Global Resistance Update: Strategies and Resistance 3 Unlocks

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Global Resistance Update: Strategies and Resistance 3 Unlocks

Global Resistance

Many of you have probably heard about Global Resistance by now. If you haven’t yet, now is the time! I wanted give you more details about what Global Resistance is as well as explain some of the tweaks we’ve made since launch (I’m looking at you “guy who stopped playing because the humans always won”).

Global Resistance is a massive online strategy game developed by Soap Creative. Here’s the official definition: Global Resistance is a free-to-play online strategy game set amidst mankind’s final stand in the Resistance universe. You enlist as a Chimera or Human commander and take over the world to unlock exclusive Resistance 3 multiplayer skins, in-game titles and XP boosters. Customize your base, build and deploy your personal arsenal alongside thousands of other players, or attack your rivals directly in head-to-head skirmishes. But what does all that mean? How do you play Global Resistance?

First, you need to go to and sign up. Currently you have to use your Facebook login, but soon we will allow for PSN logins as well. Once you have a MyRes 3.0 account you just need to sign in and go to Here is where it gets real. Whatever side you choose, is the side you are on forever… like forever, ever. Choose wisely! Do you want to be a human fighting off the Chimeran threat? Or do you want to flip the tables for once and be that unstoppable force?

Global ResistanceGlobal Resistance

No matter what side you choose, it’s all about dominating the world. You and the rest of your team will be fighting a real-time war 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each war is broken up into rounds; the time of each round, as well as the number of rounds, varies between wars. But the goal is always the same. Place troops early and often, drop bombs or spires on the other team, and place bunkers to defend or bunker busters to counter. Gain resources and bonuses by accomplishing territory missions while building up your base to replenish your troops and artillery. And finally, battle your friends one-on-one via a “rock, paper, scissors” style skirmish. Don’t forget to strategize during the battle with team specific message boards on

There is a lot on the line — far more than mere pride or stats! We have included some sweet unlocks exclusively from Global Resistance for Resistance 3. Rewards such as multiplayer skins and titles, concept art, and even XP boosters — if you’re good enough! All you need to do is sync your PSN account (once that feature is live) and you will automatically obtain anything you unlocked through Global Resistance when you insert the Resistance 3 disc.

Sound good? We think so, too. Since launch, 1.5 billion soldiers have been deployed. We are in the middle of our fourth war. 250,000 bombs have been dropped, 100,000 skirmishes fought and numerous rewards given. We have also made many tweaks to balance out the gameplay and things are looking pretty good. We have completely changed our balance of power mechanic to be fairer to each side. I assure you we are working around the clock to make this more than just a companion game. This is truly a Global Resistance and we need you.

Will you be the resistance… or crush it?

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  • cool keep up the good work guys.

  • Fun game. Can’t wait for Resistance 3, I have all my skins and almost all titles already, with the changes to troop deploys it is going to be much harder for newer players to acquire the skins and titles.

    • There will be plenty of time for everyone to get the skins and unlocks before R3 ships. We are also constantly monitoring to make sure the game is as fair as possible.

  • I hate the soldier capacity nerf. it ruins the game

  • Ever since you guys tweaked the soldier capacity it seems the Humans only won 1 round. I think it needs to be fixed, because it is not fair for humans.

  • @3 I agree! It’s so boring now.. I can’t sit there all day, I check it a few times a day and thats all. With the way the system is now, you have to monitor it all the time.

  • It’s pretty fun! I have the game open in one of my tabs right now. I’ve already unlocked some R3 stuff, and hopefully I can get more. I’m with the Chimera btw.

  • I cannot view any of the art work… on any pc (work, home, library). And you know that’s a MyRes 3.0 Accolade…

    • The concept art you unlock is available in Resistance 3. Once you can sync your PSN account, you will see everything you unlocked in R3.

  • I’m liking this game quite a lot so far, the only thing that really bugs me is that nobody plays the challanges between players. I challanged more than 10 people and only 2 replied (i fought 3 times in total), bad since it gives you plenty of rewards. also, i cannot see how to obtain all the achivments. that is lame.

    • There is a thread in the forums that show unlock/medals. We purposely wanted the community to figure out all the possible rewards.

  • im enlisting today : ) i wanna get the paperback also, didnt even know there was a book out until yesterday!

  • When I go to this page: , all i get is a busy signal where the images should be.
    And when I wanted to watch the videos, the first one would load and play, but to watch any others, I would click on the image, the address would load into the address bar, but I would have to put focus in the address bar and hit RETURN for the next video to come up. Multiple computers, multiple browsers.

    I understand I’m unlocking concept art for later down the road. But I’ve seen the screenshots Accolade on numerous profiles. I cannot view any of the images.

  • Very fun game kudos to IG for making such a fun and addicting game, and I have a request for those who didn’t join the war yet; Please join and help mankind eradicate the Chimeran scum ;)

  • Ok good to know, will there will more exclusive skins added to this, because it is a great incentive to have, and will have more people join!?


  • Please make a post when PSN sign in is enabled, don’t have a Facebook account.
    Looks fun though!

  • Im a huge Resistance fan. I want to unlock everything possible in Global Resistance. Is there a system in place to let you know how far along you are in unlocking all possible unlocks in global Resistance? Or is there any type of level you reach and are capped at? Thanks for the response and thanks for all the hard work you guys are putting into global Resistance and the Resistance 3 beta. :)

    • There will be a section in your profile that should show how many unlocks you have and so forth, don’t know an ETA on when that will be there yet.

  • @JohnnyX There is a post on the forums that shows all current known unlocks and how to unlock them. Here is a link.

  • Awesome, thanks for the response Tim. I’ll keep an eye out for that on my profile section. Keep up the good work guys.

  • ok,i know this is hella off topic but i have a problem i was gaming and playing dc universe then it froze,then aferwards i cut the ps3 off then attempted to turn it back on…as i was turning it on it didnt go to the xmb instead it said ”THE HARD DISK’S FILE SYSTEM IS CORRUPTED AND WILL BE RESTORED” at first i was like omg noo but then i was like oh ok…but after it restored and everything it still said it was corrupted and needed to be restored…and it did it about 7 times..i really need help sony i dont know what else to do and i love my ps3 :(

  • Sounds cool I will have to check it out. Keep us informed of when matchmaking is turned back on, I would love to check out more of the Beta.

  • Hell yeah…the more exclusive skins/incentives the more I play this game! Anybody want to challenge me with some Skirmishes look for me, my username is DZormagen!

  • This is awesome! I was really looking forward to R3, but now my anticipation is off the charts. This is a great way to unlock things for the game while burning some time at work. Thanks for this guys! I’d love to see more of this from all of the Sony teams!

  • I’m mostly playing to collect the GR Accolades/medals (kinda like PSN trophies), and I currently have 55 out of 77. Are we ever going to get the full list of unlockables? or is it up to the community to try to find all of them?

    Also, will it ever to possible to queue up more Skirmish matches. I believe we can only challenge 10 at a time, which expires in 24 hours; and sometimes all of my random matches do not reply, leaving me unable to start new Skirmishes until they expired.

  • @8 GamesPlayer

    I just challenged you to a match, I go on MyResistance at least once a day. Feel free to keep challenging me.

  • i got the beta but it doesnt work!!!
    i go to matchmaking and it doenst show a gametype it just says “undefied” or something.
    is anyone else having this problem or just me?
    i also deleted and re-downloaded it but still not working

  • This sounded so good, but completely turned off by the fact that I need Facebook to play it. I like strategy games, but I’m not making a useless facebook account just to play this game. So I either wait for them to allow usage of PSN id’s (hopefully that comes soon) or, I dont play. What a shame, looked interesting, guess I’ll go back to R3 Beta & SC2 then.

  • Give me PSN login and I’ll be there. Hell I would’ve been there day 1 especially since it was advertised to have facebook AND PSN login but when I got to the site only facebook.

    IMO Facebook login is a total turnoff and not worth it.

  • I got a couple of questions, does global resistance end when resistance 3 comes out, and also do you have to have pre-ordered R3 to get these awesome stuff

  • I don’t like Facebook just the next person….but really?? Come on, just make an account and play this game. I made one just to play this game, and I don’t regret it one bit. Why is everyone worried about signing into Facebook? Is there a virus on the site I don’t know about???

  • i still dont know how to get into this game …. lol

  • something like this should be available to play as a PS Store download or even in Home would be good. i dont care about facebook games.

    • The game isn’t on Facebook. It is on You will be able to use your PSN eventually.

  • when i try to login it says: Wrong value type sent to the database. Array of integers expected. (members), any ideas?

  • Oh damn, that base is awful.

  • I’m just gonna ask this; is the game fixed? I played during War One, and got so pissed off that the game was broken that I just quit. It seemed that taking territories was based entirely on kills, so all the Chimera had to do to maintain a territory was not send in any troops so that none of theirs could be killed, and just dropping bombs on the human troops.

    That was really frustrating, and if that isn’t fixed, I’m not gonna bother going back. DZORMAGEN I believe was there; he’ll know what I mean.

    • We are on our 5th war and the score is 2-2. The wars have been getting more and more evenly matched as we make tweaks and updates.

  • I want to play it but I do not have a Facebook account, when will the PSN log in be available? Hopefully soon cause I wanna play it.

  • The R3 beta is not working could you tell me what’s going on or what to do? Thank you.

  • So the match making in R3 beta was fixed?

  • course not

  • Okay, okay, sounds good. I’ll give it another shot.

  • Thank you for makin it accesible to psn users. No facebook, no game. Don’t want to make a facebook. Thanks again. When are we able to log in with just our psn?

    • We are working on that. Should be before Resistance 3 ships. We will let everyone know as soon as it is available.

  • How are the skins, etc going to be applicable to a ps3 game since when I started and now you can only sign in thru facebook and not psn. I know you’re not going to email out 17 million dlc codes. How does this work?

    Anybody gritching about the beta needs to go jump off a Goliath head first. It’s A Beta…A Test!!! That’s what tests are for. Gamers claim to be a little smarter than the average bear, but when some of you post here you make us all look stupid. If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. You didn’t pay a darn thing to access it so stop complaining. Be grateful for once.

    Thank you for the cool free game.

  • Sorry, Tim. I went back and found it in the 5th paragraph. You covered your bases sir!

  • I find it really odd that this game supports the R3 story and unlocks items on the PS3 game, but it is currently only available to Facebook supporters/accounts.

    That fact alone makes me not even care. Thanks for the support!

  • gonna check it out now

  • when will the resistance 3 beta matchmaking be turned back on because it is off right now and we can only get into a game if we are invited to a private one someone has set up?

  • I agree. I wont play until it comes PSN accounts, Can’t wait. well all the unlocks still be attainable after R3 releases? And for how long if limited frame?

    • Global Resistance will be live after R3 ships. So as long as it is live you will be able to unlock R3 goodies, and there is no plans for to take it down.

  • “Or do you want to flip the tables for once and be that unstoppable force?”

    looks like the “Devil’s hands have been busy”

    Don’t under estimate the power of the human race. “Humans have a strength that can’t be measured”

    If you’re reading this you are the Resistance.

  • Tim I know your company makes ratchet and clank games; will there be a ratchet and clank HD collection for PS3?

  • Very cool! It’s like a super slow game of Risk haha.

  • Please fix the ramdom skirmishes because all challenges I set randomically get no response. Probably they were set to people who tried the game but does not play anymore.
    It should priorize who is online, or maybe who was online the last 24 or 48 hours…

  • Which side should I join?

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