DIRECTV and PlayStation Bring NFL Sunday Ticket to PS3

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DIRECTV and PlayStation Bring NFL Sunday Ticket to PS3

Hello PlayStation Nation!

Are you ready for some football!

We are excited to announce that PlayStation has partnered with DIRECTV to bring its popular sports subscription service, NFL SUNDAY TICKET, to the PlayStation 3 game console. PlayStation owners across the country will now have the opportunity to watch every out-of-market Sunday game on their PS3.

DIRECTV and PlayStation announce NFL SUNDAY TICKET on PS3

How do you get in the game? At the start of the season, viewers who do not currently have access to DIRECTV will be able to subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET at the season price of $339.95. Existing DIRECTV customers who already have NFL SUNDAY TICKET and NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go through DIRECTV can access the service on their PS3 for no additional charge.

NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV-exclusive sports package that offers:

  • Up to 14 NFL games every Sunday
  • Full HD for every football game
  • DIRECTV’s Red Zone Channel

We know that PlayStation fans are huge sports enthusiasts, so adding NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the perfect complement to the PS3’s rapidly growing lineup of sports entertainment, including MLB.TV and NHL GameCenter. We’ll have more info, including a video tutorial and sign up information on the blog shortly. I hope you’re as excited for the football season as we are.

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  • It’s probably a better deal to go through and buy their Game Rewind pass which lets you watch every game after it has aired. 300+ dollars is mighty steep.

  • 300 bucks way to much

  • Whoa, this is tempting.

  • 339.95!
    Thats more than the console!

  • OH MY GAH!!!! :O


  • Whoa that’s so awesome!

  • It’s cool, but not $340 cool. That’s like eleventy games or something. Or a CoD release and the add-on DLC. Just put HBOGO on my PS3 already.

  • This service sounds awesome but in this economy I highly doubt many will pony up $340 to see their team. I never get to see my team but that is just too much money for me to spend.

    Lower the price and see people come and sign up in droves but leave it and you won’t get the return that you were looking for.

  • why not just offer all of direct tv on the PS3


  • LOVE IT!!! $50 just add the PS3!!!! YESSS!!!!

  • I’m a bit confused on the pricing. Is that an additional $50 a month for those of us with a PS3/DirecTV, or just a one time $50 charge?

  • I’m glad the price is so low. $339.95, what a steal. Let me get my wallet out right now. Oh wait, that’s more than I paid for my PS3.

  • Will it be available in Canada?

  • cool i think its awesome u guys are teaming up with all these services

  • Is that $50 in addition to the $349 or $50 flat? If it’s $50 flat I’m all over this.

  • Uh, no. Maybe if I could just watch Eagles games I’d pay $50/year. Max.

  • So let me get this straight. I already have Directv AND the Sunday Ticket so if I want to watch it on my PS3 then I will be punished to the tune of $50? Makes complete sense…

  • why are they charging so much for it when DirecTV themselves are offering the service FOR FREE when you sign up with DirecTV?!?!?!?

  • Are you kidding me?? With the economy in turmoil Direct TV wants to charge that much.
    You can buy their satellite service for as little as $30 a month and you get Sunday ticket for free..

  • So I just have to pay $50 if I already have Directv and I get this?? Or is it $50 a month during the football season??

  • I have never liked DirectTV and the $339 price is another reason I don’t like them. That it way too much. If it was say $150 I would consider it.

  • not bad for those getting sunday ticket free with a new direct tv account, I highly doubt I would pay the full price for the package when i can go to my local sports bar and watch it on their tab. That being said… just one more thing the xbox doesn’t have, nice job guys keep on innovating.

  • $340!? To bad Sunday Ticket comes free if you sign with DirecTV now. And if its free with DirecTV why would I even want to pay $50 to watch it on my PS3? Glad its coming to PS3 but the price is not worth it.

  • Too much for 14 Eagles games since I’ll see them play the Giants twice on local TV and I’m not interested in the other teams around the league…

  • Let me take one wild guess.

    US Only?

  • NBA TV would be cool. Make it happen.

  • This is way too much money. I have the DTV and Sunday Ticket and if I want to watch on the PS3 I pay an additional 50 bucks. Yeah Ok, I’m willing to do that….NOT!!!!.


  • Why waste $300 on this when I can simply watch it then and get more games like come on netflix is only $8 a month screw that

  • if i had the money lol how about put all of direct tv on it then just let us sign into our directv accounts n watch it there lol :)

  • For those of you talking about the Free Sunday NFL Ticket thing, that will not last. That is just a temporary promotion they are doing. If I only have to pay $50 to have Sunday NFL Ticket that is a CRAZY GOOD DEAL

  • I also like how a subscription on a PS3 service costs almost double the PS3 itself.

  • YESSSS!!! I was just saying how incredible this would be, after being spoiled by…!

  • wow! i was excited to see this deal then the sticker shock smacked to crap out of me $339.

    i love football, i’m not in love with football. don’t expect this to sell to much. things you could get with $339:

    42in flat screen
    ok laptop
    new tires
    ipad or phone
    320gb ps3
    other party gaming system
    pay rent
    so many things……..$339 is to much. how about payments thru out the season or pay to watch a certin game. $339 just to much.

  • is this a new strategy?(partnering with other services, because it would most likely strengthen and support the playstation logo itself)

  • I couldn’t care less about the sports, but I think it is great you are including stuff from DirecTV. I am certainly interested in what is coming out next not sports related.

  • Its a good thing I’m a Cowboys fan living in Giants/Eagles Territory. I get to see the Boyz play almost every week.

  • well well, guess whos paying for the lockout now

  • Umm guys complaining check out how much NFL ticket costs on DirecTV.. $334.95 so pretty much the same price only good thing is that you can split up into payments of $66.99 for 5 months. DirecTV is just offering the NFL ticket for use on the PS3 without having to be a current subscriber to DirecTV. Pretty sweet deal and I doubt Sony can do much to lower the price. For those that are DirecTV subscribers and already bought the NFL ticket package they have a one time fee of $50 dollars to make it work on the PS3 and thus having your PS3 work as a separate box so in theory your normal DirecTV box can play one game and your PS3 can play another game. Overall I am excited about the deal!

  • that price is way too high even if it is for sunday ticket to directv. I love me some football, but with the addition of red zone and watching each game on I have no idea who would actually buy this. Directv needs to rethink their pricing structure.

  • 340 bucks???????????????? Madness. I’d rather put that towards a bunch of new videogames or food or shelter thanks..

  • WTF @ that price!?!?!?! Waaaaaay too expensive. Come On >:(

  • Four hundred dollars ($400.00 USD) or fifty dollars ($50.00 USD.) Doesn’t make a difference. It’s a rip-off. I enjoy and even love football as much as the next fan (go, Packers!) However, that is just ridiculous to say the least. I’ll just watch whatever game(s) is/are on in my area and watch happfully (without having to fork out my left testicale, soul and about fifty to four hundred dollars.) I’d much rather spend that money on other goods throughout the entire season. Like on cookout equipment, or food stock so, as to have cookouts (and of course beer.)

    I know there are morons in the world, and I say, P.T. Barnum, would like to have a word with you..

    “There is a sucker born every minute.”

    – P.T. Barnum

  • mlb tv is like 20 bux a month and you can watch way more games i know its a different sport but wth…. the nfl thinks awful highly of itself

  • After searching around a little bit, it’s $50 if you ALREADY HAVE NFL SUNDAY TICKET. If you have DirecTV, and NFL sunday ticket, it will cost $50 extra to watch it on the PS3.

  • So I have DirecTV already – whats with the $50? Is that a one time fee, monthly? And how do we use it as an additional receiver? I’m sort of excited but it sounds expensive for my friends/family who are not using DirecTV already.

  • wow like my two favorite things in this world are NFL Football(Go Eagles!!!) and Playstation. Thank you for combining the two. You are the real dream team.

    Question though: I am a current DirecTV, and it says $50 additional? To what exactly? Is it $50 extra a month or what?

  • NBA League Pass, please!

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