Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Watch the gamescom Trailer

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Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Watch the gamescom Trailer

Heya PlayStation Assassins! Gamescom, the world’s largest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, has begun in Cologne, Germany. First off, on the show floor, the Assassin’s Creed Revelations booth will feature EIGHT gaming pods equipped with a new multiplayer build. This will be the very first time we’re showing this build to the public, and it will be the first time anyone outside of exclusive members of the press can get their hands on the all new Deathmatch mode! And don’t worry if you can’t wedge your way to the front of the line for multiplayer at our booth, because we’ll also have four additional multiplayer pods at the PlayStation booth to ensure that everyone at the show gets a chance to enjoy a fully updated version of one of the most innovative multiplayer games on the market.

Can’t get to Germany on such short notice? Fear not, Assassins, because we’re also unveiling some all-new gameplay footage! We’re rolling out an all-new single-player gameplay trailer covering some fresh territory that we’ve only hinted at in previous coverage and further demonstrates Ezio’s use of the Hookblade in both combat and navigation… and don’t be surprised if you happen to see a certain LEGENDARY Assassin make an appearance!

You asked for more information on Assassin’s Creed Revelations, my beloved Assassins… well, prepare to reap the whirlwind!

Vittoria agli Assassini!

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  • SWAN DIVE!!!

  • did Altair somehow grow a finger? last time I check he was missing it.

    Cool video!

  • I’m so sick of dub-step. I’m sure this game will be amazing, though.

  • Hm…
    I`ve been wanting to play this series.

    How open world is these games?

  • The E3 game footage looked a little more refined than this. Don’t get me wrong, this gorgeous, but the E3 footage had something different to it, probably the lighting or something.

  • this retailer specific exclusives bs needs to stop!

  • Yes please no more dub step to make an ancient setting seem modern and hip. Nice trailer without the sound though.

  • I preordered the signature edition, and I have a Uplay account. Is their anyway I can get the beta when it comes out?

  • I agree with #2 and #5. It looks different, for the worse and Altair lost a finger…

    What happened?!?!?! D:

  • Game is looking good, for multiplat ;). What would have been great is if they never characterized the player outside of the Animus or whatnot. The game would play out in first person outside of the Animus, this would allow for greater immersion, as if YOU are the one hooked up to the machine. Oh yes, and a male/female option/choice from the onset would have been awesome too.

    What I worry about is that this IP has been chopped up too much. Yes I have had the discussions that despite the perception that the IP is being milked: Brotherhood was the best one. Certain signs point to the contrary, like the shoehorning of multiplayer, or the departure of the creator,Patrice Désilets. All these signs point that game design for the IP has been hijacked by the cookie cutter attitude of “do this and it will sell”, as opposed to creative freedoms.

    Like GOW. Should they make more? Goodness no, it will dilute the IP. Will they? Well…you know.


  • The Game looks amazing

  • Omg Ezio is falling through the air with a guy anf fighting amazing cant wait to play this

  • After watch this video. I feel like an assassin. YEAH!!!!!!!! I already did d pre order of d game!!,

  • @Falaut: There’s a lot of story elements that would have needed to change had they gone that route. This isn’t Mass Effect or Fallout 3.

  • Eh Same Multiplayer Story still extends on ezio which should haved stoped in Brotherhood Wont be buying this AC waiting for AC3 for some actual major changes instead of miesealy little ones such as this :/

  • Looks great but i can’t wait till this techno fad is over with gamers… and yes “dubstep” is the same thing. not any different cause you’re blowing up some woofers.

  • @ Gabriel, wow, molto bello! Grazie per questo video.

    Ok, that’s all the Italian I can remember. I don’t know what some of the others are smoking, but this looks frackin’ fantastic to me. I love Ezio. I will pre order from gamestop, the bonuses are great, unless Amazon comes up with better, which they didn’t for InFamous2.

    I’m sure you will give Ezio the send off he has earned, or I will excoriate Ubi on the blog.

  • By length Brotherhood was shorter than AC 2, how long will be this game?

  • i cant wait for this game i wanna find out what happens to desmond!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Look at my avatar for goodness sake!!!


    This summer I bought both AC & ACII during the PSN E3 sale and after beating both I HAD to go out and buy brotherhood. Thats how addicted I was with these Creed games. I especially LOVED part 2. Such a huge improvement over part one. I just cant wait to see what else Ezio goes through in his lifetime. Such an awesome character. I am a little afraid of the yearly release thing because I dont want the games to get stale too quickly, but we'll see come this November. Preordering today dabnabbit!!!

  • Sick trailer. Not liking the fact that AC is coming out every year now. I’m not tired of it by any means, AC II was a masterpiece and Brotherhood was very good. Revelations looks great as well, it’s just I’d like a little more time between titles so it doesn’t get over saturated. I will get Revelations at some point, just not when it comes out like I did with II and Brotherhood. I need a little break before I complete Ezio’s journey.

    Still, looking forward to it. Hope we get a longer AC II length campaign this time. Brotherhood’s game play was just flawless practically. Loved the instant kill when you’re surrounded by chaining together attacks.

    Keep it up Ubi!

  • The only reason AC can come out every year is because they’ve got the engine’s core functions pretty sound so it doesn’t take as long to make another game

  • cant wait for this to come out. i wont sleep till the game is beat

  • By the gods I need this game.

  • awesome trailer

  • Cool trailler. Looking forward to play it when it come out

  • Nothing is true, everything is permited

  • @ furykiller972

    same here ;O and lucy too!!

  • I REALLY love this IP. Thank you Ubisoft!

  • new moves thats whats up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Video looks INSANE!!!

    i have loved every AC console entry, and this one just looks like it will be beast

    BTW, the upgrade to Signature edition by pre ordering is the right way to promote New Game Sales

    im convinced

  • the other trailer was cooler

  • Pause at 1:52. Is THAT Desmond?!

    This looks so good…Pre-ordering it the day I get Deus Ex Human Revolution

  • i prefer the other trailer that they showed at E3 it had better sountruck

  • I like the song as well as the video. Although i think that the E3 trailer was much better. Can I get the name of the song of this video?

  • The other trailer was better than this one because of the graphics they used and the song ” IRON” is cool

  • Here’s the full hands-on report:

    The demo opens with Ezio involved in a horse and carriage chase, barrelling towards a Templar keep, the chasing Templars throw a grenade and blow up Ezio’s carriage, he tumbles over edge of the cliff. He’s now in a snowy, dark and poor-looking village. Ezio climbs back up and confronts guards. Templar Captain orders them to kill Ezio. Ezio is badly wounded: he can’t run or climb due to his injuries. You have to be clever in how he approaches guards. Jogs slowly with bad limp.

    Relying on stealth kills, Ezio runs up to water mill in pursuit of the Templar Captain who has now fled and taken refuge somewhere in the village. We’re shown Eagle Sense, this projects a ghost of the Templar captain’s last movements so we can track him. This also displays red footsteps to denote guard patrol patterns to plan strategies.

  • Ezio uses a tripwire bomb. He plants it on Templar body so when guards go to see what happened, they get blown up. Treasure chests remain in the game, Ezio finds his ‘caltrops’ weapon (spikes) and some bomb making ingredients. Ezio then uses a Diversion bomb. He’s set it up with a fuse, then holds the throw button – the aiming reticule comes up to show bounce trajectory. Ezio bounces it round a street corner and takes out guards from a distance.

    There are bomb crafting stations dotted around the map; these have been set up by the Assassin’s Brotherhood, so they’re friendly to Ezio. He makes a bomb with the caltrops he found, and also modifies the tripwire bomb to make it explode instantly, rather than timed. The caltrop bomb spreads spiked caltrops all over the street to stop some pursuing guards.

    Ezio makes it to the Templar captain’s hideout in a courtyard, but it’s a trap – loads of guards appear. Ezio lobs an impact bomb at them to kill them instantly. He finally manages to heal himself, now he can run, jump and walk without a limp.

  • Ezio now climbs up to roof of the keep to fight the Templar captain one-on-one, and just guts him in one blow. Death scene takes place in the Animus, and he reads him his last rites. Ezio then picks artefact up off his body… it is a key. It’s one of the five Masyaf keys that open a vault under the castle from the first game.

    Each key unlocks Altair memories, this particular one takes place before first Assassin’s Creed. Altair is at Masyaf gate, his master is being held by Templars, their leader is an assassin traitor. Whole of Masyaf has been taken over.

    Altair is not even a Master Assassin at this point, but is still highly skilled. He runs up city ramparts, killing guards. Templar traitor is killing assassins one by one to try and get Altair’s master to spill the secrets of Masyaf. Altair kills the traitor, and in his animus death scene, he warns that Templars understand that humans are weak and need to be controlled.

    Altair’s master thanks him for the rescue. One of the ‘Revelations’ is revealed, pivotal moment in Altair’s life, as he is then elevated to the rank of Master Assassin. Tons of revelations for Ezio and Desmond too but we won’t spoil that…

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