Renegade Ops – Let’s Talk About Upgrades

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Renegade Ops – Let’s Talk About Upgrades

I wanted to drop by with more information about our PSN PLAY-bound title Renegade Ops, focusing on upgrades you’ll use to enhance your chosen vehicle. The upgrades are there to help you tailor your character to your preferred play style…though all four characters can be played balls-to-the-wall, and you’re never going to have enough time to sit back and take in the gorgeous scenery for long.

First though, allow me to give you the first exclusive look at the latest trailer which surprisingly enough shows off some of these upgrades.

The better you are at the game – in other words the more enemies you destroy, stunts you pull and collectibles you grab – the quicker you’ll reach the next level, and in this game levels mean prizes…well, upgrade points. So, how can you spend these points? Well you’ll have the choice of three skill trees to spread your points over, so you can customise your character depending on how you best play the game. The only limit to this is the amount of upgrades you can have active at one time; the higher your level, the more upgrades you can equip.

Renegade Ops for PS3 (PSN)

What I’ll do below is detail the upgrades you’ll have access to, and then give you an example using my current level 19 Roxy build.

All Character Upgrades


Spare Parts: Chance of spawning health pick-ups from your vehicle when hit by explosive damage

Nitro: Double tap turbo button for nitro speed boost, also extinguishes fire if used when burning

Second Chance: Death is delayed by 10 seconds so you can find a health pick up to stay alive. Second chance only triggers once per life

Extra Life: Increases the numbers of loves you start each mission with by 1

Hardened Hull: Maximum health increased and health received from pick-ups increased

Auto Repair: Automatically regenerate health when low


Auto Reload: Automatically generate ammo for secondary weapon over time

Ammo Surplus: Secondary ammo pick-ups give more ammo than normal

Advanced Arms: Rocket launcher – homing rockets, Railgun – shorter charge time, Flame Thrower – Damage increased

Magazine Size – Basic: Secondary weapon magazine size increased

Magazine Size – Elite: Secondary weapon magazine size greatly increased

Now it starts to get different, with each character having unique upgrades, as follows:

Renegade Ops for PS3 (PSN) - Roxy

Roxy Upgrades

Special Ability: Rocket Strike – Drops beacons that are hit by a rain of rockets from the sky, causing area damage.


Rocket Launcher Kit: Start Every life with Rocket Launcher and some ammo equipped


Efficiency – Basic: Rocket Strike cooldown reduced

Efficiency – Elite: Rocket Strike cooldown greatly reduced

Auto Strike: Rocket Strike automatically targets and attempts to directly hit enemies in area

Bombardment – Basic: Rocket Strike duration and radius increased

Bombardment – Elite: Rocket Strike duration and radius greatly increased

Quick Strike: Rocket Strike hits instantly and has increased damage radius

So, to give an example to provide further context, here’s how this ‘expert’ Renegade Ops player does it:

Roxy (Currently level 19)

Defense: Nitro (short additional speed boost, removes fire if burning)

Extra Life (Start each mission with 1 extra life)

Offense: Ammo Surplus (Secondary ammo pick-ups give more ammo than usual)

Tactical: Bombardment – Basic (Rocket Strike duration and radius increased)

Efficiency – Basic (Rocket Strike cooldown reduced)

Quick Strike (Rocket Strike hits instantly and has increased damage radius)

Current skills equipped: Ammo Surplus, Efficiency – Basic and Quick Strike

This build means that the already nimble Buggy that Roxy drives is now suitably powerful, too. Secondary weapons can be spammed a lot more due to the extra ammo, and I’ve powered up my special ability into something quite devastating. The only problem is without any defensive abilities equipped, I’m currently something of a glass cannon…but hey, you play how you play. In this game I like to be in and out of the action quickly dealing as much damage as possible.

Usually in co-operative games, I play a support role, whether that’s as a medic or engineer. But in Renegade Ops I want to be nimble and explosively deadly, and that’s why I prefer Roxy. However, you may like to support your teammates by causing disabling effects to the enemies, so your preference may be for Diz and her awesome EMP special ability.

Renegade Ops for PS3 (PSN) - Diz

Diz Upgrades

Special Ability: EMP – Releases an electromagnetic pulse over a large area disabling all enemies within this area making them susceptible to attacks for a limited period.


Railgun Kit: Start Every life with Railgun and some ammo equipped


Static Shock – Basic: EMP causes minor damage to enemies in addition to normal effects

Static Shock – Elite: EMP causes high damage to enemies in addition to normal effects

Black Out: Duration of EMP effect on enemies increased

Efficiency – Basic: EMP cooldown reduced

Efficiency – Elite: EMP cooldown greatly reduced

Super Charged: Increased EMP radius and enemy rockets are disabled in mid-flight when hit by EMP

Renegade Ops for PS3 (PSN) - Armand

Armand Upgrades

Special Ability: Armadillo Plating (Shield) – Extendable shield plating that causes enemy bullets to bounce back at the attackers.


Flame Thrower Kit: Start Every life with Flame Thrower and some ammo equipped


Efficiency – Basic: Shield cooldown reduced

Efficiency – Elite: Shield cooldown greatly reduced

Rebound: Shield deflects enemy bullets and rockets back at the enemy for damage

Time Extension: Maximum Shield duration increased

Guarded Repair: Regenerate health over time while Shield is active

Ram Plate: Destroy small enemy vehicles when ramming them and no penalty when driving through buildings

Renegade Ops for PS3 (PSN) - Gunnar

Gunnar Upgrades

Special Ability: Heavy Cannon – Extends heavy cannon that fires high velocity, armour piercing rounds causing extreme damage. Vehicle cannot move while active.


Rocket Launcher Kit: Start Every life with Rocket Launcher and some ammo equipped


Efficiency – Basic: Heavy Cannon cooldown reduced

Efficiency – Elite: Heavy Cannon cooldown greatly reduced

Power Hydraulics: Increased Heavy Cannon turret rotation speed

Explosive Rounds: Heavy Cannon causes additional splash damage to enemies near area of impact

Riot Shield: A shield protects against bullets from front while Heavy Cannon is active

Counter Shot: Heavy Cannon shots destroy enemy rockets in mid-flight

So now you have a good idea of the depth of the upgrades available, and how you can experience four different play-styles by trying every character, or playing the same character using different builds depending on your mood and the composition of your team.

Finally, if any of you are going to PAX this year you’ll be able to get the chance to try Renegade Ops there. So come and find us, get your hands on the game, ask as many questions as you like, and prepare for Renegade Ops. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

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  • Seems like this will be fun.

  • I’m excited.

  • I already pre-ordered, does this game have on-line co-op?

  • Already purchased, so this is just getting better. ˆˆ

  • After watching this trailer ill stick with my previous statement. Still bad voice overs and there are a ton of top down vehicles shooters out there that look better then this one and cheaper. Real cheezy as well with those huge numbers popping up when you kill an enemy.

    • It’s all over the top by design. It captures a little bit of that old-school essence where high-scores were claims to fame for some. Personally, I love the cheese-ball voice overs. Reminds me of GI Joe. ;)
      Either way, I definitely hope you give the game a shot.

  • Looks like Twisted Metal 2 a bit, thats a good thing.

    Let me guess $15, as you doing the PSN Play BS.

    Another would be purchase, probably put on back shelf due to being over priced.

    I’ll wait till its a PLUS freebie or at least down to about 50%.

  • @5 theXsilentXchild

    I know everyone has their own opinions, and I am fine with that. But why bother posting something negative if you are not interested in this game? Just don’t click the link, and move along.

  • If people understand the PLAY Promotion a little better they wouldn’t complain about the price of this game! If you buy all 4 games, you get Payday for FREE, 5 games for the price of 4, and it equals about less than $10.00 a game if you are a Plus member.

  • That’s a lots of explosions! Who sponsors this game Michael Bay?! Just kidding Im sure your script is much better! XD. Can’t wait to play this!


    I read all the posts on here. I figured I would give the game a second chance by watching the trailer to see if I was wrong. ill also try the demo if one comes out and revoke my comment if the game play is fun. I give everything a fair chance but state my opinion on what I see. I still think that $15 is to much for what it is though.

  • also @DZORMAGEN

    I understand the promotion very well. I think it is a good deal if you like all the games but I think they put out a pretty mediocre set for 1 game that is in the buyers eyes.

  • @ DZORMAGEN: 100% with you. I think the promotion is really good. If you are a plus member you get 3 bucks discount for each game which is a $ 12 dollars discount. You also get a $ 20 game for FREE if you purchase all 4 games. That’s over $ 32 because Im not counting the extras and the themes…. but people still complaining.

  • i wasn’t sure about this game (heard VERY little about it for a long time besides the name) but when Giant Bomb put up their Quick Look of it, i went to the PSN and preordered it right away! guys, if you arent sure go to Giant Bomb and watch the Quick Look!

  • I could also just be a frugal CAG with a big keyboard mouth. who knows…

  • Looks pretty fun. Not going to do the PLAY thing, but will definitely pick it up when a bigger sale for it hits. Just too many games right now.

    Is there online multiplayer or just local?

  • No regrets with my pre-order. Looking forward to it.

  • Will there be a demo?

  • This game looks awesome!!!! Already got it pre-ordered! =D

    I’m hoping for lots of level DLC in this game!

  • The effects in this game look surprisingly good, especially smoke.


    Could not have said it better or more politely myself. Certainly not as politely =] Not just because I think this may be the winner of the Playt titles, but because the way some people treat these devs that come here and post is embarrasing. I’ve always thought that PS3 users were a cut above the xcrap loudmouths. But everyday for the last year or so I just get disappointed by the rudeness some people display here. Too bad it’s an anonymous medium because I’m sure their mothers would spank them. Yes I get rude on this board all the time, but only out of frustration at the indecency others portray. (two wrongs don’t make a right…I KNOW MOM.)

  • This looks like a good classic arcade shooter! I like the leveling system not normally seen in a game like this.

    I’m not sure I like the apparent price hike to $15, but then it could just be this selection of PSN Play games that happen to be at this price. Maybe they’re justified, with the content of the game?

    @theXSilentXchild, I totally agree with you about the voice-overs. I also think they could have used evergreen trees over deciduous ones.

  • Ah… I see what you did there :)

    @ Formik

    Totally! evergreen is overrated!

  • er…

    Underrated… doh!

  • Micheal Bay!!! BOOM!!! BANG!!!

  • Looks really awesome, but Demo please…

  • At first I wanted nothing to do with this game but now that i watched the video iam so buying this game asap. Seriously the game looks awesome for that price!

  • silent child? wtf why so rude? this is a DL game dood, the budget isnt there. Go ahead and make a game so we can see how Perfect it would/could be…

  • Anybody remember Jackal on the NES? This is looks like a souped up sequel, and that’s a good thing!

    • Yeah, that was one of the first things I thought of when I saw it too. Definitely not a bad thing. Renegade Ops is all about bringing that classic arcade gameplay back and making it current with a bevy of killer features.

  • already pre-ordered!!! :D

  • @Trieloth

    In progress… working title is how to make the forum mad at you for commenting on a mediocre game that will be downloaded and forgotten in a day or so after release.

    It will be a first person rpg using a usb keyboard. Not unlike typing of the dead.

    Im shooting for next years play bundle. Standard $15 price point. Dont worry, those that preorder it will receive a static theme. Pretty sweet deal in MY opinion.

  • Oh this game looks promising and fun when I saw the preview video, I like the gameplay. I might get this.

  • game looks pretty good I don’t think it’s worth $15 or $12 in my case might pick it up once it’s under $10 it’s just too many disc titles about to come out for me to think these games are worth their price online co-op or not

    P.S. What’s up Kwietstorm and Phillyblunz

  • serriously that game look REALLY HOT! count me on that pre-order promo!
    thanks for that game!

  • look fast, clear and full of action!

  • Playstation, dont furget about cross- chat. We are all waiting for it.

  • HEY PSN i am still waiting for my message for my free SECTION 8 code for purchase section 8 prejudice

    wonder why you did close the thread for it ….
    (dont want people ask for they code!???)

    it seem no one receive it is it a other lie from PSN ?

    swarm was announce at 4.99$ but was offer at 7.49$ (still got screen shot for proof)

  • The SFX sounds amazing!

  • Pre-ordered ! Can’t Wait !

    I love PSN. <3

  • hello i was just wondering if anyone else has tried to sign up for the call of duty elite and it says, ( Your account information could not be verified) because i have tried both of my screen names and it tells me that, so i went to the main page of sony to see if i could login and i can but if you go to where it says “Account Settings” and click on manage account it tells you


    PlayStation®Network Account management is located on a different site. If you continue, you will leave and be required to sign-in to the PlayStation®Network again to manage your account.

    hit continue

    it tells me.

    Site Maintenance Notice
    The server is currently down for maintenance.
    We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again later. has this happen to anybody

  • umm 41st!…wesside and game looks sick

  • Want this game SO BAD.

  • Been following the game for quite some time now and it really looks great! I might pre-order so I can get that theme for free too!

    Any chance of seeing a trophy list soon? I do love those trophies! Just don’t make them too hard… ;)

    One more thing, thanks for having online co-op support! It means a lot!

  • Looks interesting.

    Will there be a demo on Day 1?

  • Looks cool.

  • At first glance I dismissed this game, but after digging a bit I pre-ordered it. It looks really, really fun. For anyone interested in it, I suggest checking out They have a quicklook available of about 10 minutes of gameplay.

  • Loved Just Cause 2 and it seems like Avalanche has taken everything they’ve learned with that game and applied to an arcade game.

  • I like to support my favorite game developers when I can, and Avalanche is very high up on that list. I love Just Cause 1 & 2, so after hearing about this being included with Play, I pre-ordered it immediately. I was still unsure of the details of the game until I watched a quicklook of the game. It looks so over the top like David Bruno said above. Reminds me a lot of the chaos in Just Cause 2. I hear the dual stick controls are spot on too, with some really nice animations when doing 180s. You can also blow up buildings by driving into them. The environments I’ve seen so far look really nice and detailed. Being able to play co-op is just icing on the cake so far. Avalanche & SEGA, you guys make me a happy gamer; thanks.

  • This game looks awesome! Reminds of Jungle Strike from the 16-bit days (one of my all-time fav games). Can’t wait to play this.

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