Everybody Dance Release Date, Track List and Software Bundle

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Everybody Dance Release Date, Track List and Software Bundle

I’m happy to announce that Everybody Dance, this year’s hottest high-energy party game for PlayStation 3, is launching in North America on October 18! Starting on the 18th, you’ll be able to pick up a copy of Everybody Dance for $39.99, or a bundle pack for $99.99 which includes a copy of the game, a PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera, so you’ll have everything that you need to get your dance party started.



Join the fun as you dance to 40 tracks alongside the authentic music videos from top artists like Usher, LMFAO, Duck Sauce and more! Using the PlayStation Move motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera to track your performances, you’ll be able to dance solo or have a friend join in for cooperative partner routines and competitive dance battles. You can also play with 19 of your friends in a dance off using Everybody Dance’s Party Play mode. Best of all, you’ll be able to use the PlayStation Eye camera to capture your performances so that you can upload videos to everybodydancegame.com and then send links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If you think that you’ve got all the best moves, let your creativity take center stage by using our innovative Dance Creator to choreograph your own routines set to any of our 40 hit tracks. You can even challenge your friends to see how well they can score against the routines you created in local play!

Not a world-class dancer? Not a problem! Everyone can get in on the fun by choosing from Beginner, Intermediate and Professional routines. Everybody Dance also lets you practice your skills through detailed routine breakdowns with the Dance Class feature.

All that dancing will really help you work up a sweat, so be sure to use Everybody Dance’s Dance Workout feature to track your fitness progress and calories burned while you’re playing the game.

Check out the new trailer below for a taste of the Everybody Dance experience.

Everybody Dance will feature 40 tracks including:

  • Amerie, 1 Thing
  • Barry White, You’re The First, The Last, My Everything
  • Basement Jaxx, Where’s Your Head At
  • Billy Idol with Generation X, Dancing with Myself
  • Bodyrockers, I Like The Way
  • Carl Douglas, Kung Fu Fighting
  • CeCe Peniston, Finally
  • Chromeo, Night By Night
  • Dam-Funk, Hood Pass Intact
  • Deadmau5, Ghosts ‘N’ Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)
  • Diana Ross , Upside Down
  • Duck Sauce, Barbra Streisand
  • Ellie Goulding, Starry Eyed
  • Elton John, I’m Still Standing
  • Fatboy Slim, Praise You
  • Groove Armada, Superstylin’
  • Ida Corr Vs Fedde Le Grand, Let Me Think About It
  • Jay Sean featuring Lil Wayne, Down
  • Kool And The Gang, Get Down On It
  • Lady Gaga, Born This Way
  • LMFAO, Party Rock Anthem
  • M/A/R/R/S, Pump Up The Volume
  • Miami Sound Machine, Dr Beat
  • New Kids On The Block, You Got It (The Right Stuff)
  • Nicole Scherzinger, Don’t Hold Your Breath
  • Ok Go, Here It Goes Again
  • Outkast, The Way You Move
  • Puretone, Addicted To Bass
  • R. Kelly, Step In The Name of Love
  • Raphael Saadiq, Radio
  • Republica, Ready To Go
  • Rihanna, Rude Boy
  • SNAP!, The Power
  • Sublime, Santeria
  • The Chemical Brothers, Hey Boy Hey Girl
  • Tiesto v Diplo feat Busta Rhymes, C`Mon (Catch `Em By Surprise)
  • Tinie Tempah, Pass Out
  • Usher featuring Pitbull, DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love
  • Usher featuring will.i.am, OMG
  • Willow, Whip My Hair

We’ll also be offering additional songs for download via the PlayStation Network starting from October 18, so you’ll never run out of hot new tracks and choreographed routines.

Be sure to pick up Everybody Dance when it launches on October 18. We’ll be looking out for your videos on everybodydancegame.com!

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  • Are 2 move controller necessary for this game because I want a dance game but I only got enough for 1 player. Can 2 player play at the same time with a single or it needs 4 in total?

  • @#2 “… a PlayStation Move motion controller and a PlayStation Eye camera, so you’ll have everything that you need to get your dance party started.” A = 1

  • Will it be playable with 4 players (4 playstation move) ?

  • *sigh* I figured the Move would be chock full of crap titles like this when i got the thing but was hoping for far better than what has been given to us so far. This is another shining example of the steaming piles of crap we’re being fed for these “groundbreaking motion peripherals.”

    Anoher lesson learned at the hands of the Sony hype machine…

  • @ #6 Elway358 –

    GoldenEye 007, Resistance 3, Killzone 3, inFAMOUS 2, Little Big Planet, Sports Champions, Ninja Gaiden III, Spider-Man, Transformers, FIFA, RE 5: Gold Ed., SOCOM 4, Heavy Rain, Bioshock Infinite, and much much more all say “Hi.”

    Just because some games using the move cater to a different demographic doesn’t mean that it’s useless like you suggest. It’s an option for gamers of all types, from the core to the casual.

    That’s the beauty of the PS brand, there’s something for everyone.

  • this is one game im actually looking forward to

  • LMAO, yeah right. Out of all that list of “Move games” you just listed, the only ones worth their salt to use the Move with is Sports Champions and Heavy Rain. The rest all completely suck using Move and that’s not just my opinion. It’s the general concensus if you do some actual reading up on it.

    If you’re using the Move with any shooter period, you’re either just playing for nothing but fun and time killing or you’re getting your ass severely handed to you trying to be competitive…

  • @9 Elway358 – Your comment shows just how much you have read on the “general consensus.”

    And yes, it is just your opinion you are stating.

    As for using the Move in a shooter, it’s quite the opposite – many complain that people who use the move have an unfair upper hand.

  • Competition is tough. Just Dance 3, Get Up and Dance or Everybody Dance? The best among them will get my money. DLC on day one and beyond is very important for me. Keep it up, guys ;)

  • @ G-Force08

    I Agree!

    That’s what sets apart move, from others, it’s easy to integrate on all kinds of games.

  • @11 jelly_bean

    And another one – Get Up and Dance.

    Seems like there is going to be a great influx of dancing games on the Move/PS3 now all of a sudden. =x

  • already pre-ordered the game!!!!!! luved the singstar dance but this one does seem alot better!!!!!!!!

  • This is great and all, but can we have some of these songs on Singstar too?

  • Not sure of this genre yet.

    Maybe the kids will like it… :)

  • I hope it gets better support in the USA than Sing Star had.
    Have you guys forgotten that game?

  • I’ll buy this if you keep us posted with new updates and dlc news.

  • Sorry for multiple posts!!!

    Can you make it so we can change and customize the move’s color? One of the things that excited me about Move was that the color had so many hues it was capable of…so far we only see pink and blue normally.
    It’s really boring and seems like a waste not to use all those other colors.

  • Usher rules…but I dont have any interests in this game…

  • Who do these artists think they are? LMFAO and Duck Sauce sound like a bunch of losers riding on meme popularity.

    And no Michael Jackson in a dancing game? LOL. Yeah, LMFAO will be way better to dance to than Thriller or Beat It. Doesn’t Sony sort of have something to do with MJ since they published “This is It”? Or is he off limits after Ubisofts Michael Jackson experience.

    I may sound like an MJ fanboy, but a dancing game without MJ is like a Rockband game without Queen.

  • Finally a first party dance game for Move! I like the create your own routine, it looks like it has potential! But does this game have the great, powerful four player offline multiplayer? please tell me it has because nothing is more fun and it would be way better for this game!

    Also, is it simple, just move your hand in a similar direction as the screen or do you actually hve to mimic it exactly?

    Lastly, can we please get a dance game that doesn’t require Move, but just require the PSEye? because dance games are better without anything in your hand and just the camera.

    Is this game DanceStar Party just with different names for North America and Europe? because if it’s not, why have two different first party dance games?

  • I am excited for a Dance game that uses the power of the PS3, and I hope this is it.

    Does it:
    1) Support holding the Move in your left hand? (I’m left-handed to begin with, and my right arm gets really tired in SingStar Dance since so much of it is focused on the arm/hand the Move is in.)

    2) Use computer-vision techniques like Kung-Fu Live did to track form beyond the Move position?

    3) Allow you to practice, move by move, with a slowed backing track?

    4) Give semi-specific feedback if your form doesn’t match?

    That last one is a killer for SingStar Dance. Trying to get the high-score trophy is really hard when I have no feedback on what I’m doing wrong — very frustrating!

    SingStar’s video and audio quality have seemed to increase in the last year or so, but this game needs to be even better. Since a lot of the songs are new and had videos produced in HD, I would expect 720p video on-par with Netflix streaming’s Very High Quality and Ogg-encoded audio on-par with Rock Band 3.

    looking forward to the details and some in-depth gameplay/developer videos!

  • Ok, how does the Everybody Dance’s Party Play mode work exactly? Is it local play or online also, 19 people is a lot!

  • R.I.P Singstar Dance

  • who the hell lmfao and duck sauce

  • GForce & Elway: I have the Move & am currently playing Harry Potter with it. Mostly ok. Next up will be the MJ Experience. I had the privilege of seeing Michael perform once. It was electrifying like Cole McGrath when he did his moonwalk, & really, all his dance moves. So I still have hopes for the Move. I played the Killzone 3 demo with the Move, & it was like I suddenly didn’t suck so bad anymore. I was blasting pylons & Helghast from moving aircraft which I simply couldn’t do when I first tried the demo, pre-Move.

    I think it’s a nice option & am changing my mind & maybe getting Deadmon’s Quest so I can keep using the Move.

  • does it have trophy’s?

  • So the online experience will kinda be like SingStar’s? Will we able to see and share stuff online with other countries similar to what SingStar is doing now with Everybody Dance (even though it’s called “DanceStar Party” everywhere else?)?

  • This is how it should be done, which would be for everyone, from the most young and casual to the oldest and hardcore, in games that in real life you hold something and only your hands/arms are important like bowling than just use Move, for games that in real life there’s nothing you hold like dancing than just use Eye (if Eye can’t do it, it’s time to release an improved camera Sony), for games that both arms/hands and full body is important like tennis than both Move and Eye

  • Sony, you must fix the only 7 controllers can be connected problem, because 4 player 2 Move offline multiplayer can’t be done and since Nav can only be connect via bluetooth than no 4 player Move and Nav combo can be done, that’s how party games are with 4 players and it makes games so much more fun. You must add the Move’s motion tech to Nav as well, you charge 30 for it and it doesn’t have motion but the nunchuck is 20 and has motion! Which brings me to pricing, Move, Nav and Eye are WAY too expensive (which also make the Move bundle too expensive), some games require 2 Moves, some games require a Nav (don’t say you can use a DS3 because it’s nowhere near the same and you should use a Nav) and Eye is REQUIRED. If you want 2 Move’s you have to pay $100, if you want a Move and Nav to be able to play a game you have to pay $80 when a DS3 costs $50, WAY too expensive. You should also add a Nav with all the Move bundles.

    I really like Move and I really want to get it but all these problems are the reasons why I havn’t bought it yet and won’t unless they are fixed. I’ll even forget the fact that racing games can’t be done, but if they can please let me know because it’s huge and the bad placement of the PS face buttons.

  • Oh, My family is going to love this!!! We have had a blast with SingStar.

  • This looks fun! I am looking forward to playing with the kids (there are actually a variety of types of songs on this, which is pretty cool) and checking out the workout mode!

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