Meet the New Characters of White Knight Chronicles II

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Meet the New Characters of White Knight Chronicles II


Hi guys! I wanted to give you a brief outline of the story and characters of White Knight Chronicles ll, which will hit U.S. PS3s this fall. The original game “White Knight Chronicles: International Edition” (included with WKCII) began with the day of Princess Cisna’s coming-of-age banquet in the Kingdom of Balandor. When the ceremony is suddenly raided by a mysterious organization called Magi, young winemaker apprentice Leonard lead the princess to safety in the castle cellars, where he found a legendary weapon called the Incorruptus. Leonard gains the knightly powers of the Incorruptus and sets out on a journey to save Princess Cisna with his friends: Yulie, Leonard’s childhood friend; Eldore, an old but skilled warrior; and Caesar, the son of the ruler of Greede.

However, the journey to rescue Princess Cisna became a harsh one. They overcame many challenges before Leonard and his friends came to realize that they had gotten caught up in a war that had been raging since ancient times — the Dogma Wars, a brutal battle that begin 10,000 years ago across the entire continent. And they may have simply been following a destiny that was determined since those ancient days…

At the end of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, Leonard and his friends faced Grazel at the Dogma Rift that is a great gash formed by a massive earthquake. We don’t want to spoil the ending so that is all we can say for now.


White Knight Chronicles ll continues one year after this event. The world was exposed to the advancement of the military forces of the Yshrenian Empire with people’s lives at stake. It wasn’t just the Kingdom of Balandor that was affected, but also the great nation of Faria to the far west. White Knight Chronicles ll starts with a whole new level; “Faria”, with two new characters; Scardigne and Miu.

Faria is a grand nation that exists within The Lost Forest, to the west of the Dogma Rift. It is a prosperous country that is built around a giant tree that is revered as their guardian. The designs of the buildings and the clothing that the people wear are very unique to their society. The decorations used for armor, and especially the peoples’ hairstyles can only be found here, giving it a sort of grace to their culture. In the past, they were in a fierce war against the Kingdom of Balandor. But thanks to the peace talks which were strongly pursued between King Valtos of Balandor and Archduke Dalam of Faria, the nation maintains its quiet peace. However, there has been uneasy movement within Faria since Archduke was killed in the Magi incident a year ago at Balandor.

General Scardigne, who served the nation, and a girl named Miu were fighting to defend themselves from their pursuers. This young girl was the granddaughter of Archduke Dalam who had once ruled Faria, and the nation’s only hope. Gradually, the story heads into an epic global battle for world domination…

Please meet the new characters as well as some familiar friends below. Please note that the graphics for the original characters have also been improved throughout the game including throughout the remastered original. We hope fans enjoy stunning graphics created by LEVEL-5 and we look forward to releasing the game in North America in September!


Scardigne (New Character): The general of Faria. Scardigne meets with Leonard during the attempt to save Miu from Faria’s civil war and they travel together from there. He does not show emotion and has a cold demeanor, but he is very dependable.


Miu (New Character): The kind-hearted granddaughter of the late Archduke Dalam who prefers not to fight. When the civil war broke out, her life was threatened because she was the daughter to Archduke Dalam. She fled from Faria with Scardigne, and met with Leonard. She still wonders how she can help.


Leonard: A kind young man with a strong sense of justice and a passionate side, who once used to work as an apprentice to a winemaker in the castle town of Balandor. He has a slight crush on Princess Cisna. After accidently becoming the pactmaker to the White Knight, he completed missions for the kingdom and for Princess Cisna, though he was never an official member of the royal army. He is now an official knight of the Kingdom of Balandor.


Cisna: The princess of Balandor who lost her voice and smile due to an emotional trauma from her childhood. Her castle is raided during her coming-of-age ceremony, and her father, the king, is killed right in front of her eyes by a man in dark armor. Currently, she has overcome King Valtos’s death. To fight against the Yshrenian empire and to settle the struggles in the Kingdom of Balandor, she sends Leonard as a messenger to Faria.


Yulie: Leonard’s childhood friend who lives in the village of Parma, she’s a cheerful girl who is always smiling and also has secret feelings for Leonard. At first, she was against Leonard going into battle, but after serious thought of what she can do for Leonard in this continued war against Yshrenia, she decides to swear to fight alongside him. She currently travels with Leonard as support.


Caesar: The son of Count Drisdall, the ruler of the free city of Greede. In contrast to his father Drisdall who is respected by all the citizens as the governor of the city, Caesar has a very free-spirited personality. A year ago, he traveled with Leonard as the pactmaker of the Dragon Knight. After the journey, he separated ways with Leonard and has taken up his position as lord of Greede after his father passed. Though his carefree demeanor and actions may cause people to misjudge him, his heart is honest and caring.


Grazel: The leader of the Magi force and the pactmaker of the Sun King. He believes that he is the reincarnation of Emperor Madoras of ancient Yshrenia and attempts to make the world his own. One year ago, he proclaimed the empire of Yshrenia reborn and declared war against the world.

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  • pre ordered and paid in full already just waiting on best buy to send me my copy !!!!! cant wait !!!! loved WKC !!!!

  • omg finally! cannot wait! i loved the first game. so many RPGs in September :)

  • Still no solid release date?

  • will wait for a good deal on this game by Black Friday.

  • “The original game “White Knight Chronicles: International Edition” (included with WKCII)”

    So, just so I don’t assume incorrectly, this means that WKCII comes with the first game?

  • I only have one concern about this game… we are going to get ALL the DLC and updates (not at once of course) right? I ask this because In WKC1 although we got 95% of everything the Japanese version had there was a few things we never did get (like the porom, shoot and golden armor). I also ask because I remember reading on facebook that Gods Eater Burst would need be getting anymore DLC in the US because D3 couldnt get the licenses to use/get that DLC… we wont have similar complications with WKC2 DLC in the future will we?

    I mean it would suck reading about all the awesome things you can do in the JP version of WKC2 (Star your own guild and new story quests featuring your avatar as the main character) only to find out that stuff would never see the light of day in US.

    • The quests that were distributed in Japan by the end of January this year will all be included with the WKC II NA game.We will have updates in the coming weeks regarding additional DLC. Stay tuned…

  • @5

    yes thats exactly what that means

  • Speaking of updates I can understand DLC being held back but shouldnt EVERY version of teh game be being played on the most up to date version (i.e all the latest gameplay fixes, tweaks) I hear the JP version has class balancing patch, and also the way GR points are earned/distributed/calculated was upgraded and done differently, whereas the EU version is still doing things teh out of date way because of the lack of those patches… shouldnt all versions be running on up to date versions (minus the DLC of course)?

  • Always good to get more WKC2 news. Hoping for a more solid release date soon, especially for Canada.

  • is there a list of trophies since the first one was impossible for me to get them since there almost all online and non of my friends played the game so i didnt even bother with them… but ill will be giving this game a try

  • I cannot wait to play this!!! Sadly I won’t get it day one. Senior year of college will keep me busy, no time for video games. Once I graduate, I am so getting this!!!

  • Unfortunately SCEA isn’t handling publishing WKC II this time around and D3 Pub took too long to localize this so I already have mine imported from Europe.

    Love the series. I’m going to have to import Dogma Wars/Origins for the PSP as well because it doesn’t look like anyone wants to pick that one up and localize it either.

  • I can’t wait for this game! The idea of an updated version of WKC just sounds soooo appealing and awesomesauce! Will this MSRP for $59.99 usd, or more because of the 2 games in one?

  • Already have mine pre-ordered. So glad it’s coming here. I love WKC1, and I’m sure I’ll love this one too!

  • I Know this is not the right blog. But did anyone receive a xmb message section 8 free for buying section 8 prejudice

  • Pre-ordered and waiting. Hoping that it doesn’t get pushed back again.

    Are the trophies for WKC II easier than or at least shorter than WKC I?
    Some of those trophies were just ridiculous.

  • Whoa! I also notised that PlayStation did made an editorial error in which the did say it’ coming in August for NA… probably they have wished that the game come out this soon :)

  • I loved the first game very much; online was great! Doing quests with friends and building my little city was great fun.

    So, here’s my question, Miki: I bought a new PS3 since the time I played WKC. I know I’ll have to play through it again, which is fine because I’d’ve done that anyway, but are the things I did online still there? Or is my Guild Rank and everything gone because I no longer have that gamesave?

    Either way, I’ll buy this, play it, and love it even more than I did the first one.

    Also, if you could, care to share anything new we’ll see online?

    • If you have “Clear Data” from WKC: International Edition, you can carry it over to WKC II and start the game from either the first part or the second part in WKC II. When you carry over save data and start from the second part of WKC II, Guild Rank, binding post Member’s Rank, and Georama info will be imported, but all character levels will be set to 35.

      When you carry over your save data into WKC II, you’ll get a bonus. For example, you’ll get a “Master’s Sigil” if your Guild Rank is 15 or above in your save data.

      I hope you enjoy WKC II!

  • @ 14 you probably lucky! There was a promotion 1st 100 donloaders and buyers will get a free copy of the first installment

  • @17 this is whey I like cloud saves lol

  • @ BT29NO: A PSN message isn’t an official source. There’s a lot of chain letters and other random crap that gets sent and forwarded and so forth. If you didn’t hear it here on the PlayStation.Blog or a more official source like PlayStation’s Twitter account, best to simply ignore it.

  • Loved the first one, even though it got practically BURIED in my backlog, and I cant wait until 9/13! X3

  • is there a chance of there being a event in home for this game (like EU did)

  • @igorrocks2: You and me both. Unfortunately this was back in the pre-PlayStation Plus days, so that wasn’t an option. Please believe all my gamesaves are using cloud storage now.

  • I cannot wait. Please continue this series and bring on more JRPGS!!

  • Sadly I lost my saves for the first game due to the infamous you know what.
    Now I gotta start over, but it will be worth it.

  • The first game got a bad rap, which it didnt deserve. I’m a big Level 5 supporter so I will be getting this. The trailers ive seen make the story look more action packed with the empire and such. Someone go ask Level 5 when Ninokuni (i believe its spelt like this) is coming out. That game looks fun, lots of fun.

  • This is a “must get” for my RPG collection, I so loved the first one, first day buy for me !!!

  • Paid out for and just waiting on the 13th of September for Amazon to deliver it. Also, I know who Scardigne really is :) European version for the Win :)

  • Can’t exactly preorder, but I am looking forward to your game. I never played the first, so this is a great value. Along with what I hear is a large game to explore, you guys seem to have a great online component too. Just packed and packed with value! =)

  • I new about these characters a year a go on my bday, July 2nd 2010 im a level 5 fan and i gotta say the way we were treated with the white knight chronicles series isnt right. but honestly Level 5 please take this into consideration and please do this for your fans, or give sony the right to do it. like sucker punch did. Please Put Dark Cloud 1 And 2 On VITA

  • This game is so late compared to Japan.

  • I just wish we could use our current save files with the Improved WKC that is being included with WKC2.

  • @EvoAnubis thanx for the warning. But there was a promotion form the blog. I did buy it 2 one. First one thousand to download will get first one free today. Holding out to play the second one so I can play the first one.

  • guys is this game any good the only rpgs ive played are final fantasy 12,fallout 3 and new vegas liked them all and final fantasy 13 which i didnt like!!

  • I never played WKC: International but i’ve seen alot of videos on it I held off on buying it to see if WKC2 would have the remastered version as some ppl were saying and it does so I went off to gamestop today and pre-ordered it now its just about playing the waiting game til 9/13 :( Waiting sux lol but when its here it will be gr8

  • Hey, I want to read this post but I never finished WKC 1 because I was waiting on the upgrades from WKC2. If I read this post will it spoil anything for me? Game looks great by the way! This + Resistance 3 will make for a great September :).

  • Okay, thanks for letting me know. I’ll have this game at launch, and am looking forward to it! I was actually scared it wouldn’t get released here due to the not-so-great sales of the first one, but I’m glad that it did.

  • This game is so bought it’s not even funny.

  • Looking forward to this one too. I have mines reserved; and I loved the first one. One of the best under rated JRP’s this gen.

  • I <3 Yulie!

  • @ Miki Takahashi Please have a voiced dialog option in the game because i hate reading through all of the dialog?

    Thank You!

  • OH my i am shock here, i just pro order it while back now and i am happy i did. The game is so just great & i wish i got the 1st game but i did not sense we can’t make are own armor fight dude but this game lets us, which got me hook in now. And will it have DLC too with it, i am going to be PS+ member soon and does PS+ if i buy one year each does it court for two years?

  • OH my i am shock here, i just order it while back now and i am happy i did. The game is so just great & i wish i got the 1st game but i did not sense we can’t make are own armor fight dude but this game lets us, which got me hook in now. And will it have DLC too with it, i am going to be PS+ member soon and does PS+ if i buy one year each does it court for two years?

  • sorry guys it looks like my think post twice in row without me knowing, so sorry, i never post twice the same thing =.

  • please respond this, does the gamestop preorder bonus content going to be avaiable through normal gameplay?????? it would suck if we cant get it…, those who cant preorder from gamestop will be screwed…

  • they have practicaly killed this game off by waiting sooooooooo long to releace it in the us. I have played the first for a year now most of my friends have played and are now way ahead of me on uk version. I am happy to see this update but surprised since sony dropped the ball and an outside publisher is relasing this game!!

  • Cool! I hope we can get some PS Home costumes of these characters. (Asking for too much? lolol)

  • I missed the first title, but seeing as you guys/girls included it in the package, I’ll just enjoy it when I pick up WKC2 :)

  • Will try to get this as soon as it comes out.
    As long as it isn’t to expensive.

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