NIS Update: ClaDun X2, Disgaea 4, Adventurer of Arland Release Dates Revealed

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NIS Update: ClaDun X2, Disgaea 4, Adventurer of Arland Release Dates Revealed

Wow, it’s been a while since I visited you! I hope you’ve all been having a great summer. Today I want to talk about our upcoming titles, which include ClaDun x2, Atelier Totori, and Disgaea 4! I knew it would be a very busy summer for us at NIS America, but now that I think about it, we’ll be making you super busy, too! Well, hold tight, all the latest information is coming your way.

ClaDun X2

ClaDun x2 will be available only on PSN at the end of August. I don’t have the exact date just yet, but please look out for ClaDun x2 when it pops up on the PlayStation Store. You can also sign up for our Prinny Bomb newsletter at our website to get all of our announcements and news straight from us!

If you played ClaDun: This is an RPG, you might feel like this will be just another run-of-the-mill sequel. But don’t jump to conclusions too quickly! ClaDun x2 returns with tons more customization—more Magic Circles, more artifact types, more classes, more everything!

So how does this game work? Here’s a quick rundown: at its heart, ClaDun x2 is an action RPG. There are two parts to the gameplay; first comes the preparation, where you strategize your battle formation, then comes the dive into battle. Victory is heavily based on the preparations you make in your Base before you head into the dungeons. Customizing Magic Circles with your characters and artifacts, which boost your stats and grant different abilities, is the most crucial part of this game. Each character class has its own specialties and weaknesses, which you’ll have to take into consideration when forming your Magic Circle. When you’re ready, you can head into a dungeon to battle deadly enemies. As you go through the story and level up, you’ll gain more Magic Circles, more gear, and more artifacts! This may sound easy-breezy, but it will actually require a lot of strategy and thinking! Here are some screenshots from the Magic Circle system.

ClaDun X2ClaDun X2

In ClaDun x2, there are 10 classes. Some of the new classes include the Swordmage, which strikes the perfect balance of spells and melee attacks, the Shaman, which is an expert magic user and wielder of powerful Magic Circles, and the Ninja, which excels at sneak attacks and even has a Magic Circle that allows them to fight alone in battle! There are more classes to discover, and as I mentioned above, each class has different abilities and specialties. I’m sure you’ll have a blast exploring them all!

ClaDun X2ClaDun X2ClaDun X2

ClaDun X2 has also gotten a major boost to its editing system. This time around, you can add facial expressions for when your character is walking, running, and even dying… Yes, sad I know, but it’s a pretty cool system. And of course, you can also customize your weapons, armor, and even background music. I hope you’ll all pick up the game when it releases on PSN and dip into this super addictive dungeon RPG! You can also check out our official website for more information!

Atelier Totori: The Adventure of Arland

Let’s talk about Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland! This is the highly anticipated sequel to Atelier Rorona, which was released in 2010. And here’s some good news for our Rorona fans out there; Rorona will return in Atelier Totori! Rorona appears as Totori’s teacher, and she’ll help Totori grow as an alchemist and become a great adventurer on Totori’s quest to find her mother. Supposedly, Rorona is a responsible, grown-up lady now, but I’ll leave the final judgment on that to you. Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland will be shipped to retailers on September 27th! The Premium Edition of Atelier Totori will come with a full-color art book and soundtrack!

Atelier Totori features a hugely expanded world map setting, and there are some new features as well. One of these new additions is the “Adventurer’s License” system. The higher Adventurer’s License rank you get, the more places and lands throughout Totori’s massive world you can unlock and explore. In order to get higher ranks, you’ll need to accumulate points by defeating strong monsters, helping the citizens of Arland with quests, creating rare items through synthesis, and so on. Your ultimate goal in the game is to help Totori find her missing mother, and this task will require you to explore the entire world of Atelier Totori. Dust off your adventurer’s hat, and get ready!


It sounds really exhausting to do all that by yourself, right? Not to worry! You can get up to five Homunculi to help you gather ingredients and synthesize items while you’re doing more important things out in the world. They’re very helpful, but they’ll need some extra time to synthesize at first. And in order for them to stay happy and healthy while they work, you’ll need to provide them with delicious pies. Yes, pies! But pie is a small price to pay for such great helpers, right? Here are some screenshots of your helper Chims (That’s how Totori calls them!) Ahhh, they’re so cute!

Atelier Totori: The Adventure of ArlandAtelier Totori: The Adventure of Arland


I know you guys can’t wait to get your hands on Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten! Very soon, your Disgaea needs will be fulfilled… Disgaea 4 will be shipped to retailers on September 6th! The Premium Edition of Disgaea 4 will come with a full-color art book and a Fuka figurine.

Disgaea 4 for PS3

I’m sure you’ve all seen the trailer for Disgaea 4 already, but I wanted to post it here once again, in case anyone missed out. I think this trailer perfectly explains what Disgaea 4 is all about. “One copy in every home!” Ha ha ha Here you go!

So, Disgaea has returned with some awesome hi-res graphics. The adorable characters move around the map smooth as silk, and they flawlessly capture the illustrations of character artist Takehito Harada. When you think of Disgaea, one of the many elements that comes to mind is customization. In Disgaea 4, you can customize characters, items, special attacks, character personalities, battle voices, and more! Not to mention, you can rocket your characters up to level 9999! And your attack damage can go over 10,000,000,000!!! Oh my gosh, seriously!? Yeah, that’s pretty much how I reacted when I found out.

The game’s developer, Nippon Ichi Software, wanted you all to enjoy and focus on the gameplay, so they made sure that there would be no load times during battle. You also have the choice to skip the (incredibly awesome and hilarious) battle animations, as well as other shortcut options. Personally, I love the battle animations so I like to leave them on, but for those of you who want to just go go go, this is definitely a cool option to have!

The main story is all about friendship, promises, and love (gotta have that, right?) in the Netherworld! This time around, the story is based on political power and balance, so you get to have your own cabinet, influence the Senate, and so on. There are 10 chapters in the main story, along with multiple endings. Just playing through the main story is plenty satisfying, but NIS knows that no true Disgaea fan would be content if things ended there! So what did they do? They added even more stories for you to unlock after you finish the main story, of course! In these special stages, you will battle against more than 10 hidden bosses. These bosses are…just ridiculously dangerously powerful. The final boss in the main story is maybe level 100, but the hidden bosses are…well, I think you guys should find out on your own. But you’ll see lots of familiar faces, so it will be a treat! (I am sure some of you can already guess who they are…)

For those who really want to spend the next year or two, or three, with Disgaea 4, try to find items called Promotionhell Tickets, which you can use to unlock the X-Dimension. In this world, you’ll get to play some really super duper hard battle maps. Even if you clear the main story, these stages will still be challenging. So good luck!

There is so much more to talk about for Disgaea 4, but I think I’ve kept you here too long already. So I’d better get going, and hopefully I can come back again soon!

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  • man i still got to finish rorona and qoga. hope i get to do it before totori releases

    • Hello AruilarX,
      You have a lot to catch up!
      Totori is scheduled for 9/27, so you still have plenty of time:)


  • I loved ClaDun 1, will get the sequel when the vita comes out. Speaking of which, any more news from Disgaea 3 for the Vita also?

    • Hello DaMann22,

      So glad to hear that you enjoyed ClaDun! If you liked the first one, you’ll definitely enjoy ClaDun x2! There are a lot more than what I explained in this post!

      Disgaea 3 for PSVita? Nippon Ichi Software just announced it, and we are excited about it, too! We don’t have a schedule for US just yet though.


  • I haven’t play rorona yet,dood!!
    But i’ll play the old games of arland adventure,of course!!
    Waiting Disgaea 4 too,but i have another problem then.

  • ClaDunx2 looks good. Sad that it’s a PSP only title. I would love to play it on my PS3.

  • I was interested in Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland thinking it was $60 but when I saw it was $40 I was surprised and looking into purchasing it.

    I’m actually caught in the middle of deciding to pre-order Disgaea 4 since last night but hearing about Disgaea 3 on PSV, I just might wait for that, not sure, never played any of the series but it has been catching my eye recently.

    • Hi FullMetalGear,

      We don’t have a schedule for Disgaea 3 on PS Vita just yet, so I definitely recommend getting Disgaea 4 for PS3. Disgaea 4 is so much more than Disgaea 3, but if you want to try out the game play, you can get Disgaea 3 for PS3. Its price has been reduced, so it is economical, too:) (Plus you can get 100s of hours of game play out of $20!? Pretty nice, right? :)


  • I wish Disgaea 4 gave America the same level editor Japan has. I’m on the fence about even buying it. Who knows what other things are changed and effected by this.

    • Hello TallCrowe,

      I hear you. We really tried everything we could do to keep the same system, but unfortunately we just couldn’t. I understand your frustration. BUT Disgaea 4 is not just about the map editing system, so I hope you’ll give it a try. And, we only modified the map editing system, so everything else is untouched!


  • Can’t wait…pre-ordered Disgaea 4 through NIS America.

  • cladun and atelier lok awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disgaea level 9999!!!!!!!!!!!whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh i cant wait!!!!

  • i would like to play clandun x2 for ps3!!! Nao r u thinking about this too???????????????????

    • Hello jecs90,

      ClaDun x2 on PS3? Sounds good, but I personally love playing ClaDun series on PSP because I can just pick up and play ANYWHERE! :)


  • d video of disgaea just look awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!did i say i love disgaea????

    • Hello jecs90,

      Yeah, I loooooove the Disgaea 4 trailer, too!
      Probably this is my favorite trailer of all:)


  • We have U3, R3, and few other big hits coming out toward the tail-end of this year, but Disgaea 4 is the only one that I’m considering at full price. Congrats to NIS for being awesome RPG makers. =)

    (I won’t be buying used- that’s for complete tools- but with my finances the way they are, adding yet another shooter or 3 to my game library doesn’t excite me to the point that I’d spend over $200 on them. In fact, U3, R3 are going to be the last, barring some major development.)

  • hey nao . i love your games bro. very refreshing to see.

    I m going to pick up totari… Its sound very interesting . i nevr played the series before.. I was kinda scared off the Disgaea 4.. Boss monster over level 100 whoa.. But i might just pick itup after the some time.. thanks nao

    • Hello mcbuttz78,

      I hope you’ll like Totori! It is definitely more lighthearted than the monstrous Disgaea 4. But if you like strategy RPGs, you should give Disgaea a try. You’ll get hooked on the Disgaea madness just like all the other Disgaea fans!”


  • Disgaea 4 = day one purchase. And I’ve always meant to check out the Atelier series. Perhaps The Adventurer of Arland will be the one to draw me in.

    Thank the Underworld for publishers like NIS America! Thank you for helping keep the JRPG console dream alive here stateside with others, like Atlus, Tecmo, and Aksys. Thank you for recognizing that not everyone is content with getting their JRPG fix on a tiny-screened handheld. :)

    • Hello DigitalMystic,

      Hmmm much love, sir.
      Thank you so much for your support and we are just happy to be able to keep bringing games over here.
      You have a great summer/fall with Disgaea 4 & Totori combo! :)


    • Hello TheMissingLink,

      Ha ha ha, don’t you just love that?!

      Glad I could give you enough info to get the premium edition. You won’t be disappointed! :)


  • I’m excited for each title. Already got the Premium Edition pre-ordered for Disgaea 4. As soon as NISA opens up pre-orders on Totori you better bet I will pre-order! Will also pick up Cladun x2 when it hits PSN.

    Love ya lots NISA!

    • Hello Mister-Nep,

      Thank you so much!
      Atelier Totori’s preorder should start pretty soon, too. Probably in 2 weeks?


  • I hope the Disgaea 4 video is going to be the TV ad lol.

  • thanks NIS for bringing over titles that other companies would think the western world wouldnt like. im glad you guys realize there is a market and fans for it.

  • Premium edition of Disgaea 4 pre-ordered! From the NIS Store no less.
    Disgaea is in my top 10 favorite series ever. I love everything about it :)

  • Disgaea 4 is going to be rad.

  • Wow I want both Disgaea 4 and Atelier Totori. I preordered Disgaea 4 from NIS America store, maybe I’ll do the same with Atelier Totori when I can.

    • Hello bldudas,

      Thank you for preordering Disgaea 4!
      Atelier Totori’s preorder should start soon, so please look forward to it!


  • You guys should totally release the Cladun games as downloadable PS3 games. I’d love to check them out!

  • I think it’s about time some people on this blog got a PSP already. If the small screen bothers you, just get a component cable and play it on your HDTV! Jeez.

    Always good to see another Nao update!

  • Day 1 getting Disgaea 4 and Atelier Totori :). thank you NISA and please keep up the good work with bringing more PS3 games :)

  • Getting Cladun X2 first day, loved the first one.

  • Already pre-ordered Disgaea 4 from Amazon the limited edition and soon Atelier Totori. i usually always end up getting 2 copies of your games NISA like i did with Neptunia and Ar Tonelico qoga :P due to myself and my little brother loving your games :)
    also please bring more NISA PSN avatars

    • Hello Destiny89,

      Oh wow… Thank you so much for your support!
      We should be able to release more NISA PSN avatars in coming months. Please look forward to them!


  • I want to know will Atelier Totori come out on the PS3 as a downloadable game like some other PS3 games? I am not sure why only a few PS3 games can be sold on PSN. But if Atelier Totori can be sold on PSN that would be great.

    Also any chance that La Pucelle: Ragnarok, Blue Roses, Princess Antiphona’s Hymn & Hayarigami could get PSP to PS3 remastered versions of those games? Because I would like to play those games. Plus seeing as they are on the PSP & it is not the best move to bring them out on the PSP outside of Japan I would like to play them on the PS3.

    • Hello BlackIceJoe,

      Atelier Totori will be retail only. But it also comes in a premium edition box!

      To answer your question, unfortunately we don’t have plans to bring over those games to US at this moment. I wish we could localize every title NIS releases in Japan, but sadly it is not realistically doable, from a manpower and business perspective. I hope you are at least happy with what we can bring over to US though!


  • Hello Destiny89,

    Oh wow… Thank you so much for your support!
    We should be able to release more NISA PSN avatars in coming months. Please look forward to them!


  • Wowowowww ClaDun X2, Disgaea 4, Atelier Totori Adventurer of Arland… love you so much NISA!!!!!!!!!!!! I have the massive limited edition Disgaea 4 on preorder from your site and I’m soooo going to get the other two games. I never did get all of the trophies for Atelier Rorona, I need to go back and do that to tide me over until Totori comes out! Seriously you guys publishing these great games is one of the few things that still gets me excited about my hobby of videogaming. I still enjoy my other games but you guys publish those special niche games I enjoy so much. Thank you!

    • Hello jimmyfoxhound,

      All I can say on behalf of NIS America is Thank you so much! :)

      Hope you enjoy Totori, Disgaea 4, and ClaDun x2! (I got the feeling you will:) )


  • Sorry to comment again but will Dot Defense come out on PSN like Cladun 2? I don’t think there would be to much to translate but I could be wrong.

    Also I see a lot of Houk & Lyner Barfless on the NISA forums but not much of you. Do you not have much time for hanging out on the forums or just let the other people talk to the fans instead?

    • Hello BlackIceJoe,

      No need to apologize!
      Unfortunately, we don’t have plans for Dot Defense :(

      I would love to go on our forum as well, but I think Houk and Lyner are are doing great on our forum. So, I will let them entertain you guys there. I will try to visit our forum sometime though! :)


  • Preorder D4 through Amazon. I hope Amazon pre orders get the bonus DLC too. What up with the Asagi will we get it and will it still be saving the world?

    Also when are you guys going to put some of your big games on PSN. Since you out of print things before they get prices drops, popping them on PSN later at a lower price could help you get some players. Can’t expect new players to take a chance on something new at 60+. I can’t even find you games in any of my local stores. Unless its Disgaea.

    • Hello SpiritThief,

      it would be very cool if we can release our PS3 titles on PSN. I understand your point. However, in order to do so, the game has to be coded for PSN release, and unfortunately our titles are not. We hope it will happen in the future, though.


  • Finally some PSP love. Cladun X2 looks great!

  • NICE, can’t wait to play it.

  • I preordered the Premium Figure set of Disgaea 4 from the NIS America store. I love Disgaea so I want the best version. :D I absolutely can’t wait for this.

    NIS America is such an awesome publisher. I’m currently playing and enjoying Bleach: Soul Resurrection a ton right now (got from the NIS America store). Cannot wait for Disgaea 4, Cladun x2, and Atelier Totori. Can’t wait for whatever you have in store next year.

    • Hello ManaKnight,

      Thank you so much for your support of NISA titles. I am so glad to hear that you enjoy our titles. I will definitely let our team know how much you enjoy our games!

      Oh gosh, Bleach…I played the game a lot. I was hooked on slashing all these enemies! ha ha ha
      But the Mission Mode gets really challenging. Have fun!

      Just hang tight and wait for our announcements for the next year. It will be awesome! :)


  • Heh…I’m anxious for Disgaea 4, I even got the pre-order with figure set at nisa site =)

    And hey, when will u release a ZHP 2 with multiplayer? =0 I loved that game but that needs so much of a nice co-op (maybe versus) system.

    • Hello Jin_Kusanagi,

      Thanks! In just a couple of weeks, you’ll receive the game!

      ZHP 2 would be nice. We definitely enjoyed working on the game.


  • @34 I still waiting my Bleach to arrive T_T (That’s what I get for living so far from NISA =x)

  • Nao my good buddy I haven’t seen you on the PSBlog in a while welcome back.=) I already preordered the Disgaea 4 Collector’s edition from my local gamestop. I can’t wait for this game. I’m a hardcore Disgaea fan. Btw will Disgaea 4 have dlc characters like Disgaea 3 had?

    • Hello Bigmouthkid,

      Thanks! It is good to be back :) It’s been too long, right?
      And yes to your DLC question. There will be lots of Disgaea 4 DLCs. Please look forward to them!


  • cross game chat

  • Hiya Mr. Nisa person, Already pre-ordered Totori, and looking forward to Meruru whenever it comes out. (Hopefully soon… right?)

    Anyway, sorry if this has already been asked/answered elsewhere, But will the extra character DLC for Totori be coming out soon after release? I want a certain character to be playable as soon as possible.

    • Hi enjionPS,

      Thank you for preordering Totori!

      We’ll start releasing DLC as the game releases, so you can expect to get them pretty soon!

      Have a great night and weekend!


  • I pre-ordered the Premium Figure Set for Disgaea 4 last month. I cannot wait for it. :D

    Also, a question for Nao. I got Bleach Soul Resureccion and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Since this was a game your Japanese team didn’t make but was a partnership with Sony, I’m wondering if this is possible with other franchises as well. This fall The Idolm@ster 2 is coming to PS3 in Japan. Since there’s an associated anime with it and you guys are doing anime now, could it be possible for this franchise to be brought over here by NIS America as a partnership with Bandai/Namco? Thanks. You guys seriously make my favorite games. :)

    • Hello FearMonkey,

      Thank you for getting Disgaea 4 Premium Figure set! You’ll love it:)

      Working with different companies is always exciting and fun, but in order to acquire a title we will have to go through lots of process. We already have some cool games lined up for next year, and unfortunately the title you mentioned isn’t one of them:( but I am sure you will be excited about what we will be bringing over!


  • Oh man, I’m pretty hyped for Disgaea 4. Will the DLC have the same schedule as Japan, or will it somehow be different? Adell, Rozalin, and HD Asagi in September/Obtober, Priere, Mao, and Evil Ranger Pink in October/November and etc.?

    • Hello TheGrimHeaper,

      We will bring over most of DLC that released/ will be released in Japan. However, we have to localize them, so it won’t be at the same time as Japan.


  • I lost the chance for buy on release day Ar Tonelico 3… and Now it’s outsell and overpriced… for when re-release to the premium box set or a Standart Edition?

    • Hello DemoniOtaku,

      Oh…I am sorry that you cannot find ATQ…
      We hope we can reprint the game in the near future.


  • Thanks for the great update Nao! (I would have posted earlier but PSN didn’t let me. ;_;)I already preordered Disgaea 4 and am eagarly awaiting to preorder Totori!

    Really super duper can’t wait for Totori, as you probably already know. :P Thanks a lot for localizing it! <3

    • Hello Rarutos,

      Thank you! Thank you for the preorder. We are thinking about pretty cool Atelier Totori online store special item, so please look forward to it! We should be able to start the preorder soon.

      Hope you are doing well! :)


  • Day one for all of them :)

    Keep up the good work NIS!

  • Man, I am going to play the s*** out of those games. Especially Disgaea 4. God I love the grind. Also, any plans on another Z.H.P installment? I loved the story in that game lol, I’ve played it for months (easily spent a hundred hours on that one alone).

  • Already preordered the Premium Figurine Set for Disgaea 4 ^,^

    Can’t wait for Totori. So glad to see the adorable HomHom in those pictures :P I’ll preorder it as soon as it’s up on the NISA store. I’m playing Rorona now and loving it. Though, I might want to play Rorona again to get the Cordelia ending and True ending before I play Totori.

  • Ohhhh can’t get enough Disgaea NIS, keep the JRPGs coming please, you’r great!!!

  • Can’t wait for both games already have D4 pre-ordered in the NIS store. Looks like I need to finish up the rest of the endings in Atelier Rorona before Totori comes out as well.

  • I feel ashamed that I have yet to play a Disgaea game before; although I’ve always been intrigued by the series. I may give Disgaea 4 a try, since I’ve always been a sucker for cool packaging; so I may get that Premium Edition.

    Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland looks pretty cool too; but just like Disgaea I haven’t played the other games in the series.

  • Can’t wait to play Totori! I recently played Rorona and really really enjoyed it. Much more than I thought I would. It was a game I guess you could say I took a “gamble” on and I’m glad I did. The characters were hilarious and so full of personality. I can’t wait to play the sequel. I heard Totori has a ton of improvements over Rorona, and I can’t wait to check them out :)

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