ModNation Rockin’ The Party and This Party Don’t Stop

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ModNation Rockin’ The Party and This Party Don’t Stop

You have to admit this has been a one rippin’ great summer to be a member of the ModNation!

…and most recently the “name your next favorite game” event (see last week’s blog)

We have a lot more events in store for you in the months to come leading up to the release of ModNation Racers on the PlayStation Vita. We can’t wait to get our hands on that baby, but trust us – you’ll have plenty to do until then!

Hey, if you have an idea for a fun MNR event let us know HERE. The more ideas the better!

ModNation Team Track Challenge II – Are You In? (again!)
The last team track challenge was a roaring success so we are doing it again! Are you new to track creation and want to learn from AND work with the best? Are you one of “the best” and want to impart your “MNR wisdom” on the newbies? Well this is the event for you. We will randomly be putting together teams of 3-4 track creators to work together on building their united track.

If you want to join in the fun look HERE for more details and to sign up.


RECENT DLC: On The Zombie Bandwagon!
The Haunted Parts Pack is available in the PlayStation Store for $4.99. Let the freaks come out at night!


ModNation Player Profile: IndustrialSavior
IndustrialSavior is one of the ModNation’s most prolific track creators. His tracks always deliver a great race AND a great story! Read his profile HERE

Tomorrow (8/16/11) is an opportunity to acquire some FREE ModNation Racers DLC. I will be cruising around the ModSpot tossin’ around some free MNR DLC (while supplies last). Look for PSN ID: MNR_FIND_ME.

Creations of the Week:

Track of The Week:
Planet Zatox by prob_alex


Hot Lap Tracks:

Monday: Planet Zatox by prob_alex (prob_alex continues to find beautiful, ingenious and astonishing new ways to push the track design envelope! This week is no different. I raced it so much I see it in my dreams at night, and that’s a good thing!)
Tuesday: Halloumi National Park by atheistsw (I don’t know where this “park” is but I want to vacation there for about a week!)
Wednesday: The Maze of Despair by Industrial02 (In recognition of National “Meaning of Is” Day)
Thursday: THE ORBITRON by RADMANROB (I like this track a lot RADMANROB! (AKA: RADBOYROB)
Friday: alien arctic 51 fix by LinKueiNinja (great effort from a rookie track designer)
Saturday: Budget Deficit Crisis by manlius10a (well played sir, well played)
Sunday: Eden Vale Office Park by atheistsw (Wow! atheistsw can even turn a depressing office park into a fun race. How does he do it?)

Party on ModNation, party on!

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