This Week in Home: Dead Island + New Items from Lockwood, Heavy Water, nDreams

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This Week in Home: Dead Island + New Items from Lockwood, Heavy Water, nDreams

The third phase of the Dead Island Total Game Integration event launches this Thursday, August 18th into the wide world of PlayStation Home. This special event allows players to unlock a host of unique rewards. Log in this Thursday to play the Dead Island-themed “Zombie Survivor Game” and hack, slash, bludgeon, shoot, decapitate, and dismember swarms of zombies in a series of bloody, hyper-violent challenges. We have a special Dead Island game guide coming at you tomorrow, so keep your eyes on this Blog for all the info you’ll need to survive the zombie onslaught in PlayStation Home and unlock the exclusive “Exploding Zombie Meat” weapon for use in Dead Island.

Dead Island Axe

Lockwood is releasing a whole range of rockabilly wear so you can rock your PlayStation Home avatar in true 1950s style. Guys can sport the classic greaser look (complete with a cool leather jacket and slicked-back pompadour) or opt for a preppy style; the girls will have the choice of a sassy day look with tie-up blouses and cropped pants, or a breezy evening dress and sweeping over-the-shoulder hairstyle. Head to the Sodium store in the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday to pick up these hot new rockabilly items; while you are at it, be sure to pick up the ever-popular Lockwood Gift Machine, which is being updated with a ton of new gift items this week!


In other news, the PlayStation Home Mall will receive an update this week with new Wild West items from nDreams, new Peeps from our friends at Heavy Water, and new hairstyles, companions, and furniture items – highlights of this week’s update can be seen in the latest installment of our Virtual Items Showcase video.

Heavy Peeps

Wild West

Of course, the PlayStation Home Community Theater receives a huge update this Thursday. Watch as GamerIndepth ShoutOuts returns with coverage from the recent LoadingReadyRun event. Next up, PS Nation offers up more of their E3 2011 coverage focusing on titles like Rage, Journey, and Uncharted 3. Finally, Urgent Fury gathers some intel on the soon-to-be-released Resistance 3 and then presents a special inFAMOUS 2 trophy tour.

Lastly, I wanted to take this moment to give you all a quick preview of some awesome costumes that will be released within a couple weeks in PlayStation Home. Behold – the CAS Combat Armor System! Watch this quick teaser trailer and then let us know your thoughts on the official PlayStation Home forums.

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7 Author Replies

  • B.M.F 1ST!!!!

  • so much to take in ;)

  • hey what happened to the new bundles mentioned of the message of the day??? plus the one question/thought would be about another part of the mansion with its own 2lane alley???

    • I’m sorry – which bundles are you speaking of? The latest bundles we announced are currently on the PlayStation Store…

  • doesn’t really seem like much this week except maybe sum things like new hair? & regarding the Dead Island Mini-game this week will we need to buy a weapon to play? (asking cuz of the axe in the pic)

    • The game is 100% free-to-play – you do not have to buy a weapon to play it. However, if you complete all 10 challenges (we’re posting a game guide here tomorrow that will outline what exactly those challenges are) you will unlock an exclusive weapon for use in Dead Island (Exploding Zombie Meat Bait).

  • At 0:25 into the first vdieo I noticed a Home logo-hoodie, woot! Oh wow, the new C.A.S. mech gear looks awesome. The MechJets now have someone to fight! :P

  • Awesome Update, any word on the Public Space Winter Villa?

  • what very disappointed in this weeks (weak) update!!! man i didnt see anything thats screams I GOT 2 HAVE!!! no new spaces or clothing worth buying “THAT I SAW”. WE NEED A KILLER UPDATE NEXT WEEK, like the villa or something, if not guess i’ll lock in on madden12 (on the 30th) til i hear so “GOOD NEWS” bout HOME!!!

  • Gotta say, seems like a so-so update. Regarding the C.A.S. sneek-peek: do we REALLY need $20 outfits??? Because you know if they charged $10 for the Mech Jets, you KNOW they’re breaking out the K.Y. for these…

    • The CAS outfits will be significantly cheaper than the MechJet outfits. I’ll quote a price as we get closer to launch but there are no plans to price them as premium items.

  • NO MORE PIMP CLOTHES AND GREASERS PLEASE! we have enough already. when will we see a figment update? more furniture? how about that diamond suit??? looking forward to the dead island update but the rest is ho-hum.

  • Aight!!! cool update!!!… a 11 out of 10… THE FAZEONES LOUNGE

  • Nice Home is getting better and better…

  • The New C.A.S gear does it do anything special ? does it fly, does it do anything it all ? If Not, then im not interested .
    friends of mine as well as me , are having problems with the LOOT Yatch, when we turn on the tv . they can see it but in my screen it says ERROR downlaoding content, please try later , it needs to be fix .
    50`s attire………okaaay ..i dont get why half year to 2012 we need 50s clothing but whatever
    wild west…i think not
    looks like i might get my astrological sign, …

  • Dead Island will be fun. Can’t wait for CAS.

  • Why is scribble shooter outfits/companions on the virtual item showcase? Those are a month old already. Only thing that looks interesting is the dead island update, I just hope the home rewards aren’t more shirts.

  • Well seems like more companions are coming, wont buy any of them , i have 24 too many
    50`s clothing……Nope
    I really hope the reward for the Zombie Game is not a Tshirt, i have over 20 T shirts i would love to get rid of
    can we please get a Garbage can , like the one we have in our computers, to send all the crappy Tshirts and items we dont want , or maybe a Trade in Program, i cant stand FREE T SHIRTS , or those Dancing Ford girls that i got as soon as i arrived in Central plaza, please we need this .

  • How much does these Mechs cost? I hope less than or equal to TEN DOLLARS! :-p. Oh one more thing: I’d LOVE TO see people swarm in Central Plaza with Actual Size Mechs. I mean everyone of us are INSIDE THE MECHS and do something exciting and fun. I don’t know, but I am sure you are capable of figuring out how to implement this and to ENTERTAIN US with mini-games or something like that.

  • the costumes fight will be free or to buy

  • Hey Locust i was wondering if we could have a night setting this year in the plaza for holloween plzzzzzz ..or will we have to goto japan again? also what about a black hood since the creed one was male only …..

    • No news to share at this time regarding Halloween festivities, but rest assured that we have events brewing for you guys.

  • hey locust_star will na ever get the spinx companion that uk has i want that dog lol

  • not that good speech but I say that this is nothing but marketing and I enjoy the games and if you have problems with sony, not to say I do not want problems with that company

  • Please reference this thread for more information regarding how Moderation in Home works, and how you can contact Consumer Services to learn more about account suspensions (including why yours was suspended in the first place).

  • You must be part of anonymous, or am I wrong because they do not want to be involved in things hackers

  • Hey, Locust will the dog companion have the similar functions as it’s active items’ counterpart? Also how indepth is the dead island mini game?

  • I would not be involved in these types of things, conflicting

  • CAS looks insane!!! Locaust, are there going to be any mini games associated with CAS? It would be cool to walk up to another person with a CAS Suit and start battling the in Central Plaza or anywhere on Home for that matter.

  • I normally don’t comment on here, but it seems I need to.

    First off great update on home. LS and the psh staff are doing a great job. I will be buying 80% of the products this update.

    Now on to you Zerbeo, don’t worry I’m not going to flame you. If you have a problem with the fams or any other complaint on PlayStation or any other Sony product you need to state it in the forums. This comment this is for updates comments.

    If you got banned guess what, YOU DID THE OFFENCE!

    You want to blame the families on home for you screwing up, grow up. If the these ppl report you for no reason they would have got in trouble, not just you. You said Sony committed fraud. LOL, you do sound like anonymous.

    Grow up kiddo.

    Godfather of Hardcore Mafia

  • So now your threatening ppl, lol. Your smart.

  • there is no 24 hour ban not that ive herd of …its 3 days a week then a month…
    BlAcK BlOoD VaMpIrEs

  • You do and I understand this, but the way your going about it is wrong. This will just cause you more problems. Do as LS says and call Sony again. And do understand that not all families on home act like idiots. Some of us are the same as you and just want to chill with our friends.

  • I guess that diamond/platinum suit that GlassWalls wore awhile back won’t be coming anytime soon.

  • well its good ur getting ur account bak. as for this “FAM” i will openly refuse to join their quaint little group. its just as easy to take a snap shot of the chat log and their names

  • Can you please tell me what happened to retail and/or PSN games featuring rare items that you could unlock for use within PlayStation Home? I miss those times :(

  • LMAO at still trying to push that ripoff scribble shooter garbage. Anyone even halfway considering buying that garbage needs to have a look at the large [Buyer Beware] thread in the Home forums regarding the shady tactics of these so called “developers”

    Very glad to see they havent profited from this like they wanted to…

  • out of this topic but make a starhawk emmetgraves costume and a mutated rift guy costumke for playstaytion home!!!!

  • What I would like to know is where the Steampunk space went after it was announced two years ago. Seriously, are you guys still working on that? Release dates? Anything?

  • Playstation Home has become a disappointment! Content updates have been mediocre at best. So sad i miss how Home use to be :(


  • Seriously…..Home just got epic. :O

    The artistic stylings of the CAS series Combat Suits is insanely good! I’m beyond impressed, Home is having a GREAT great year with these wonderful items!

    Now, all to make it THE best year of my life is some Bayonetta items. :D *awaits* 8D

  • lite n

  • Where’s my FFVI?

  • Where can I buy the silver diamond suit the host is wearing in the video VIS 19? hOW much is it?

    Any metal gear items coming up? kool one? not priced $6?


  • I will have the whole Combat Systems collection when it’s released.Thank you so much for this. Hope to see it soon.

  • Those CAS suits are sick? Why can’t other clothes and hair be that detailed. More hair please. More hair.


  • LMAO @ Elway’s comment. Sooo true! Home comes out with more and more wack stuff and high price rip offs as usual for trash. I miss IREM quality items.

  • In the You Better Axe Somebody game, the challenges don’t save after I leave home. I’m guessing this is due to an overload of people playing it right now, and it will probably sort itself out. Can you tell me if the challenges will save once you beat them ?

  • How do people get into the ALL-TIME list for single and multi? im confused about how it works, and I can’t find anything explaining it.

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