory and ghoulish action included in the Dead Island TGI event, available right now in PlayStation Home.

After you’ve taken the “Zombie Survivor Quiz” and unlocked Dead Island-inspired clothing items and snapped photos of yourself posing with the walking dead in the hilarious “Zombie Photo Shoot” game, approach the tiki bar in PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza to play the Dead Island-themed “Zombie Survivor Game.” Hack, slash, bludgeon, shoot, decapitate, and dismember swarms of zombies in a series of bloody, hyper-violent challenges that reward survivors with special Dead Island content – including the “Exploding Zombie Bait,” a mega-powerful weapon for use in Dead Island that can only be acquired by surviving the onslaught in PlayStation Home. Here’s a list of all the challenges (and what you’ll win for completing them):

  • One Man Army – Survive all three waves of zombies in single player.
  • Iron Will – Survive an entire wave in multiplayer without being downed.
  • Nobody Left Behind – Survive an entire wave in multiplayer with all four players.
  • *Reward for completing challenges 1-3: Dead Island Deck Chair furniture item.

  • “A” for Style – Kill zombies using every available finishing move in single or multiplayer.
  • You Got Red on You – Stack up 100 kills in single or multiplayer.
  • They Belong to Me Now – Cut off 200 limbs in single or multiplayer.
  • *Reward for completing challenges 4-6: Dead Island Suitcase furniture item.

  • Handyman – Craft 10 different weapons.
  • Here, Have Some Random Stuff – Craft and donate 10 items to the community.
  • Smorgasbord of Stuff – Craft and donate every type of item to the community.
  • *Reward for completing challenges 7-9: Dead Island Electrical Machete furniture item.

  • Completionist – Complete all nine challenges.
  • *Reward for completing challenge 10: Exploding Meat weapon for use in Dead Island.

After you football kick the head off of a twitching, dismantled corpse (yes, that’s a real finishing move) be sure to pre-order Dead Island directly from PlayStation Home’s Central Plaza and receive an exclusive “Exploding Zombie Outfit” for your avatar. Do you have what it takes to decimate the ranks of the undead menace or are you just another meal in waiting? Log in to PlayStation Home today and show the reanimated hordes of the walking dead what you are made of.

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6 Author Replies

  • Very cool, might actually log into Home for this.

  • nice…. 1st

  • Cant wait. Should be fun! Some of those challenges sound hard though.

  • Great event but too bad we can’t earn any rewards until 9/1. I prefer the KZ3 event, we got to unlock everything without delay. I love the beach area, I hope CP can keep that open because it feels so open now.

    • You can unlock rewards today. The only thing you’ll have to wait for is the pre-order exclusive costume, which Amazon will send you a voucher code after the game releases.

  • Might get on home now, Looks like fun!

  • thut this was free, like the axe falling angels game. sucks, owell

    • It’s 100% free. No purchase required at all to play. The only things that are for sale are a few virtual items (totally optional) and, of course, Dead Island the game should you decide to pre-order it from Home (which, if you do, grants an exclusive costume).

  • 6# The games are free.

  • Stopped playin BFBC2 so I can check this out

  • im wacthing mastermind but i played that zombie thing no one ever mutti play everyone just singal play so how do i get the mutti bage if no one plays

  • Only now you guys thought of yet another zombie game? 3 years ago this would’ve been semi-original, now its just another lame Me too half hearted lack of effort. Perhaps the home team’s new slogan should be “clinging tenaciously to the buttocks of last week”

  • Anyone know where i can play the survival game? I’m looking all around home, and can’t find it.

  • I love Zombies, and they love me.

  • Nice really cool full game integration and really loved the trailer, one of Homes best and it looks like I going to have to pre-order this game twice for one copy for the exploding zombie from home and the other for the limited version from Gamestop but that’s my choice. Also thanks for the list of challenges.

  • This is the best edition to playstation home. KZ3 was awesome but this imo tops it! Please tell me your keeping this as the NEW Central Plaza (minus the blood and zombies) It looks awesome like this.

  • Holy Cow, this does look good!

  • Locust you and Glass should consider leaving that oceanfront area open, looks so much better that way.

  • Locust, it says 9/1 to access third wave and for the final weapon. So we can’t complete enough of the challenges even for just one of the rewards.

    • Ah, I misunderstood you. Sorry about that. Yes, new waves will be released over the course of the coming weeks and, of course, you’ll need to wait for those waves to complete the challenges associated with them. In the third week, you’ll be able to unlock the weapon for use in Dead Island, which will hit shelves/mailboxes a few days afterwards (09/06).

  • Too bad this wasn’t a permanent game for Home because I’d play this all the time. So much fun. hehe.

  • Please integrate trophies into games like this!
    Also, Home needs to auto install new areas for + members!! :D

  • Who say ZOMMMMBIES!!!!!!!!!! Oh dude I knew it was a good idea to buy my new chainsaw!!! (u r gonna kill yourself with that…yeah mom whatever u say.)

  • I like d idea of @saintaqua! About auto install new areas in home.

  • I’m in! Well…I will be this weekend when I get back home. *chuckles* So, I’ll go home, and then I’ll go Home!

    Sorry for the bad pun…lack of sleep…ugh….

  • Improviser 100%

  • Game is very fun but way too easy and it very much sucks the way they have locked certain parts of the game and game use items until 9/1/2011. It’s obviously being done to keep us looking at the game promos longer but come on guys. I just left gamestop 30 minutes ago and preordered this game. I don’t need to be talked into it anymore. What I’d like, is to be able to propely play this mini game.

    I mean you’re even allowing us to collect saw blades for a damn weapon we can’t even make because you locked the freakin thing. Just unlock the stuff already and let us enjoy this game for what it’s supposed to be 100%. The whole “staged” rollout was whatever for the little quiz and photo thing but locking parts of a mini game to try and have it “released” in stages is just plain stupid and not cool or a good idea…

  • OMG this is what I’m talking about! This makes Home much better!

  • Great idea, horrible hit detection.

  • Dead Island!!!!!!!!!!

  • cool but I have games to play

  • @Locust_Star

    Can this event come to Asia pls?

  • LMAO that’s so damn violent for the home!

  • I’m having a serious problem here. Locust, I played the Mini Game earlier today and unlocked 6 of the nine challenges. I went on again just a little while ago and all of my unlocked challenges were locked again.

  • @31

    same thing happened to me. I had 5 challenges unlocked and a ton of crafting materials. Got disconnected and everything reset to zero.

    played the mini-game again but had to leave and come back to reload central plaza and yup, reset again.

    Looks like there is no point in playing this until a few weeks from now when everything is unlocked

    • If you log back in you’ll see that the challenges you unlocked yesterday are, again, unlocked.

      Thanks for your patience while we sorted this issue out.

  • Do i have to unlock all 10 challenges in one session to get the exploding meat thing cause i had five done before then i signed off came back on later and saw i had nothing gained

  • The challenges don’t stay unlocked. :/ idk what the problem is but you should probably get it fixed.

  • Wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t lag so much…

  • Everytime i play this and leave home or just go to another space my challenges get reset whats up with that??? Not like i can finish all of them since wave 2 and 3 are locked along with some items

  • also, how can we unlock rewards today when at least 1 of the challenges in each tier are locked lol

  • OMFG…this is awesome…I must play this.PSHome just keeping get better…I just want to play togheter with my friends in other countries come on SONY.

  • I actually stopped playing Black Ops zombies to check this out. Where’s the gunz? At least give me an M4A1…

  • @32 They fixed it bro.

  • Only have three more challenges :D. Exploding meat !!!! xD

  • this is amazing! too bad its only temporary

  • Where is the kiosk in the Central Plaza found in order to pre-order the game through Home?? Or at least what does it look like cause I can’t find this thing anywhere!

  • I had a bunch of the challenges done, then when I went back into the dead island survivor game my challenges reset. :(

  • I love the concept and am dying for this game to release! We know for sure that the second and third wave and the saw blade mace and double axe items are locked correct?

  • Xxxxx did all that work to unlock all but three accomplishments, and head to my club. Then I head back and… Only my two multiplayer achievements are unlocked. The 100 kills, limbs, item crafting etc… All gone! Wtf? They gonna fix that?

  • @43

    It’s in the back by the safe zone You can pre-order the game, play the zombie trivia, or buy some things from it.

  • If you pre-order the game using PlayStation Home, what service delivers you the game (for example, Amazon)? Or do you get a downloadable copy?

  • It’s through Amazon and they’ll email you the exploding zombie costume for your Home avatar a few days after shipping.

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