Street Fighter III: Third Strike Shoryukens PSN PLAY August 23rd

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Shoryukens PSN PLAY August 23rd

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition for PS3 (PSN)Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition for PS3 (PSN)Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition for PS3 (PSN)

Hey everyone! This is Derek Neal, and I’m the producer on Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. I’m here to tell you all the things that make this game awesome. You might want to take a seat and get comfortable, because that’s quite a list!

Available August 23rd, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition takes one of the most revered fighting games in CAPCOM’s history and brings it Online. Quite frankly, the feature set we’ve included in this downloadable is jaw dropping. In addition to upscaled graphics, we have hundreds of trials, dynamic challenges, and a huge Vault full of all kinds of unlockables. We have multiple training modes, integrated Tournament support, and 8 player lobbies (with spectator mode!). We have GGPO for near-lagless online play, a robust replay system, and the ability to upload matches straight to YouTube – from within the game! All of this, and much, much more.

We are also very excited to be the lead title in the brand new PSN PLAY program. Now with PSN PLAY, you’re able to pre-order this game now. This is actually the first time a pre-order program has been offered for a downloadable PSN title, and we couldn’t be happier than to help lead that charge. The pre-order period for the game runs through August 18th, and people who pre-order during this period will receive a special gift: a custom Third Strike theme for their PS3! Here’s a sneak peek of what it will look like:

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 ThemeStreet Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 Theme

Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 ThemeStreet Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition PS3 Theme

If that wasn’t enough, we are also announcing that we’ll be giving a free gift to everyone who purchases the game between now and through September 19th: a free key that unlocks the hidden boss character, Gill. This boss character is a ton of fun to play, and can be used in all of our casual game modes, such as Arcade and Player Match. (He is not available in Ranked matches or in Tournaments.)

Finally, PlayStation Plus members will be excited to hear that they’re getting a special deal: an additional 20% off on this already great value! So what are you waiting for?! Pre-order now. Buy this game…it’s time you realized that it’s the THIRD STRIKE THAT COUNTS!

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  • already pre-ordered, can’t wait

  • Pre-ordered too.. My first versus game ever on my PS3. Lol.

  • I already Pre-ordered. I wish Alex or Hugo, or both, would have made the cut for SFIV or SSFIV. I would definitely like to see more Hugo. His stage was interesting and his move set was great as well. He’s fun to watch.

  • Cool ! Is the SF IV fight stick compatible with this?

  • Looks pretty awesome. I was gonna pick up SSF4, but I may jus have to get this first!

  • Pre-ordered. The theme is amazing.

  • Pre-ordered on first day of the Play program; will I get the key to unlock Gill?
    “between now and through September 19th” – got mine before “now”.

  • Huh, haven’t seen that upper-left background yet. But, yes, the theme looks very nice, even if Stanley Lau’s art is, lamentably, obscured by parts of the XMB and blotter (Hugo’s beautiful face! Hidden behind the time!).

  • jeez, how many street fighter games have i bought for my ps3? 4? 5? Who knows! I have waaaaaay too many SF games…. Sigh… and i know i’m gunna buy this one too.
    *Hands Capcom Money*


  • Already Pre-Ordered :P Love the game when I got it on the PS2 SF anniversary edition, glad to have a chance to play it on my PS3.

  • Those X-media Bar backgrounds are awesome.

  • Sooo…should I pick this up or wait for Super Hyper Street Fighter III: Third Strike EX Gold Ultimate Arcade Edition?

    I’m only kidding. I’ll probably be preordering this and all the other PLAY games later today. Now if only I could find an arcade stick around here. They seem rather difficult to get in Canada unless I order online and pay and arm and a leg for shipping…

  • The game looks good, but how do we know this game doesn’t contain always-online-to-play drm like both Bionic Commando games, and copy protected saves like all other Capcom games?

  • Can we upload out local matches (offline) to YouTube as well? Or is that feature only available for Online play?

  • Why aren’t none of my post showing up?

  • It’s like this this post, only post positive comment’s here?!!

  • I pre-ordered, I can’t wait to play it. Which happens to my B-Day that day!

  • i already pre ordered. great game i cant wait dude. QUESTION!! so u never get all d themes. its just one??

  • Super music man!!!!

    Top left theme, LOLZ.

  • Still debating this one, I haven’t enjoyed a SF game since II Turbo.

  • Is this for PS3 only, or PSP as well?

  • what makes this game different from the others SF games??? i just want to know.(just curiosity)

  • Hi Derek! I remember going to a local bowling alley and totally psyched they had this game when it first came out. I dropped a chunk of cash to beat Gill. Hopefully I can scrounge up a bit more to buy it.

  • i going to get this game,but where is snk vs capcom 2 online hd edition

  • Ooohhh, I’m tempted to get this just for the custom themes.

  • Will we be getting more SF3 avatars? There’s only about 4 characters available.

  • was a great game when I played for the dreamcast. @25 what is your avatar from?

  • Oh i had to reread the part about the challenges because the first time i raid it I swear it said “We have added a really pain in the ass way for you to get trophies like the other SF games”… Does capcom try to make people angry? reannounce megaman legends and cancel that too for no reason while you’re at it.

  • Pre-ordered day 1, best PS3 static theme ever!!!

  • What I want to know is, is their custom music support ? I will pre order right now if any one can tell me

  • Release it already >_<

  • I already preordered….now give me my game and free stuff.

  • Spacerac, I agree. However, it seems like the game doesn’t have always-online-DRM based off of the terms and conditions on the PSN Store listing.

    Hopefully Capcom gets that arcade games are meant to be played offline too.

  • Please, launch the Street Fighter Alpha 3 HD , Cadillacs and Dinosaurs HD and Captain Commando HD for PS3. Please!!!

  • The theme is bad @$$, it’s static but changes whenever the XMB refreshes. @LilBayArea, read somewhere that there is no custom soundtrack support, so that’s a bummer. Glad that Capcom has learned NOT to utilize the always-online-DRM, now if they could just go back and patch my copy of Final Fight!

  • THREE STRlKES UR OUT. Come on SFvTekken!

  • Glad its 12 Bucks for us Plus Subscribers!

  • Pre-ordered too! Love the free theme btw

  • Couldn’t yah put in all the extras the ps2 version had? Like all the extra options, ex options? Not sayin these should be used in ranked matches, but custom friendly matches and local. All the extra stuff capcom put in SF3 and Snk vs Capcom 2 made great additions. Plus, for those of us who just wanna mess around or play the game differently, those games gave us lots of different ways of doin so. And, it makes it worth the money.

  • Already pre-ordered :D

    Now we need a Capcom Vs SNK 2 HD version :D

  • @41

    I second the snk vs capcom 2

  • oh man, I really need to play this one. It’s been many years since I play the last Street Fighter game (SF2 on my SNES).

  • Pre-ordered it, can’t wait to play it. Love the theme. Let’s go!

  • Wow, those screen shots look awful. I hope those are the before shots, and not the finished product that you’re attempting to charge $15 for.

  • I echo the comment above – I find it hard to put money down when I don’t know if Capcom’s going to be using their online to play DRM like Bionic Commando 2 and Final Fight Double Impact. Where can I get information on this? It is not on Capcom’s website…

  • Now all we need is for ARIKA to redo there Street Fighter Games EX 1 EX 2 EX 3 and we be set to go…

    How about it Capcom let ARIKA redo the EX games also… Thanks!

    By: DCS

  • I love this game, but I don’t like capcom anymore… sorry I’m not buying anything from you until you change your fan-screwing policies

  • STill thinking about this one.. I’m a d-pad guy.. D-pad still usable in this? If it is I’ll pre-order it right now ^_^

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