Meet the New Characters of White Knight Chronicles II

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Meet the New Characters of White Knight Chronicles II


Hi guys! I wanted to give you a brief outline of the story and characters of White Knight Chronicles ll, which will hit U.S. PS3s this fall. The original game “White Knight Chronicles: International Edition” (included with WKCII) began with the day of Princess Cisna’s coming-of-age banquet in the Kingdom of Balandor. When the ceremony is suddenly raided by a mysterious organization called Magi, young winemaker apprentice Leonard lead the princess to safety in the castle cellars, where he found a legendary weapon called the Incorruptus. Leonard gains the knightly powers of the Incorruptus and sets out on a journey to save Princess Cisna with his friends: Yulie, Leonard’s childhood friend; Eldore, an old but skilled warrior; and Caesar, the son of the ruler of Greede.

However, the journey to rescue Princess Cisna became a harsh one. They overcame many challenges before Leonard and his friends came to realize that they had gotten caught up in a war that had been raging since ancient times — the Dogma Wars, a brutal battle that begin 10,000 years ago across the entire continent. And they may have simply been following a destiny that was determined since those ancient days…

At the end of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, Leonard and his friends faced Grazel at the Dogma Rift that is a great gash formed by a massive earthquake. We don’t want to spoil the ending so that is all we can say for now.


White Knight Chronicles ll continues one year after this event. The world was exposed to the advancement of the military forces of the Yshrenian Empire with people’s lives at stake. It wasn’t just the Kingdom of Balandor that was affected, but also the great nation of Faria to the far west. White Knight Chronicles ll starts with a whole new level; “Faria”, with two new characters; Scardigne and Miu.

Faria is a grand nation that exists within The Lost Forest, to the west of the Dogma Rift. It is a prosperous country that is built around a giant tree that is revered as their guardian. The designs of the buildings and the clothing that the people wear are very unique to their society. The decorations used for armor, and especially the peoples’ hairstyles can only be found here, giving it a sort of grace to their culture. In the past, they were in a fierce war against the Kingdom of Balandor. But thanks to the peace talks which were strongly pursued between King Valtos of Balandor and Archduke Dalam of Faria, the nation maintains its quiet peace. However, there has been uneasy movement within Faria since Archduke was killed in the Magi incident a year ago at Balandor.

General Scardigne, who served the nation, and a girl named Miu were fighting to defend themselves from their pursuers. This young girl was the granddaughter of Archduke Dalam who had once ruled Faria, and the nation’s only hope. Gradually, the story heads into an epic global battle for world domination…

Please meet the new characters as well as some familiar friends below. Please note that the graphics for the original characters have also been improved throughout the game including throughout the remastered original. We hope fans enjoy stunning graphics created by LEVEL-5 and we look forward to releasing the game in North America in September!


Scardigne (New Character): The general of Faria. Scardigne meets with Leonard during the attempt to save Miu from Faria’s civil war and they travel together from there. He does not show emotion and has a cold demeanor, but he is very dependable.


Miu (New Character): The kind-hearted granddaughter of the late Archduke Dalam who prefers not to fight. When the civil war broke out, her life was threatened because she was the daughter to Archduke Dalam. She fled from Faria with Scardigne, and met with Leonard. She still wonders how she can help.


Leonard: A kind young man with a strong sense of justice and a passionate side, who once used to work as an apprentice to a winemaker in the castle town of Balandor. He has a slight crush on Princess Cisna. After accidently becoming the pactmaker to the White Knight, he completed missions for the kingdom and for Princess Cisna, though he was never an official member of the royal army. He is now an official knight of the Kingdom of Balandor.


Cisna: The princess of Balandor who lost her voice and smile due to an emotional trauma from her childhood. Her castle is raided during her coming-of-age ceremony, and her father, the king, is killed right in front of her eyes by a man in dark armor. Currently, she has overcome King Valtos’s death. To fight against the Yshrenian empire and to settle the struggles in the Kingdom of Balandor, she sends Leonard as a messenger to Faria.


Yulie: Leonard’s childhood friend who lives in the village of Parma, she’s a cheerful girl who is always smiling and also has secret feelings for Leonard. At first, she was against Leonard going into battle, but after serious thought of what she can do for Leonard in this continued war against Yshrenia, she decides to swear to fight alongside him. She currently travels with Leonard as support.


Caesar: The son of Count Drisdall, the ruler of the free city of Greede. In contrast to his father Drisdall who is respected by all the citizens as the governor of the city, Caesar has a very free-spirited personality. A year ago, he traveled with Leonard as the pactmaker of the Dragon Knight. After the journey, he separated ways with Leonard and has taken up his position as lord of Greede after his father passed. Though his carefree demeanor and actions may cause people to misjudge him, his heart is honest and caring.


Grazel: The leader of the Magi force and the pactmaker of the Sun King. He believes that he is the reincarnation of Emperor Madoras of ancient Yshrenia and attempts to make the world his own. One year ago, he proclaimed the empire of Yshrenia reborn and declared war against the world.

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