Watch the Resistance 3 Motion Capture Documentary

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Watch the Resistance 3 Motion Capture Documentary

Hey everyone! During our Comic-Con Resistance 3 panel, we discussed our motion-capture techniques and how they helped us build the game’s story. We showed an in-progress behind-the-scenes video that chronicled our mocap process in Resistance 3, and how we have continued to evolve that process from the work we did on Resistance 2. That video is now complete, and we’re excited to share with you how we really brought the cinematics and characters of Resistance 3 to life. Give it a watch below.

We hope you enjoyed that behind-the-scenes look! As always, we’d love to hear from you, so send us a reply on Twitter or on our Facebook wall or join the conversation at If you have questions about the on-going beta and updates to it, please be sure to check out our recent post here.

If you have questions, I’ll try to answer them below.

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  • Nice! Cant freaking wait for this game!!

  • How is the tech different from the hand held feel you guys used in Resistance 2. Is it used in R3 as well or this something new?

    • It’s definitely used as well, but this time we captured more of the performance (audio, face) on stage at the same time.

  • Looks AWESOME!! Just less than 4 weeks to go!! Do you guys know approximately when the matchmaking beta patch will go live today?


    • Not sure yet, we’ll know more in a couple hours. Hopefully patch is out soon, and then on ourside we can re-enable and restart the servers

  • are you going to offer R3 on the PSN Store?

  • What software is used to capture and record the motion?

  • Is . . . Is that baby a- A CHIMERA?!? NO!!!

  • Sony is wise for having this studio in it’s fold, as R3 certainly seems to be carving a place for its self in the somewhat stagnant FPS genre. By stagnant, I mean out of all the types of games being made, the FPS seems to be the type least likely to innovate. I appreciate the studios effort in the story aspect of the game as well as their multiplayer approach. I feel giving the actors the ability to feed off each other improves story immersion a ton.

  • Resistance 3 looks amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  • How’s the matchmaking going with the Resistance 3 beta?

    • Check out the link in the last paragraph in my post. Long and short of it – it’s almost ready to roll

  • man wait for this game to come its looks dope!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can’t wait for this game!!!

  • Hey look it’s Vergil

  • aka the Quantum Ranger

  • gettin ready to trade r2 and mvsc3 and uncharted 2 to get a great price on this game! :p As bad as the beta is..the few moments ive had playign private matches ive mastered the bulseye gun..and cant wait to take it on a real battle online match…this game is AMAZING!

  • omg i love that orange shirt that peter cornforth is wearing. i want one!

  • The guy in the still before you hit play on the video looks like Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain :P

  • wow you guys used Elena Fischer for Susan Farley (Capelli)??!?! that’s funny.. she looks like a mom in R3 but like a hot 20 y/o in uncharted.. haha nice

  • Please Sony can you ADVERTISE this game!!! I am tired of seeing some great PS3 exclusives to sell “not so good”.

  • this is some fun stuff to watch wish youd show more videos on the making of videos there always a great thing to watch

  • @18, I love Ps3, but Sony is abysmal at marketing its exclusives. Most gamers outside hardcore Ps3 gamers never heard of resistance, or many of the Ps3 great exclusives. This is due to lackluster marketing from Sony.

    Why do you think Xbox exclusives like Gears sell 5-6 million, when games as good or better like resistance, Uncharted sell less despite huge critical acclaim?

    Sony has by far the best lineup, unfortunately most don;t know about it due to sony’s hands off approach to marketing.

    Resistance 3 is looking like the best one yet and prob will be the best shooter exclusive of 2011, but it will get lost in the gears/COD hype, sad.

  • I was on vaccation, how can i get into the R3 beta now?

  • Thanks.. I always like it when I get to see the behind the Scenes on my favorite video games. R3 is AWESOME!!!
    One more question Where can I get me a R3 T-shirt like Peter Cornforth (5:13). I want one of those shirts.

  • Can’t wait!!!
    like someone else said only 4 more weeks :D
    have this bad boy paid and ready to go. I’ve been eagerly anticipating playing the beta just to get a piece of the action and to give some feedback on my favorite fps franchise. Hope to have matchmaking up soon! Good luck.

  • I can’t wait! I’m glad to see some postivie comments on a post about Resistance for once. I’ve played RFOM and R2 to death, and it’s dissapointing to see all the flak R3 is getting from the purists. Keep up the good work IG I can’t wait to play this when it comes out :).

  • Good To See The Beta Is Coming Back Up What Time Is That In Eastern Standard Time.

  • Uhhh now even if i was planing to get psn plus and the beta, i can’t.My friend told me to deactivate my account from the ps3’s of my friends…I got it wrong and i deactivated my account from my ps3..IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO?Please maybe just a suggestion?

  • OMG! That guy at 4:35 he used to be on Power Rangers Time Force! I think.

  • HI. what about for people who aren’t PLUS will they get the beta later…………?

  • I wish I was in the BETA, when will this be available on PSN or to PSN+ users?

    I loved the original R1 & R2, come on Insomniac Games give me some love.

  • does abybody have freddy kuegar 4 mortal kombat

  • spderman spiderman spiderman

  • When does the OPEN BETA come out for PS+ SUBs?

  • This game looks really awesome and im preordering it. The demo at E3 was a disappointment being pretty average compared to all the other great games, but since then all the releases and info on the game has me really excited. Hope Insomniac make a killing with this game.

  • This game gonna be amazing.

  • wait…where is the chimera motion capture..are you telling me those things aren’t real?

  • How did you get the movement and AI reactions in the game to be soo realistic?

  • “I’m tired of watching my son die” ? Is it just me or does something sound wrong with that sentence. How many times can her son die for her to be tired of it? I must be missing something. lol

  • Hopefully we can more of this on the Resistance 3 blu-ray disc (mo-cap). Its very interesting.

  • More videos of motion capture i mean. ^^^

  • So where do I get one of those Resistance 3 T-shirts? ;-)

  • @ namynos. It obviously means that she probably has had and lost children before. She could have had more then one child with this guy and they were killed or had children before the Chimera invaded and they got killed.

  • You should have warned – SPOILER alert!

  • @cosmis_chaos
    Hi, I’m not trying to nitpick but if you were correct shouldn’t she of said something like “Im tired of watching my children die” or even Son’s? I’t be nice if james Stevenson or anyone at Insomniac would answer this. I’m just curious thats all. I will definitely be keeping an eye open for that part of the game when i get it . LOL

  • I want that orange Resitance 3 t-shirt. Where do I get one?

  • I just pre-ordered :)

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